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RATINGS: If I have not rated you, please reach out to me and I will do it promptly. I always rate, but sometimes I do forget one!

SWAPS: If you have not received a swap from me, please reach out. I ALWAYS send my swaps out and am more than happy to send a replacement if it gets lost in the mail!

PRIVATE SWAPS: If you are interested in doing a private swap with me, shoot me a message! I love doing music, ATC, art, and general creative swaps. I am totally open to any and all suggestions.


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my page and taking the time to get to know a little bit about me.

My name is Luci and I'm 26 years old. I'm a California native born and raised in San Francisco. Some of my favorite places in the city are Chinatown, Alcatraz, and the little old-timey warehouse full of arcade games from the 20s-50s down by the wharf. I don't think I am, but I've been told I'm a stereotypical Northern Californian haha. I'm Chicana, I'm queer, and I'm a huge nerd. I am a Pisces and my tarot card is the hermit.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to write to me!


Favorite Music

I love all kinds of music and am open to finding new songs to jam to. I noticed that my music genres come in stages. I had a huge alternative/emo rock phase, a rap phase, an indie-rock/indie-folk phase, an electronica phase, and now I'm in that hip-hop/r&B phase.


  1. My Chemical Romance
  2. Frank Ocean
  3. Natalia Lafourcade
  4. The 1975
  5. Chance the Rapper


Favorite Movies


I love Hollywood and it's movie magic. Honestly, I truly appreciate any movie recommendations. Here's a little list of some of my faves.

  1. The Last Dragon
  2. Constantine
  3. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  4. Pan's Labyrinth
  5. Hellboy
  6. Coco
  7. Princess and the Frog
  8. All Studio Ghibli Films (Spirited Away esp)
  9. Beetlejuice
  10. Lilo & Stitch
  11. Aladdin

Favorite Television


I'm a tv junkie. I've watched a lot of shows in my life...from K-Drama's to crime television shows (looking at you Law and Order SVU).

Here's some of my top fave shows:

  1. Supernatural
  2. The Good Place
  3. Penny Dreadful
  4. Black Mirror
  5. The Twilight Zone (I haven't seen the new one yet)
  6. Jane the Virgin
  7. Parks and Recreation (April, Donna, Leslie, Jean-Ralphio and Ron are my faves)
  8. The Office (Pam, Jim, Dwight and Stanley)
  9. The Flash
  10. Black Lightning
  11. Firefly
  12. Merlin
  13. Nightflyers

When I need something to make me laugh, especially when I'm feeling down, I'll watch animated shows. I really enjoy watching

  1. Bob's Burgers
  2. Steven Universe
  3. Rick & Morty
  4. Hey Arnold!
  5. Star vs. The Forces of Evil
  6. South Park.
  7. Spongebob
  8. Bee and Puppycat

I do watch the occasional anime...but I'll watch maybe 2 shows a year. Right now, I'm currently watching My Hero Academia.

Favorite Anime of all time is for sure Ouran High School Host Club (I've probably watched it 10 times), Hunter x Hunter (Killua and Leorio are my faves), Love Stage!!!, Yuri!!! on Ice, Princess Jellyfish, Rilakkuma, Aggretsuko, and Cinderella Boy.

Currently Watching: Dead to Me

Favorite Books


I really like comic books and graphic novels. Here's a little list of books I like:

  1. Harry Potter (ofc)
  2. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
  3. Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki
  4. Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn
  5. Valiant by Holly Black
  6. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

I'm always looking for recommendations!

Favorite Crafts


I really like to draw and make playlists. I draw a lot of original characters, fan art, and character studies.



This is a little list of all the things that tend to catch my eye.

crystals spacemilk teacup pyramidtea tea teabagcrystal

(1) Tea! I love all kinds of tea. I really like chai, green tea, and herbal fruit teas. I also enjoy the occasional earl grey and mint teas. (2) Space (3) crystals and rocks (5) the ocean (6) candles and scents (7) cartoons and graphics (8) superheroes (especially DC comics) (9) Poems (10) Flowers (11) plants (12) Bonfires/campfires--esp. bonfires on the beach (13) Tortoises (14) A good ghost story (15) enamel pins




  1. Tumeric and Ginger teas
  2. Olives
  3. Fruit Pies
  4. Ridiculously spicy challenges (I like chili as much as the next person, but I know my limit as a human being on this planet and will not eat a ghost pepper)

I feel like I'm a pretty open person and am always down to try new things.

