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Surprise in a envelope..

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Swap Coordinator:Tinkerbell1982 (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items 
Number of people in swap:238
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:January 15, 2013
Date items must be sent by:January 22, 2013
Number of swap partners:2

I thought it would be fun to send 3 items in a envelope. Put your items in the envelope and seal it BEFORE your partner is assinged..

You will have 2 partners in this swap.

Some ideas is postcard,memosheets,stickers,atc and so on.

Have fun.. :)


Noisy 12/21/2012 #

That sounds funny!

antiope 12/28/2012 #

can newbie join this swap?

Kayenderes 12/30/2012 #

Please help......me newbeeeeie What are memo sheets??? also where do you by one called Kawaii???? I am 70 yrs and trying to keep up and learning.

Kayenderes 12/30/2012 #

Also how big an envelope???

devyniabalsÄ— 12/30/2012 #

Memo sheets are small papers on witch you can take notes. Kawaii is not some particular thing. It's an adjective in Japanese meaning "pretty; cute; lovely; charming;" Try to google it :-) And i believe the size of an envelope doesn't really matter.

zurdoswifey 12/31/2012 #

kayenderes she has it as flat mail so a regular sized letter envelope or inside of a notecard or similar.... basically the envie size is up to you... you could mail a package too if you wanted I guess lol

Worknesh 12/31/2012 #

Does it have to be a BIG one or not? I mean, I can put three stickers to small envelope, lol.

coleenfranks 12/31/2012 #

Worknesh, don't think your partner would be very happy with 3 stickers, but what you send can dictate the size of envie.

Worknesh 12/31/2012 #

I am not planning to send three strickers, but it would be better if swap details were more clear.

Tinkerbell1982 12/31/2012 #

The envelope should be at least a A5 big.. Don´t know what the inches are.. Maybe somone else know??Yes newbies can join..

Nannabakes 01/ 1/2013 #

OK so I am totally new to this, and this looks like the perfect swap to kick it off with :)

pne 01/ 1/2013 #

A5 is 148 × 210 mm or about 5¾" × 8¼".

Cissy1 01/ 1/2013 #

This will be my first swap on Swap Bot! So excited!

Lizard 01/ 3/2013 #

@Nannabakes and @Cissy1 I understand your excitement! I am pretty new too, but I have already sent heaps of things and have received two back so far! VERY exciting!!! I love trying to select things that I think my partner will like (after we get assigned partners I check their profile for info) but this one asks us to select the things beforehand, so this is going to be potluck!

walkaboutgypsy 01/ 3/2013 #

first timer here am looking forward to gathering my items :) when do we find out who we are sending them too ?

Tinkerbell1982 01/ 4/2013 #

The partners will be assigned when the sign up date has passed..

Whippet 01/ 4/2013 #

In my experience here on Swap-Bot, it is better to check out your swap mate's profile of wants BEFORE sealing & sending the envelope.
There is the chance a receiver of your swap doesn't like what you sent & might give you a poor rating.
My favorite "thrift store" is the local Charity shop benefiting our area's animal rescue shelter. Its always a surprise to find something there I can use in a swap.

AZmom875 01/ 5/2013 #

Cute idea, and so random.

Tinkerbell1982 01/ 5/2013 #

Well @Whippet This is that kiind of swap.. If you recive one you give a 5.. Heart if you liked it..

Mariskasl 01/ 5/2013 #

Well, I am new here so I have a couple of questions ;)

  • Do I include a note from myself (from who the gifts are from?) in the envelope?

  • I hope my receiver will like my little gifts, because it is supposed to be sealed BEFORE checking profile. I hope they will rate me with that in the back of their head.

Have fun swapping everybody! I am so excited!

iwnarte73 01/ 5/2013 #

I am still very new to this site..but how do I know who I have as a partner? and are we allowed to include a short note, or no? thanks alot and I look forward to this!

fawnscrafts 01/ 5/2013 #

Yes a short note at least. With your name and the swap name. That way your partner knows who to rate.

If you are chatty and want to mail a longer letter, with the goodies that is up to you. As far as this swap goes.

Other swaps may be more restrictive as per the length of letter or note.

I think this is a cool idea, and I think I will join also.

fawnscrafts 01/ 5/2013 #

It looks like the a5 envelope is a larger size one here. From what I see the a5 is bigger than most greeting card envelopes.

