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Happy Mail *NEWBIE FRIENDLY* Edited 11.27.14

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Swap Coordinator:thisisme (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:280
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:December 31, 2014
Date items must be sent by:January 21, 2015
Number of swap partners:1

I see so many fun swaps where people have the opportunity to send and receive little envelopes of happy mail, but yet so many of those fun swaps are not NEWBIE friendly. Every single one of us was a new member once, and we had to really search for newbie friendly swaps.

This is a NEWBIE friendly swap.

Now on to the details. This really is a simple swap.

  1. Buy a greeting card or if you want, feel free to make a card. (High quality) Write your partner a little note in the card. It can be some words of encouragement, it can be an introduction note, or it can really be anything positive you want to write to your partners.

  2. What you include with the card is senders choice, but please check your partners profile for allergies, likes and dislikes. We don't want your partners getting something they can't use or are allergic to.

  3. Please include 2 small items. Of course you are free to send more.

Some examples of what you could send are:

Sticker Sheets (NO reward, teacher, tiny or partially used or torn sticker sheets.)

Loose Stickers

Tea Bags (Wrapped in original paper/plastic.)

Hot Cocoa

If you notice your partners are crafters, than please by all means, send them something they can use for their craft.

Your options are endless.

All items must be new or freshly handmade, not torn, not dirty

I can't control who smokes and who doesn't. So if you get an item that smells of cigarette smoke, there's nothing I can do about it.

I will angel if I have to. Please don't flake on this. This is a simple swap that isn't expensive to put together or to ship. This is great for those just starting out, those who are on a small budget.


Mystic974 11/17/2014 #

Hi. I just joined to today. I'm still confused about how to pick a partner.

OGIMAQTpie 11/17/2014 #

@Mystic974 You don't pick your partner by yourself, the Swap-bot has an automatic suffler thingie who picks your partner automatically after the swap deadline to sign in closes :)

TerryF 11/18/2014 #

The swap host has 7 days after the sign up deadline to activate the assign partners function. When partners have been assigned, a link will show up in the yellow box on the top right: "See the partners you send to". Clicking on it will open a new page with your partner's info.

thisisme 11/19/2014 #

Thank you ladies for answering her question.

Sarita 11/20/2014 #

Could I send a flat ornament?

MiniQuilt 11/21/2014 #

This helped me- Thanks for your reply.

TerryF 11/23/2014 #

I would think a flat ornament would be fine as the swap host's suggestions are for light, fairly flat items. You might pm her to confirm as swap hosts don' usually check their swaps daily. (";)

thisisme 11/24/2014 #

Send whatever you want as long as it's not junk. But please, check your partners profile first. Not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Mystic974 11/25/2014 #

Thanks for your help, everyone. :) I just sent out my first swap today. I'm excited to be here. This is an awesome site. :)

TerryF 11/29/2014 #

Congrats, @thisisme , for making it to the top of the swap list!

thisisme 11/29/2014 #

@TerryF , thank you!!

thisisme 12/ 2/2014 #

Wow. I can't believe it.. 120 people signed up for this swap.. That's so exciting.

Kaylatrevorsmom 12/ 2/2014 #

I am so excited, I wish there was a "get your partner now" button. I hate waiting, but I also don't want to make something that isn't what my partner would like!!

thisisme 12/ 3/2014 #

@Kaylatrevorsmom - I know what you mean. I set it up for the end of the year because of the holidays. I know how many swaps get forgotten due to the busy time...

techgrlkay 12/15/2014 #

Oh, I just noticed that I won't be sending to my partner till after Christmas so I guess the card should not be a Holiday card. I just joined today so things are a bit confusing. Do you have a mentor program or can we get assigned a swap buddy who helps us?

thisisme 12/17/2014 #

@techgrlkay - If you go to the forums, there is loads of information there to help....

xoluvxo 12/17/2014 #

How do I find out who my partner is?

thisisme 12/17/2014 #

@xoluvxo - Partners won't be picked until January 1st. You will get an email letting you know that partners are picked. There should be a link in the email. But you can also sign in and come back to this swap and click see partner.

xoluvxo 12/17/2014 #

Thank you, also I know I have 2 threes, but that was when I first started and din't know how things worked and now I do. If I need more info, in my profile just let me know.

TerryF 12/17/2014 #

Anyone who is new to Swap-bot may want to consider asking to join the Newbie Helpers Group. They provide tons of useful information there and have plenty of experienced members happy to help you figure out how everything works here. (";)

thisisme 12/18/2014 #

@TerryF - Thank you for posting that. I used to be a member of that group. Not sure why I left.. But I always forget to send newbies that direction...

