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Last Online: July 15, 2013
Birthday: February 1, 1952
Country: Canada
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November 2012 I am now a Senior Consultant with Epicure Selections a 100% Canadian Company that sells spices, veggie & fruit dips, hot cheese dips, cookware and so much more. Check out the website at www.epicureselections.com. So sorry that this is a tease to non-Canadians - at the moment the company can not ship outside of Canada. I would love to share some tips and recipes with other Canadians who also enjoy Epicure products

Do I need to say that I will always send my swaps/tags/wish lists/etc. Please remember that International mail takes time and I can't afford airmail - so parcels go on a slow boat via China, Alaska, Brazil and probably Greenland.

I will always rate as soon as something arrives - of course after I enjoy the pleasure of opening the great envies & packages sent to me and can drool over everything.

PLEASE NOTE I am always open to private swaps for any of my personalized sewing projects, fabric, crafts or supplies. What can I make for you?

Any questions? PM me anytime - I am on here a lot!

Favorite Crafts

I have a HUGE STASH OF FABRIC - mostly purchased from local thrift stores - all good quality. Would love to swap some fabric. I make and sell home decor and personal items - pillow covers, aprons, curtains, makeup bags, mug rugs, tea wallets, purses, coasters and shopping tote bags. Want to learn to quilt. Recently have made some Dotee dolls and Spirit dolls - that was FUN!! Enjoy embroidering pictures and small designs on the pockets of tote bags, laundry bags and BBQ aprons.

Love to make useful items from recycled materials. Blue jeans, plaid shirts, old towels and flannel sheets are great. Jeans are made into purses, tote bags, quilts, door draft dodgers, pillows and shoe bags.Shoe boxes become photo boxes, cereal boxes are now magazine holders and chip canisters hold elastics and knitting needles. I use peanut butter jars to hold all my loose pieces of ribbon and small glass jars for buttons - each colour in one jar.

NEW: recently started to make ATC's, decorating note cards, gift tags, Inchies and bookmarks .

NEW: I use a lot of pictures from old calenders, books with interesting text, greeting cards, magazines - especially animals, gardens, butterflies & funny women, maps, picture books and wrapping or tissue paper. You can send me your extra anytime.

NEW: I am making a SMASH BOOK from all the notes, letters, tiny items, cards, addy labels and postage stamps from my Swap-bot partners. I am not picky about what to send, just NO kawaii, cartoon, Disney characters. Please remember that I am a young, fun loving senior and can't use kiddy stuff. Faves would be butterflies, owls, geckos, anything in PINK, recipe cards, anything tea related and angels. Have joined some Smashing swaps and hosting one in the Friendship Circle - this is so much FUN!!!!

NEW: I have a large collection of embroidery patterns - lots of flowers, birds and children's themes. Would love to swap some patterns with others who enjoy this relaxing craft. I find a lot of pictures in children's coloring books to copy and embroider on tote bags. Have a very large box of UFO's of embroidered patterns on pieces of fabric - just haven't decided what to make with them.

I am presently embroidering a king size quilt top in cross-stitch - ribbons in the shape of hearts - in purple. UPDATE: February 2012 quilt top is half done - starting on the second half. When done I will have a friend teach me how to hand quilt it.

Favorite Crafts

Started a collection of odd dishes, plates, cups, mugs, tea pots, vases, unusual animals, and bowls - anything ceramic in bright colours - to make into garden fancies. Stack items in a pleasing design with plates between pots and vases - glue together with marine glue and set in your garden. If you live in a cold climate - bring inside for winter - I had a few crack and break over the winter as I left them outside - we all learn from our mistakes.

NEW: CATS - I love to make cats from old clothing - velour pants, sweaters, velvet drapes or wool suits. Each cat is unique in shape and facial features. I hand embroider the face and whiskers - some have tails and they all have a name. My cats make great pets - they don't need food, toys or a litter box, will not climb up your drapery or claw your favorite chair and will sit contentedly wherever you place them. I have three CATS in a basket and two CATS in a mini wagon in my living room.

My home is full of green plants, in every room - not into flowers - I have to count them to make sure I have watered them all. My small front garden has hostas, lilies, ivy, assorted green plants and lots of little ornaments - frogs, turtles, garden fairies, painted rocks, garden fancies and a sign that says "Grow Dammit".