I am having a very hard time finding one that is this size. I have some smaller by half inch but not larger until they are much larger.

The ones I have and have lots of them are 4 3/4 inches by 7 1/4 inches. This is an entire inch short on booth length and breath.

I just do not know how to easily get envelops that extra inch. So it looks like I best not sign up.

Lizard 01/ 6/2013 #

@fawnscrafts Surely if you can only find an envie a bit smaller, you could still enter, if you maybe send 4 things instead of 3? Or send something really special and a note explaining envie size?

Nannabakes 01/ 6/2013 #

i should think normal business size envelope is ok?

pne 01/ 6/2013 #

Well, it only says at least A5 big -- you can surely find envelopes that take an entire 8 1/2 by 11 inch (letter-sized) page? That should fill the bill...

Tinkerbell1982 01/ 6/2013 #

4 1/4 by 6 1/4 inch envelopes are good too if anyone have it.. As long as your items go in to the envelope they are fine..

kawaiiheaven4u 01/ 6/2013 #

wow!!!your swap is going well :) congrats!!!

Lizard 01/ 7/2013 #

Crikey! Popular swap or what!? Woohoo!

tumbochka 01/ 7/2013 #

That will be my first swap on here. I'll do my best!:)

Tricia22 01/ 7/2013 #

if i wanted to send stickers, dose it have to be unopened or can it just be 1 sheet?

fawnscrafts 01/ 7/2013 #

Cool I can join!

I really like this idea. An easy to send things swap and because the type of things we can send we keep the shipping down if it is an international address!

SweetBizar 01/ 8/2013 #

Waaaaw, so much people joining, this is going to be fun :) I like that fact of sealing before knowing your partners ... everything new keeps us alert! Have a great time!

lexi 01/ 9/2013 #

this is my first swap & I am soooo excited! I have already packed & sealed my envelopes! can't wait to send them!

mcovey 01/ 9/2013 #

@lexi this is one of the easy swaps , it is a good 1st swap just put 3 items in an envie( business size one) for 2 people , get two good rating what could be easier !!

thanks for hosting this one @Tinkerbell1982

mcovey 01/ 9/2013 #

oh and good job too for being #1 swap

musamaya 01/ 9/2013 #

this is a great idea!!!

SillyPie 01/ 9/2013 #

I've already picked out some items :D

ambermb91 01/10/2013 #

can you send more than 3 items?

Tinkerbell1982 01/10/2013 #

@amberm91 yes if thats what you want..

BlackRainbow 01/11/2013 #

how much is the budget?

Beckykat 01/11/2013 #

Packed and ready to go. Felt so strange not checking profiles. We should all get some good random items :) Good swap idea :D xx

musamaya 01/12/2013 #

hello, i am new in the group, but super excited about sending my envelope. are we going to be assigned two people for the swap or the swap will be with one partner only? thank you!

meljb 01/12/2013 #

Hi, I'm a newbie to swapbot, and really excited about my first swap:0)

Tinkerbell1982 01/12/2013 #

@musamaya You will have 2 partners..

Mookie7 01/13/2013 #

When will we be assigned partners?

rigchig 01/14/2013 #

all packed and ready to post cant wait ....love this idea xx

nanabarb57 01/14/2013 #

I love to decorate my envie too.....what a surprise in the mail...hehe..I'm a doodler anyway.

Angeladykate 01/14/2013 #

Ok...I'm ready for my partners...I'm too excited about this one! It was fun to do. What a great idea...when's the next one?

Lizard 01/14/2013 #

@Mookie7 We will be assigned our partners on the last date to sign up. :)

Goldilocks 01/14/2013 #

Signed, sealed and waiting to be assigned for delivery. Hi, @tinkerbell Haven't swapped with you in a while. I have some stored up tinkerbell embellies. Also I'm enjoying the coments above.

Tinkerbell1982 01/15/2013 #

Do you girls want me to host #2???

Charmaine70 01/15/2013 #

Packed and ready to go :)

snoop 01/15/2013 #

wow this is the biggest swap I've seen, 228 congrats to you...... to all you newbies send something you would like getting

duhovka22 01/15/2013 #

Hi,I want sent to swap and you?

musamaya 01/15/2013 #

hello, when the partners would be assigned for delivery ;)


Snuggles555 01/15/2013 #

Flaker in your swap with 2 current "ones" is @hollyluvsshane91

cookiekawai 01/15/2013 #

already packed and waiting the address to send them XD

Rosebud23 01/15/2013 #

I already want a #2 Tinkerbell! I can't wait to send and receive!!!

