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Date Joined: August 25, 2010
Last Online: November 3, 2013
Birthday: March 8, 1988
Country: Italy

Welcome, this is me..


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I love Swap and know foreigner People, new culture and improve my English!!

The most important things in my life are : photography, movies , music, art, reading, cooking ( but now i'm in diet ) my cats, shopping and obviously Swapping!!!

I'm in the swap world from about 3 years and this is one of the things that make me feel most happy... give something to somebody with all my heart ♥

I love receive cute picture and greetings on my comment section profile ♥

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What i Like??

Oh! I love a lot of things! There is a list , and it's also my wishlist so, everything you read here i would really love to receive!!!

♥ Everything about Tim Burton (especially The Nightmare before Xmas)

♥ Everything about photography

♥ Everything about cat , especially black cat (and for my cats,like snacks!! except collars i hate it ) I have 3 wonderful lady cats : Lady ( 4 years) , Mescaline ( 2 years) and Coraline ( 1 years).. They are my whole life!! I can't imagine my life without them!!

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♥ I really LOVE Kawaii things!! Except for Hello Kitty i really HATE her !! I love all japanese brands, and everything that is kawaii, especially plushies and stuffie

♥ My Favourite characters are : Gloomy bear, Domokun, Stitch, Kutusita Nyanko, Jack Skellington, Lenore, Suicides Bunnies, Emily the strange, Alice in Wonderland and the Chesire cat, Care Bears (especially lucky bear) , Skelanimals, Kuromi, Tokidoki, cute monster and voodoo dolls. (but i really love every cute, kawaii or dead characters XD)

♥ Maneki Neko ( i collect them but here i can't find anything :(( ) and every Japanese stuff

♥ Madara (Nyanko-sensei)

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♥ England and Ireland things!!

♥ Magnets!! I collect them from every country

♥ Souvenir from your country, i hope one day to have my house full of memories from everywhere!!!

♥ Dreamcatcher

♥ Earrings are my favourite accessories, but not to much colorful.. just black, white or silver. I love especially the long and dangling one.

♥ HeadBands, also for them not to much colorful... i love especially Headbands with Ribbon!!!

♥ Hair clips!

♥ English Books, not so much difficult, i'm trying to read something , but i'm not very good XD

♥ All kind of chocolate (except for the Dark one), my fav are the white one! My fav chocolate is kinder, but i love try new brand from other country!! for the candy, i love especially gummy one! i love liquorice!

♥ Tipical food, sweet or spicy.. i like try everything ( but now i'm in diet so i prefer spicy,salted or sugar free XD)

♥ Art : Magritte, Klimt, Escher, Munch, Dali, Lempicka and Keith Haring.

♥ I LOVE Gorjuss and Banksy!!!

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♥ My favourite illustrator is Victoria Frances!!

♥ Clover, Rainbow, Soap Bubble and Dolls ( my favourites are pullip, blythe and Ddung, but i really love also Dotee Dolls!!)

♥ Family Guy... i really really love this cartoon!!! Especially Brian & Stewie

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♥ GLEE!!!! i'm a super gleek addicted!! My fav character is Rachel, if you can find some glee gadget for me i will love you forever!!!

♥ Guinnes Beer things and Beers coaster!

♥ LUSH!!! ( i only use no test on animals beauty products!!)

♥ Fair Trade, Eco/Bio/Natural and Cruelty Free Products!

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♥ Bookmarks Handmade or store Bought!

♥ Matchboxes & Whimsey Jar

♥ All that listed on my fav Crafts!

♥ Postcards and long letters!!!

♥ My Dolls : Ecate & Amélie!

These are my little girls : Ecate (Pullip) and Amélie (Blythe) , if you wanna send something for them (like dresses, shoes..) , they will be really happy!

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Alt text

What i dislike??


Alt text

♥ Looney Tunes

♥ Winnie the Pooh ( except for Eeyore)

♥ Diddl

♥ Doraemon

♥ Smoke >.<

♥ Dark Chocolate

♥ Coffee

♥ Things that smell of flower

♥ Phonestrap

♥ Ring

♥ Clown!!!

♥ Make up

♥ Tattoo

♥ People that swap without read what i like or dislike!

♥ Smarties, Hard candy

I PREFER NOT RECEIVE (because i have too much) :

♥ Coin purse and pencil case

♥ Tea

♥ Rubber

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Favourite Colour

My favourite colour is BLACK ( yes, isn't a real colour XD) i dress always in black ( sometimes white and also red) and also the accessories and the shoes must be all black XD

But about Kawaii i love colorful things, especially in plushies, block notes, sticker!!

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Favorite Crafts

I like try everything , but the handmade that i prefer do are sewing and making atc's!!

