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Swap Coordinator:monstermansmum05 (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:235
Last day to signup/drop:January 7, 2008
Date items must be sent by:January 31, 2008
Number of swap partners:3


I collect postcards, and I know there are alot of others out there that do , too!

~You will have 3 partners to send one postcard to, so 3 postcards in all. So that we are clear 1 postcard to 3 people so you will buy or make 3 postcards!

~They can be anything, your state, your city, nature, animals,etc.. there is no certian kind you have to get.

~This will be weathered(written on and stampped).No postcards sent in envies!!!

~It's simple, just write a hello on the back. You can write a qoute, alittle about you or whatever on the back, but please don't be offensive. You may want to wait til you are assigned partners to make sure you don't write something they find offensive.

~No recent no sends or ones(within 3 months).

~newbies are welcomed, but have your profile filled out.

~Make sure they are nice postcrds(new if bought) or if handmade please make it good so it doesn't fall apart, b/c it will be a mailed for the weathered effect, so no envies.

~If you have any questions pm me and I will get back to you ASAP. I'm seting the date a little away so it don't interfer with Christmas.

~I believe that's it! Just remember to have fun!!!

~twobluecrows has made another postcard swap for those of us who just can't wait! Or at least to make the waiting more bearable LOL! Dec. 13th is last sign up day!

here is the link: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/9732


monstermansmum05 10/13/2007 #

Welcome to my swap, if you have any questions feel free to pm me:D Have fun!

solarts 10/13/2007 #

Love this idea! thanks. I added one also if your interested. "Where are you living now? " swap. and part 2. I'm excited for this one. I already have tons of postcards to send. lol! Ciao, Stephanie (solarts)

monstermansmum05 10/16/2007 #

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know, I won't start banning til it's closer to last sign up day. That way if for some reason you do have a one, but it will be changed by then feel free to sign up, I will write to everyone closer to the date, to let everyone know what will be going on :D

lauraj78 10/17/2007 #

I'm in, love postcard swaps!

CCke 10/20/2007 #

This sounds cool :D I love postcards!!

Littlelina 10/22/2007 #

I absolutely love postcards. Can't wait for all the cool postcards I'm going to receive.

solarts 10/22/2007 #

Your swap is in the top four! Ace!

monstermansmum05 10/24/2007 #

:D Glad all of you are looking forward to this swap:D

clydeesmom 10/25/2007 #


DarkSkullMistress42 10/28/2007 #

Britt will let you in Lorraine as she is a sweetie:) I should know as she is my oldest daughter:) Cole

Aimeejanie 10/28/2007 #

I am excited to do this swap~ I scrapbook and will incorporate whatever cards I get into a great layout!

monstermansmum05 10/29/2007 #

CLYDEESMOM-pming you now:)

If anyone needs help or has questions ask away:) I'll help as best as I can:)

TexyDeb 10/31/2007 #

I like the number three! I will send 3 and get 3! I can't wait! thanks for making it international!

solarts 11/ 4/2007 #

Second place in the top swaps! That's Ace! (cool or awesome). Yeah!

monstermansmum05 11/ 5/2007 #


mcall 11/ 5/2007 #

Yipee! more postcards...

hopeevey 11/11/2007 #

I'm very much looking forward to this one :)

monstermansmum05 11/19/2007 #

I'm sending out a email today and tomorrow!

missslady 11/20/2007 #

I've updated my profile... looking forward to this swap!

monstermansmum05 11/21/2007 #


Lake 11/22/2007 #

So we get the addresses on Jan 7 08, is that correct? I am new to swap-bot.

DarkSkullMistress42 11/23/2007 #

Lake, you will get the addys on 1-8-08. 1-7-08 is the last day anyone can sign up or drop out.

monstermansmum05 11/24/2007 #

Thanks for helping, mum:)

ViviRK 11/24/2007 #

I'm anxious to start swaping! ^^

blu3 11/26/2007 #

i am waaaaaaay too excited for this. it'll be my first swap, and i have been collection postcards for 10 years now. i can't wait!

angelstar 11/27/2007 #

I just signed up. I can't wait to get my first three partners. Thank you for starting this swap!

SassyBird 11/28/2007 #

this is my first postcard swap! I just purchased some uber cool ones and I can't wait to share! cheers, Kimberly

teresa 11/29/2007 #

Yay! Just secretly, I don't really understand swaps where people ask for new, unwritten postcards sent in envelopes - isn't the whole point of postcards to have people send them to you from far off places? Unless you want to use them yourself of course...

monstermansmum05 11/29/2007 #

teresa~ I agree with you, I perfer to have my postcrds written on with postage and all that good stuff. I don't mind recieving unused ones, but in a swap like this I want mine written on!

