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Date Joined: February 23, 2020
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Birthday: January 27
Country: United States
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♥ Hello there!


Perhaps you've noticed from my profile that I spent most of 2020 (the year I joined) heavily engaged in trading on SwapBot, with a drop-off to zero participation right before Christmas.

My beloved mother's health declined rapidly and unexpectedly over the last part of 2020 and into 2021. With love, in that timeframe I visited my parent's home multiple times -- a 4 hour drive away -- despite coronavirus fears, because an extra pair of loving, helping hands was necessary and required. The Christmas holidays needed handling, with and for my own nuclear family, in the midst of all that.

Last week, my mom landed in hospital after a sudden illness (unrelated to coronavirus.) She fought it for days with the same fierceness she applied to everything in her life, but ultimately succumbed, encircled in my arms. I am so grateful and blessed to have been with her, in a time when so many other families have not been able to do the same with their own loved ones.

The intensity of emotion, connection, and constant worry over the last handful of months has left me heartsick and depleted, and not in the headspace to create or engage in trades. But I will be back to participate on SwapBot in the (hopefully near) future. I just need some time to heal, and to rejoin the site's purpose and spirit fully present, after months not checking in.

I hope to see and trade with you all again soon. ♥

I'm Shelli Quinn, the maker at Shelli Makes Studio. Mom to four grown sons, I live with my MFT husband Tim plus Rascal the cat, Tilly the wonder dog, and a society finch named "Bird." We reside in beautiful northern California, where I've made whimsical works of paper, fabric, and fluff in my cozy home studio since 2004.

♥ My creative journey

Paper crafting has become a true passion, and is my biggest creative focus the last few years. I love vintage ephemera and collage, as well as textured, chubby, junk journals stuffed full with tuck spots, foldouts, journal cards, and tags.

In addition to trading paper "makes" on SwapBot, I'm a member of several FB swap groups. I recently joined Margarite Miller's wonderful "Collage Art Collective" on Mighty Networks, and look forward to trading vintage collage art with the talented members there. In years past I traded ATCs, and was co-moderator, at the juried site IllustratedATCs. A contributor to their "Art Trader" ezine, I even published a book of member work, "Color: A Collaborative Perspective," that you can still buy online. I also belonged to IATC's non-juried sister site, ATCsforAll.

Currently, I'm building my first-ever dollhouse: the DuraCraft "San Franciscan." It's a vintage (late 80's) Victorian style kit I bought on Facebook Marketplace, and I'm crossing fingers all the pieces are inside! I've never had a dollhouse despite a long fascination with miniatures, so it's an exciting new creative path for me. My interest is the build and design, as opposed to the "doll" part of having a dollhouse -- although I have been pondering the creation of one or two quirky, original figures, once the house is complete, with all aesthetics in place.

Since 2004, I’ve made original, one of a kind, mohair artisan teddy bears for adult collectors, first doing business as Potbelly Bears, then later as Shelli Makes. I've been on unofficial hiatus from bear making for a few years now, but don't think I'm through with them just yet.

A few years back I got into natural soapmaking, pouring bars for family and friends. I especially liked coming up with original scent "recipes" using essential oils. I also enjoyed experimenting with natural dyes like turmeric, spirulina, alkanet, or clay, to color my soaps organically. I'd like to get back into the hobby, but sourcing lye and other resources at reasonable prices, and without long shipping waits, can be a challenge.

I've made a few mouse ear headbands for myself, and for other Disney fans like me. I'm a former adult Disneyland Annual Pass holder. I'm also a pin collector. My favorite and largest collections include: Nightmare Before Christmas, Snow White, Merida/Brave, Tinkerbell, and pie-eyed (old style) Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

