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Middle Earth in a Bag

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Middle Earth in a Bag
Group:Fandom in a Bag
Swap Coordinator:KateKintail (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Crafts 
Number of people in swap:9
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:October 31, 2013
Date items must be sent by:December 2, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

The November 2013 Fandom in a Bag swap is the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fandom.

Step 1: Step 1: Please list in the comments your favorite characters, moments, movies, scenes, books or any other preference you may have.

Step 2: After partners are assigned, check to see what your partner likes. You can follow-up with a message if you need to know more. Then scrounge up, buy, and/or create items that fit in a bag. Your bag must contain at least 7 different types of items although more is certainly encouraged (PLEASE try to make it look full).

Some ideas of themed items: stickers, ATCs, postcards, toys/action figures, comics, note cards, pins/buttons, magnets, jewelry, trading cards, legal music CDs, charms, ornaments, books, bookmarks, address labels, postcards, plushies/stuffies, promo stills/autograph cards, fainfic, zines, etc.

More specific ideas: handdrawn map of Middle Earth, a "there and back again" travel journal, elf ears, Lorien leaf broach, banners for favorite towns, illustrations of your favorite parts of the books, drink coasters from the Prancing Pony, favorite recipes hobbits would like, a shiny gold ring, sword envelope openers, etc.

Be sure to check your partner's profile so you don't send anything he or she might be allergic to.

Step 3: Put the items in a ziplock-type bag. Size: 1 gallon (measures about 10 inches by 11 inches or 28cm by 26.5 cm). You can decorate the bag or incorporate the bag into something (mount it or sew something around it). If you want to make or buy a bag instead of using a ziplock plastic one, that's fine as well, but it should be at least a gallon in size. All items you gather or create should fit into the bag (if a couple are too big, that's fine).

Assemble your bags during the month of November and please send by the deadline (December 2).

Group rating rules apply. NO FLAKING ALLOWED! The great eye will see all flakers!


kiddomerriweather 10/21/2013 #

I wish I was a LOTR fan. I love these swaps so much!

KateKintail 10/29/2013 #

Getting the ball rolling with my favorites...

I love the Hobbit series and the Lord of the Ring series both. Favorite characters: Legolas & Gimli, Samwise, the Fellowship as a whole and individual members, Bilbo (love Martin Freeman's Bilbo so much!!!), Fili, Kili, Thorn, and all the other good guys.

I dream of having a Thorin Oakenshield key necklace/pendant. I have a few Middle Earth thing in my Etsy favorites if you need crafting ideas. #1 request: I have a friend who has a kitty named Eowyn; would be neat to get something for her that is cat-related with "Eowyn-kitty" on it... a card with a pawprint and the name on it in Elvish-like script or something? If you want more info, let me know.

I love the places in Middle Earth, especially the Shire and Lothlorien (can't wait to see Mirkwood!) and anything that has to do with maps of Middle Earth or of locations therein. I ship & write mostly Legolas/Gimli as it's practically book canon ;-). I love the three hunters in the Two Towers. I love all the different cultures--hobbits, dwarves, wizards, men, ents, elves (ooohh, pretty pretty elves).

I have all the LotR/Hobbit LEGO sets except for the expensive $300 tower, but I never say no to LEGO anything.

I guess I like the movies better than the books in a lot of ways (honestly, the long passages of songs/poems are ones I fall asleep during or skip over--I'd rather hear them sung/recited or not have them at all). I grew up listening to the books on audio that my parents had and the old animated movies scared me (though I own them all now)! But I love the whole world in whatever forms they come in and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with!

FairyLady 10/29/2013 #

I like the elves, expecially a fan of Arwen. I like the hobbits, Merry and Pippin are funny. I don' have a preference for the books or movies. I like them all equally. ^_^ I like the scene in The Hobbit movie in the beginning where the dwarves all start to sing in Bilbo's house. But please no dolls, not a fan of them. :-p Just surprise me. PM if you have questions. :-)

ksj1717 10/31/2013 #

I love all of LOTR/Hobbit movies and characters! I especially like the Lego sets. I think it would make a better bag if there is no pressure, though, and you have freedom to do what is fun for you. All of KateKintail's swaps have been fun and I haven't been disappointed by the members that participate in them yet. :)

