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My word Is PEACE I fell on the 10th, HARD on my left knee. I hurt myself badly. When I recover sufficiently I will get my swaps cought up. Update 9/17/2022 - I am starting to show how injured I got in the fall, I am showing colorful bruises from above my knee all the way down my leg to below my ankle. One giant bruise! It hurts something fierce and I am sleeping a lot to aid in healing. / 9/20/2022...I finally went to the doctor who admonished me for not coming to the doctor sooner. I have not cracked anything which I was afraid of but have been advised to rest as much as I can. As a result, I am behind on my swaps. I am reaching out to everyone to advise them of the situation (severe sprain) and that I will be late on my swaps. If you need something from me please let me know and I will get it done and my husband will mail it for me. 10/5/2022 - I have been very sick and in bed with a fever that ranged between 103 and 104. I kept telling my husband all I needed was sleep, but I was getting worse instead of better so I finally agreed to go to urgent care. They wanted to make me go to the hospital but I didn't want to so they gave me two penicillin shots and a script for more antibiotics. I was told my deep tissue bruise in my left leg was infected. They only agreed to let me go home if I would agree to go to bed and stay there. I've been sleeping ALOT and my fever finally broke, as a result, I am behind on all my swaps and will work hard to get caught up in a day or two. I have not signed on in many days and for that I am sorry. I am sure I will have to work hard to get caught up but right now I am tired and going back to bed. Please forgive me. My fever just broke and I am finally out of bed. I see I am partially suspended and will work hard to get my swaps done. For Postcard Preferences, I first want to say any postcard you like you can send me but I especially like, handmade postcards and cards as well as store-bought postcards and greeting cards. I especially like art postcards, architecture, Autumn, Waterfalls, flowers, handmade postcards, coloring postcards, fall foliage or similar fall postcards, dogs especially dachshunds, unicorns or horses, fairies or other fanciful creatures, sports venues, (stadiums, teams, other sports), dragons, and around Halloween I like Halloween postcards and around Christmas, I like Christmas postcards. As you can tell I'm not really picky. I like my postcards stamped and sent through the mail unless otherwise directed in the swap. If for any reason you haven't received a swap item from me, please let me know. Glancing at other profiles, it looks like it's important to mention this! I'm pretty conscientious and organized and I try hard to never flake although I did several years ago. I had a nervous breakdown and flaked on a few swaps so I quit until I could get myself right. I have reached out to those swappers to see if I can send my swap to them. The people who are still active allowed me to make up the swap and changed my rating to a 5. I love my husband, kids, and their spouses, and my grandchildren. This is my long-haired dachshund Zoey at shortly after birth, 13 weeks and then 10 months. She is a real live wire. Zoey at 13 weeksZoey at 10 months

Favorite Crafts

-- FOR JJJ Let's Make a Junk Journal --

-- I am starting a brand new Junk Journal just for this swap as my previous and current junk journal contains all of the happy mail I receive and is based on the months in a year.

-- I like vintage-looking items in my Junk Journals. They do not have to be vintage, just the vintage look is fine with me.

-- I love pockets in my Junk Journals for stashing little items in them.

-- I like journaling spaces that are fairly small as I seem to be intimidated by large journal spaces. Does anyone else have that problem?

-- I love flowers, bees, butterflies, birds.

-- I would love any dog ephemera, especially dachshund ephemera. (I'm a bit of a dachshund nut, lol.)

I love cross stitch and subscribe to several magazines, even the ones from the UK. So far I have only cross-stitched on Aida 14ct, mainly bookmarks. I like stamps and use them in my art, scrapbooking, and altered books. I love beading and making my own jewelry. I like using seed beads and using different beading techniques like Peyote stitch and brick stitch. I really want to learn to make my own beaded beads if I can just find the time, lol. I do Altered Books and have 4 packed away right now as we moved a few years ago to North Carolina and I'm still trying to slowly unpack. It is difficult now as I am running out of places to put stuff. I really like using washi tape in my artwork. You can never have too much washi tape, lol. I also like doing ATCs in a wide variety of themes. I am learning to zentangle, working on 3.5 by 3.5 squares and ATCs. Here is a postcard I did for a swap. I am improving but it is going slow. I would welcome anyone's zentangle. I love making and getting things with flowers, birds, butterflies, or other flying insects such as dragonflies. I love fairies and other fantasy animals such as unicorns. I also love any dachshund images and have a scrapbook for my dog that I put the images in.

