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About Me

JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW.... Its been a hard few weeks, and my "real" life has taken some extra time.... Im not flaking off swapbot, but I am late in sending out some swaps. Since honesty is the best policy, lets just say the sh!t that is going down at my house I am not comfy discussing, but it is NOT good. overall with not one but 2 cars in the shop, i cant get anywhere to mail anything. also Im not sure what most people think or do when their DH abandon ship. especially under rediculous circumstances. IT IS AMAZINGLY HARD TO MAKE LOVELY VALENTINES SWAPS WHEN I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY ANGRY AND BROKEN HEARTED!!! I am sending out all of my january swaps tomorrow morning (jan 26th) with delivery confirmation. For those of you who are recieveing late packages, feel free to rate me with a 3, as obviously the items have been sent late. this all being said, I will be swapping still, simply because we all need a few smiles and some happiness to keep us going in life. This site may be the only smiles that one will find at my house in the next few months to come. Sad but true... If you "need" to know whats going on feel free to ask, but know that you really dont want to know..lol. messy complicated and unhappy.

now on top of everything else, we have crazy snowy 2degrees weather, and I cant get down my road, unless it gets plowed hoping for tomorrow, as im already going stir crazy.... lol. well at least the kids get to ditch school.

Im kinda artsy not so craftsy, inspired by many things ... I love the idea of this site.... In the "real" world i feel like people often forget that art is art, and some people like to define "bad" art. Thus.... sometimes I do great things and sometimes I create odd obscure things you cant find anywhere else. I try to stay outside of any given box or label as I am a bit of a non conformist....

Did you know that west virginias state quarter has 4 mountains on it, but if you go visit there are only three mountains? crazy right? thanks to mountain top removal, many mountains in appalachia as well as other places are disappearing..(over 103 smaller mountains in kentucky have been topped by coal mining companies). Help protect our mountains, streams, and valleys please!

Favorite Books

I am in love with old editions of francis ching's books.... I love silas house's books, mostly because they show the truth, even when they are fiction books. I am amazed at the amount of people who are unaware of whats going on in their own "backyards" as well as other parts of the country.

currently my favorite coffee table book is plundering appalacia, I think everyone should sit down and look at this book with their friends, parents, children. and maybe even sit and cry. I never thought I would be the one to cry for a mountain... I always figured I was a girl who would cry for a redwood tree.....A sad reallity of what is happening, and no one is doing anything to stop it. The coal industry has too much money going into to many political pockets. even the christian coalition is supporting coal, while it is killing families nearby, ruining lifes, and destroying homes.

Favorite Television

I dont really watch much tv...

except old stuff like hitchcock, gilligans island, the beverly hillbillies, madmaxx, waterworld,

things i love....

Im hoping that this will be a fun experience, where i can find some new people to share interest with and maybe even find some inspiration....

things i love... *hello kitty & any other Kawaii stuff *buttons *coffee and teas *tiny notebooks *atcs *obscure music *stone houses *postcards *flamingos, turtles, and ravens, hedghogs *big bird and oscar the grouch *organic goodies, *violet crumbles, and asian candies *matchboxes *vintage goodys *books/pages in other languages, *plaid *witches, monsters, robots and stars (year-round) *earth friendly anything *recycled crafts (crafted with recycled goods?) *morbags *artfire.com *toy story, just woody and jessie *the colors red and orange and turqoise *steven king books *francis ching books *national geographics (i would love atcs that resemble nat. geo. mags) *collage art

"steampunk" ~absolutely love it, this romantic, chaotic, mechanical inspired thing~~ I think it is fabulous.

I collect.... alice in wonderland things (not the new movie though) trinkets, books, toys,jewelery, etc..

