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Do you like history, particularly the 18th and early 19th centuries?  Is creative writing one of your hobbies?  Do you dream about village life in Georgian England?  Fancy yourself a character in one of Jane Austen's novels? Come join our group "At Home with the Georgettes" where all your daydreams can come to life.  We are a small group of ladies who cherish this incredible time in history and through our swaps gain a better understanding of daily life in the Georgian and Regency Eras of English history.  Choose your Georgian/Regency character and join our little village of friends."


I thought it was about time I freshened up my profile as I’ve been a member since 2011 and it's now 2020. My name is Anna, and I’m originally from the United States but moved to England when I married. I love paper crafts of all kinds and lately I’ve gotten into making junk journals and all the pretty embellishments that go along with them. I’m beginning to work with beads again and am enjoying creating charms and some simple jewellery. Vintage themes and Shabby Chic styles are among my favourites.

I love listening to the radio whether it is music of all genres, dramas, documentaries or books being read. I listen while I work or craft. I’m not much of a television fan, but do enjoy costume dramas, documentaries and a good movie.

I love my garden and am very interested in herbs and their healing properties as well as using them in my cooking. I hope to plant a physic garden one day when I retire but for now I have some potted herbs. I love nature and enjoy walking, especially in the forest. I like watching the birds in my garden and since we are blessed with a large garden there are many birds around us.

Favorite Books

Books are a passion for me and I probably have too many but I love the idea of a study filled with books where I can do my research. Older books are especially interesting as they tend to have little notes and dedications that give them a character all their own. I have an interest in the Georgian, Regency and Victorian Eras in England and find the Colonial United States fascinating. I read mostly non-fiction, biographies and history but I do enjoy a well written novel. At the moment I am reading mostly classics although Salley Vickers and Wilton Barnhardt are favourites too.

Some of my Favourite things

I'm a Janeite (Big fan of Jane Austen) and especially love the Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth.

Other things I like are:

Dip pens, wax seals

Vintage linens, I collect ladies hankies

Space: Moon, Stars, Planets, Space Travel



Real bandanas (not the craft store kind) especially in dark blue

Tea, tea parties and all the pretty things that go along with them. Mint and Chai tea are my favourite teas, but I like trying new flavours.


Shabby Chic anything

Blue and white patterns

Charms and trinkets

Postage stamps, new or used

Crafty bits, washi tape, pretty papers.

Beads and sequins

Your art



Soft,(but not pastel) blues, greens and purples are my favourite colours but I like a little orange too.

I like miniatures and have a small collection of doll house things and other bits and bobs I've come across. I especially like tiny things that have fine detail the more authentic looking the better.

I have an affinity for trees and love nature

Not so favourite things

Usually I'm fairly easy to please but there are a few things I'm not all that fond of.

key chains

I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty and that type of thing, and I'm not into Disney with the exception of Tinkerbell.

I would prefer not to get any more notebooks or journals as I have recently gotten so many of them.

I don't collect postcards and prefer non-touristy ones if they are part of a swap.

I like most tea but I don't like Oolong and I'm allergic to ginseng so no teas with ginseng please.

Things not to send

Chocolate as I'm allergic and don't care for white chocolate

Glitter because it gets everywhere and is hard to clean up.

Heavily scented items as they give me migraines.

Postage Stamps

I've been collecting stamps since I was a child. I collect just about any stamps from anywhere in the world but do concentrate on several countries. If you are sending stamps, here is a quick guide to what I collect:

  • USA stamps over 20¢
  • United Kingdom stamps
  • Australian stamps
  • New Zealand Stamps
  • Canadian Stamps
  • Netherland stamps

Specific stamps:

  • The Belgian Chocolate stamps
  • Stamps in fun shapes
  • Millennium stamps from England
  • Space, planet stars stamps

I don't collect CTOs (Cancel to Order stamps that you can buy in book shops and hobby shops.) These are mint stamps that are just canceled and have not gone through the postal system so they are basically just damaged.

Private stamp swaps are welcome!

Please Read

I don't sign up for a swap unless I know I can follow through so I will never flake. If you don't get my swap, please contact me before you rate me.

Also, if I haven't rated you, that means I haven't received your swap. I always rate as soon as I receive a swap.

A further note...

I am a green girl; I choose to reuse. A lot of the packages I send out are in recycled envies as I just hate wasting anything. I try to make everything I send out look attractive.


