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About Me

Hi all. I'm 30 years old and still not ready to become a real adult. I've given up hope. I've lost my battle with crafting, and am now addicted. I"m always interested in new things. I like writing, drawing, playing with clay, and super simple sewing projects. I really enjoy looking for things that'll make someone smile. I like sending mail and I love opening up the ole mailbox to find something just for me.

I'll try to always rate promptly and would appreciate if my partners would rate me as well. Please get ahold of me if you haven't received a swap that I owe you. I promise, I don't flake.

Things at work are alternately stressful and the most boring thing ever. It's like whiplash. I try not to sign up for too much at once. I'd love to do a personal swap with someone interested in some of the same things especially if we've swapped before.

Favorite Themes

I find that themes are useful for picking out pictures, quotes, and other little knick-knacks. I like when others have them in their profiles so here's some of mine:

  • Solitude.
  • Supernatural.
  • Werewolves.
  • Apocalypse.
  • Wide open spaces.
  • Old west.
  • Found families.
  • Humanism
  • Creative process.
  • Law Enforcement (dispatching)

Movies/TV/Video Games

I like most horror movies especially cult, aliens, and demons over the slasher. I hate Michael Bay and typically his movies. I think that the Twilight series is one of the best spoofy comedies I've seen in a long time.

Movies: Gone With the Wind, Tombstone, Rio Bravo, The Fourth Kind, The Mist, Dr. Strangelove, Captain America, Trick 'r Treat, The Hobbit, Nicolas Cage!

My favorite TV includes: Teen Wolf (Derek, Stiles, and Derek/Stiles), Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon A Time (Snow), Saving Grace (All of it!), Supernatural (Dean, mythology, hunter lore), Buffy/Angel (Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Anya, slayer lore), Firefly (Mal, Jayne, Mal/Simon), Due South (Fraser, RayK, all of it!), Doctor Who (Nine is my doctor, but Ten is also awesome. I love Amy and Rory, and Donna. The Daleks and Master are my favorite bad guys. I love the TARDIS.)

I love everything Mass Effect and Dragon Age. All the characters and the mythology behind the stories. I'll also admit a guilty pleasure for the Kingdom Hearts series.

Favorite Books

I like paranormal romance, fantasy, soft sci-fi, m/m romance, and many of the classics. I like books with a strong but likable lead character, sometimes I like kick ass female protags but only if the authors manage to make them three-dimensional. I like loners finding a new home, cranky characters, and odd-duck friendships.

I'm a comic book geek. I loved Peter David's run of Young Justice. I loved Robin/Superboy. Tim is my favorite Robin (and Red Robin). I loved Kon when he was stuck in limbo and couldn't age because it was such a sad set of circumstances. I also like Batgirl, Supergirl, Wondergirl, and Hawkgirl, Rogue, Jubilee, - Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Deadpool, Gambit.

I also like nonfiction, particularly books that will teach me about places, people, and activity. I'm a sucker for books about the supernatural - ghosts, aliens, monster, abilities, you name it.

I'd also appreciate books about writing, especially about fantasy, horror, or YA. Or anything that will poke me into spending more time writing.

This and That


  • stars
  • trees (Christmas trees)
  • the darker or creepier side of life,
  • solid colors (I'm not much of a fan for busy patterns except for socks),
  • fun socks (size 10 or L b/c I have big feet and I also like short or knee high)
  • shiny things (silver more than gold),
  • elephants (figurines mostly, but I like surprises),
  • PENGUINS!!!! (anything!!!!),
  • reindeer
  • dark chocolate,
  • cowboys (hats, poetry, boots, rope. . .)
  • outdoor activities -> camping-hiking-snow skiing,
  • college football,
  • reading (books, bookmarks, tea to drink while reading, lights, quotes/pictures of books/people reading. . .)
  • writing (pens, pencils, stationary, notecards, journals, books/quotes/pictures about writing. . .)
  • playing video games (anything geeky),
  • black tea (bags or loose. I'm not a fan of chai.),
  • culture, religion/mythology, history,
  • the color orange (esp orange/black/gray and white),
  • usa southwestern style everything,
  • bracelets,
  • necklaces,
  • pierced earrings,
  • size Large t-shirts (unisex, ladies sizes are too tight),
  • Oklahoma (the state),
  • Oklahoma State University


  • christian religious items (Though I am interested in other religions spiritual themes.)
  • smelly things (I don't really do candles, perfume, lotion or whatever),
  • the color red,
  • ceremonies,
  • typically girly things,
  • anime things,
  • Twilight,
  • summer. . .
  • too cute craft supplies -> I'm open to more quirky things.

Current Events

I have just started experimenting with loose tea. Any advice or accessories would be appreciated. I'd love to collect hand painted mugs with my interests, and mug rugs. I've got some pinned on my "I can't DIY" board on pinterest.

I am so obsessed with The Hobbit movies right now. There is just something about Bilbo/Martin Freeman's face that is infinitely entertaining. I love the dwarves too, and all their quirks and back stories. I know that Thorin/Bilbo will make me bawl if not this December then next December.

I would love to do a fandom related private swap with someone. Just message me and we can work out the details.

I would love to make a package for Supernatural, Stargate S9-10 or SGA, Teen Wolf, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Hobbit, Sleepy Hollow, Superheroes.