Monster in my pocket toys ... apparently alot more popular in the 90's in the U.K. than in the U.S. .... I have the ones that were my husbands when he was a kid, but they are hard to come by here in the usa.... but i hear they are more findable in the U.K. (always can find a way to trade for these!!!)

empty spools of thread...lol.

bakealite buttons

vintage hankerchiefs

I love handmade pottery. (even when lopsided)

I love yarn. I am begining to have a paper obsession.

furrr babies

I have 2 dogs.. one is dodie, she rarely barks, doesnt need a leash and is amazingly well behaved.... except that she thinks its ok to sleep on my new couch... of coarse in the spot that I like to sit... and i dont really want to be covered in dog hair.

the other pup is sage, we called him pudge but now he isnt so pudgy. he hasnt really came into his own personality yet... still waiting to see who he is.

Favorite Crafts

I am not sure I have a favorite.....yet.

magically.... I got a cricket for christmas, and then thanks to the person who returned their hello kitty and sesame street cartridges to joAnns (where they dont sell those) instead of hobby lobby, I got each of them for 9.99 instead of full price.... super stoked about this.. cant wait to go home and play with it. I cant believe my great luck, I was kinda worried that i would have to wait for whatever was on clearance...

I really enjoy making toys and dolls, and have just discovered dottees, which of coarse i love! also recently discovered atcs, and felting. I like sewing, knitting (but cant claim to be profecient),

I love making atc's, and bookmarks. I love rubberstamping too... and making cards and such....

I bought one of those yudu silkscreeners last year but dont really use it much,but intend to now that we have moved and create a better studio space than what i currently have. I also discovered that i can use my cricket to make stencils to fake silkscreen screens.... love that!

I apparently am my own worst critic. My friend has been tryin to teach me more about sewing but i hope to learn fast.... i think i am not patient enough. I think i will stick to hands on crafts.... where my fingers wont get ran over lol.

I hope to find inspiration here on swap bot, its great to be able to try new things without negative criticism (I do like feedback though, especially if it helps me do "better")

*on the plus side my sewing has greatly improved in the last month, Im no longer resistant to actually send my work out into the world. so far just stuffies, and dotees, but hopefully more stuff soon.

i like all sorts of crafts but am not neccisarily good at all of them....

My Family Members

My DH is opposed to sending too much info out on the internet, though he does love that I have found a nice hobby or two thanks to swap-bot. here are some details about our family.

dh- He is adorable. A kid at heart. He enjoys the outdoors, and would prefer that to a house anyday. He loves winter, hates the sun. he loves oscar the grouch, graffiti, and obscure music. He likes steampunk stuff, the wierder the better. He loves blown glass, turtles, mushrooms, stephen king books. he really loves audio tapes. Lately he has been reading allen ginsberg, jack kerouack, and william s. burroughs books. He is really into collage art. He loves fire. and spices. He has recently discovered bacon chocolate. he likes dark chocolate. anything sour, anything grapefruit or lime flavored. he hates soda, loves water. he loves monster in my pocket toys from the late 80s early 90s.

the kids. we have a handful of kids running around aged from 6 to 14..... they love animals, especially reptiles. they all love to get mail. the like creating art (thank god), and are relatively easy to please. The kids are energetic and a little out of control some days... I just try to keep them busy...lol. favorite colors are blue green turquoise and pink. One loves old mustang cars, one loves random marbles, one loves destroying/making art out of barbies. Current obsessions are collage art journals, legos (gosh i hate steppin on them!), monsters, robots, ninjas, wooden toys. fancy nancy is a hit at our house too, as well as ds games. (not that i can afford to swap those items)

Im sorry im not too clear about who likes what, but this is the deal i made with DH in order to even mention him and the kids.


