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Country: Japan
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Jan 22: I have recently been rated a one for a swap that hasn't reached my partner. The way we tried to solve it didn't end up nicely and it turned me off from swapping. I was planning to quit from swap-bot due to the incident but decided not to. I love swapping and I am not going to let one incident make me quit doing what I love. I am not a flaker and I take my swaps seriously. I don't mind if swaps' hosts drop me out of their swaps due to my rating. I deserved a one as my partner still hasn't received the parcel but I had shown all proofs that I did send it and as shown on my Flickr, the items were especially bought according to her likes and requests. I even included a birthday present. I still believe the parcel will arrive some day cuz I don't believe in lost mails and it was sent in December which is the busiest season in the mail industry.

I usually go above and beyond the swap requirements but due to this incident, I may use the extras for registering the parcel instead if the swap is of a high value. I am trying to have fun here and not to make dramas!

An expat living in Tokyo, Japan. Been moving countries since I was 13yo and now I am 27, married. Had lived in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea and now Japan. Moving from down-under to up north =) No plan on moving anymore, just too tired. But if the circumstances allowed, would like to move back to Australia!

One of the reasons I joined swap-bot was to fulfill my cravings. Craving for Cheez-it so badly! The first time I had them was when I was about 8yo. Then I moved to a country with no store selling them. Found them at S.Korea Costco 13 years later and somehow they stopped selling them. So yes I have been craving for it for quite a long time :X Thanks to swap-bot, I finally got to eat Cheez-it again! =D

I love to receive mails cuz it feels like Christmas is not only in December! I also love to shop things for people, the fun of going shopping and buying new stuff! My husband and I work in the food industry so I think I am better in picking food than say craft items as I am not a crafty :)


Mar 27: I'll be moving house in mid-April so my wishlist will be super small cuz I don't need many things atm! My swapbot address will still be the same cuz it's my work address.

This is also my shopping list so I edit it often.

  • Oysho likes (size S) elasticated pants leopard print pants flocked pants I can't wear my jeans and I can't zip up my pants anymore so waist-banded pants are the way to go lol and no I am not ready to wear maternity clothes yet :P miss bunny top cat print sweatshirt bio snake print slippers size 36
  • Any baby clothes and things. Still haven't found out the baby's gender (the doctor here won't tell until 6-7months :-) so green and yellow are probably the safest colors
  • Always in need of regular thick socks cuz I always make a hole on it lol (EU size 36), not fuzzy socks cuz I have wayyy too many
  • Lush hair moisturizer for frizzy dry hair
  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion and Clarifying lotion 2 (the price is ridiculous here compared to the US!)
  • Eyecream
  • Long wallet - not expensive one but not cheap-looking?
  • Pyjamas and homewear are my fav. clothes! (size S)
  • [Bershka text print t-shirt size M] (http://www.bershka.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/bershkaes/en/bershka/179538/2241509/Bershka%2Btext%2Bprint%2BT-shirt/)
  • [Bershka gangnam style t-shirt size M] (http://www.bershka.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/bershkaes/en/bershka/179506/2101517/%27GANGNAM%2BSTYLE%27%2BT-shirt/)
  • Loacker wafers, Bueno Kinder, Nutella
  • Powder coffee (not instant)
  • Never tried these but so curious about them! Ovomaltine crunchy cream, Manner neapolitan wafers

I apologize if my list is too specific. I live in a tiny Japanese cubical apartment and there is not much space to put things around. If you can't find anything to send from my list, feel free to send something else as long as it is useful and not junk :)

Please don't send me

  • Make-up/nail polish/perfume
  • Cheap lotions - the conditions of my hands and foot are so severe that cheap lotions make them even worse
  • Bath salts, bath bombs
  • Jewelry
  • Magnet, used stamps
  • Stationary, ephemera
  • Reeses, licorice
  • Tea (I drink Japanese and Chinese tea only)
  • Dollar store stuff
  • Loose food stuff or food without expiry date. I am currently pregnant and I am very concerned about food hygiene and all

Hubby's Swap

When my first swap arrived, both me and my husband were so excited and I love to see him opening the package like a kid (he doesn't really get gifts from his family during his childhood, so something for him would be great too!) When I did my first swap shopping, my husband actually joined me and recommended some stuff. I think deep inside he wants to join swap-bot too haha!

Update: Guess I was right about the hubby wanting to swap! He finally asked me to find a partner for him to swap with. He wants to do the shopping and I'm guessing he wants to get his own package with HIS name on it lol! He doesn't speak English so I will be his "assistant" in translating, packing, writing memos, shipping etc. He is a very nice guy (otherwise I wouldn't marry him lol) and he has a good sense of fashion and stuff so your swap will be in good hands ;)

If you are from the Europe and would like to do food swaps, I will partner you with him! That is if you don't mind :) He would like to try popular food/snacks/chocolates from your country. He loves Loacker wafers! Adding non-food items to surprise him would be great too!