♥ Things I love

moons & stars • "Amelie" • chunky, junky journals • birds • dollhouses & miniatures • Jane Austen / the Regency era • woodland themes • illustrated children’s books • nature • the paintings of Becca Stadtlander • vintage Halloween • upcycling, thrifting, & flea markets • travel • the fantasy art of Brian Froud • gentle hygge living • the roaring 20's (flappers) • forests • preppy East Coast aestheticbob haircutsMori Girl aesthetic • period costume dramas • photography • SoulCollage™ • shades of warm green • "Durrells in Corfu" • English Breakfast tea • farmer's markets • ravens & crows • bright poppies • rusty metal • Laika animationEdith Holden botanical book pages • Mary Blair's Disney • essential oils • Li Ziqi's farm-to-table mountain life • foxes • Marbushka games (illustrator: Beatrix Bohony) • books • Phoebe Wahl, artist"Moulin Rouge" • thick wool felt • bees • Liberty of London ditsy florals • folk art • houseplants • San Francisco • Hug Snug seam binding • Sarah Horgen's botanical black & gray tattoos • fiddle leaf figs • Nightmare Before Christmas • oracle decks • chunky shoes • Disneyland • mermaids & undines (not Ariel) • pottery • "goth/cute" Tim Burton-esque themes • deep mustard yellow • Ginny Sheller's gentle homestead life • daisies • traveler's notebooks in Chic Sparrow covers • great design • moths (more than butterflies) • intelligent horror films • mushrooms • "French Kiss" • gold (not silver) • female empowerment • scrub jays • Cirque du Soleil • Mexican food • hand made natural soaps • "Friends" • warm cream (vs. bright white) • Dia de Los Muertos • cozy blankets • dried flowers • naturally dyed paper & textiles • green witch aesthetic • hand lettering • Sara Mearns, NYC Ballet • frogs & toads • linocut prints • "Out of Africa" • scarves • mochas • pretty handwriting • fountain pens • learning • all beautiful, artful things

♥ Shipping & tracking

I use PirateShip, an online mail service, for outgoing swaps. They send tracking information to the email you provided, so you can follow your parcel on its journey to you. I mark swaps "sent" the day mail leaves my hands, so on weekends and holidays, tracking updates may be delayed.

If tracking confirms that my parcel didn't arrive, I'll either (1) remake and resend the missing swap item, or (2) send an equivalent replacement, if what's missing can't be remade. Please be in touch, and we will find a solution that works for you.

♥ Rating

I rate same day as receipt, and am generous with ♥s when care and effort show. Extras don't effect how I rate and aren't expected, but are welcomed and appreciated if you would like to include them.

If you're sending late, please message me. It's easy to be understanding and patient when I'm told in advance that you're running behind.

Please rate what you receive from me, preferably right away. Your rating is the only feedback about me that others are able to see. I also like to keep a tidy dashboard by archiving swaps as soon as they're complete (including ratings.)

If you're waiting on a swap return from me and are concerned because it hasn't arrived, please message me and I will check your parcel's tracking. In over a decade of art trading, I've never flaked on a swap -- and I never will. Whatever the problem, I'll be grateful for the chance to make things right if I can. Please be in touch, and we will find a solution that works for you.

♥ Please don't send

stuff you'll never use and are glad to "get rid of" • super cutesy cartoony clip-art-y things • artificial scents • clowns (except Cirque du Soleil) • kiddie/reward/planner stickers • foam stuff • anything intolerant, political, or religious... but "spiritual" stuff (uplifting quotes, inclusive memes, yoga and/or meditative themes) is very welcome!

♥ Current obsessions

  • Dollhouses & minatures
  • Jane Austen / Regency England / Georgian era
  • Becca Stadtlander, artist & illustrator
  • Nature / woodland / forest / Mori Girl aesthetic, like what's shown HERE
  • Gentle hygge living, like what's shown HERE


