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About Me

IIIIIntroducing... Holly! I am sort of a colorful chaotic mess. Married for thirty+ years with kids, and grandchildren, I stay busy!

I'm a Swap-bot Ambassador and happy to answer any questions or to do a private swap with you if I have time.

I work with (for??) my husband and I enjoy it... But it is exhausting. I also try-to-be an artist, teaching myself drawing and watercolor and urban sketching. I'd love to write and illustrate a book one day, and have it published. UPDATE 9/2022: I HAVE ILLUSTRATED A BOOK! 100% of the profits go to newfietherapy.org which is the only newfoundland therapy dog group in the country providing free therapy to veterans, first responders, hospitalized children, etc... if you purchase through this link I might receive a few cents from Amazon as well:

Try this link for the book Chewie the Newfie To The Rescue

I'd really really REEEEALLY love it if you'd check out my blog, and follow if you enjoy it, And comment, too!

I also have tumblr and twitter (which I've never checked!) linked to the blog if you prefer to follow that way... the page threesixfive.art and tumblr I'm threesixfive-art. (2018: I've continued the project!)


I love everything about books. :-) Especially classics, mysteries, quirky stuff like jasper fforde, YA (especially YA and childrens from decades or generations ago) I have a room in my house with shelves and tables full of beautiful books and a big comfy chair ...

No horror (even classics), or graphic violence, or overly sexually explicit books. I do love pretty much anything else that's well-written.

I love the poetry of EE Cummings, Mary Oliver, and others, and I like to write my own as well. And I'd like to read yours! Send me one!

Important stuff


I like them all. :-) Especially color THEMED groupings. I guess "fall colors" are my go-to's... deep rich jewel tones. Plum, brick red, mustard yellow, burnt orange, mahogany brow, olive green, all mixed up together. :)

Vivid colors over pastels.

Orange, lime green, olive green are my favorites. Deep yellow, Bright or dark pink, teal blue, brown... also faded old colors...Well... okay really whatever color you enjoy. I adore color themed mail!

THEMES AND THINGS I ESPECIALLY ENJOY (but... I love to be surprised by random things, so skip this if you prefer!)

-wrapped surprises for my Christmas stocking, any time of year. I WILL SAVE THEM.
-holly leaf items, especially notecards or postage stamps (Anything Christmas or holly leaves) -art supplies, esp drawing, or watercolor, or gouache
-handmade items and unique little art you find or have made
-Mail and mail art
-newfoundland anything. The dog (I have two)
-a new letter opener
-large-ish handmade or up-cycled envelopes
or lettersets
-Color themed swaps!
-books and book stuff (see book section above)
-very old beautiful book covers for repurposing into sketchbooks, and/or book pages
-anything funny, or sweet
-a Handmade journal or sketchbook
(esp FIREFLIES/LIGHTNING BUGS! dandelions! And clover. And... pussy willows, honeysuckle, daffodils, poppies, ladybugs, moths, leaves, acorns, the beach, beetles, birds)
-fingerless gloves (yes please!)
-calvin and Hobbes. LOVE!
-your favorite Bible verse, encouraging idea, interesting quote, poem, or song lyric.
-Words, letters, typography
-anything from England (my birthplace) or Norway (my heritage)
-quirky, feminine, or hopeful anything
-hamster anything, or hamster treats... I have a black one named Picasso in my art room
-elephants (and probably any other animal you like)
-seasonal mini garden flags, potholders, kitchen towels, etc (Off season is cheaper and fine!)
-command hooks. Why do I always need these??
-good quality glue sticks or tape runners, adhesives, etc
-office supply type things
-fun, quirky little notebooks like the decomposition books
-a little craft kit of any kind
-jigsaw puzzles (any kind? but especially wooden puzzles, or unusual puzzles, or one you think is beautiful. It doesn't have to be beautiful though, because a puzzle and wall art are different. What makes the best wall art may not make the best puzzle!)
-I'm really into collecting cool vintage jewelry, bags, vera bradley bags, vintage fashion images...
-cool stickers
-an interesting cut-out to add to mail
-miniature anything
-fairy garden bits (especially if you make them! Or stuff to make them with?)
-something representing your town or area?
-a card or letter from your vacation
-a card or letter from/about your everyday life
-anything that makes you say "Oh isn't that fun??" I probably will say it, too.

Basically, if you enjoy making it, or shopping for it, and packing it up with love and sending it, I will enjoy receiving it from you!


I have enjoyed learning about other people's religious views here on swap-bot, as much as about other cultures, but I've also been surprised and saddened by the closed mindedness of supposedly open minded people when it comes specifically to MY faith. I respect yours, even though it isn't what I believe, and I respect your right to believe it and share it, please respect my faith, and me as well. I will never NEVER try to criticise or belittle you or your faith, or even lack of faith, or judge you based on assumptions I've made, or things I've read about other people who practice your religion. I will not try to convert you or even discuss religion unless you ask to discuss it. Please show me the same consideration regarding respect and belittling comments. That said, I am happy to discuss religion or anything else with you, and would love to count you among my friends whether we are the same or very different in the way we think and how we see the world!