Mello 10/31/2013 #

Uh, what can I say.....I love all the Books by Tolkien, although the Hobbit and LOTR are a bit higher in the ranking; some of the other Middleearth Books are really hard to read. I collect the Books and have different Issues in different languages - but mostly German and British Issues. I have some Books on Tolkien, too, he was a really interesting man!
So far I really enjoyed the Films - can't wait for the Second part of the Hobbit!
My 8year old sons loves the Hobbit, he hears the Audiobook all the time, collects the Legosets - he has the ones he still needs listed on his Amazon Wishlist, in case you just won the lottery :o)
Any questions - just PM!

firefly72 11/ 1/2013 #

All right, this is the swap I've been looking forward to all year. There's just something about LOTR and The Hobbit that really sweeps me off into my imagination. I've only managed to read LOTR once, but I thought it was worth the struggle. I love the book The Hobbit. I own all the movies and they are infinitely rewatchable. Partner, I added a bunch of my favs here, but don't freak out at all, because I'm going to love all the things you send me.

The Hobbit favorites: characters - Thorin, Fili, Bilbo, Fili&Kili, dwarves places - The Lonely Mountain, Bag End, Beorn's stuff - Sting, Fili's crest (okay Thorin and Kili's crests too!), Thorin's key, map to Erebor, Quote - “So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending.” and the Misty Mountains Cold lyrics which I love.

LOTR favorites: characters - Boromir, Aragorn, Eowyn, Eomer, Pippin, the fellowship as a group, the witch king places - Rohan, Moria, Gondor stuff - the hidden door to Moria, the white tree, the shards of Narsil Quote - Aragorn's entire speech in front of the Black Gates.

I also really love this random video game called Lord of the Rings: The Third Age which is about a group of characters very similar, but totally not the same to the Fellowship who also make their way to Gondor on exactly the same path as the original. : ) It has a lot of neat lore and signals/spells/talents that are used for the turn based gameplay. On the off chance you know it.

I have a pinterest board if you're curious: http://www.pinterest.com/86penguin/fandom-hobbitlotr/

Jadebear 11/ 2/2013 #

Sorry about the late comment. So many social activities lately...

I enjoy all of the movies, so far. And am working on finishing reading the books. I am especially fond of the Elves and the Ents. Just the more nature-based vibe, I enjoy. Honestly, there isn't much that I DON'T enjoy about The Hobbit and LOTR. Do your best and I'll be happy :)

Fever 11/ 4/2013 #

Woops, same here: Sorry for the late comment! I'm a Hobbit and LOTR fan of the first hour. I adore the books, I love the films (well, the first hobbit film so far, only ;)) and I'm especially fond of the soundtrack. I love Tolkiens songs and poems he incorporated in his works and I also read a few other of his books beside these "main works", like the Silmarillon. If it has to do with LOTR and the Hobbit, you can't go wrong with anything, actually. ;) But of course I do have favourite characters, too. For the Lord of the Rings, these would be Aragorn, Boromir, Sam, Gollum and Gandalf. Tom Bombadil was cut out of the films, but he is one of my favourite characters ever. I adore the setting in the films - the Mines of Moria and Saruman's Tower are probably my favourite, but I love Rivendell and Hobbiton so much, too. When it comes to favourite scenes: I cried my eyes out when they say goodbye by the boats in the last film for so many reasons. But then, I love all the scenes in Hobbiton, they feel like coming home every time I rewatch them (the same goes for the beginning of the Hobbit film, really!). I love Theodens speech before the battle and the siege of Minas Tirith sends shivers down my spine. As far as the Hobbit goes, I really like Bilbo himself and Gandalf a lot! I love the whole culture the dwarfs bring with them, but despite his good looks (and BOY, he has them! :D), I'm not sure that I like Thorin as a character so much. He doesn't strike me as sympathetic in the book. I love the whole dragon lair part of the story and Smaug himself - oh, and Beorn is kind of cool, too. Aaaand .... I really, really like Riddles in the dark .. the finding of the ring is a wonderful scene, especially in the film, because it gets something of a tragic original "sin". Well, I'll leave it here. Now, make something out of my uncoordinated ramble! :D

BluGinhm 11/ 4/2013 #

I love the Hobbits, especially Merry and Pippin and Samwise. I also have a fondness for Gandalf. And I love the elves (especially Legolas) and dwarves (Gimli). And one of my favorite characters is Treebeard and all of the other Ents. I also love all of the places in Middle Earth, as well as their magical names! I love maps of the places and love any of the more nature related themes. Anything will do, though, because I love the stories!

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