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I ALWAYS send and I ALWAYS rate! I will always give people extra time, like two weeks at least after the swap deadline, longer for overseas, especially if the person answers my message that I might send - I will wait even longer in that case. And I will wait longer these days in 2022 since the post office seems to be so slow. And I WILL send a message before I give a rating. I know that sometimes the mail is slow; sometimes things get lost in the mail, and in cyberspace, and sometimes unexpected things come up - Just let me know. I hope that people will do the same for me. But Please read and answer my message to you when I send one. I DEFINITELY get out my swaps before the Swap Deadline! Contact me BEFORE you give a bad rating - the item could be lost in the mail, or in cyberspace, and I always want to make things right ! I would send you another one!

I am a happy, positive person and hope everyone will treat me kindly and respectfully.

I live in a cozy little house out in the country near Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A. I have two adorable cats, Sparky & Pumpkin. I was born in Massachusetts and have lived in several other states including, New York, Nevada, Iowa, Missouri, California, and now New Mexico.

I am retired and love playing/working on my computer and my smart phone.

I love postcards from other states and countries! I would love pictures of your town, buildings in your town, natural settings in/near your town or country. I love nature pictures. I like pictures of cemeteries. I also love anything to do with the stars, planets, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, the Beatles, fireworks, castles, lighthouses. (See other favorites below)

I love postcards and bookmarks, and pictures by email; I love writing answers to lists of questions by email. I would prefer postcards that are written on and with postage. It gives it more of a personal touch, as much as is possible through the Post Office. Certainly, if you've made your postcard or it's really cool and you want to protect it or you want to include something else, then feel free to send it in an envelope. And, of course, if I join a swap where it's required to send in an envelope then certainly do so. Regarding bookmarks: I prefer to NOT get Book Thongs. I like regular bookmarks the best. Like painted or drawn-on or collage or something else that you like to make that is creative.

Favorite Movies

Some of my favorites: Midsommar, Adventures in Babysitting, The Thomas Crown Affair, Waking Ned Devine, The Core, The Craft, Don't Say a Word, Fly Away Home, The Fifth Element, Freaky Friday, Queen of the Damned, Interview with the Vampire, Grosse Point Blanke, Harry Potter (all of them), Lord of the Rings (all 3), The Others, Armageddon, Twister, Dead Man, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Game, The Skeleton Key, etc., etc. I like psychological thrillers. Well, some anyway.

Favorite Books

The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings (all three), The Secret Life of Bees. Pagan, Ghost, Witchcraft. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda; books about astronomy with lots of pictures. Books that have anything to do with ancient Egyptian stuff. Some books by Kim M. Watt, E.J. Copperman, Ursula Le Guin, books by Madeleine L'Engle. J. Michael Orenduff, Tony Hillerman, James D. Doss or Steven Havill. Art books including art history books with lots of pictures.

My Favorite Things

Most fave things right now: Dragons, dragons and more dragons, and Ancient Egyptian stuff, crystals, and cool used postage stamps (I collect them). Ancient India gods and goddesses.

Other things I like: Colors: My absolute favorite color is fire engine red. Some others: violet, blue-violet, royal blue, yellow, bluish-greens, bright colors. And sometimes black.

Blue skies; sunshine, seashells - about anything from the sea/ocean. I love coins from other countries, old coins. A really heavy rain shower where after it stops everything outside is shiny and new and clean feeling; Birds singing; Listening to good music. Walking in the forest; Walking by the ocean. All kinds of Flowers, Flower scents, particularly the smell of Lilacs. Cats & kittens; Horses; Most baby animals - the cute ones.

Smelling the beautiful fresh air where I live at 7400 feet elevation; Pizza; Hot Chocolate; Good Chocolate in general; Good yummy food from many countries; Google Maps; Favorite cars: Porsche, sporty BMW, 1960's Corvette. Our Beautiful Planet; Our Beautiful Trees and other plants; Anything Pagan, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec. Blank Journal books.

Favorite Television

Tommy, Death in Paradise, Father Brown, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles, The FBI shows, Major Crimes, Castle, American Gothic, GRIMM, Prodigal Son, Blue Bloods, Bones, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, Numb3rs, CSI-NY, CSI-Miami, The Closer, The Mentalist, Supernatural, and NYPD Blue.

Favorite Crafts

I'm not very crafty. As of right now, the only crafting that I might do are, making an altered book (I made two and I'm working on another), making bookmarks (I've made a few - I should make more) and making my own postcards (sometimes); if I make them myself, I do enclose them in an envelope, haven't had much luck mailing them "naked" - which means not in an envelope.

Favorite Music

Michael Jackson, The Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, Katy Perry, Pink, Ace of Base, Alanis Morrisette, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Jethro Tull, Fall Out Boy, Placebo, Tori Amos, Imagine Dragons, and many other types of music. I have pretty varied tastes in music. I also like music from some other countries.

Things I don't want to receive

Nothing Political or Military. No Zombies. No Elvis, No Christmas stuff, Thanksgiving stuff, Disney stuff. No Teddy bears. Nothing violent. Nothing bloody/gory. Nothing with people crying. Nothing sad. No babies. No ugly bugs. I don't mind religious items occasionally, even though I am not religious, but I don't like people trying to sell me on their religion. I am spiritual, not religious.