About Me

As a 15 year Breast Cancer Survivor, I collect all things with the Pink Ribbon symbol - key chains, pins, clothing, tote bags, mugs, pens, makeup bags, buttons, scrap booking papers and embellishments and of course lots of PINK Fabric. I love to make various items from my huge stash of PINK fabric - even have PINK Denim to make tote bags. Would love to swap PINK Ribbon logo fabric with other Breast Cancer Survivors.

A Very Special thank you to all the swappers who have sent PINK RIBBON FABRIC to me. I will be making some ALL PINK RIBBON QUILTS to donate for local fundraisers

I have suffered from fibromyalgia since I was 18 years of age - only received the correct diagnosis at age 39 - almost 20 years of being told it was in my head. I have a large book written by a female doctor who has fibro - full of information and coping ideas - she truly understands the pain we live with every day of our lives. I tend to lose the strength in my legs and hands a lot - legs kind of turn to jello and I have trouble walking, standing or sitting for very long. I have been wearing a magnetic bracelet for about 3 years and have not had any bad migraines in that time.

I enjoy a LARGE MUG of tea in the morning with toast or a bagel - like all teas, especially fruit flavoured ones. Don't care for green tea. Love my French Vanilla Cappuccino in the afternoon or Iced tea/pink lemonade in the summer.

Member of the Women Of The Moose since 1988. Received my Academy of Friendship Degree in Flint, Michigan and my College Of Regents Degree at Mooseheart, Illinois. Have attended International Moose Conventions in Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Chicago and Orlando. Would love to swap with other Moose members.

Shopaholic for thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, antique stores and sidewalk shopping - otherwise known as spring cleanup or junk beside the road - have found some great items that were put out to the garbage.

I am a diabetic and would love some recipes using Splenda - cookies, cakes or pies - I still have a sweet tooth

Love the Create and Decorate Magazine - has something for everyone to do. Have recently purchased the Quilts and More magazine - to help me learn quilting - has lots of small projects to try

Favorite Things I Collect

  • PINK, White or Gold Christmas ornaments

  • all kinds and colours of buttons and ribbon

  • geckos, chili peppers and southwest themed items

  • pins from your town, city, county, state, province or country

  • garden decor - funky things to hang on fence or place in garden - NEW Fairy Doors

  • unusual Tea Pots - shaped like houses, sewing machines and sunflowers

  • all kinds of angels - especially ceramic, wood or glass in primitive styles

  • votive candles - vanilla, cinnamon or spice scents

  • silver jewelry, old keys

  • wood embroidery hoops - all sizes on display in my craft room

  • vintage white pillow cases with embroidery

  • white Battenberg lace items

  • coins from other countries

  • magnets - love one from your hometown

  • patterned tissue paper for podging

  • all types of fabric - mostly pink, purple, red, green and blue

  • crafting/sewing magazines/books

  • coloured pens/markers - all colours

  • old calenders, greeting cards, old maps, post cards

  • UFO's - Unfinished Fabric Objects - have a large box of embroidered pieces just waiting for inspiration to hit me as to what to make with them.

I am saving all the stamps from my swap-bot mail to cover a extra large flat picture frame - if other swappers could save the stamps and send to me that would be awesome. I need lots of stamps to cover the frame. It will become my bulletin board for all my swap notes. Thank you to everyone who sends stamps.

Special thanks to @lexidh for a huge bag of stamps in our private swap - sending a profile surprise to her.

Thank you so much to @pickleme - She sent every USA State Quarter that I needed to fill my booklet. Sending Canadian coins to her in private swap

Have lots of special Canadian Quarters that I would be willing to trade with other collectors. We have Provincial, Breast Cancer, Red Poppy, Veterans, Olympic, Monthly and many others. Also have special $1.00 (loonies) and $2.00 (toonies) coins to trade. Pm me if interested in trading coins.

Don't Like

NEW; NO Hello Kitty, Kawaii, Disney stuff - just not into cartoon characters.

Really hate green peppers - makes me ill, don't like melons, squash, small dogs, complaining people, boring beige walls, roses, actually most flowers, vacuuming carpets, green tea, cow/pig/chicken decorations, liver, tuna, medium point pens, olives, pepperoni, brown or beige anything

I really don't like the Cold weather, even though I live in Canada with lots of snow in the winter. I just don't like the bitter cold winds that seem to blow right through to your bones.