DonnaLeeDesigns 01/16/2013 #

Mine are packed, sealed and ready to go. Would also love a #2 - this was FUN!!!!

Lizard 01/16/2013 #

@Snuggles555 Thank you for that warning.

Hey peeps PLEASE don't flake on this swap!!! I am new to this site and I love the swaps that I have carefully chosen, stuffed into envelopes and sent to people who, I hope, will love receiving them. I would feel really sad and disappointed if someone flaked on me. I like to send what I think the receiver will love, not junk and that makes me smile. I am almost stalking the postie these days, waiting for my packages!!! lol


okay, rant over

Nannabakes 01/16/2013 #

wondering why partners have not yet been assigned...????

RabbitHeart 01/16/2013 #

Envelopes are ready! Pretty pretty please, Tinkerbell, assign the partners asap so I can drop them at the post office on my way from work :)

Lizard 01/16/2013 #

Lol I'm champing at the bit to be able to post mine too. Lol

Mookie7 01/16/2013 #

I have also packed envelopes so just need someone to send my little suprises to! :) This is so exciting. New to all this, but is getting really hooked on it. :)

rhynah 01/16/2013 #

I am sure @Tinkerbell1982 will assign the partners as soon as possible. It takes A LOT of time to go through every 250 participants' profiles and she has to do it all by herself.

I'd rather give her an extra day or two to be careful with checking the participants than to be partnered with someone who has recent 1 ratings and is a possible flaker. According to Swap-bot rules the host has 7 days to assign partners after the last sign up date.

3. How do coordinators assign swap partners?

Swap coordinators are responsible for initiating the assignment of swap partners after the signup deadline. Once the signup deadline has passed, the coordinator must come back to Swap-bot to check over the list of swappers who have signed up for their swap. Any unwanted swappers can be banned at this time. It is then the coordinator's responsibility to click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link. Swap-bot does all of the actual partner assignments, the coordinators simply initiate the process after they have had a chance to check over the list of swap participants.

IMPORTANT: Partners will not be assigned for your swap until you click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link. Swap-bot will send you an email after the sign-up deadline reminding you to come initiate the partner assignment process. If the coordinator does not click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link within a week of the sign up deadline the swap will be DELETED! All participants will get an email letting them know why the swap was deleted.

:) So let's all just be patient, ok?

RabbitHeart 01/16/2013 #

I didn't realize that Tinkerbell must go through all the profiles before assigning the partners - I'm sorry, I definitely didn't mean to push her! :)

ThESwEeTiE 01/16/2013 #

I really think that the task of checking the vast number of participants in this swap is what is taking up Tinkerbell's time... I am happy to be patient, but cant wait to hear that the people who get my envies are thrilled with them :)

meljb 01/16/2013 #

I've carefully picked out some lovely items to send to my partners - really excited about this, as it's my first swap :0)

Would love Tinkerbell to do #2 swap!

Cauti92 01/16/2013 #

I'm SO excited!!! This is the largest amount of swappers I've ever seen!!! My envelopes are just waiting for names!! Great swap!!!

Tinkerbell1982 01/16/2013 #

Partners is now assigned.. Good luck everyone.. # 2 is already up.. JOIN IT!!

SweetBizar 01/16/2013 #

Waaaw, you're so fast @Tinkerbell1982 good job!

Lizard 01/16/2013 #

Joined!!! Posted this one today. Hope my partners like it. One dog embellishment to someone who said no cats or dogs. Whoops!

maxette 01/17/2013 #

it is posted, but it can take more then 10 days...here we have about 30cm of fresh snow, and we are not used to that, so everything slows down...

meljb 01/17/2013 #

Just been to the post office & sent my two parcels. Hope my partners like them :D

musamaya 01/17/2013 #

I have posted mine too. this is fun!

angiejustus77 01/17/2013 #

I just got out in the middle of a winter storm and went to the post office earlier so my mail has went out. Hope those that receive them are happy and it puts a smile on their face ♥

lexi 01/17/2013 #

I sent mine out yesterday! Hope my partners like my surprises...it's my first time so please be understanding!