TerryF 12/18/2014 #

You're welcome!

thisisme 12/20/2014 #

@TerryF thanks. I haven't had a chance to go through everyone yet.

nekomouse 12/24/2014 #

We don't really do greeting cards in Japan and they are quite hard to find. Would a postcard be alright?

StashAttack21 12/24/2014 #

When it says "flat mail", does that mean the package can't come in a box?

thisisme 12/26/2014 #

@nekomouse just use a blank notecard

thisisme 12/26/2014 #

@StashAttack21 - whatever you send just goes in the envelope with the card. Like stickers and such

Winenku 12/26/2014 #

I´m sending my swap from Chile! :P

mintyfresh 12/30/2014 #

Thank you for hosting this! I'm looking forward to sending and receiving Happy Mail! :)

amathyst7 12/31/2014 #

Are we getting someone assigned today or tomorrow?

fawnscrafts 12/31/2014 #

Usually the day after the final swap sign up date, you get addresses to send to.

However as many that has signed up will require the host to take a good while to check out profiles, for the safest swapping.

It may take her a couple days to get the entire lot looked through and the ones she bans, banned , and only then can she assign partners.

Most hosts will check out any newbies and less than 5.0's for the sake of the other swappers.

thisisme 01/ 1/2015 #

@fawnscrafts - thank you for responding. I've been busy and just didn't get to it in time. I went through the list and I'm hoping I didn't miss anything. Enjoy!

singing171 01/ 1/2015 #

Hi! So, I got an email that said to check here. I assumed that it meant that I would see an address of whom I will be sending to. Am I still waiting for an address? Just wondering. I'm not in a hurry. :) Thanks!

thisisme 01/ 1/2015 #

@singung171 - top right. Yellow box. Has everything in it you need

PandaMail 01/ 2/2015 #

How do I find out who my partner is? I am very lost!

thisisme 01/ 2/2015 #

@pandamail - on this page look at the top right corner. It's a yellow box. It has everything you need to find your partner.

yummymummy13 01/ 2/2015 #

hiya my partner has a completely blank profile, is this ok? :)

projectparlor 01/ 2/2015 #

My partner's profile is completely blank too...

Niteowlcrafter 01/ 2/2015 #

Real quick question: is the partner I send to the same one who will be sending to me?

TC 01/ 2/2015 #

Newbies should take a minute to read through the Frequently Asked Questions, which is linked at the bottom of every page on SB.

If a host allows participants with blank profiles, consider whether you want to join her swaps in the future. It's the host's job to screen participants.....

thisisme 01/ 2/2015 #

I had messaged everyone with blank profiles. There were so many people I apparently messed up. This is senders choice so send what you think they would like. Also if You check your regular email You will see an email From me

I will angel swaps as needed and when I run this again I will make a few changes. My apologies.

thisisme 01/ 2/2015 #

@niteowlcrafter - no. You have different partners.

techgrlkay 01/ 2/2015 #

I will be mailing mine tomorrow. Just noticed there might be problems with some blank profiles and newbies. I did my best to fill mine out so it looked like ones I saw.
If someone "flakes" I would be willing to send to another partner if you need someone to "Angel". Just let me know.

thisisme 01/ 3/2015 #

@techgrlkay - Thank you for the offer. It's nice seeing people willing to help..

yummymummy13 01/ 3/2015 #

im not concerned by the blank profile, as long as there active :) thanks thisisme for taking the time to host this x

thisisme 01/ 3/2015 #

@yummymummy13 - you're welcome. I remember what it was like to be a newbie.

mizvicky 01/ 8/2015 #

Mine just hit the mailbox. Going all the way to Italy :-)

GetOffMyTail 01/ 8/2015 #

I never recieved a partner to send to??

GetOffMyTail 01/ 8/2015 #

Never mind just found it lol

kayetankt 01/12/2015 #

Sending out my parcel to UK today! It's a tough one since my partner's profile is almost empty, but it was fun putting it together. Thank you Jennifer @thisisme for this wonderful swap! :)

Dancinghuskies 01/12/2015 #

I can't get who my partner is?? I've been trying to click on see the partners you send too But nothing comes up

nadialiy 01/13/2015 #

@dancinghuskies did you open it on your phone? If so try opening it in a new tab or open it through your laptop

TC 01/13/2015 #

@Dancinghuskies , it will open in a new window/tab.

thisisme 01/14/2015 #

@Dancinghuskies - Check your Swap-Bot messages, please.

thisisme 01/14/2015 #

@kayetankt - You're welcome...

Rachelpang 01/16/2015 #

I tried to contact my partner but there was no response...