Something other than food that he may like :)

  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Hiking gear - he loves hiking!
  • T-shirt from your city/country (size M)
  • Is there a coin purse for guys?? He always breaks his wallet cuz he puts too many coins inside. I am not getting him a new wallet until he figures out how to store his coins properly! lol

Not necessarily expensive items, he would be really happy just to receive a package from overseas (like I always do lately haha). He is really picky about food but not so about non-food items ;)

We like sweet and savory chips, crackers, cookies, any kind of chocolates etc but not really into candies. I think the only candy we eat is ramune candy, google it! In general, we hardly eat candy. We don't hate it though! Especially if they are yummy and not too sweet, we would love to try!

Favorite Music

Hillsong, instrumental, classical music. Big no to jazz, no offence but I get headache whenever I listen to jazz and I don't know why!

Favorite Movies

Action, comedy movies, TV series like Revenge, The Lying Game etc. My all-time fav is Prison Break! Reality shows like Hell's Kitchen, America's Next Top Model etc. My all-time fav movie is Home Alone 1 and 2. Had the videos when I was a kid. I've watched over 100x and I still love it! I just love any movies with kids. I get touched easily by them, I can cry easily because of them, weird lol.


Sending to:

Waiting from:

  • @TeaP for 'I wish for' tag // received with thanks :)
  • @MichelleK for 'Tag me but I send to you' tag // received with thanks :)
  • @twistedriver for 'Cheap postage you're it' tag // received with thanks :)
  • @kcody03 for 'Something' tag // received with thanks :)
  • @synchrodoll for 'Thrift store' tag // received with thanks :)
  • @piratecaptainmo for 'Pick two' tag // received with thanks :)
  • @elluzki for 'Tag me but I send to you' tag // received with thanks :)
  • @jandmterry for 'Tag me but I send to you' tag // received with thanks :)
  • @happymango for 'Tag you're it' tag // Flaked! She deleted her account :(


