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A Little Bit About Me

I am Kathy Skaggs. I reside in Denison, which is a small town in Texas in the United States. I'm married, have 4 kids; 8 grandkids; 2 dogs (a poodle and a schnauzer); 1 twenty two year old tuxedo cat, and I work as a rural mail carrier for the US Postal Service. I have a vintage antique booth at a place called 301 Mercantile in my home town. I love crafts, art, decorating, attending vintage, antique and collectible auctions, geocaching; traveling; and life. I am a non-smoker and my cat is an outside cat for those who are allergic to them, because sadly I am also. Do not feel sorry for her, as she is feral and prefers the outdoors. She is spoiled rotten. My dogs do not shed as one is a poodle and the other is a schnauzer. And they are not interested in being in my art studio, as I tend to knock things off on them from time to time. Ha! However if you are allergic to grand-kids there is nothing I can do about them, as they follow me everywhere and are very fascinated with my studio and my artwork. If something should arrive with a bit of cat hair or dog hair enclosed, it is not going to hurt me. I just can not live with them. Allergy shots are great!


If I sign up for a swap and you did not get your swap item and it says I sent it, then it is lost in the mail. Get with me before rating me, as I will make it right.

I am not a Flaker, nor will I ever be.

If my artwork arrives damaged, please let me know immediately, so I can make it right.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please rate me ASAP

Rating is the only way I have of knowing you got your swap and if you are pleased. Ratings are important, as some groups require a certain amount of ratings to join their groups and I love getting them and hearing from my Swap partners. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Favorite Music

I like listening to some Country music and Pop/Soft Rock, but while I am delivering mail I turn the radio off most of the time, because I love listening to the sound of nature and thinking about my next creations.

Books & Movies

I do not read much although I love reading. But since I have little free time I choose to make art instead of reading. I once wanted to be a childrens' writer and illustrator, but I never got around to it. I love reading children's books to my grand-children and I especially love pop-up books. I also read craft books and catalogs. And I listen to books on tape while delivering mail when I am tired of designing art in my mind.

I have a lot of favorite movies, but I like period movies; westerns; Little House On the Prairie; Gone with the Wind; Dirty Dancing; Pretty Woman; The Titanic; etc.

Favorite Television

I like watching most reality TV and shows such as: Big Brother; Survivor; The Bachelor; The Bachelorette; So You Think You Can Dance; The Voice; The Bold and the Beautiful; Young and the Restless; Project Runway; Master Chef; Game of Thrones

Favorite Crafts

I love art dolls of all kinds. The more unusual the better. Of course I also like the beautiful glittery ones too! For years I made ACEOs/ATCs; Children's Nursery Decor and Paper Piecings, which I sold on Ebay. I have a love for Mixed Media Art; Altered Art and assemblage; Paper Art Dolls; Art Journaling; Pinterest; Christmas Ornaments; Painting Rocks; Painting Driftwood; etc. For awhile I was tired of making ATCs, but I am back to loving them now. I also like making APCs, Twinchies and inchies. I alter matchboxes, paint on driftwood ad rocks and so many more things.

Favorite Colors

I like most colors, I love metallics; teal; turquoise; purple, lavender; pink; spring green, and even black. I love shabby chic; Boho and gypsy colors. If you like it I probably will also.

Crafty Likes


~Postage Stamps that have faces of people are animals so I ca use them to make stamp people ATCs.

~Art Dolls of all types - Spirit; Nature; Dotee; Art Dolls; Handmade Paper Dolls

~Distress Markers; Copic Markers and Glitter Pens

~ Fibers; Trim; ribbon; seam binding; tulle; or vintage lace

~Vintage Buttons

~ Sea Glass or Sea Pottery

~ Foreign Coins

~ Pages from foreign books. I do not care if they are folded. I just want pages from languages other than the English language.

~Vintage Hat Pins

~ Embellishments

~ Charms

~ Miniatures

~ Chocolate (No coffee flavors or artificial chocolate) I love chocolate with nuts, peanut butter, etc.

~ Decorative Tape

~ Jewels; Rhinestones and crystals

~ Embellishments

~ Die Cuts

~ Rubber Stamps and ink

~Embossing Pens; Powder and ink

~ Stencils for Mixed Media

~ Dresden Foil Trim for ATCs and Inchies

~Distressing Ink

~Fun shaped Brads

~Silk; ribbon; paper, jeweled or any small flowers

~ Any Tim Holtz; 7 Gypsies..Ten Second Studio..Graphic 45 products

~ anything Steampunk-related or small metal odd objects

~Pieces of vintage sheet Music

~Scrapbook Background Paper (Unusual or eye catching)

~Playing Cards (Poker Size) for APC swaps. Single cards are fine.

~Quality stamp Pads


~Artwork that my 4 year old grand-daughter can do. I have received art where someone wipes a little paint on a card and slaps a sticker on it and that is so unfair. I will be rating accordingly from now on.