Random Facts


  1. If I could have any other job I'd want to work at Pixar or be a comic book editor.
  2. Favorite Color: Crimson
  3. Hobby: writing short stories, journaling, and drawing
  4. Favorite Flower: I like all of them...except the thistle. I love Cactus Flowers!
  5. Favorite Scent: Eucalyptus and Mint
  6. Favorite Plant: Hedgehog Cactus
  7. Favorite Superhero: The Flash and Batman
  8. Favorite X-Men: Nightcrawler and Gambit
  9. Favorite Robin: Damian Wayne
  10. Favorite HP Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Luna Lovegood


I'm getting more into postcard swaps because I have a bunch of them.

  1. Pop Culture
  2. Comics (especially Batman and the Robins, the Flash, DC Comics, and just comic book art)
  3. Anything grunge or witchy
  4. Crystals
  5. Space and Astronomy
  6. Postcards from indie artists
  7. Postcards from independent artists
  8. Anything Cartoon or Anime oriented
  9. Trees and Flowers
  10. Anything weird or goth (like skeletons, horror, eccentric, etc)
  11. Cool little watercolor stills of a city or your hometown
  12. Anything humorous or funny


Comment: Thank you for the lovely story (I LOVE the typewritten look)! I love the way you interpreted the prompt- definitely got me excited to read on, and then it ended! I totally get the lack of inspiration thing- but I also really enjoyed the end product. Keep writing! -Al
alexalgebra rated for Cryptid Profile Deco #01 ~ on Aug 8, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the cool pics! I want to hear your grandma's chupacabra stories, I bet they're awesome :D
theirmimi rated for Nature inspired swap #2 on Aug 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great package. The rose petals were a wonderful touch. ๐Ÿ˜Š
LeaTheShark rated for Cryptid Profile Deco #01 ~ on Aug 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for all the great chupacabra pics, and the bonus baby Peryton! It's so cool that your grandma told you stories like that <3
efjellro rated for PRIVATE: Luciie & efjellro on Jul 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much for your postcard, and thanks for the private swap :) I would like to visit San Francisco some time. I heard California are closing down again, I hope you're safe and healthy and that all of this will be over soon <3
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for setting up a private swap <3
neea1989 rated for ๐ŸŒธ Anime ATC #2 ๐ŸŒธ on Jul 1, 2020
Comment: What a cool Akira atc, I love it! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’Š๐ŸŒ‡ Thank you so much! โœจโญ๏ธโœจ
Response: Thank you! It was really fun to make!<3
Autist rated for GAG: Browncoats I - Mal on Jun 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the Mal ATC!! It will look great in my geekdom folder! And thanks for the second star to the right ATC too!!
Response: You're totally welcome! Thanks again for hosting an awesome swap โค๏ธ
shellybuckmeier rated for 1 Page Letter #10 on May 29, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the letter that gave me a glimpse into your life. It's fun getting to know fellow swap-bot members! Your origami crane is adorable!
Response: Yay! Thanks for reading it through! I'm sure it was long and windy at times. I get lost in thought, easily ๐Ÿ˜…. I'm glad you got it and enjoyed it! โค๏ธ
Hell0Z0mbie rated for Self Portrait ATC (HD/HP) on May 26, 2020
Comment: Hey Luci, I'm very sorry to rate a three, but this was sent a week after the deadline with no contact until after the deadline had passed. That said, the ATC is cute, I love your drawing style.
Response: Hi Emma, thanks for the rate! I did email you with info regarding my late send? I don't know if you saw it? I don't remember getting a response, but it definitely has been a crazy few weeks. I also included a couple bonuses, which I can't even recall since it's been a while ๐Ÿ˜…. Sorry again for the late send. Hope you are doing well.
NeronNebula rated for Gardening ATC on May 21, 2020
Comment: Your ATC looks soooo cute! I love it! Thanks ^_^
Response: Thank you <3 and thank you for the heart!
efjellro rated for Playlist Shuffle Email Swap #4 on May 17, 2020
Comment: Sorry to rate you a 3, but you sent the swap 4 days later than the swap deadline (ADDED: With no communication). Please send on time next time <3 I hope you are safe and healthy <3
Response: Thank you! Although I am bummed by the rating, I totally understand.
Comment: Great job on the list and I love that you made a Spotify list of the songs! We had a couple of the same picks too :)
Response: That's awesome! Thank you for hosting a great swap! I am so sorry for sending it out late.
SoberMermaid3 rated for SCATTS PC Swap - V - US Only on May 15, 2020
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Your postcard is absolutely stunning! How long did it take you to make? Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous art with me ^_^ Have an awesome day!
Response: Ahhh thank you! It took me a long afternoon! It was such a fun thing to make. Thank you for hosting an awesome swap!
Comment: Thank you for the swap. Lots of songs that I didn't know. I will have to check them out.
Response: I hope you find some good ones to add to your playlist <3.
Comment: Whoa! <3 I love the story it almost made me cry. I am not sure if I interpreted it correctly. At first I thought about the song "oh nice ending theme song to lucy's story." Then I put more attention to the lyrics and realized it was Freddie singing about his cat. So adorable! It pulled some heart strings <3 I kinda want to make a song for my jasper know lol... overall thank you for the lovely swap. :)
Response: YES! Make a song for Jasper. I always wanted to make a lil story about Freddy and his cat and this was the perfect swap to do it. I am so glad you enjoyed it <3
Comment: What an interesting dream! It reminds me of a book which is being written by a good friend and is about young adults with superpowers. Thanks also for the postcard, which I just mailed to my daughter, and for the sarsaparilla tea. I will have it with dessert tonight. Stay safe.
Comment: I got your lovely Sailor moon PC today. Thank you so much for putting a lot of effort into making it. Its very sturdy, I love it!!
Response: I am so glad it got to you! I was worried with the postal situation going on. It definetly is sturdy haha.
piperwashere rated for Playlist Shuffle Email Swap #4 on May 5, 2020
Comment: There's some good stuff on here! Thanks for sharing
Response: Thank you <3 My playlist is a bit...all over the place lol