(eternal life spoiler... skip this part if reading about Christianity offends you) I am a born-again Christian... I firmly believe being sweet or kind or caring is important for every person of every religion, and plenty of religions teach people to love each other... and plenty of "Christians" DON'T love others... but I understand that my deeds and behavior are not the way to eternal life, which can only be found through a personal relationship with Christ. And while I do have that relationship, that doesn't mean I think I am better or worse than you or anyone else. I am a sinner by nature and will often do selfish thoughtless things, just like everyone else, and need to turn myself back to face Christ. Please don't blame my Christianity for my shortcomings or weaknesses, which are completely mine, and I won't blame your religion for yours. Of course I don't enjoy my errors pointed out to me, but sometimes it is necessary and I'll thank you now for doing it (because honestly I may not thank you at the time) but I know I probably needed it said, (whether you say it out of love and concern or just petty mean spiritedness, either way if it's true, it's true, and I need to look at it)

In short: Being nice doesn't save me, and being Christian doesn't make me nice... it makes me realize how different I am from how God wants me to be and how much I thoroughly require his grace. This is the extent of my "preaching", and all I will ever say unasked. And thank you for letting me!

People Smarter Than Me Said:

Do that which you fear to do, and the fear will die. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. -Leo Buscaglia

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. -Leo Buscaglia

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. -e e cummings

Sweet Unexpected Swappiness

And The Good List of Thankyous

I should have created this section years and years ago, but I was simply too lazy! Now I am kicking myself.

So as of January 20, 2017, these are some very sweet thoughtful things I have received, and I'm so sorry for the hundreds of things which happened before and are not recorded here. And can never be repaid. I have been so blessed and so moved by the thoughtfulness of Swap-bot members over the past years. And I'm also sorry (ahead of time) for the probably erratic attempts to keep this part current.

12/17: @sandyponey sent me a big sweet Christmas Eve birthday package, a complete surprise. Full of special stuff. Such a nice thing to do for a person she barely knows!!!!! Made me feel great.

1/17 @djcamp04 sweetly sent me a replacement of the Calvin and Hobbes book Emmett my Newfie puppy ATE. Thank you! How sweet!

(3/2018 update: ugh, I forgot to add things here and I received such awesome stuff over and over! I'm not good at keeping things up. Now this section just makes me sad because I'm such a jerk. But happy because other people do nice things, so I'm leaving it. Even if I only record a few, it's better than none.)

(Sept 2020 AAAAAAND I SUCK. )