Comment: Oh I love mac n' cheese! Homemade is great but I do always have the box variety in the cabinet lol! Stay safe and be well!
Response: Homemade IS the best, but it's nice to have those little boxes in the pantry as a back up plan when life demands something hot and cheesy, FAST, right? :) Thanks for the nice rating and the heart. I appreciate you ♥
ittybittykitty rated for Comics ATC on Nov 29, 2020
Comment: She is so pretty and cute, thank you!!
Response: You're so welcome! A fun theme to create from. I appreciate the kind rating and heart; thank you! ♥
Comment: Dear Shelli, A special package cam this week and I know it will be a treasure!! I have not opened it yet, hoping to save it for Christmas. I think I may even put the music on for the ballet and enjoy your offering that way!! Have a wonderful holiday season filled with peace and joy!! Thanks for swapping with me!!!
Response: Oh, yay! I'm glad it arrived safe and sound. It's funny that you mention listening to the ballet while opening it later on because I did just that while creating it. I think I managed three entire listens before finishing, plus a little extra time after that. It really brought the magical Nutcracker spirit to my studio table. Enjoy it, and happy holidays to you, Beth. ♥
tigermousecat rated for GAA: Vintage Gothic Arch ATC on Nov 27, 2020
Comment: Love your interpretation of this theme. The fabric trim was a nice touch. Thank you!
Response: You're very welcome, and I'm so glad you like the ATC. I like working with mixed media and thought that ribbon was a great era-appropriate touch. Thanks for noticing, and for the nice rating and heart.:)
Comment: Thanks for the pretty chunk of cardboard with the fairy. I could use a lil pixie dust myself! Have a happy holiday season. xo
Response: Hey, I think we could ALL use a lil pixie dust these days. LOL I'm glad you liked it; thanks for rating and for the ♥
JurassicParkerPage rated for Cut n Paste Postcard on Nov 15, 2020
Comment: I love this postcard! I love the image itself and what you did with the gel pen!
Response: Yay!! That makes me happy to hear. :) Thanks for saying so, and for rating, and for the ♥
Comment: Shelli - Wow. I wish I could give a higher rate than just a 5+heart for this amazing swap. The coin is absolutely beautiful - and the note you enclosed made the whole thing really phenomenal. If you're interested, I'd love to write back to you. Let me know - and thank you, again, for such a beautiful piece of happy mail! xoxoxo
Response: Oh, wonderful! I'm glad you liked the coin, and perhaps even more glad you liked the note. :) I'd love to hear back from you and will message you with my info (in case the packaging with my return address has, as it tends to do at my house, gone astray.) Thanks so much for the kind rating and ♥
AzEkologi rated for Chunk O Cardboard - November 2020 on Nov 11, 2020
Comment: Great chunk! I really like your stamp, that's super classy! Great handwriting by the way..my cursive is pretty snazzy, but I'm always envious of nice, clean block print. Best, Rick
Response: Glad you like it, and thanks for the kudos on my all caps. It's actually a studied and intentional typography and not my "natural" writing -- although it's fast becoming so, after so many handwritten swaps! Stay well in these odd times :) PS Hope to see your snazzy cursive some day in another swap!
Star7Lily rated for Cursive Sampler on Nov 10, 2020
Comment: Dearest Shelli, I am impressed with your cursive writing in pen, it isn't easy is it! Thank for the parchements pages, I shall use them with our regency joy in mind. Blessings, xx
Response: Thank you, Jane ♥ I hope you will enjoy many happy moments creating, immersed in that very joy.
ChristyClark1970 rated for Creepy Cool ATCoins: Set 4 on Nov 9, 2020
Comment: Love everything! Sorry it took me a bit to check the mail! Thanks for the awesome extras!
Response: You're so welcome. :) Thanks for being a great partner twice over now for this swap. Enjoy the Creepy Coolness! And thanks for the rating and ♥
tizzicat rated for WIYM: Fairy themed postcard: INT'L on Nov 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card
Response: You're so welcome! Thanks for rating.
Autist rated for ITW: Quick Postcard Swap on Nov 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you my friend. I love this postcard. It went straight into my journal. I have been enjoying the fact that I can go for walks here. Thanks again.
Response: You're welcome, Evan. I thought you'd like it; it suits your sense of whimsy and love of nature! It's wonderful to hear you're liking your new environs. Welcome (back) to California! And thanks for the nice rating and ♥
Honeyloveart rated for Forest Dwellers Quick PC Swap on Nov 3, 2020
Comment: Thank you for joining my swap and sending such a beautiful rabbit PC! I love the art style and I am a regular forest bather! Sending you some peace from my neck of the woods.
Response: You're very welcome for the postcard. I got it on Zazzle, where I got absolutely lost one day, perusing their thousands of postcard options. Enjoy it! And thanks for the peace; our world needs it so much these days. Thanks,also, for the nice rating and the ♥
Comment: I love it! The CA poppy is really pretty and I love the finches ( I think that is what they are)
Response: I'm really happy you liked the ATC. It's one of my favorites. Thank you for the very kind words, nice rating, and ♥
lostinavalon rated for Faux Glassine Bag on Oct 31, 2020
Comment: Wow, wow, wow! I am super blessed and impressed with this lovely swap! Thank you a million times over!
Response: Oh, yay! I'm so glad to hear that. Please enjoy every little tidbit. :) Thanks for the nice rating and ♥
Comment: Oooh i can’t wait!!! But i can. I’m gonna!
Response: HehHeh. You're funny. :) Wait or don't, I am fine with either. I'm just glad everything made it to you in one piece. Merry, merry Christmas in advance, new friend, and all the warm cozies of the season to you ♥
Comment: Thank you so much for all the awesome ideas! Have a great day! Hugs, Diane
Response: You’re very welcome. Enjoy! I appreciate the rating and the heart — thanks.
Comment: Your amazing package arrived today and the wrapping was unbelievable so I know the contents will be fantastic! I am saving the 4 envelopes to open in December as These will be all the gifts I need! I know I will enjoy what you sent and thank you for the special care you took in putting this swap together - so pretty!❤️❤️
Response: That was fast! I didn't know I could get something from California to Canada so quickly. That's good news about the postal service. :) I'm really so glad you like the envelopes. This was a fun swap to gather and make things for. Enjoy the slow unwrappings in December! And thank you for the kind rating and ♥ Merry Christmas ahead of time! :)
AnnaL rated for FTLOC Loaded Christmas Bag on Oct 28, 2020
Comment: Oh Shelli, thanks so much for making me a Loaded Christmas bag, am going to be strong & not open it until Christmas or December 1st, if I can wait that long. Will send you a message asap when I open it, your so sweet. AnnaL.
Response: I had THE BEST time making this bag and stuffing it full. Fingers crossed it's just as much fun to open -- whenever you want to, by the way. :) Merry Merry! ♥
LadyJo rated for WIYM: Autumn Postcard: INT'L on Oct 27, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the neat pc! Yes, we have had a nice Fall. The leaves are starting to fall more and more.
Response: You're welcome! Enjoy the brisk change of seasons, and thanks for the nice rating and ♥