Holidays I Love

I love Halloween images and stickers, especially pumpkins with unusual faces and black cats. I love candy corn pictures and stickers too, I no longer eat candy as my diet is restrictive. I have a Halloween themed Altered Book that I am currently working on and adding received art too. I have Halloween jewelry that I wear the entire month of Oct. I love thanksgiving, cute turkeys, pictures of laden tables, and pilgrims. I add these things to my fall scrapbook. Christmas is also a favorite.Christmas tree I painted 25 years ago, sadly got lost in the move. I love Santa Clause and Father Christmas pictures of all kinds.Pictures of Christmas trees, welcome any hand drawn trees. I have a Christmas-themed Altered book that I work on year-round. I love Gingerbread houses and have a few Gingerbread ornaments on my tree. I also start wearing Christmas Jewelry on November 1st so I can wear it all. This Blue Christmas Tree Pin is the first Kirks Folly Pin I ever bought. I love holiday jewelry and am always on the lookout for it. Here is the image of the Weave Got Maile Christmas tree set I bought and made.

For Valentines day I like vintage images and cards. They don't need to be the actual cards, there are wonderful downloads out there of all kinds that I use.

St Patrick's day is another great holiday, Leprechaun and clover pictures being my favorite here.

For Easter I love decorated eggs. (Pictures of them or real blown shells.) I actually use to collect egg cups and decorated eggs to go in them but had to let them go when we moved,

My Favorite Colors

I love pink and especially the soft pastel colors, I do like all pastel colors. I love autumn colors like browns and oranges. The leaves changing on trees are so beautiful. I always welcome photos of leaves and have a scrapbook dedicated to fall. I really love all colors.

Favorite Books

I love mysteries and sci-fi books. I like the J.D. Robb Death series. I loved the Harry Potter books and the Narnia books. I also read a lot of art books (about altered art and mixed media, beading, and just recently wire jewelry). I love our local library and our kids laugh at us because we visit libraries in other cities and sit in them and read books they have, My husband likes genealogy and other libraries have different things in their archives dealing with that. I just read their art books.


I make and sell jewelry. I especially like to make and sell eyeglass leashes, although I have none in my shop right now. I have many for my own personal use, I can pretty much match all my clothes with one or another of them. I would welcome any kind of beaded eyeglass leashes, necklaces or earrings. I like my jewelry on the small dainty side to medium.

A great deal of my jewelry is handmade. I always welcome handmade jewelry. I have pierced ears.

Favorite Television

I watch a lot of TV. We have a DVR and we record all of the shows that are on after our bedtime. (we get up early) I like game shows and I watch Price Is Right, Lets Make A Deal everyday, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy ever night I can. I like the home improvement shows on HGTV especially the ones where they create on a shoestring budget. Some of the finished homes are eyepopping. I love baseball and the Cardinals Baseball team is my favorite.

Foods I like

First let me say, I am allergic to nothing.

I love gum. I would welcome locally made (in your area).

I love fruit and vegetables and have been working to get more in my diet. I do good on the fruit but vegetables are a challenge for me. I am a meat eater and love to cook. I love to use our slow cooker and my son and his wife gave us an instant pot we haven't opened yet. So send me a favorite recipe of yours or tell me about your favorite restaurant. I don't bake a lot any more but I use to love it. Send me your favorite cookie or cake recipe, or again tell me about your favorite sweets.

Wish list...

*Bookmarks of all kinds and especially love ones from libraries or bookstores, or handmade. I have a large collection and love to swap handmade and store-bought.

*Book Pages especially in a language or old dictionary and encyclopedia pages.

*Smash book Items


*Ticket stubs

*Tatting Shuttle


*Letter Opener

*Coloring pages and books (There are so many).

*Anything from or similar to things on my Amazon Wish list or Etsy Wish list. Gently used items are fine.