I would love to get a package for Teen Wolf, Sleepy Hollow, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Superheroes, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit.


Stuckinsideacloud rated for Halloween Doodle Page on Mar 10, 2014
Comment: I am very very very VERY sad to rate a 1 at this time. We have been in communications regarding this swap, and you have attempted to resend, but unfortunately I have not yet received this swap, despite the efforts. I have noticed you have taken a hiatus of sorts and have not been on Swap Bot since December of 2013, so I have chosen to rate in the mean time, so I may file this swap away for the time being. Of course I will be more than happy to re-rate if/when I receive your swap! It's certainly never too late as far as I'm concerned ^_^ I do hope all is well, and please take care!
heather76 rated for Spooky Christmas on Dec 23, 2013
Comment: Thank you for all the great stuff! Merry Christmas!
Artistic rated for Weekly Rewards for NaNo 2013 on Dec 16, 2013
Comment: Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful week of surprises. I ADORE the scarf! I'm wearing it now - :) And just this a.m. I discovered that I'd overlooked one of the P-M-U surprises. Headed to Starbucks for a latte on you. :) Thanks again for everything.
ksj1717 rated for Middle Earth in a Bag on Dec 16, 2013
Comment: Wow! I never imagined the package I received would be so wonderfully fantastic. I got it and then saw the movie Saturday. Love, love, love the handmade items. You are sooooo talented! I'm impressed and grateful. Thanks so much!
Comment: Holy Rassillon! This Dalek is so cool! You did a spectacular job and he's a jar too! And he has subtle hints of sparkle. Moto bene!
KateKintail rated for Could You Use Some Inspiration? on Nov 6, 2013
Comment: Thank you thank you thank you! It's not a typical pairing, so I was THRILLED you came up with TWO different things to send. I haven't decided what to do with these lovely stickers yet. But I'm definitely going to have these little guys sitting on my laptop when I write from now on. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!!!
Aumonae rated for LSOH - Handmade Halloween Ornaments on Oct 24, 2013
Comment: Oh my! Your ornaments are so very lovely and delicate and simply.... they are just gorgeous!! Thank you so much for including extra ones as well :) I wish I could give you more than one heart!
Darkestlina rated for What Ships Do You Sail? on Oct 3, 2013
Comment: Loved velvet Goldmine and some of your Marvel ones
fruitbat5150 rated for What Ships Do You Sail? on Sep 25, 2013
Comment: Yum! I love all the cuddliness! And I can't believe I forgot Velvet Goldmine!!!
KateKintail rated for Stargate in a Mini Bag on Sep 17, 2013
Comment: I am in awe. Thank you SO much for all the amazing goodies! The pin will go on my fandom bag at once (which is, I think, smaller than this patch! I'll have to find a good use for it.) The ATC is the first I have from this fandom. YAY! And I have a hard time finding SG books, so this is great. Poor Save Our Stargate movement. But this photo- you blew me away. Thank you SOOOOOO much for a photo signed by my favorite Stargate actor! I am honored you parted with it for me, though I guess having memories of meeting him are so much better *G* And, you're right, everyone loves Teal'c :-) Oh, and the decorated envelope really did make me laugh out loud. We'll call that a bag ;-) Thanks so much for the amazing goodies. You're so sweet!
Comment: Thank you!
lynnerfb rated for Pinterest --- Halloween or Samhain on Aug 19, 2013
milla444 rated for Once Upon a Time in a Mini Bag on Aug 8, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much of your super great package! I love everything inside it and you have done amazing job with it! I just can't thank you enough!
Comment: I love my CD and now the continuing praises! Not only do I receive the awesome altered CD I should have known I was going to be getting an awesome package when the first thing I see is the TARDIS blue tissue paper! And then the door tag! Goodness gracious, the bookmarks: Moto Bene, the teas and banana stickers? OMGalligrey too cool! and to top it off: A TL music CD. I'd give 10 hearts if that were possible! Thank you so very much for making my 4th of July truly spectacular!!
Comment: Oh my Gallifrey! First, I gotta say I love the package decorations!! Ding!! Wow! What an outstanding job on the Timey Wimey device! I absolutely loved it to pieces. And the awesome earrings? Are you kidding? Wow! Fantastic! I'll blather more in an email! Thank you so much for the device and all the other ENTIRELY AWESOME EXTRAS!!
KGallifrey rated for Whoverse in a Bag on Jun 27, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful package! I loved everything! I was having such a terrible month and it definitely brightened my day :)
MeliaMellon rated for Who ARE You? RPG Character Swap on Jun 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the great swap! As soon as the envelope opened my husband snatched the keychain. It was fun reading about something he loves so much from someone elses perspective. I enjoyed your story a lot, it made me want to play the game!
Hönis rated for Doctor Who Bookmarks on Jun 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely bookmark!
TheRealMissMonogram rated for It's a wonderful life on Jun 9, 2013
Comment: Thank you, very colorful,

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My absolute favourite moment of the series. And not just because Sean Maher is half naked, I swear! ;)

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Favorite movie comment swap... my favorite movie has to be the Labyrinth, just for the scene where David Bowie is signing Magic Dance, one of my all time favorite scenes, but overall why do I love this movie? Yyoung babysitter loses baby has to go get him back from the pedophile who kidnapped him... perfect kids movie

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