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About Me

(5-12-15 Notice!) - After a long hiatus (of about 2 years, lol) I'm back on swap-bot. Hello, and hi again! :3

(last profile update: 05/12/15) ~ (mail was last checked: 05/12/15)

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30/F/Dallasite. Grew up most of my life in Texas. Most people jokingly think I love rodeos and cowboys, but I'm not that kind of Texan. I'm a big supporter of lgbt rights and animal rights. I don't smoke, drink, or use any kind of drugs... and haven't done so all my life. {some would say I was sxe, but I don't really consider it that, and i don't like that label} I love to bake, especially cupcakes. I'm somewhat in love with the graffiti/underground art scene, and will often stop my car just to take a photo of an awesome piece. {but i'm not a fan of basic tagging} I'm a vegetarian, and have been that way since I was 13. I don't eat anything with gelatin in it, and I can't seem to give up cheese. {ever try finding a decent vegan cheese? it's near impossible} Oh, and I guess I should mention that I love geek/nerd culture. This includes things like video games, comics, tv shows, artwork, etc..

:: Dear swap partners, my swap progress can be found at the bottom of this profile in my 'Tags! & Swaps' section. Also, I would reeeeally appreciate it if you would please contact me before rating a 1 or a 3 so I can try and fix whatever problem there is. I say this because I want to make sure everyone has an awesome time swapping with me, so please don't feel scared about sending me a message to address any swap issues. :D ::

Regarding extra's: Please do not send extra's in an effort to gain a 'heart'. I base my heart ratings on the actual swap, not on anything extra added to the package. Sorry to sound so terse, but I have enough clutter in my home, and don't need to add more bits and paper scraps to it. =x

Swaps I've hosted!: ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲

Private Swaps: ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲ ∙ ▲

Please note!! - I get my swap-bot mail through a po box (in the next city over). I'm not able to check it every day.. I can check it maybe 2-3 times a week, at the most. So if you've sent something and you're thinking "Why hasn't she rated me yet? It should have gotten there by now.." - It's probably because I haven't made a recent visit there yet. Sorry, but I can't make daily trips there. T_T


Favorite Music

8-bit music, nerdcore, rock operas, post-rock, indie rock, indie pop, folk-music, rockabilly, 80's and the such.

VG music and music about video games and popular internet culture (or memes =x)

Favorite Books

Authors: Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Chuck Palahniuk, Frank Beddor, Edward Gorey, Chuck Klosterman, H.P. Lovecraft, Gregory Maguire, Steve Martin, Richard Matheson, David Sedaris, Jules Verne

Favorite Genre's and Themes: horror, sci-fi, steampunk, 1930's society, alternate history & fairy tales, lgbt, indie diy, crafting, vegetarian cooking.

Magazines: Bust, CRAFT, Giant Robot, Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, MAKE, Readymade, ODE

I also love "indie" comics (not much of a dc fan) and graphic novels. Fantagraphics = ♥♥♥♥♥♥!!

Comics and such: The Acme Novelty Library, Courtney Crumrin, Dinosaur Comics, explodingdog, Fables, Maus, McSweeney's, Mutts, Ninja High School, The Perry Bible Fellowship, Persepolis, Questionable Content, Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Sandman, Sin City, Toothpaste For Dinner, The Walking Dead, XKCD, Y: The Last Man . . . . Edward Gorey, Robert Kirkman, Frank Miller, Steve Niles, Bill Willingham

Favorite Movies & Television

(I watch a lot of movies!)