Comment: Thank you so much! I loved reading your answers and the pictures also! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and the heart! You also have a wonderful day! Hugs back, Linda
Comment: Thank you for sharing. And thank you for the pics. It was a nice extra :) I loved all the Bernie memes too, some were quite hilarious.
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Thanks for sharing your answers. I enjoyed reading them and it was also nice to see the photos you sent :)
Response: Thank you for the rating and the heart. So happy you enjoyed my list!
Comment: Thank you!!! I loved the pictures and I am particularly obsessed with those Bernie memes! lol
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and the heart! I love those Bernie memes too!
Comment: Thanks for sharing your pictures. And thank goodness Orange Voldemort is no longer in office!!
Response: Orange Voldemort! I love it! Thank you for the rating and the heart!
Comment: loved the memes!! Thanks for including them.
Response: So happy you enjoyed my list and thank you for the heart!
Comment: I also have the bad habit of eating a lot, especially when I am bored.
Response: Thank you for the heart! I eat when I'm stressed. And when I'm bored.
Response: Thank you for the rating.
Comment: I enjoyed reading your answers and looking at the pictures, thank you! 😃
Response: You're welcome. And thank you again for this swap!
Comment: I, too, am a May baby. So I understand your frustration.. I hope you still had a happy May 2nd! I've decided to pick a day after this is all over and do all of the things I would normally do in May. Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Wash your hands. Wear a mask when outside. Be blessed.
Comment: Hi, Linda, first of all 'Happy Birthday' on May 2nd. I agree with you. I really miss going out to a restaurant with my sister or my friends. Take out really isn't the same. I miss my friends too, and hugging them. Hope you will be able to see them soon.
Response: Thank you so much for your happy birthday greeting and nice comment and heart! Virtual hugs to you. Stay safe and healthy!
Comment: Alot of us are missing things. This lack of freedom feels wrong. I know it's for our own safety, but at what point does enough become enough?. Stay safe and healthy♡.
Response: Yeah... We shall see. This is all different for sure. Thanks for your comment and heart! Stay safe and healthy!
kasa rated for No Silent 5s, Five things that I miss on Apr 24, 2020
Comment: Like you I miss going to the library and browsing all those books etc. The library is my happy place.
Response: It is weird the library being closed. And I can't even go to the library at my local college campus! Luckily I have lots of books at home! Thanks for your comment and heart! Stay safe and healthy!
Comment: My birthday is also coming up soon (May 7) but I still plan on getting yummy take-out to celebrate (really just an excuse to pig out :p ) Take care and hopefully we can all do the things on our lists again soon! :)
Response: Oooo... Happy almost birthday to you too! I'm going to get a yummy cake to take home for my birthday this coming Sunday. We usually eat out. But we'll do the best we can and get something yummy to throw in the oven... or something.. Thank you for the nice comment and heart!
Comment: I loved reading your list. So many small things I took for granted that now seem so precious.
Response: Thank you so much for your comment and your heart! Stay safe and healthy!
Comment: You're right...take out definitely is not the same as eating in. I miss the library too... I hope you can find a place outside to walk... if it helps, they've closed our natural preserves too... misery loves company, right? Lol
Response: Thank you for your lovely comment. At least our little in-town park is open. We walked around that yesterday. Stay safe and healthy!
Comment: I miss hugs too.
Response: Thank you for your comment! Stay safe and well!
Comment: I agree. Hubby and I would have breakfast out almost every Saturday. I really miss that. It just doesn't taste the same at home.
Response: We eat in our car when we do take-out because we live a 40 minute drive from town. We discovered yesterday that we can eat in town in our little park, which is open now, sitting at a covered picnic table. Yay! Thanks for the rating and the comment!
Comment: Hey Linda! Happy birthday in advance! =) I hope you celebrate it outside as you want once all this is over. Take care! ^^
Response: We discovered yesterday that we can eat in town in our little park sitting at a covered picnic table. Yay! Thanks for the rating and the comment!
neecie rated for Photo from your house on Aug 10, 2019
Comment: hello Linda ~ such a great story to share! i applaud your lifestyle & appreciate it includes keeping in touch on swap-bot! continue enjoying the best of the season ... take care!
Response: You are very welcome. So happy you got what I sent!

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CinematicLaura on Aug 13, 2014:

Just wanted to make sure you got my email for the 10 questions email swap- haven't received a rating yet.

mermaidery on Oct 14, 2009:

I will go right ahead and say hi to the ocean for you!! From the boardwalk.. because it's coooold near the water. lol. I'll just shout " HEY OCEAN!.. YEAH.. YOU.. GIANT BODY OF WATER.. ANGELSTAR SAYS HI!" .. then everyone will look at me funny, but it's okay.. because it's jersey.. and that is not the strangest thing you'll see that day.. not by far. lol. And thank you. Ichi was wonderful and it's hard. His brother still looks for him all over the cage like "whens he coming back?" but.. I've printed out some pictures of him and put them all through the house.. even next to the cage so Koda can see him whenever he wants (silly, I know.. but I like to think he sees it. lol.)

barbaraSTL on May 12, 2009:

Thank you for hosting the "Quick! Where You When?" swap. It was my first, and I very much appreciated your sweet, encouraging note. Thanks to you, my first Swap-Bot experience was a great one!

Purrsnickety on Mar 7, 2009:

Hi! I just sent you an email for the 30 Questions Email Swap - Getting to Know You Better. Please let me know if it didn't go through. Thanks!

cobaltgypsy on Feb 16, 2009:

Please join my Chai Tea For Three swap blessings, Gypsy

Simone on Feb 13, 2009:


From E-Swappers, 100 List and Swaps for Children 5-16yrs

littlenewt on Jan 19, 2009:

thank you so much for joining my 100 happy thoughts swap! its my first host and i hope i do well by you!

Simone on Dec 13, 2008:

Glad to see you signed up for both List to Inspire/Admire swaps

cobaltgypsy on Oct 31, 2008:

KarenFife on Jul 19, 2008:

Loved your 100 Things I Miss list! I could have added many of yours to my own. I keep re-reading it and agreeing so often with what you listed. This was so much fun!! Thanks for sending a copy. You are cool!

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