Star7Lily rated for A Postal Herbal Round 5 on Sep 17, 2021
Comment: What a lovely addition to my postal herbal Anna, I love the botanical print, and it helps me to see what Hyssop looks like in great detail. Thank you for the recipes too, I wonder if they still use this in expectorants today? Many many hearts. xxx
bearnbabs rated for Journal Pretties on Sep 16, 2021
Comment: Wow! What a wonderful pkg I recd. in the post today. Thank you for all the wonderful Journal pretties. I can definitely use them in my journal I so enjoyed opening each little pocket. You really out did yourself. Thank you so much for your generosity. I'm sending you a huge bouquet of hearts.. Barbara/Phebe
Minxy1964 rated for Rose Tag with Folk Art Border on Sep 6, 2021
Comment: My dear Lady Elizabeth, thank you so much for your kind words and invitation to the hall on Thursday next. I will be delighted to attend. I was most touched by the pretty watercolour of the pink roses, and the fripperies will be added to my journal. Yours, Lucy Grace Willoughby
Response: Dearest Mrs. Willoughby, you are most welcome. I am happy you shall be able to use the little tag and other things in your journal. I shall look forward to seeing you at the Harvest Festival. Fondly, Lady Elizabeth ♥
Comment: What a lovely letter! The note card you made is so cute! The letter is amazing, I love how you wrote, antique wise! Great swap! Thank you!!
Response: Thank you for the lovely comment, I'm so happy you enjoyed the letter. ♥
pynart2 rated for A Character Zine on Aug 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you for lovely little booklet and extras. Also Thank you for Amberleigh. I found your ancestry very interesting. Genealogy has always been a love of mine. Be safe and Thank you my friend.
Response: Pam I'm glad you liked the booklet I made about Elizabeth. Her genealogy is a bit more extensive but I didn't think I could fit it all! I would have needed the entire booklet. I'm glad you appreciate Amberleigh, it is literally my "happy place" Thank you for the heart! ♥
bearnbabs rated for A Pretty Little Pocket Swap on Aug 11, 2021
Comment: Anna it is always so nice to have you as a Anna I love having you as a swap partner. You make the nice's creations. I just love the pocket and all the extras too. Sorry about the hogweed rash. I do do hope it is fully gone. I am very allergic to poison Ivy and poison oak, Pam and I view Beefie409on Facebook and see that the Tower of London is now open to the public. I hope this is the beginning of getting back to some normalcy. Do take care and keep safe. Barbara
Response: What a lovely comment Barbara, it is my pleasure having you as a partner in the swaps. The hogweed issue is finally calming down and I'm off the meds now which is wonderful! Thank you for the heart! Anna ♥
Comment: What a lovely envelope to recieve Anna, I did enjoy reading from Alice and yourself. The daffodil was gorgeous and so delicate, you paint very well. Thank you for the extras too, very interesting xxxx
Response: Happy days, it arrived safely and in not so elongated a time! I'm glad you enjoyed my daffodil swap, Many hearts to you also! Anna ♥
Comment: Your flower arrangement and reticule are very lovely ~ I hope you win the contests! I also enjoyed your letter and look forward to seeing you at the fete.
Response: Dear Sarah, Good luck to you also at the fete. Your painting is beautiful and I am certain the judges shall award the rosette for best painted image to you. Elizabeth
Comment: Dear Mary, thank you very much for your nice letter. Your crochet work is so delicate, i am sure the judges will notice it. I hope your health got better, and if it's not a bother i will pay you a visit this Sunday after church and bring you honey butter rolls. Sincerely, Aelis Barrington
Response: Dear Aelis, I shall be pleased to welcome you to Thistledown after church on Sunday next. Your honey butter rolls sound delightful. Mary
Comment: What a lovely pkg I recd to day in the mail. Your fans are so delicate, you never disappoint. Love the bellyband and all the extras. You make each pkg a special gift, made by you. I always look forward to receiving them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents. Barbara
Response: Blush, blush, thank you for all your kind comments Barbara. I enjoyed this swap very much and I'm glad you did also. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: It was such a pleasure to get this swap! I love the belly band, the pocket, the note and leaf skeleton, and the letter was quite delightful!! Oh, and the envelope was lovely too. Just a wonderful swap altogether!
Response: I'm so pleased it arrived safely and that you enjoyed the swap. Thank you for the heart!
pynart2 rated for A Georgian/Regency Scavenger Hunt on Jul 5, 2021
Comment: Wow! what a nice surprise in my mail today. Love everything. Sending you a bouquet of Hearts, just because you derseve them and more.
Response: What a lovely comment Pam. I'm so happy you enjoyed the swap. Thank you for the heart! ♥