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Star7Lily on Mar 2, 2021:

Sending you heartfelt hugs at this distressing time, May you gain strength each day, love Jane xx

AnnaM on Jan 27, 2021:

Happy Birthday Shel! Hope your day is a special one.

debtea2 on Nov 14, 2020:

Put a little Pumpkin spice in your life

ittybittykitty on Nov 1, 2020:

Welcome to Weirder Every Day!

yvonne401 on Oct 14, 2020:

Thank you for my AWG October wishes of birthday stickers and ATC supplies! Thanks for thinking of me!



Autist on Oct 13, 2020:

Thank you for the gold stars!! That is exactly what I wished for!! They will be put to good use!! Cheers!

BusyB on Sep 18, 2020:

Thank you! Hubby and I walked to the mailbox together a few minutes ago. Today's happy mail was your Star Trek postcard for his 60th birthday month. Says this is his favorite and he really enjoyed your note! He too had pain in his back for a long time before his gallbladder attack. So glad you both have relief from the pain. We also have a son that shares a September birthday. Thank you again for sending my dear hubby a smile! 😊 WW September

LadyJo on Sep 17, 2020:

Thank you for the awesome Nautical pack of goodies! I will enjoy using these items! Thank you for this lovely wish AWG September

Rainydancer on Aug 30, 2020:

Welcome to sunshine swaps!

Lonestarchild on Aug 21, 2020:

Oh my! What a fun and creative envie of Halloween bits and pieces you've sent. This was so much fun to go through -- everything is so nicely packaged. And I can't wait to use all this for H'ween projects! Thanks so much for a wonderful wish! AWG Aug

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