I'm soo glad everyone is looking forward to this, so am I:D Can't wait!!

angelstar 11/29/2007 #

Wow! I just realized I have to wait 'til January 7 to swap. I can't wait! This will be such fun, and the holidays are here so the time will go by really fast, I'm sure. Yay!

AmyH 11/29/2007 #

Hello I am new here so will we get and email with the address's we are to send to...I cant wait to start I have many new postcards to share;)...

myrrhmaid 11/30/2007 #

just a heads up-kadance flaked on my recipe swap and she is on this one. She is new and not rated yet.

Laurry 12/ 1/2007 #

Hello, Il's my first postcard swapp. I love send and recieve post card.

monstermansmum05 12/ 1/2007 #

AmyH-on the top of your page is a 'Your Swaps' button click it and it will show you all your swaps you are in. Once I assign partners(Jan.8, 2008), there will be a 'view your partners' button. I will send out emails saying I've assigned partners, but it will not have your partners names in it. hope you enjoy the swap:)

myrrhmaid- Thanks for the heads up.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday:)

AmyH 12/ 3/2007 #

monstermansmum05-Oh ok I get it now.. Thank you very much for letting me know..

twobluecrows 12/ 6/2007 #

With permission from monstermansmum05, I've made another postcard swap for those of us who just can't wait! Or at least to make the waiting more bearable LOL!



monstermansmum05 12/ 6/2007 #

I've edited the description to add your link to the other postcard swap in:)

sharone 12/ 7/2007 #

I get it now - envies are envelopes.....took me awhile, but i got it!!

monstermansmum05 12/19/2007 #

Some of your questions answered:

*Last sign up day is Jan. 7th, so I will assign partners Jan. 8th. I will send a email out when I have assigned partners.

*To see your partners, you have to wait until I assign partners. After partners are assigned(Jan. 8th)You can click 'Your swaps' at top of page and from there you can veiw all of the swaps you are in. look for this one and there will be a 'view partner(s)' click on it and it will list your partners. In the email I send it will NOT have your partners, it is just to inform you partners have been assigned and to remeber to rate your partners once you recieve your postcards.

*To rate you will click on the link to come to this page and there will be a 'Rate your partner' (will be at top of page)click on it and rate away!!!

*Also since this is international please give the postcards time to reach you; some may take under a week and some a month maybe more. If you have not recieved postcards a month after last send off day, please write to me and the person who was sending it. Please do not rate a one until you have talked to your partner about it!!

Hope that helps. Had a few write to me asking so thought I would post it here. If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask.

             *Happy Holidays*
monstermansmum05 12/23/2007 #

I will be banning after last sign up day. So if you know someone who is a flaker or is falling behind let me know. Thanks:)

nana2sweets 12/30/2007 #

I've always sent post cards to family and friends but never received any. Looks like this time I should receive 3! Yea me!

monstermansmum05 12/30/2007 #

If I write you please don't be offended I'm asking everyone with a one(within 3 months) that doesn't have it explained on their profile or hasn't wrote to me to explain about being rated a one!

kraftytanya 01/ 3/2008 #

got some aussie postcards ready so hoping you accept me just remember tho can take over a week to get to anywhere overseas lol cheers Tanya xx

ps i dont mind having more than 3 partners either i have plenty of postcards ready

twobluecrows 01/ 4/2008 #

Hi, I had dropped out, to my regret, of all my open swaps (droppable ones) but now things are settling back down here at home, so I'm going to slowly get back into swapping again, at least I will get back into this one! I'll see how things go after this. I'm glad I was able to return! I love the postcard swaps! Cyn

Calliope 01/ 6/2008 #

I am really excited about this swap. I homeschool my two boys, and we will use the postcards we receive in geography lessons.

angelstar 01/ 7/2008 #

This was the first swap I ever signed up for here at Swap-bot.com. And now the final day is finally here! Yay!

mirandamolenaar 01/ 8/2008 #

Hi I am really looking forward to this one! Miranda

monstermansmum05 01/ 8/2008 #

Hey everyone, Ive assined partners. Hope everyone recieves their cards if not please let me know. Have fun!!!!


nnewbury41 01/ 9/2008 #

Susan S., Joanna S., AND Lauren S., all of your postcards left today 1/9/08 hope they make it there safe. Norma

r0ckcandy 01/ 9/2008 #

I sent my postcards out today. :)

bcdebinbc 01/ 9/2008 #

I've sent mine out today, to Courtney, Kelly and Simone, enjoy! :-)

whinendine 01/ 9/2008 #

My postcards were mailed at the post office today.

StwbyQT 01/ 9/2008 #

I sent my postcards today to Sara, Marisa & Nancy. Be on the lookout, Girls! xo

katrina 01/ 9/2008 #

Dieuwertje HappyCactus & Kantorka your postcards went in the mail today!