Wish List

PINK RIBBON DESIGN FABRIC - would love some 9" squares to make into a quilt to raise funds for Breast Cancer

NEW: Any Cancer Awareness fabric in other colours besides pink. I am making a Cancer Awareness Quilt with each block in a different colour - I will gladly swap something you need if anyone can find these colours - purple, green, yellow, orange, red, blue, lime green, teal or peach

NEW: PINK CHRISTMAS DESIGN FABRIC - I would send you a million hearts and a profile surprise if anyone can find this.

NEW: White or Cream colour velvet, velour or wool to make my stuffed CATS - see above

Pink ribbon, pink rick rack, pink velvet ribbon, pink cord, hot pink or fuchsia buttons, pink fabric - can you tell I love pink!!!

Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer items - key chains, earrings, pins, clothing, bags, pens, bracelets, rings, notebooks, mugs, candles, fabric, zipper pulls, magnets, stationary, pink kitchen utensils, scissors, sticky notes, any craft item or scrapbooking papers, buttons, embellishments or stickers

I have received a great selection of Pink Ribbon items - a very special heartfelt thanks to all swappers who include them with your swaps to me, everything is much appreciated

Sunflower fabric, Tea Pots or Teacups fabric, Southwest design fabric, buttons or trims, Red denim fabric, Moose fabric or embellishments

NEW: Elvis Gospel music on CD

Sparkle Pink Pens - have received four so far - I love writing with sparkles - thanks so much

Anything with geckos - would love a gecko punch - just received a gecko stamp with JULY WISHES from @RyeRye - thank you so much Have received a beautiful gecko zippered bag, some gecko fabric and a gecko clear stamp and a beaded gecko that sits on my desk - special thanks to all swappers who read my profile and include a little extra gift

Fun Children's Swaps

My Grandchildren love to swap!!!

The grandkids have all said they would like "some of that swap thingy stuff"

Ethan (10) loves cars, monster trucks, Lego, Spiderman, video games, puzzles and crafting.

Just some things I like

JEWELRY - pierced ears - prefer silver or bright colours, especially pink, purple or red - like studs or dangling ones with the hook that has a closure - I lose the fish-hook ones all the time. Not into big necklaces - prefer simple items on a single chain. I wear a magnetic bead bracelet - helps with the fibromyalgia and migraines

RECIPES - I collect recipes of all types - especially for crock-pot, microwave or diabetic - simple meals for one or two people - I am too busy sewing, crafting or swapping to cook big meals just for me.

CHRISTMAS DECOR - I decorate my home and tree with PINK ornaments, PINK garlands, PINK beads, PINK & White feathers and gold/brass ornaments - no balls. The mini-lights are all blue, so they give a soft glow at night.

ANGELS - I collect angels - they are all over the house all year - like the primitive style in ceramic or wood the best - have a few in glass that hang on hooks.

MUSIC: The radio is on 24/7 to an easy listening station or when I am in the mood to clean (yuk) the house my 50's/60's CD is on full blast - gotta hear the music over the vacuum cleaner!

MOVIES: prefer older comedies, chic flicks, true stories, musicals and love Pixar - can watch them hundreds of times. I have a small collection on DVD and VHS - borrow from the library for free - Fave is all the episodes of North & South - Patrick Swayze at his best.

There is nothing good to watch on TV, so I watch movies.


This is just a general list of items in my craft/sewing room that I am wanting to de-stash in exchange for other stuff I could use. PM me if you are looking for anything specific and I probably have it.

  • foam shapes - butterflies, hearts, sticks

  • buttons - all colours & sizes

  • scrapbooking papers/cardstock - all sizes, colours, plains & patterns

  • pompoms, embroidery floss, ribbon, lace, sheets of foam, feathers, felt squares

  • pictures from magazines/old calenders, patterned tissue paper/gift wrap

  • zippers (mostly over 12")