Directors: Wes Anderson, Luc Besson, Tim Burton, Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch, Baz Luhrmann, Takashi Miike, Seijun Suzuki, Quentin Tarantino, John Waters

Movies: Amelie, Band of Outsiders, Barbarella, Battle Royale, Boondock Saints, Brick, Cat Soup, Cry-Baby, Dogma, Eagle vs Shark, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Ghost World, Hairspray (original version), Heathers, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not, Just One of the Guys, Labyrinth, Life Is Beautiful, Love Me If You Dare, Mansfield Park, Moulin Rouge, My Boyfriend's Back, Night of The Living Dead & Dawn of The Dead, Nobody Knows, Now Voyager, Orlando, Pan's Labyrinth, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Pierrot le Fou, Psycho Beach Party, Real Genius, Reservoir Dogs, Romeo+Juliet, The Fifth Element, The Golden Child, The Mist, The Princess Bride, The Professional, The Taste of Tea, The Usual Suspects, The Wizard, Uzumaki, Victor/Victoria, Wild At Heart. Horror movies and over the top bollywood movies...

Television: Arrested Development, CSI (original), Flight of the Conchords, Heroes, Oh! Mikey (aka. The Fuccons), The Adventures of Pete and Pete, The Kids in the Hall, The Office (BBC preferred but I like the NBC version as well), Twin Peaks, Weeds, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Wonderfalls, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Crafts

knitted/crochet'd items, anything with a non-shabby chic vintage vibe, reusing/recycling, amigurumi..

I don't own a sewing machine but I sometimes handsew small items. And I don't have much use for fabric embellishments and ribbons but I do use felt and buttons for the stuffed creatures I make. :)

I reeeeeally love street art stickers and making stencils. My favorite brand of spraypaint is Belton Molotow. ♥♥ Montana Gold comes in second.. Design Master is nice in a pinch.. ;)

i ♥ Items made from re-using old computer or electronic parts, tech/game manuals, boxes or advertisements. Stuff involving video games, technology and/or science. Art drawn with sharpie markers, and hand carved stamps!

... makes me =D

Colors: Neutral earthy colors like greens, browns and beige. Dark blues, blacks and purples. Silver and copper.

Scents: Vanilla, Chocolate, crisp earthy scents, unisex colognes/perfumes, lavender, grape, lemon, lime, lemon verbena

Flavors: Chocolate, green tea, mint, apple, grape, lemon, curry, cacao, cherry

Animals and...: pandas, sloths, elephants, llamas, squirrels, dinosaurs, owls & sparrows, hedgehogs, lemurs, axolotls, guinea pigs

Favorite Holidays: Halloween, Christmas

Video Games: Alan Wake, Bioshock (1/2), Borderlands, Bust a Groove 1, Dead Island, Dead Rising, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy, Indigo Prophecy, Left 4 Dead (1/2), Magicka, Mass Effect (1/2. Haven't played 3 yet), Minecraft, Portal, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Skyrim, Terraria, VVVVVV

Other: reddit, brothers grimm, mythology, gloomy bear, hand carved stamps, baking cupcakes, yo gabba gabba!, moustaches, beards & goatees, graffiti, urban street art, mushrooms, lawn gnomes, mameshiba, cherry blossom trees, capsule toys (gashapon), zakka, robots, wings, zombies, video games, vegan/vegetarian food, indian food, masks, papercraft, nintendo, mario, super mario bros., steampunk, goggles, eyepatches, roller derby, drag racing.., environmentally friendly items (things made with recycled products) or items made from re-using something else like making a tote bag out of old plastic shopping bags. Legos. Little Big Planet sackboys. Alice in Wonderland. Japanese dollar stores, bubble tea, and purikura. Photobooth photos.

Items with a science/bio/chemistry feel to them like molecules, dna, lab stuff and such.. (i ♥ labcoats, flasks, test tubes and beakers!) or most things computer related or items made from recycled computer or electronic parts. ♥♥ the look of circuits and circuitry.

Medical stuff like pages from old medical encyclopedias/books, the red cross symbol, cute medical themed stuff, anatomical charts and prints... surgical masks =x

plz do not send...