Mesmereyes 01/10/2008 #

My postcards were mailed out today to Julie, Kurtis and Denise! PLEASE post when you receive them, okay? I really do appreciate it! :)

Tinkergirl 01/11/2008 #

Hmm...I sent mine today and realized I forgot to write which swap they were from. Any suggestions on what I can do about that?

TeraBACat 01/11/2008 #

I mailed mine out today as well.

Tinkergirl - just message your partners and let them know that way thet'll have a heads up on it.

lnick73 01/11/2008 #

I sent mine today!

Christinee 01/11/2008 #

A message to my partners:

Expect your postcards at the end of January... maybe early Feb. (But I will send them before the deadline!) I am out of those 90 cent stamps and I want to make one post office run later on in the month when my other swaps start as well.

lauraj78 01/12/2008 #

I've sent mine this morning!

Laura :)

blackbody 01/12/2008 #

Sent mine two days ago. :)

Jaichan 01/17/2008 #

I got postcards from Chloetron and SarahLiz today... both post cards were retro, both were perfect!

rintheamazing 01/18/2008 #

Sent mine today to scowlette, grassbeneathmyfeet, and NorthernBorder.

monstermansmum05 01/19/2008 #

Hey, everyone, just wanted to say since this is international, please give it time for the postcards to get to you. I just recieved a postcard that was sent Nov. 12th yesterday!!! It was sent from Singapore, so hopefully this won't happen, thats a first for me and I've been sent one from the same person, and it didn't take that long, so guess b/c of holidays, not sure, but just wanted everyone to ask their partners before you rate.

I got mine together just got to get some stamps! I've been lazy this last couple of days!lol!! Happy Swapping!

monstermansmum05 01/21/2008 #

Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know there is a #2 here is the link:


sometimesmary 01/21/2008 #

Hello, are we allowed to email our partners to say that it might be coming late due to postal delays, but to assure them it is coming since they have been sent?

Latte 01/24/2008 #

Turtles are swimming towards you~

JO 01/27/2008 #

postcards are postal.


monstermansmum05 01/28/2008 #

sometimesmary: Yes, you can email or pm them through swap-bot to say hey I've sent, and so forth:)

If anyone else has questions, feel free to ask(I will get back to you faster if you pm)

monstermansmum05 02/ 2/2008 #

I've written to all they still have not sent, and heard back from a few. Some are sending late, and they said they have contacted their partners, and some forgot to mark sent. I've been writing them everyday, figured if I bug them enough the ones I havn't heard from will send or atleast write to me saying why they haven't!!! I already have 3 swappers willing to be angels, so if you don't get one, just let me know, but wait atleast til the end of this month to give them a chance, but after that let me know, and I will get a angel for you:)

Happy Swapping!

lauraj78 02/ 6/2008 #

I received 2/3 so far, just waiting for one from lovehysteric. I've had feedback from 2/3 also & just waiting to see if kathysemone got hers yet, if not I'm happy to re-send.

Laura :)

pahzuda 02/10/2008 #

i only received 1 postcard from Heather (BigPikaChica) from Texas! I love your postcard! thx! ^^

TheRoseCottage 02/16/2008 #

I have received 2/3, waiting on one from AyricaEnigma. And I have been rated for all three of mine that were sent.

lauraj78 02/19/2008 #

I've still only received 2/3, I haven't had one or heard from lovehysteric even though I've sent a couiple of messages. My 3 have been received & left feedback.

Laura :)

Tinkergirl 02/28/2008 #

I still haven't received from meganxelizabeth. It's not been quite one month yet though so I'll give it a little bit yet. She hasn't signed in though in a couple weeks and has no previous swaps done...

monstermansmum05 03/ 1/2008 #

Hey everyone, I'm sending emails out about not recieving! So if you have not recieved let me know, I will get a angel for you.

Now with this being international sometimes postcards can take longer than usual. I had one take 2 months before I got it in another swap.

Please remeber to rate your partners. If you have any questions feel free to pm me.

Your Host, Brittany

monstermansmum05 03/ 1/2008 #

Oh before I forget make sure to try and pm your partner before you rate a one rating.

monstermansmum05 03/ 1/2008 #

A want to thank alot of you swappers! Thank you And a BIG {{{hug}}} for offering to be angels. This is one of the reasons I love swap-bot, b/c of all the good and helpful swappers out there :D

Your host, Brittany

TexyDeb 03/ 3/2008 #

I would like to apologize to my partners for not rating them until today, sorry, big finacial and personal problems...

monstermansmum05 03/ 8/2008 #

Ok everyone I have sent emails out to those who I got angels for, so if you do not recieve a email and you need one let me know!

Your host, Brittany

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