Comment: I will re-rate if you decide to resend.
isabellasnow rated for Let's Keep Smashing/Junking #12 on Jul 27, 2013
Comment: Hi Donna! What an AMAZING bunch of goodies! All these neat and unique items will keep me busy for a long time. Thanks for packaging everything so carefully, too. It was so much fun to open.
Comment: Wow, that was a lot of stuff! I especially liked the calm and cool notecard, the lighthouse pin/brooch (!) and the art tag which serves as a great bookmark. Thank you!
susieeee rated for ~Bird's Eye View~Group Swap on Jul 11, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your very nice card about Ontario :-)
wolfeagle rated for ReUsable Tote Bag on Jul 10, 2013
Comment: I love this bag. Thank you sooo much.
HelenG6 rated for HAPPY MAIL EVERY MONTH - JUNE on Jul 8, 2013
Comment: Thank you for all your wonderful items of cow post card, teas, and letter. The recipe, I'm on WW and appreciate the effort. I have the same note paper!
Comment: Fantastic technique! Love the theme too! Thanks so much!
Comment: Thanks for all the wonderful smashtastic goodies!! :)
Cadfael57 rated for WIYM: Send Me You on Jun 10, 2013
Comment: The envie arrived a little bit destroyed... but finally arrived... I think it's the french P.O., it was put it in a plastic bag... everything is OK... thank you very much for you nice photos & texts ;-)
Comment: I received your paper bag letter today - what a fantastic idea and big, bold piece of mail art. Thanks for the crafting idea, too!
Comment: A great way to reuse and recycle! thank you!
Response: Wow - that got there quickly - so pleased you liked my letter. Thanks for the comment and the heart
marles rated for Random Postcard Swap #18 on Jun 5, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the great card!!
mpatry rated for Flowers for you on May 31, 2013
Comment: Thank you for all the flowery goodies! Will definitely put it all to good use :)
Response: You are welcome - nice to swap with you again
Grammycj rated for HAPPY MAIL EVERY MONTH - MAY on May 30, 2013
Comment: I love the note card!! I'm guessing you made it? Beautiful!! My husband and I are walking in the Relay for Life walk on June 8. I will be attaching a pin to the keychain and wearing it proudly on my shirt. Thank you!!
Response: Our local relay is on June 14th - this is my third year to participate. It brings me to tears as I take the Survivors Walk with hundreds of other survivors of all ages. Enjoy your key fob! Thanks for the heart
Comment: Thank you so much! I love it
Response: Thanks for the comment and the heart
Created46 rated for DeStash Your Supplies on May 21, 2013
Comment: Wow I will be looking through this for a while. I already love so much of it.
Response: Glad you love it all. Thanks for the nice comment and the heart
Response: Thanks for the rating and the heart
Dada rated for HAPPY NOT A VALENTINE'S DAY CARD on May 17, 2013
Comment: +++Thank you! What a lovely card and teabag (with tasty tea!) you sent me.. :) The mail took a lengthy voyage to reach here. It went missing to XXX, it went through our custom, etc, all these prior to finally & safely arrived!!
Response: Better late than never. Would love to be a fly on some mail to see where it all went. Three months and 17 days to you. Thanks for the comment and the heart
berryfaerie rated for Let's Keep Smashing/Junking #8 on May 17, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your package. Got the second one :)
Response: This swap was mailed on February 28th a full week before deadline to SPAIN. International mail takes more time - apparently this swapper can't wait. I have resent this swap on April 30th as it has obviously been lost in the mail. Thank you for the comment and the heart
Milkshake rated for OWLS and MORE OWLS on May 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for all the cute little owls :)
Response: So pleased you like everything

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nellswell on Jul 5, 2020:

RIP. <3

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I am sad to announce that Donna has passed away.

dmarie on Apr 22, 2014:

Hi come check out my sew a pouch- USA swap

MiRdLHWY43 on Jan 14, 2014:

Hello DonnaLee! My sister is also a BC survivor(1 year, yay!) and her name is...tada.....DonnaLee!:-)

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Hey, you forgot to mark the Reusable Tote bag as sent, even though you did send it. And I love it. Thank you!

Havfrue on Jun 17, 2013:

Hello, Donna!

You have rated me for the Envie With a Challenge No.2 swap, but I didn't send you a triangular envelope. It must have been your other partner. This means, you rated me incorrectly and didn't rate her at all. Please re-rate me when you receive my envie and rate her now instead!

Thank you:)

Milda a.k.a. Havfrue

dardarbinx on May 10, 2013:

Hi thank you so much for angelling the Butterflies and more swap...these are such cool swaps, I wish my partner hadn't flaked on me but I guess that is the way it goes sometimes. I am so amazed at how many butterflies you sent me! Thanks again lotsa hugs!!!!!

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Just sending some Hugs Your Way.

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Thank you for welcoming me & letting me join the owl swap, I have sent them to my partner today :)

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