So i would love: felt, pieces of fabric, buttons, ribbon, wool, anything for making Dotee dolls or plushies!

I also love everythings for making atc's, so paper, magazine, sticker, rubber stamp, every kind of embellishment!!!

Charms, paper punches, beads little and normal, magnet, letter stickers, other languages magazine, pieces of paper, cardboard, foam, diamonds, blank atc

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Favorite Music

My fav kind of music is rock, but also like elettronic, metal and celtic.

Alt text

I hate house and commercial music.

My favourite band and singer are : Queen, Beatles, Radiohead, Bjork, The Knife, A perfect Circle, Depeche Mode, the Cure, Bat for lashes, Mars Volta, That handsome devil, Mr Bungle, Dresden Dolls, 3 Doors Down. Alterbridge, Blondie, Portishead, Jethro Tull, Journey, G'N'R, Nirvana, Lady gaga, Scars on Broadway, Black Sabbath, Rush, Royksopp.

I really love Movie & Musical soundtrack :)

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Alt text

Favorite Books

I read a lot of book, i haven't a favourite kind, i love read evrything new.

Alt text

My favourite writers are : Charles Bukowski, Banana Yoshimoto, Ameliè Nothomb, Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl, Agatha Christie, Carlos R. Zafon, David Grossman, Chuck Palanhiuk, Niccolò Ammaniti ( italian writer) and Stefano Benni ( Italian writer).

I just started read easy english book ( now i'm reading brother's grimm tales) and i really love if you would send to me some book in english , easy like Roahld Dahl or Neil gaiman... children books in short XD

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Favorite Movies

I watch a lot of movies, my favourite are thriller and musicals (my fav musical are Grease, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Wicked!!) , but i watch everything!!!

My favourite directors are : Tim Burton (is my favourite!!) But also Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Michel Gondri, Brother Cohen, Stanley Kubrik, Hayao Miyazaki

My favourite actors and actress : Jack Black ( he's the man of my life, i really love him!!!) Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp (obviusly XD), Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jude Law , Heat Ledger ( what a pity for him!), Ewan McGregor, Edward Norton, Steve Buscemi, Jeff Bridges, Al Pacino, Benicio del Toro, Will Smith, Robin Williams, Robert Downey Jr, Tim Roth, Christopher Walken and Hugh Jackman.

Renèe Zellweger , Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon , Winona Ryder, Scarlett Johansson, Helena B. Carter, Uma Thurman.

My favourite Tv Show : Glee, Lie to Me, The Nanny, Ghost Whisperer, Scrubs, Cougar Town, Simpson and Family Guy.

Alt textAlt text



I ship from Italy , so maybe the package can take till a month for arrive!!! Or even worse it's also probably that it will get lost. So please, before leave me One, contact me ^__^

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Everything Else... and Flakers

Alt text

I don't rate 1 or 3 before contact you and ask, and i hope that you will do the same with me! I rate the same day i get the swap, and will be nice if also you rate soon as possible my swaps! I almost always give Hearts when you did observe the rules of the swap, i though that Hearts are an incentive to improve, and anyway i will be always happy to get a swap from you with or without extras!

Alt text

Alt text

I'm always open for private swap, so if you want something italian or you like my profile, please contact me for a swap ^___^

My Size :

Feet : 6 Usa - 38 Europe

Wear : 12/14 Usa - 46 Europe ( L )

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Unfortunately it happens even to me, there will be all the people ( hope not so much!!) that flake me and the list of all the beautiful people that will angel the missing swap for me!!!

"I AM THE...Goodies Swap" Flaked by @LizCupcake ANGELED by @showniez Thank you dear!!