Comment: I'm so SO glad we continue this tradition. Great theme this year and you went all out! Among so much goodness: that gorgeous peacock gem journal, the CREATE sketchbook, the Totally Tiffany triangle tote, the "Plot Thickener" card set, and enough stamps and embossing folders to keep me busy all year long!! And just like Santa looks for his cookies and milk every year, I look for the annual treat that I tuck in my wallet. :) Thank you so very much for everything, and for making Mom's Christmas bright.
rarjones rated for CF: Christmas stocking exchange on Dec 26, 2022
Comment: Holly I LOVED everything you sent to me in the stocking! The stocking itself was beautiful! You wrapped each item so carefully I loved it! I love the mini puzzle, salt/pepper shakers ( snowmen!) the devo is the best I love Sara Young! Everything was so personal to my liking THANK YOU. I waited to open till Christmas morning - I was smiling all the way thru. May God bring only His best to you and yours this New Year:)
Response: I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun getting it all together. I always look forward to this swap!!
Comment: Package arrived quickly! Looks awesome. I'm one of those annoying people who has no problem with delayed gratification so not opening all these little packages yet. Virginia is one of my favorite states so I know that I'll find what you sent to be great! Thank you!
Response: Merry Christmas and thank you!! I hope you had fun with it!!
ittybittykitty rated for Cupids cool crappy heart! on Mar 3, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the cool heart! I put some comics on mine too, we were clearly on the same vibe! I really like it (and heck no you can’t have it back!) :p I love the way it was packaged too, the sewing pattern bundle was so pretty…and I just happen to need more pattern paper! Thanks again!
Artistic rated for It’s CHRISTMAS on Jan 4, 2022
Comment: Can I say Wow? What about WOW! I'm so glad we continue this holiday tradition. (Looking forward to trying out the dry polish too!) Happy New Year.
TamiHope rated for CF Christmas Stocking gift exchange on Nov 27, 2021
Response: I hope you love it!
LadyJo rated for CF: What have you been up too? on Nov 23, 2021
Comment: I just loved your swap! It was neat how you made a little booklet! So Cool! Thank you for the lighthouse postage stamps! I will be trying the nail polish strips. I hope you do have a wonderful Holiday season. Yes, sometimes we need wisdom for families. It can be tough. Thank you again for a great swap!
Response: ❤️❤️❤️
Comment: Thank you very much for my lovely card, The colours are just perfect!!
Response: ❤️❤️❤️
Sunflower107 rated for CF: Washi Tape Hello on Feb 4, 2021
Comment: Beautiful card and washi tape. Thank you
Response: You are very welcome! Thank you for the rating and heart!
Eclectonote rated for 2021 Book Tracking Bookmark on Jan 29, 2021
Comment: Love the book tracking bookmark. Such a cute and handy illustration, with all the books ready for their titles and wonderful details - a succulent, cat, globe, and even fairy lights and a spider with its web! Thanks for sharing your artistry!
ArtyBeth3 rated for CF: Washi Tape Hello on Jan 27, 2021
Comment: I enjoyed your card, note, & tape. Your plans for 2021 sound great. We’re decluttering our house this month. Next month, we’re aiming for better health. May we both have success this year!
YooperHill rated for Let’s get out our paints! on Jan 26, 2021
Comment: My favorite! Thank you!
lostinavalon rated for Book page ornament, 2020 on Dec 15, 2020
Comment: I love the pretty ornament set you made me---adorable! Thank you for the Chick-Fil-A card, also!
Comment: Dear Holly, I got your package today, and I'm going to do my best to wait until Christmas to open it! I know I'll love everything you send, but I'll come back and add to my comments after Christmas. Thank you so much♥ Christmas Day~ Wow, Holly, you really spoiled me! The sets of washi tape in boxes are gorgeous♥ They are exactly to my taste, and I am excited to use them. I am also looking forward to using the lovely devotional. The candy is yummy, the old postcards are fascinating, and of course you know I love word games. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful, special gift!
Autist rated for OPP: TREASURE Hunt - Michael on Dec 4, 2020
Comment: This was so fun! I will be starting them again in January. The things you found to represent Micheal were so fun!! I LOVE the little kiss bonus!! The bear with the mug is adorable! It is going in my fairy house. Thank you so much!!
Response: The bear was from invitations to my daughters baby shower a few years ago, a teddy bear picnic. Each guest received a tiny basket with the gingham “blanket”, mug and “honey”, and shower info on the lid. It was so much more fun than a paper invite! I’m glad you enjoyed everything. And thanks for hosting!
Artistic rated for Christmas Swap on Nov 27, 2020
Comment: At the same time I was texting Mom to look for a package from you, she was texting me saying "Do I know a Holly in Chesapeake?" :) She's met and visited with friends in Chesapeake which is why I was alerting her that other mail/swap mail would be coming from there. :) Thank you so much for doing this. I received your box and it's tucked away until the holiday season.
Response: Oh I’m so glad they arrived!!! I’m excited for you both to go through the stockings haha. Tell her the stuff is wrapped so she can open it and take it out. Yours too!
Comment: Your parcel arrived yesterday, stuffed with goodness. I'm holding out for now, and hope to stay strong until Christmas morn -- but no promises! :) Thanks for the lovely 1:1 swap and your efforts to get it to me well in advance of the holiday. I'm sure everything is amazing! ♥
Response: I’m still holding out, are you??? We might as well wait now, it’s not that much longer!
Sunflower107 rated for Crazy Spring Envie on Mar 14, 2020
Comment: What a beautiful drawing on the envelope. Thank you for the stamps and book marks!
Response: I’m glad you liked it! Sorry for the late response from me!!
nannydino rated for February C&C stocking stuffer swap on Feb 27, 2020
Comment: Hi Holly thank you for the stocking stuffer and the extra bookmark to use now. I might open mine before Christmas 2020. lol. peace love light
Eclectonote rated for CC: Let's Celebrate Pooh! 2020 on Feb 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely Pooh art! Everything is so charming - the envelope, tag, and especially the card. I hadn't been aware of AA Milne's poetry; thanks for the introduction.

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rarjones on Dec 15, 2022:

Merry Christmas

CF- 2022 Rose

rarjones on Dec 1, 2022:

Happy Birthday Month 2022

CF Group - Rose

Karen07 on Oct 12, 2022:

Hi Holly! The postcard that you sent as part of the hometown love swap just arrived! Thank you!

debbiespoms on Oct 5, 2022:

Hey there Holly! Remember me?😊 How have you been? It's been forever since we've been in any swaps. I am so sorry I haven't touched base with you in long long time. I was dealing with so many of health problems. Which are under control now. Take care and I hope you have a very good evening.

TamiHope on Dec 30, 2021:

Holly!! What a terrfic stocking you sent me for the CF Stocking exchange! I love the things you picked out for me. It was just perfect. Such a generous heart you have! Talk with you soon!

rarjones on Dec 5, 2021:

December Birthday blessings to YOU!

Rose - CF Group

yvonne401 on Mar 27, 2021:

Thank you for my AWG reply to @hollycm6

orneryswife on Mar 14, 2021:

Thank you for my March wishes! I'm excited about it all, and plan to write back soon. Hopefully you found my letter in the journal package. It was written on coffee filters... 😁

orneryswife on Feb 27, 2021:

Holly! Such a beautiful little painting! I already have it up, and several visitors have said how lovely it is. Thank you for granting my wish!

ChrisAnne on Feb 15, 2021:

Thank you for the sweet Valentines Day card. It was such a sweet blessing in my mailbox!

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