Comment: Oh Anna, how I love your swaps! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this one! I am in awe of your handwriting - I can do one or two pretty fonts myself, however one similar to yours is what I yearn to learn! It is so reminiscent of our Georgian era and invokes such an authenticity to your writings! I do understand what you mean about having trouble with the zentangles - I had trouble myself as well, but yours turned out so beautifully! I love that you mounted them on the red paper, it makes them look ever so striking. And I must say, what beautiful designs you chose as well! Such perfection in execution down to the smallest detail! I shall be so happy to place them in an honored spot in my journal, to remind me along with your beautiful letter what it might feel like to walk along the river Farrow. The miniature tags I utterly adore, and cannot wait to find the perfect application for them! You know my tastes too well. And everything matching in light blue... I shall go on and on! You spoil me so. The pianoforte tape and the postcard and the way you packed each item was just decadent icing on the already delightful cake! I truly savored the discovery of each small parcel you included. Thank you so much for a most charming and artful letter! Amanda
Response: Dearest Amanda, I cannot tell you what a wonderful surprise it was to read your comment about my zentangles. Thank you ever so much for all your lovely compliments, you made my day shine! Of course you can achieve the same writing I have, I practiced one letter at a time, using an old document as a guide. If you do it that way, soon you will have the lovely writing you crave. It does take time but it is well worth it. Once again ,thank you for your lovely comment and for the heart. I look forward to swapping with you again. Anna ♥
Star7Lily rated for Rosettes for the Boat Race on Jun 17, 2021
Comment: It arrived so quickly thank you so much. A pretty rosette and a very pretty letter x 2. I love the soft ribbon and the way it falls, it will be treasure to be sure. Carrie sends thanks with alacrity, Eliza. Many blessings and hearts
Response: I'm amazed at how quickly it did arrive! I'm so happy Carrie approves. :) The satin ribbon is a little difficult to work with but it does give it an entirely different look, doesn't it? Thank you for the lovely comment. ♥
bearnbabs rated for A Postal At Home 4 on Jun 9, 2021
Comment: dearest Anna, I recd. your lovely letter today in the post; I am glad you are feeling better. Your little notebook about your characters sounds wonderful. Pam and I have done a geneology of our complete real family as characters who live around Amberleigh.and England itself. I'm still doing research for each of them. This group has opened a whole new world to me and I just love it. Hope this finds you well and having a wonderful day. Barbara
Response: What a lovely comment Barbara. It's so nice to hear you are inspired by the group and our swaps. I have written down a generation or two for my characters also. It's amazing how easily it comes and how vivid the life of your character becomes when you have expanded their world a little bit further. Anna ♥
bearnbabs rated for Fold-Over Journal Spot on Jun 7, 2021
Comment: Hello Anna, I recd your lovely pkg on Saturday. I love the blue . This will be a lovely addition to my Journall. Thank you for this swap and group. I enjoy the experience and meeting a lot of wonderful swappers. Have a wonderful day. Barbara/Phebe
Response: Barbara, I'm happy you enjoyed the fold-over I made for you. it was nice to get back to making a little something for our journals. Thank you for the heart. Anna ♥
Star7Lily rated for A Postcard Herbal Round 4 on May 28, 2021
Comment: I am sure Barbara loved it, you do stellar work my dear. Thank you for hosting this swap. x
Response: Thank you ever so much. Many hearts to you! ♥♥
pynart2 rated for PETTICOAT TAILS on Apr 29, 2021
Comment: So very lovely, will be a nice addition to my journal. Plus I love all the extras. Sending you lots of hearts.
Response: I'm so happy the petticoat tails reached you, Pam. I really enjoyed putting this together and I'm glad you like it too. ♥
Comment: What a lovely surprise I received in the mail today. Violets every where. I loved it all. Thank you for sharing your talents. Lov e all the postage stamps too. May this find you well, healthy and safe. bearnbabs
Response: It was a pleasure to do this swap, I love flowers and especially violets. I'm thrilled it cheered your day. ♥
Comment: Dearest Elizabeth, I shall thoroughly treasure your maid Jenny Wrens wedding announcement. So pretty in pink. Thank you for the heartfelt letter and gorgeous tag extra, homemade dyed paper is so special, thank you xxx Carrie
Response: Carrie, You are most welcome. You know I love preserving things of my garden and am happy you enjoyed the little tag I made for you. Elizabeth ♥

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Memories of Bath, hope you feel better soon. x J

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Thank you hun! ❤️

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Happy New Year Sister, from Lady Caroline

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Many belated Happy Returns of the day, make each day like it is your birthday. Launce.

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Hello Friend!

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Finding ourselves in a most peculiar time indeed...so let us take the advice of our beloved Jane Austen during these harrowing times:












No matter how you choose to busy yourself during this most Inconvenient time...just remember, things will look much brighter TOMORROW!


Sending you this Heart Song Greeting with the warmest tidings. Stay healthy, dearest friend.

Very truly yours, Priscilla (Jill)

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Happy New Year dear sister xx

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