SillyPie 01/17/2013 #

Posted mine!! I hope my partners like them!

sheashea 01/20/2013 #

I just received my swap from Ruth, THANK YOU so much! I loved getting my package in the mail today, so early...I cant send mine out til tuesday. THANK YOU thank you! I loved my issue of Rubber Stamping Madness and my beautiful butterflies and cool fishes to boot. You live in Massachusetts and so do I. I believe we are hours apart. I am heading to bed with the cool magazine you gave me, cant wait to go through it. Thanks again for being my partner. Hugs Elizabeth

aploenes 01/20/2013 #

everything is set to send.....will mail as soon as i get to the post office (hopefully tomorrow)

amazingemo 01/21/2013 #

I miscalculated the dates,I am on vacation :-) but left envelopes home on dining table. So I went to gift shop....but will send original envelopes when I get home. Will this be ok?

ThESwEeTiE 01/22/2013 #

:( looks like I have a flaker!

sheashea 01/22/2013 #

sent my two envies today

sheashea 01/22/2013 #

Thank you Jennifer, received mine today. Loved the envie with the from you to me map. The beautiful stationary and post card. The sticky notes and mustaches..love love love it all

mahasiah11 01/23/2013 #

Hi Barbara McCaffrey from USA and Lyndie from Australia I sended yours swaps yesterday. I hope you like it everything. Blessings, Auxi

musamaya 01/23/2013 #

Hello Evia , I received mine today! i love everything!!! tack så mycket!!! Thank you!!!!!

musamaya 01/23/2013 #

thanks to the coordinator for putting this together. it is a lot of fun. what about surprise in an evelope #2 after we all received hour goodies ;) .

maxette 01/24/2013 #

waoh...a lot of people haven't send yet..!!!

moonlightlaura 01/26/2013 #

That luigi is a flaker...they flaked on the Send One Back PC swap I was in...looks like someone is going to have to be angeled in that swap and in this one...

Mariskasl 01/28/2013 #

There are some more flakers on this one @moonlightlaura

maxette 01/29/2013 #

What do you do if you see that your partner hasn't even sent it, (above the deadline, more then a week!) and have very basic profile, not even been on for several days....Grrh! Am I going to be "flacked"? If so, that means the second edition won't be for me!!! I just hate that!

ThESwEeTiE 01/29/2013 #

238 participants and 13 flakers... thats sad isnt it? Maxette, we have to wait for 2 weeks after the closing date, so 5th Feb, before we can mark them as 1's I dont think I want to be 'angeled'... its just a sad fact that some people are users!!!

Nikkisbargain 01/30/2013 #

I may have a flaker:(

althena 02/ 1/2013 #

Ninkkisbargain - If you end up being flaked on, please msg me... I would love to angel for you.

lexi 02/ 2/2013 #

Well this was my first swap & I think I am being flaked on by both of my partners :( One never sent and the other marked sent but I never received

maxette 02/ 4/2013 #

So...after a private message and a little note on her profile... I've been flaked by craftymisspriss...but as I see you cannot rate 1?!

TC 02/ 4/2013 #

@maxette , you can't rate a 1 until two full weeks past the send-by date. In this case, I believe that will be Feb. 6.

Lizard 02/ 5/2013 #

Still waiting maybe post is slow? Both have clicked sent.

LovelyLici 02/ 6/2013 #

Be patient, everyone! It has not even been two weeks. It's a bit early to complain about not receiving anything in an international swap. Remember to consider where the package is coming from. If you're concerned, message your partner. Posting here won't really help with communication with your partners. Don't lose hop! :) One of my packages went to the US and I'm anxiously awaiting a rating. The other one went to Lithuania, so I'm not even expecting a rating for another week or two.

Rosebud23 02/ 7/2013 #

How do you see if the partners that got you have sent their packages?

moonlightlaura 02/ 7/2013 #

@Rosebud3 - in the Yellow Box on the right hand side of the swap it will say View participants - Click on that link and it will list all the participants and what days they sent

maxette 02/16/2013 #

So, I was really flaked from @craftymisspriss but luckily angel ed by @WendySue ..Thanks to Wendy for a her big heart!

Fatima90 03/10/2013 #

Could u make another one ?????

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