Comment: So sorry for the late rating!! Such a cute card! Thanks so much!
elizabeth13 rated for BuTtoN bRacLeT GLOBAL on Apr 18, 2011
Comment: Hate to rate like this--but 2 1/2 months past due -- would be willing to rate a 5 if it ever arrives.
Comment: I will gladly, gladly change this when I receive this parcel... I'm still hoping I will.
Comment: Thank you! Love It!
Comment: I hate to leave a one when I know you are having a hard time, but I have not heard back from the messages I sent you. I will swiftly and gladly change this rating when the craft arrives.
Comment: I'm disappointed that you did not follow the swap guidelines. "Each item needs to be wrapped or in some way hidden (individually) so that your swap partner can't see it while they put it in their box!" Thank you for what you sent though. (Your response still does not make it follow swap guidelines.)
Response: I believe i wrote on the envie that there was no enclosed envie :( I hope you liked em...
Comment: Thank you for the great swap!
sewcrazy rated for Valentine Swap - Step1 - The Box on Feb 14, 2011
Comment: got the box today, what a great start for next year
Comment: Love it and loved the confetti explosion (which I gleefully shook around the house). Thank you!
Comment: I wish you would have been honest about the send date. Thanks for everything!
Response: this package i sent, got returned to me damaged, and had to resend. call me a liar... I was honest.
Candyn29 rated for Valentine's Day Matchbox! <3 <3 on Feb 11, 2011
Comment: super cute
Comment: Thank you for the valentine card. You did a great job making it.
Comment: Loved my card thank you my kids just loved the glitter
Comment: Lovely inchies! :D
Comment: I love the winged heart! Thanks!
midwestkiwi rated for Fat Journal Page on Jan 31, 2011
Response: Sorry it was late... I hope you like it anyways.
Comment: Thank you for the cute set of inchies. They are very nice. Thank you for getting these sent even during your rough patch. Hope things get better soon!
Comment: I just want to thank you for the sensational envelope of goodies. There is not one thing I don't like. It's great! I hope things work out for the better for you and that you continue to smile. Thank you!
Tpartymom rated for January 2011 Magic Yarn Ball Swap on Jan 31, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the awesome ball of fun!

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babynavyblue on Apr 26, 2011:

Due to your excessive 1 ratings you have been removed from Dotees of all kinds. Please reapply if you wish when you get things solved,

Mistyinltown on Mar 22, 2011:


I was hoping you could tell me or rate me for the "be my VALENTINE MEGA ATC swap" I mailed over a month ago (5 weeks). Please let me know, or rate me. Thanks.

heather1971 on Jan 14, 2011:

Hey! I am hosting my first whimsy jar swap and since you were my partner for the Blue Christmas one, I thought I'd give you a heads up...just in case! Feel free to join in with me! LOL! ~Heather

Karenmomofthree on Jan 7, 2011:

Welcome to the Adeventures in American Girl SWAP group!

homeandheart on Dec 28, 2010:

WELCOME to Somerset Style! Please visit our forum for a free giveaway and fun!

RyeRye on Dec 21, 2010:


MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Crafting Queens group~

heather1971 on Dec 15, 2010:

OH! I am soooo glad you liked your whimsey jar! It was harder than I thought to find blue Christmasy stuff! I looked long and hard for a blue-ish Hello Kitty ornament and had no luck....bummer. My daughter auditioned and got a part in our local youth production of Alice in Wonderland and I am a "prop" mom! I may have to call on your assistance! LOL! Again, glad you like the jar. I have another bird and may have to make one for myself! LOL! ~Heather

MrsHonniB on Dec 7, 2010:

Hope you're feeling better now?The new California ATC is on it's way again.....hope it'll get to you this time! Mieke

AmaraGayle on Dec 6, 2010:

The ADORABLE mousey you mailed now lives a short but honorable life of service in this house -- my Bengal took it as a gift from the gods, loved it soo much he'd hide from everyone in else in the house, yowling!

Thought you'd get a giggle, I'll try to snag a picture...if he'd even let me get close! (and this is closing in on 12 hours later hahahahha)

  • Amara
AmaraGayle on Dec 6, 2010:

Sorry! Hadn't been home to rate -- sent you a note and got the rating tended to :)

Good stuffs indeed, thanks again!

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