~ Teaching Stickers

~ Kawaii (Most of this I am not interested in, although I do agree some of it is adorable)

~ Hello Kitty (I am not collecting and will pass it on)

~ Disney (I have plenty at the moment)

~ Gum

~ Chewy Candy

~ Coffee

~ Tea

~ Mints

~ Chocolate that is artificially flavored = Yuck!

~I do not smoke and can not stand the smell of something that is reeking in the smell of cigarettes.

~ Sorry I do not collect postcards. If you send them to me I will probably pass them along to someone who does. The only postcards I am intrigued and might keep are vintage whimsical: cute children; animals; people etc.

~This may sound like I am picky, but really I am not. I am not going to be mad if I get any of this stuff. I am generally appreciative of anything you would love to send me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

APC Collection

I have an APC collection that I just started collecting that will be miscellaneous. (Anything goes :-) )

Currently I have 4 APCs in this collection:

Ace of Spades Collaged (2)

Queen of Spades Mermaid

10 of Diamonds Mermaid

Little Treasures I Love

I am involved with groups where we send each other gifts, so I will list a few things I would love in my Stocking at Christmas or in a Grab Bag

~ Things similar to my Etsy Favorites (Wishlist) Link is above.

~ Anything similar to the items on my Pinterest Wish List Board. (Link Above)

~Sun Catchers

~ Tiny detail paintbrushes with precision tips.

~ Waldorf Inspired Dolls and things.

~ Miniature Poodles less than two inches

~ Beautiful Seashells

~Tiny miniature Seashells

~ Chocolate that is not artificial. (None with coffee flavors)

~ Small unique Tins

~ Miniatures or Tiny Figurines - Glass, crystal, resin, pewter, brass, Carved Wood, Clay, Polymer Clay, Porcelain, etc. (Vintage or current)

~Unique or antique Marbles (Especially the Shooter Size)

~Antique or unique Dice; Vintage Monopoly Pieces

~ Miniature vintage figures that came on the glasses at the Sonic Drive Inn or other Drive Inns or restaurants.

~ Walnuts with a surprise tucked into them.

~ Craft Supplies (Anything listed above)

~ Used Craft Books (About anything I have listed above)

~ Clay or Ceramic Cookie Molds, Presses or Stamps

~Vintage Jeweled Hat Pins

~ Vintage or Antique Keys (Not replications)

~ Nail Polish in Neutral, Light or Pastel Colors (No Red)