Anything with almonds of pecans in it (for allergy reasons). Anything with religious tones. Sanrio, Morning Glory, Pucca, Cartoon character items. Purses. Anything with babies on it (realistic or cartoon). Unsealed makeup.Touristy or panoramic/view postcards. Overly girly items or anything that gives off a "diva" vibe. Earrings or rings (i don't wear them).

Extra's. I base my heart ratings on the swap itself, not on any filler or extras added to the package.

Also, because I live in Texas, it might not be a good idea to mail anything with chocolate during the summer. If it's just chocolate flavor, that's fine.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!

• Lettersets (quirky or interesting designs/art) [non-kawaii]

• ATC's, artwork, or crafted items based on any of the following: Minecraft, Left 4 Dead, robots, dinosaurs, zombies, Super Mario Bros, Bioshock, Fallout 3.... or really most anything mentioned as a like on my profile. :P

• Un-used postage stamps (american)

• Un-used postcards (vintage, weird, quirky, geeky/nerdy, handmade) [nothing touristy]

• Stickers (store-bought; weird/unusual or handmade/drawn by you!)

• Watercolor pencils!!!

• Deco tape, washi tape, interestingly designed packing tape! (no duct tape, plz)

• BB Cream, M.A.C., Wet n Wild eyeshadow, Sally Hansen nail strips, Urban Decay, China Glaze nail polish, OPI nail polish, Ecotools

• Reddit themed items

• Postal/Post Office paraphernalia and ephemera. Postal stickers and labels from other countries. Airmail envelopes and etiquette's. Postal box collectibles from the UK.

• (For the internationally awesome) Anything with your countries native language on it. Like book pages, magazine ads, lettersets, etc... (Asian "engrish" is fantastic to me!)

• Hand carved stamps, white erasers, mail art, zines

• Chupa Chups!! (i ♥ strawberries & cream, chocolate/banana, and chocolate/vanilla but would love to try other flavors too!)

• Items or stationery with 2ch ascii faces on them like: (゚∀゚), ( 'A'), (´・ω・`), ( ゜A゜), ( ´д´ ), (・∀・)

• Street art stickers, photos of street art or graffiti around your city (i would especially love photo postcards of this!!)

• Prismacolor art markers (double-ended) (!!)

• Japanese craft books/magazines. If you have access to Japanese stamp-maker books, contact me plz if we can trade for one!

• Back-issues of Giant Robot, Hi Fructose, Juxtapoz.

Tags! & Swaps

  • foreign food/snacks [i have access to asian candy like pocky and hi-chew. i also live close to a world market that carries other import snacks like aero bars and such.. mexican candy as well, like those fruit lollipops covered in chili powder.

  • gluten-free food and snacks (i have quite a bit of knowledge concerning this) // vegan stuff (there are a few stores here with a good variety of that)

  • handmade art stickers by me! - [example]

  • stencil stickers - [example]

  • If you know of a store that is only available in Dallas, Garland, or Richardson.. I can probably pick up an item for you if it can't be ordered online.

  • ATC's made by me - [examples]

  • Altered matchboxes - [example]

  • Handmade postcards - [1], [2], [3]

  • Handcarved stamps - [example]

  • Perler bead art

  • Up-cycled envelopes

  • Texas/Dallas souvenirs

(last updated: 05/12/15) (mail was last checked: 05/12/15)


  • Washi Tape Sampler -- (Sent: 05/20/15)


Flakers & Non-Raters T_T


@fevervignettes - Geeky Music FTW

@tiffanypmw - Ohhh Yeah! It's a Kool-Aid swap!