Comment: What a brilliant package you sent and thoughtfully marked - and you included my favourites! the candy tastes a lot like a certain type of gum here. The crisps were great (already gone along with the pocky :D) - thank you so much for swapping with me - i hope you get the package i sent soon :) :) :) :) THANK YOU!!!
Newberlin rated for Savory Snack and Lil' Surprise! on Apr 5, 2013
Comment: Hi, thank you so much for the great snacks and present! I love it and already tried one of the seaweed sticks, so good! :D
Comment: I dont have enough words to describe this package! The snacks look amazing aqnd I cant wait to try them!! I love, love, love all the Etude stuff and the facemasks look so cool, I m just about to use one! The baking supplies are all so cool.. Even the aiploc bags are kawaii ! You really outdid yourself and made me super happy.. You deserve so many more hearts!!
Response: I am super glad that I made you happy! I hope the baking supplies are correct?! I can't wait for you to show me your pocky creation! ;)
TheNettieP rated for Surprise in a envelope #2 on Mar 5, 2013
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart! :)
chocosamurai rated for Surprise in a envelope #2 on Feb 25, 2013
Comment: Your package made me miss Japan >.< - you wouldn't find cute envelopes like those here in New Zealand aha. Also the face mask is exactly what I needed...thank you very much for the surprise,
Response: Wow, that's pretty fast! Glad that you liked them, was a bit worried since I had to pack them before partners were assigned :)
kittylover rated for Gifts from Far Away on Jan 10, 2013
Comment: Dearest Ellen: I was more than willing to wait a while longer for this to arrive but at YOUR insistence I am rating the swap and due to the fact that I have not received it yet there is no possible way I could rate more than a 1. This troubles me because we have gone back and forth with you telling me to lodge a complaint with my post office and me telling you the US post office can't hunt for a "needle in a haystack" since your swap was sent without delivery confirmation or registered requiring a signature. I certainly believe that you sent it but the fact remains that it has not arrived. If it does show up I would be happy to raise the rating. At one point you told me you were going to offer to resend but you changed your mind based on the fact that I left a profile comment asking if you were coming back to swap-bot or taking a permanent vacation. That kind of attitude is not very conducive to friendly swapping relations but it is certainly your prerogative to handle the situation as you see fit. Good Luck with that next swap you have promised to someone else here in the states - I do hope the package arrives without incident.
Response: I only asked you to lodge in a complain as both sender and receiver do need to lodge it in to speed up the investigation (based on my experience working in Australia Post). You knew I was away on a vacation but you still sent me numerous sarcastic msgs which really upset me. As soon as I came back after a long flight, I read your msgs and had to reply immediately, made a flickr account and uploaded my airticket pic to proof that I indeed just came back due to your impatience even though I was totally exhausted and had heavy jetlag. Also I believe there is no swap-bot rules specifying a re-send is needed if the partner doesn't receive the first one. A re-send is a willingness of the sender and not an obligation. You knew you upset me and you did apologize in the msg but in this rating, you made it sound like I am the bad guy. I already sent you proof of the post office receipt and your items http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ and as I've mentioned I won't be sending a re-send and since the parcel still doesn't arrive, I deserve a one according to the rules. Though both you and I know it is still on the way and being delayed. What upset me the most was your sarcastic msgs. You even said wherever I was, I should have had internet access. You know what? Luckily I didn't login to swapbot eventhough I could have used the hotel internet cuz your msgs would had spoiled our vacation. Regarding the swap with the other person, I've promised to swap with her since last year but had to delay due to Christmas and vacation. I already explained this situation to her before you even rated me and I told her it's definitely up to her and if she is still up for it, I will be sending by registered mail. Lesson learned.
Comment: Thank you thank you thank you, just received the package today and I love everything.. also I'm very curious to try all the edible !!! I'm wearing the caviar face mask now :D
Response: You're very welcome Athanasia! Glad that you liked them! Hope you are not tempted to eat them now! hehe :P One more week then you can indulge! Thank you for the heart and thank you for swapping with me! :)
rngstgstll rated for Operation Cheezit Resupply on Dec 11, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much! Arigato gozaimas and Kamsahapnida! My son took one look at the bus chopsticks and ran off with them, my husband started talking about the shrimp crackers and candy and snacks excitedly, remembering all the snacks he ate as an exchange student in Japan, and my daughter's eyes became very wide when she saw the beautiful origami paper and the postcards of the temples (we found a torii). And I am reaaly looking forward to making some kimbap. Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness and generosity.
Response: You're so welcome! I am glad that everyone in your family enjoyed them! I hope you already made one kimbap by now hehe. Thank you for swapping with me! :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the private swap!!! I love all these things! Some I've seen before but mostly all new to me!! Can't wait to try then
Response: Thank YOU for swapping with my hubby and the heart! Enjoy the snacks! :D
Comment: Awesome! I loved everything! It was such a fun package to open! THANK YOU!!!
Response: Yay, you got it! So glad you liked everything! Thank you for swapping with me! :)
Comment: I can't thank you enough for the AMAZING package you sent my dad! He LOVED IT!! I cant wait for you to get your Crackers!!
Response: You're welcome! I am glad he liked it! I got a notice card for 2 packages from the post office while I was at the in-laws ytd. Pretty sure they are swap-bot packages, will let you know once they are re-delivered today ;)
Comment: Again, thank you so much for such an awesome package I loved everything you included as well as the beautiful origami paper!
Response: You're very welcome! Would love to see your creation with the origami paper! And thank you for the hearts! My first ratings and it feels good :D
dmei209 rated for dmei209 and happybunny candy swap! on Oct 20, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the amazing variety of candies and snacks as well as providing such detail for each package! I already tried the Kit-Kat bars and they were delicious! I hope we can have another swap in the future!
Response: So glad you like it! Was a bit nervous as it was my first swap shopping on swapbot. Please do message me anytime if you want any Japanese candies/snacks! ;)

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provadia on Feb 20, 2013:

Thanks so much for the Tag You're It earrings! Adorbs! <3

athanasiasmile on Feb 15, 2013:

Oh my gosh I just received your extra package today .. Thank you sooooo much for everything !!! I didn't expect so much cuteness in a box. You really hit my sweet tooth again, I can't wait to try all the edible and I am already craving the spicy noodles, you made me SO curious when you said even you can't handle it.. if I love it you have to send me more ! HaHa. You're the sweetest for sending this package as well and I can't wait to swap with you again !! xoxo

kittylover on Jan 6, 2013:

Are you planning to come back to swap-bot or is this a permanent vacation?

jandmterry on Dec 18, 2012:

I am so glad you liked your smash pads. :0) I hope you feel better soon.


mizvicky on Dec 17, 2012:


Amberly on Dec 14, 2012:

Thank you for the lovely set of chopsticks from the tag me but I send to you tag in the forums. I love the information about the decorations on them.

rainbowafterrain81 on Dec 11, 2012:

hello hello! I got the fabric tape for the Tag me...... but i send to you! tag and I love them :) this is the first fabric tape I've gotten and I can't wait to use it :)

what I UNDERSTAND washi tape to be and I could totally be WRONG is "japanese rice paper tape"

here is a link to a shop...

hope you have a great Christmas and then come straight back to swapping :)

rngstgstll on Nov 30, 2012:

Happybunnysshi, choeun achim iyeyo! I really need to get the Hangeul characters on my computer. First learning goal for December! Kamsahapnida for the inspiration!

kittylover on Nov 30, 2012:

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm looking forward to my shopping trip tomorrow.

tanjch on Nov 30, 2012:

Thank you for the dolly wink booklet for the tag! :)

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