Apelser rated for Postage Stamp Bomb ATC #2 (Int.) on Jan 12, 2023
Comment: At long last. I started thinking that the South African Postal Service didn't want to send me my mail. Luckily it arrived :)
Comment: Thank you for the cards!
hellojett rated for Junk Journal #24 on Nov 17, 2022
Comment: I am 100% more than happy to change the rating if I receive your Junk Journal page!!!
DragonflyDaisy rated for Halloween memorydex #4 on Nov 11, 2022
Comment: Pattie did contact me and state that things were crazy as she had been ill and she would send soon. Still haven't received anything. Will change rating once I receive a swap.
Comment: Never received. Will update if receive anything.
Ettoad rated for WTL: Christmas in July on Oct 24, 2022
Comment: I ❤️💚 the stickers - so pretty! I’ll enjoy using them soon Merry Christmas!!
BusyB rated for MMDRS Autumn Memorydex on Oct 24, 2022
Comment: Pattie, This is not my favorite thing to do on swap-bot. On October 15th you pmd me telling me you have been sick and you would be mailing this swap on October 17th. I have not received this swap nor did you mark as sent as your message stated. Haven't been online since October 17th at this point. I responded to you thanks for letting me know and sent well wishes. You signed up for my swap last minute. After reading your profile you stated you were sick then. Now I see this has been an ongoing problem since before you were sick. I think this is the appropriate rating. At least I did not have to angel one of my other group members since I was the host for this swap. Update as of November 4th swap not received.
JanHardt rated for SMSUSA:paper bag pocket on Oct 24, 2022
Comment: Marked sent, but never received. I finally received this swap five weeks after it was marked sent. I can’t in good conscience rate a 5 since I have a message from you admitting you marked it sent without actually sending it.
Response: My fever just broke and I am finally out of bed. I see I am partially suspended and will work hard to get my swaps done.
YooperHill rated for AATC: Adding wings ATC on Oct 16, 2022
Comment: Bummer. No swap received.
Sonya rated for FALL LEAVES ATC on Oct 10, 2022
Comment: Never received first swap although you marked "Sent". After a month, I reached out to you and you said you'd resend (we are both in the USA, so it shouldn't take a month). I still have not received anything and my recent message to you has gone unread. I see that your SB acct has been "partially suspended". Hopefully, you can cure that.
Response: My fever just broke and I am finally out of bed. I see I am partially suspended and will work hard to get my swaps done.
ccmmsu rated for SSS: ATC #9 on Oct 8, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the ATCs, Pattie! It's fun to see two different styles. Also, it's funny how often I get something crafty in this group and go, "What a cool sticker! What sheet was that on?" Makes me realize how often I miss something when I'm going through new packs. An unexpected benefit of this group. :)
Comment: I have not received it
Response: My fever just broke and I am finally out of bed. I see I am partially suspended and will work hard to get my swaps done.
Comment: Thank you for the vintage postcards. I am adding them to my vintage collection.
captkristi rated for SSS: Water on Oct 4, 2022
Comment: Thanks so much! Those racoons are so cute!!
marclively rated for FTLOC#1-Bookmarks-US on Oct 1, 2022
Comment: Thanks, Marc
taledo rated for Black and White pc swap #111 on Oct 1, 2022
Comment: i love the vintage postcard you sent of Paris. it reminds me of 2 buildings on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. the weather here is a dreary fall day. perfect to stay inside and read,craft, work on correspndence or just cuddle with the fur babies.
ultracinematik rated for Black and White pc swap #111 on Sep 30, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the Chambord PC. I'm ready for fall weather, but we aren't getting any of that yet. It was '90s last week and '80s this week and next.
Comment: Pattie, WOW!! I just LOVE this gorgeous coloring page that you sent me for this swap! I love that you used glitter too! The shading and everything about this is just perfect:) I am so grateful to have been your partner for this swap! I can't wait to hang your coloring page you sent me on my art wall! You did a fantastic job coloring this! You have made my day when I opened this and saw your beautiful coloring page. Also, I love the extra coloring pages you included as well! That was so thoughtful and generous of you. I am so grateful and appreciative for everything! I am going to cherish your beautiful coloring page forever:) Thank you so so much for everything! <3 You are the best!
Itchy rated for WTL: Six washi for two partners #9 on Sep 30, 2022
Comment: Thanks!

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user6937 on Jan 10, 2023:

Both of the swaps you flaked on have been angeled. Shame you didn't do the work yourself.

user6937 on Dec 10, 2022:

Removed from the ATCs, Coins & Tags group. Two of your 1's are from swaps in that group.

feverfawn on Nov 16, 2022:

Hi Pattie: I'm very sorry to see that you've been so ill and I do hope you will be feeling better soon!

I just wanted to let you know I'm removing you from the MM&L group for the time being. If you are able to get caught up and make up your swaps and wish to rejoin you are welcome to message me. Again I hope you are doing okay and wish you all the best! Take care.

sleepykitty on Sep 19, 2022:

Thank you fofr the four beautiful vintage flower postcards for your August RAK! I LOVE them! 💐🌸💮🌺

RiverTopanga on Sep 10, 2022:

Thank you for collaborating on the May 2022 hmpc. Your "Fit for Royalty" theme for your section was perfect for this week's receiving it. Queen Elizabeth II will be missed for sure. Thank you!

toni on Aug 6, 2022:

Love the RAKS ONLY flower postcards you sent! Thank you so much!

Panda1122 on Jul 31, 2022:

Thank you for the hidden paperclip swap! Take care and happy swapping! 🤩

BlueberryLady on Jul 12, 2022:

WOW thank you so much for all 3 packages you sent for the RAK- June, Got the last package today in the mail. Love the fabric ! ! ! Will be put to good use, I can see the fabric with the frogs as a Bib for my granddaughter ! ! She turns 1 at the end of this month. Hugs ! !

BusyB on Jul 6, 2022:

Thank you so much Pattie for the postcards and extras for the June WTA on PH group. I love the vintage wildflower postcards so much! So pretty! Happy summer!

BlueberryLady on Jul 5, 2022:

RAK #3 ~ Arrived today 7/5/2022 Nice little Charms, Thank you.

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