@jayeme - Ephemerenvelope

{Swaps angeled by awesome members!}



Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome samples! I love the bicycle tape a lot so thanks for sending me so much of it :)
Rejoicing rated for Tastykakes n Fun on Jul 2, 2012
Comment: I love everything!!! The art-o-mat piece now resides in a place of honor next to my other one! Thanks for such a fun swap!
jfreeman rated for {private} robotlove & jfreeman! on Jun 30, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great swap items. Let's do it again!!!
nasreen rated for Meme atc on Jun 29, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the atc. I love the writing paper and have used it in my smash book.
Toupti rated for {private} robotlove & toupti! on Jun 27, 2012
Comment: What a cutie... I really love the little sheep measuring tape. It arrived at a perfect timing as I'm starting a project that's going to require a lot of measuring.
Areona rated for {private} robotlove & areona! on Jun 20, 2012
Comment: Love the pens! :D
lunakat805 rated for Meme atc on Jun 17, 2012
Comment: AWESOME atc - love LONG CAT!
Response: Thank you for the kind words, the rating, and the ♥. I had fun with this atc because Longcat is one of my favorites. :)
Leashah rated for {private} robotlove & leashah! on Jun 16, 2012
Comment: I love it! :) Thank you for the roll of twine and cute teeny stickers, also!!! :D
Response: You're very welcome. :) I noticed you were looking for baker's twine, and I happened to have an extra roll that I could send. ;)
iheartkawaii rated for Robot ATC on Jun 9, 2012
Comment: thank you for the wonderful atc. i really love it! i'm so glad i was your partner and that you didn't send it out last year. it's going up on my wall : )
Response: Yay! I'm happy to hear that. I wasn't sure if it was too odd a design, but I'm glad you liked it. :3
Jordaaan rated for {private} robotlove & jordaaan! on Jun 9, 2012
Comment: I got it today, thank you they will go on my dresser next to my bobble-body Buddha lol
Response: Awesome! They'll be in great company. :D
PinkZombie rated for A-Z Video Games ATC Letter L on Jun 9, 2012
Comment: I feel spoiled. :) Thank you for the very nice hand drawn Lemmings ATC. I've played it before and it made me smile, and you did a really great job. I wish my 2nd ATC had looked that good haha. Thanks for the postcard too it's fabulous. And the envelope! Too cute!! <3 it all.
Response: You're very welcome. And thank you for the kind words about my atc work. It definitely helps motivate me to continue working on them. =x
JBromeling rated for Book page ATC #4 on May 29, 2012
Comment: I would say you have the hang of the ATC's. They are definately fun and addicting. Thank you. Your packaging was great and definately crafted a smile there as well!
Response: Thank you for saying so. I appreciate the feedback, and the rating+♥. :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful package. Everything is perfect. I love Bust magazine too and somehow I managed to miss this one! Perfect use of Alice quotes... just perfect.
Response: I'm glad you liked everything, and especially happy to hear that you like Bust. :)
Kessie rated for handmade art stickers on Aug 26, 2011
Comment: These were great! You have a very distinctive drawing style. I especially loved the furry green monster one, he's so cute!
janeengland rated for Ephemera: Postal Theme on Aug 24, 2011
Comment: thankyou loved everything especially the goodies inside the little greese proof envies, these goodies was a reminder why i love this group so much.
sheryl0503 rated for handmade art stickers on Aug 23, 2011
Comment: I love the stickers you made, cute robot :) and I also love the card and envelope you used. thank you so much
noxvet rated for handmade art stickers on Aug 19, 2011
Comment: Everything is phenomenal! I'll have to check on your other work some time, very legitimate...seems like there is a theme going on here :) Hats off to ya!
sheryl0503 rated for Airmail labels 5 on Aug 16, 2011
Comment: thank you for the airmail labels and I love your card and envelope :)
Atropos rated for Airmail labels 5 on Aug 15, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the labels! I like them very much. But the thing I like even more is your stationary! Awesome, totally awesome!
Response: I'm glad you liked both! :D If you're interested in obtaining that same stationary, you can find it here: http://amzn.com/0735330425 n_n
arielro rated for Street Art Postcards on Jul 25, 2011
Comment: Hey!!! I lova my poctcard soooo much!!!! I want to go to Austin soooo bad! Where did you get that amazing postcard stamp? That is exactly what I am looking for and I can't seem to find them..... Xo

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