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Moxieroe on Jul 29, 2020:

Hello! For the Cryptid Profile Decoration Swap. Stay safe and healthy!

First we have the grootslang. It has the head of an elephant and the body of a snake. It is an African legend said to be one of the first creatures the gods created. However, they gave it too much strength and cunning and it proved far too dangerous. The gods had to destroy the grootslangs and created elephants and snakes from its separated parts. However, one grootslang got away and created more.

The Black Shuck is a ghost dog found in England. It is a large black dog said to have glowing red eyes and is often seen as an omen of death. One of the more famous stories of the Shuck is from the 1800's where it was said to have entered a church during a clap of thunder, ran up the aisle and killed a man and his son. The Shuck left the church in ruin after breaking a pillar and leaving burn marks at the exit.

Last, the Tatzelwurm. Said to be found in the Alps of Europe. It has the upper body of a cat that turns into a snake tail. I really just like this one because I love cats and snakes and this is the best of both worlds! Also, I love this picture because it's adorable. Tatzelwurm's are said to be quite ferocious, though.

KaliOya on Jul 29, 2020:

This is an atmospheric jellyfish. It is a flying jellyfish. This picture is specifically of "The Dutch Flying Jellyfish". Photographed in the Netherlands by Harry Perton when he went out after a storm to take photos of a beautiful sky for his blog. He was not expecting to capture a photograph of something unusual.

KaliOya on Jul 29, 2020:

This is a Werewolf. I find them interesting because they are humanoid. Some would say that a werewolf is not a cryptid because of its ties to supernatural forces. From what I understand a cryptid werewolf is a humanoid with canine features.

kikakreativa on Apr 29, 2020:

Kawaii Food in my profile

have a great day ยกยกยก : )







bambam on Apr 29, 2020:

Kawaii Food Swap bambam

piperwashere on Apr 28, 2020:

Kawaii Food!

Pikapika on Apr 19, 2020:

Happy Velociraptor day!

MKayla on Apr 18, 2020:

Profile Swap - Velociraptor Awareness Day 4/18

From: Mkayla

Happy Velociraptor awareness day!!





Kirkdebb on Apr 17, 2020:

Profile Swap - Velociraptor Awareness Day

efjellro on Mar 12, 2020:

Hi. I see that you have read my message with the swap from the Pinterest Lovers group named "Swap #12: Plants." Would you also please take the time to rate me? Thanks. -Elisabeth

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