~ Printed Address Labels

~Succulent Plants in tiny Pots

~Unique Pin Cushions or Pin Keeps

~Tiny Home Made Dolls

~Wide Headbands seen in my Pinterest Wishlist


Comment: Absolutely fantastic! I am going to have to coolest puzzle EVER! Thank you for always going above and beyond, to send such amazing works of art.
Response: Glad you like them Donetta. I was not very pleased with this batch. Thank you again for the sweet comments and the hearts.
donetta rated for Private ATC Swap: Donetta and Kathy on Feb 19, 2017
Comment: Kathy, I adore your version of Jerasulem! From the old buildings in the background to the beautiful lady, and the beautiful embellishments...it's fantastic.
Response: I never plan what I do. I try and find a popular city or a capital city and then search for whatever I can find to pull them together. Some cities are easier to work with than others. Jerusalem is one of them. Thank you for the heart.
donetta rated for Private APC Swap #2: Donetta & Kathy on Feb 19, 2017
Comment: Fabulous! I just love this series; you go to amazing lengths to make each one distinctly unique and full of fabulous details!
Response: I have enjoyed making these and have learned a lot about Alice in Wonderland. Thank you for the sweet words and the hearts.
donetta rated for Private APC Swap #1: Donetta & Kathy on Feb 19, 2017
Comment: I am running out of superlatives...this is absolutely amazing! I have loved each and every one of your Alice APCs, and simply can't stop marveling over them!
Response: Glad you like them Donetta. Let's just hope I can make 52 different ones. LOL.
ShabbyJules rated for Halloween Twinchie Swap on Jan 30, 2017
Comment: gorgeous was weird got one swap one day then a 2nd the next both brilliant thank you
Response: So glad they all made it this time. I bet you thought the other ones were missing in action when only half of them arrived. LOL. I really enjoyed swapping with you!
Comment: Kathy, your bird matchbox is beautiful! The background, the little feathers, the gorgeous bird--everything works together so nicely. Love the little tulle bow you place on the side and all the gold edging. So nicely done. Funny story: when I opened it, my hubby said, 'Oh, you should have put a little handle on yours!' haha! Yes, indeed, that little 'handle' on the drawer really adds a lot. Thank you, also, for all the sweet little goodies inside. Simply perfection!
Response: What a special compliment that makes my day. I love altering matchboxes. I can not remember if I saw a handle in an image or if I just assumed a drawer would need one. It is funny that your husband would notice, My husband is also like that and loves to offer critique and praise. LOL. I am just elated that you like it so much. Thank you for the special heart.
heatherkm rated for VC: December Calendar Inchies on Jan 2, 2017
Comment: Feel better.
Response: You are a blessing
Loonstruck rated for Chaucery Christmas (US only) on Dec 12, 2016
Comment: Something handmade? How wonderful! I'm holding on till Christmas but I'm so excited!
Response: Glad your swap items made it your direction. I hope you enjoy your stuff and have a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for the heart.
donetta rated for VC: November Calendar Inchies on Dec 11, 2016
Comment: Absolutely, completely, without-a-doubtly adorable! I just love this series, and can't wait to receive my next month's installment! They are delightful to make, and delightful to receive.
Response: Thank you for the compliment my friend. Glad you like them. I enjoy making and receiving them also. I just wish we could get more people interested. Thank you for the heart also.
Comment: Oh my, what interesting packages. I must say a special thank you for sending me an extra surprise. I couldn't resist the one marked do not crush. I opened it and adore my suitcase!!! I'm hanging it on my tree! Love, love, love. The other 2 will remain shrouded till Yule. Many hearts. Happy Holidays.
Response: So glad you liked the suitcase and that it apparently made it without getting crushed. I hope you have a delightful holidays. Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you for the heart.
charophyta rated for WIYM: Advent Envelope Swap 2016 on Nov 29, 2016
Comment: This is soo cute! The handmade envelopes are gorgeous and I can't wait to start opening these!! Very creative design- I wouldn't have thought to use book pages!
Response: These were so much fun to make. I saw a book page envelope, but it was nothing like these. I guess by now you have opened your first gift. I hope you like the things I chose for you. Thank you for the sweet compliment and the heart.
rngstgstll rated for C&C book page ornament on Nov 29, 2016
Comment: Thank you, thank you and thanks! The ornaments are stunning (and unexpected) -- I would never have come up with the adorable snowman design -- and my son absolutely adores the matchbox car. It was the topic of some discussion, about vintage cars, how Santa gets around, grandpa's love of 50's vehicles ... it is a cherished vehicle and we appreciate your kindness :)
Response: Thank you for your kindness and sincere appreciation of the swap I sent to you. I had no plan when I started making your ornaments and then the snowmen appeared. :-) I am elated that ya'll like the choice of cars I sent. My husband actually picked this one out. He said that he saw it and figured "This is the one!" Thank you for your the great rating and the special heart.
hollycm6 rated for C&C stocking stuffers #5 on Nov 23, 2016
Comment: Waiting till christmas to open!!! (Edit: Thank you for my brown items... adorable brown butterflies (who woulda thought it?? Gorgeous!), i LOVE the acorn ornament so much!, and CHOCOLATE. Thank you thank you! :-) (2018 edit!!!! I just had the best surprise... cleaning out my studio and i found a tiny little wrapped gift from you for this swap, it had fallen down into something. I opened it and found the most adorable wooden elephant!!!! I don’t know if you are even here anymore but I had to tell you how happy it just made me!!! )
Response: Hope you enjoy! Thank you for the heart.
Comment: Thank you for the fantastic snowman- went straight on my dotee tree until the snowman tree comes out. Glad it had a safe flight here!
Response: How awesome that you have so many trees. I have to make myself put up one. Thank you for the sweet compliment and the special heart. I hope your holidays are filled with magic.
rngstgstll rated for C&C stocking stuffers #4 on Nov 13, 2016
Comment: Thanks so much for the lovely package -- my son was so excited to find the race car and of course out of the package and into his hand it went. He likes to carry around matchbox cars, so it has been traveling the house with him and has spent some hours in his hand while he naps as well :) It was very kind of you to pass it on, and he particularly loves race cars. We race them down our Blutrak together. I am trying really hard to resist opening the little presents, they are coyly sitting near the computer so I can smile at them. Thanks!
Response: So glad I brought some happiness to your sons life. I know what you men about resisting temptation to open your stocking stuffers as mine are sitting on a corner atop my mantle staring at me also. I hope you like what I chose for you and that they make your Christmas merrier.
Comment: Placed my gift in my stocking. Thank you for also including a Christmas card. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Response: I enjoyed picking it out for you and I hope you like it come Christmas. I wish you a wonderful holiday season also. Thank you for the heart.
aligurl75 rated for WIYM: Nov Stocking Stuffer - USA on Nov 10, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much. I can't wait to open this on Christmas day. :)
Response: I am glad it made it safely and I enjoyed choosing it for you. Thank you for the heart!
DebR rated for C&C stocking stuffers #5 on Nov 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you, saving to open at Christmas.
Response: I hope you like it. I enjoyed choosing it for you. Thank you for the heart.
Comment: The Ornament is so adorable Kathy! I have a small tree where I put all my special, handmade ornies and he will look great on there. Thanks much for the awesome snowman! I love all your creations. 😊
Response: I guess it made it there in one piece. *Breathing a sigh of relief* So glad you like it. You make me feel great saying you like all of my creations. I am a big fan of yours also. Thank you for the sweet heart. 😊
Comment: Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for the wrapped present and the wonderful extra goodies! Love the card too. Sorry for the late rate, I moved back from Massachusetts to Maine last week and your package was waiting for me when I got here. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!
Response: Thank you. Come Christmas I hope you like your present and that you have a Blessed Christmas! Thank you for the heart.

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