"Fill my collection #2" Flaked by @ifluctuate


"GLEE Character Series ATC - Artie Abrams" Flaked by @NZSteviieStar


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dana1214 rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter F on Nov 8, 2011
Comment: Will change when & if I ever get the card. I sent you 4 messages also you never got back to me.
zombiekittie rated for A-Z Movie ATCs: N on Jul 3, 2011
Comment: I will change this if I receive anything!
RavynDarkrose rated for A-Z Movie ATCs: M on Apr 25, 2011
vickevakuum rated for European Socks & Chocs swap! on Apr 16, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the lovely package from Italy! The socks were really making me happy and I look forward to eat the choclate!
maxbenleo rated for European Socks & Chocs swap! on Apr 13, 2011
Comment: thank you so much Elena for all the chocolate and the socks, that was a huge package!! thank you
zombiekittie rated for A-Z Movie ATCs: I on Mar 30, 2011
Comment: Thats for the card, it's great & I enjoyed that movie!
Response: thanks to you :)
user6937 rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter E on Mar 29, 2011
Comment: Although you didn't have access to a computer at times, the card you sent doesn't seem to have needed one, so I don't understand why it couldn't have been mailed on time. I hate to give a low rating, but I don't feel I have a choice. The angel gives a cute meaning :)
Response: i had to search and stamp the picture , that isn't drawed. Anyway i was late so i won't protest , happy that you finally receive the card!
Aunty rated for ~Letter D recipe swap~ on Feb 25, 2011
Comment: Thanks
Response: thanks to you
Comment: TY for the atc and extras :)
Response: Thank you :)
woopsydaisy rated for Crafty Corner-Bookmark Swap! on Feb 16, 2011
Comment: They made it here, and are quite lovely. Thank you for resending.
Response: Thank you and sorry again!
Pepper rated for A-Z Movie ATCs: H on Feb 8, 2011
Comment: Thank you
Response: thanks!
tyttoastronautti rated for Random Envie Swap #1 on Feb 7, 2011
Comment: Thanks for all the awesome stuff, I especially loved the deco tape. Candies were pretty good too. :)
Response: Thanks, glad that you liked it!
Bastet59 rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter C on Feb 2, 2011
Comment: Hi EllyScissorhands!!! Thank-you! I got your Clara ATC!! :) I like the way you interpret it, her "spiraling" away. I was even MORE excited that it comes from ITALY!!:) You see I am 1/2 Italian 1/2 Spanish.My paternal grandparents were from Naples...and I am your partner for the Gorey Letter D. I think your English is VERY good. I am not fluent in Italian; unfortunately only know a few words here and there...but I tend to understand it more when spoken. Can't wait to finish card and ship to Italy.Ciao!!:)
Response: Hi dear!! I'm happy that you liked the card and my Country :) Italy is very beautiful but we have a lot of negative things that sometimes make me want to go to live elsewhere.. anyway if you would like a private swap one day just let me know, i would be happy to swap with you :))
A127 rated for Fridge Magnets Anyone? on Jan 27, 2011
Comment: The magnets you sent are so nice! I love them! Hello Kitty I have never seen one like that! Thanks! 3!
Response: Glad that you liked them <3
chincho rated for $5 edible profile surprise! on Jan 24, 2011
Comment: I got your package today with a note from the postoffice: "This postal item was received open/damaged and repackaged by our services" but inspite of that, I think that nothing is missing. You really red my profile very carfully and You've sent my favorite tastes!!!! (dark chocolate, Coccanat and liqueritz. It is so AWESOME!!!! THank you very much!!!
Response: i'm so glad that you liked everything!!! <3
tdoughty rated for Quote Interpretation ATC #1 on Jan 18, 2011
Comment: thanks for the ATC
Response: thanks to you!
runnerbean84 rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter B on Jan 16, 2011
Comment: Thankyou! x
Response: you're welcome! Thanks for the rating!
MadQueenofHearts rated for A-Z Movie ATCs: G on Jan 10, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the ATC and all the little goodies!
Response: Thanks to you <3
sewcrazy rated for Ransom Note ATC on Jan 10, 2011
Comment: I love it!!!! And the fact that you checked out my profile, how cute. Wish i could give you 8 million hearts, because I would love to see him again.
Response: aaaw i'm so happy that you liked it!! Well... but maybe he is still alive really..
Comment: Great card, I love it!! I agree the picture is awesome :) I think Lois was the only one in this whole swap that you didn't make me...lol So pretty much my whole set matches now!! :)
Response: Happy that you liked that again!! what do you think, i should do also Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe?

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LizCupcake on Nov 2, 2011:

You havn;t been online. but if you ever are let me know how I can make the I am the... swap up too you!

LizCupcake on Sep 7, 2011:

Crazy past year, I'd like to make it up to everyone with the swaps/tags I was unable to send. Message me & We'll figure out something to send each of you, & I'd like to deeply apologize.

kraftykj on Apr 8, 2011:

Hi Come on over to Girls Night In there is a comfort swap up and we have a traveling envie going around. NOT to late to join....

gony on Mar 24, 2011:

I love this profile filled with kitties :))

kikilala on Feb 22, 2011:

Ok I hope you will get the next WTA out as soon as you can, have a great day!!

kikilala on Feb 19, 2011:

Just a kind reminder that you r suppose to organize the next WTA in Mailbox Madness coz you won the last one. Thanks

showniez on Feb 15, 2011:

ELLLLYYY thank u for ur letter! I will get back to you asap :) And thank u for ur little gift, I really like them!

spinweaver on Feb 4, 2011:

The fat packet of delicious treats for my WTA #34 arrived today- thank you very much! Minemine..

mizvicky on Jan 24, 2011:

Hi, Just checking to see if you had recieved the magnet Swap yet? I was really excited about this one!! Just checking sweetie.. HUGS Vicky

katiusha on Jan 19, 2011:


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