Rachelpang 01/17/2015 #

So what should I do?? @thisisme

thisisme 01/20/2015 #

@Rachelpang - Why did you try to contact your partner?

mintyfresh 01/20/2015 #

Sent my Happy Mail today :)

PookiePie1307 01/20/2015 #

I can Angel an American address (I have a hard time making it to the post office for International postage) if needed. Just PM me

hellokittylover27 01/20/2015 #

@thisisme my partner has not signed onto her account since the 2nd and has no ratings :-(

thisisme 01/20/2015 #

@hellokittylover27 - I realize there have been a few people that I let in that I probably shouldn't have. Go ahead and send your swap, that way just in case they sign in, they don't rate you a 1 for never receiving... If you mean the person you receive from, I will be happy to angel.

thisisme 01/20/2015 #

@PookiePie1307 - Thank you!

MelissaSue 01/20/2015 #

So excited, cannot wait to go to the mailbox and find my happymail!! It's like waiting on Christmas. Thank you @thisisme

hellokittylover27 01/21/2015 #

@thisisme yea the person I receive from. Sorry, I should have been more specific. My swap was sent out :-)

thisisme 01/21/2015 #

@MelissaSue - You are welcome!

@hellokittylover27 - I have sent you a private message.

thisisme 01/22/2015 #

So far I count 33 people who haven't sent. If you find that you haven't a swap when they 1 and 3 ratings become available, please message me. Once you have rated your partner a 1, I'll be more than happy to send out an angel swap to you...

wonderlandisreal 01/24/2015 #

There are lots of unsent swaps right now. I am willing to angel, if we have to do so :)

thisisme 01/26/2015 #

Thank you @littleaquila

hellokittylover27 01/27/2015 #

I never got anything from my swap person :-(

thisisme 01/28/2015 #

@hellokittylover27 - Message me please

thisisme 01/28/2015 #

Ladies.. Please understand that this is an INTERNATIONAL swap. Some people's items won't reach you for at least 2 - 3 weeks. Before you freak out that you haven't received, please check and see where your partner is from and when they sent..

Sianb84 01/30/2015 #

Mine sent to me on 4th January from Finland but not sign of it yet

thisisme 01/30/2015 #

@Sianb84 now would be a good time to contact your partner.

LiseBu 01/31/2015 #

Sorry that comment should have read @zephyr5102 but I don't know how to edit it. Thank you Tiffany xx

chaari 02/ 1/2015 #

my swap partner did not mark her swap sent and she wasn't online for a loong time... :(

thisisme 02/ 2/2015 #

@chaari - please message her. If she doesn't respond in a couple days, rate her a 1. Once you've rates her, please message me and let me know your partners ID. Once you rate her a 1 I'll angel.

jenzie 02/ 4/2015 #

My swap partner never rated me (the post office said she received the envelope), and now her account is deleted. Worse things have happened, I know, but it stinks to have put so much thought into the stuff I sent her, paid extra for things and postage, and then she just disappears. How rude. :P This was one of my first swaps, so I hope it's not common for this to happen on Swap-Bot.

thisisme 02/ 4/2015 #

@jenzie - That stinks... Because of all of the bad swappers this round, I won't be hosting anymore swaps for awhile.. I know it's my fault so many got through.. So I'm sorry to everyone...

Merrycheeza 02/ 4/2015 #

Marked my partner a 1.

Sianb84 02/ 4/2015 #

My swap partners profile doesn't give me the option to message her. What do I do now?

jenzie 02/ 5/2015 #

@thisisme I think she had a 5 rating before, so how could you have known? I don't blame you! I'm just pouting about it, haha.

thisisme 02/ 5/2015 #

@Sianb84 - I messaged her.

thisisme 02/ 5/2015 #

@Sianb84 - It shows she sent back on January 4th. Are you sure you haven't received?

hellokittylover27 02/ 5/2015 #

Rated mine a 1 because I never received anything from her. I sent her a few messages and she only responded once. Shows she has read the other messages.

hellokittylover27 02/10/2015 #

@thisisme I never received anything from my partner nor did I get a response :-( I rated her a 1

marankovazena 02/28/2015 #

I also havent received anything yet, my partner has already been suspended :(

Cookiemuncher78 03/ 2/2015 #

I havent being rated for mine I sent it over a month a go don't even know if she recieved it

imaisha 03/11/2015 #

@thisisme I haven't got anything from my partner and when I want to message her asking about it, I found out that she already deleted her account here >.< Now, I don't know if the mail got lost or she didn't send it at all although she did mark sent on Jan 15.

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