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I've had some major stress in my life recently and it has affected me. I'm taking myself off a swap bot for the time being until things have calmed down.

I've been on Swap-Bot for a while and I've realized that my profile needs to be updated a bit. Here we go.

I live in Fargo, ND - the land of extremes. In winter ithe temps drop to -15F/-26C to 100F/38C. I moved here to be with my husband - whom I met in a chatroom in 1997. I've been here fourteen years, thirteen of which I've been married.

I have an 8 year old daughter who has ADHD. My husband also has ADHD and I have an executive functioning disorder, NVLD. I call our house 'The House of Executive Disorder." I like things neat and organized, my husband and daughter are messy. We muddle along.

i have four cats, one of whom is 14 years old. They are all rescues and I love them.

I currently work as an activities assistant at a nursing home and an office assistant at a florist. I like both jobs. I'm also as writer and I want to be a death doula in the future.

I love being creative, plants, gardening, cooking, and spending time with my family. All three of us are readers, and all three of us are 'geeks.' I love Star Trek, my husband and daughter love Star Wars. We all love Doctor Who and comic books.

My friend recently described my decorating style as tasteful old lady and he's spot-on. Lots of antiques everything is a bit worn. Books, cushions and blankets are everywhere. We have lots of plants and tons of artwork.

As for my dislikes: Don't worry about them. I don't care what I'm sent. If I don't like it I will pass it on. I'm not here to get stuff I like. I'm here to meet people, be creative, and enjoy Happy Mail. There have been a few times I"ve gotten disappointing mail , where it's obvious that the person did the bare minimum or put no thought into what they were sending. But they did send me something, they followed the instructions, and therefore I'll rate them a 5.

Favorite Music

Jazz, classical, '90s country, '90s alternative.

Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Beethoven, Oasis

I am very much into jazz, especially cool jazz. I also love swing - Louis Amstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone.

Other artstis that I love: Lyle Lovett, George Ezra, George Gershwin, classical piano music, classic hymns, Ray Charles, Otis Redding...

Favorite Crafts

I love to make collages, I love to decorate my bullet journal, I love to decorate my house with odd and offbeat find. Gardening and houseplants.

One of the things I've recently started doing is creating framed art quotes. I use found items, fabric, ribbon, pages from old books that are falling apart. I discovered that being creative and crafting is one of the best ways to deal with my anxiety. It's been a lot of fun doing all sorts of things. I'm thinking of making hikidashi boxes.

Crafting is my number one way to deal with anxiety.

Why I'm doing this

I thought it would add a section of why I'm doing this. I love crafting, I love mail, and I love giving gifts to people. I love the idea of getting envelopes with crafting supplies. I look forward to learning more about ATCs and making them. I just want to have something to look forward to and to do.

This is also a major stress reliever for me. I work as an activities assistant at a nursing home and it can be very stressful at times. I have four cats, and both my daughter and husband have ADHD. Opening the mail and finding something unexpected from an actual person is wonderful. And creating something to send to another person is even more amazing.

Favorite Books

I read just about everything but I especially love science fiction and fantasy. My favorite books are Brideshead Revisited, East of Eden, Uprooted by Naomi Novak, and the Morrigan Crow series.

I read for a variety of reasons - to escape, to learn, to expand my horizons. I read an incredible amount to my daughter. Anything related to books is always appreciated.

Things I love

Here is my blog: https://quotidianpeace.wordpress.com/

And here is a list of fifty things I love:

  1. Theology. I love reading books about different religions and ways of thinking. My father is a baptist minister, I converted to Catholicism when I married. I am really a Unitarian Universalist. I believe that all religions are true, I don't think there is just one way to live, and I believe that acting in kindness and love is more important than being moral.

  2. Old movies. Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman. Orson Welles. One of my favorite movies of all time is Harvey.

  3. The color blue. You'll find it all through my house.

  4. Anything old.

  5. Reusing items

  6. Animals, especially cats.

  7. Celebrating neurodivergency

  8. Caring for the dying. I strated working as in care center recently. I quickly realized that I wanted to work on the hospice side and am looking at being a death doula. No one deserves to die alone,.

  9. Listening to stories. It goes along with number 8. I love to sit and talk to people who are nearing the end of their lives. They need to tell their stories, to talk about their lives. To be heard. And I love listening.

  10. Writing.

  11. The written word.

  12. Art, especially modern art. My walls are covered with art of all sorts.

  13. Museums

  14. Learning

  15. Tea, especially black

  16. Cooking. I love Indian food, vegetarian food, baking. I adore Mark Bittman and Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

  17. Music. Jazz and classical. Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Beethoven, Stravinsky

  18. Being silly.

  19. The ocean. I grew up going to the beach. I don't like idyllic beaches, I prefer the beaches of Maine & North Carolina, rocky shores and cliffs the waves pounding the shore.

  20. Family. I being silly with my family, dancing, harassing the cats.

  21. Fabric. I love funky, retro fabrics.

  22. Ribbon - especially thick satin ribbon. There is so much you can with it.

  23. Paper. Vintage paper, vintage wrapping paper, old advertisements, pages from books, photographs, note paper...any sort of fun paper.

  24. Gardening & plants.

  25. Lace & roses, very 1920s.

  26. Old newspapers and magazines - I love reading them.

  27. Anything odd

  28. Buttons.

  29. Magnets - I have too many of them and yet still not enough

  30. Anything related to water

  31. Bubbles. I love blowing bubbles.

  32. Nature.

  33. Writing letters

  34. Decorating envelopes

  35. Postcards

  36. Laughing.

  37. Flowers, especially garden flowers like snap dragons and daffodils.

  38. The rain.

39..Being barefoot

  1. Full-body hugs

  2. Metal - especially brass & copper

  3. Estate sales

  4. Garage sales

  5. Curb-shopping.

  6. Having coffee with friends

  7. Chocolate

  8. Hugs. I was never a hugger until recently.

  9. Learning new things

  10. Curling up with my daughter and reading to her.

  11. The Princess Bride

Things to know about me

My religious beliefs are always in flux. We are a Catholic household, but not a very devout one.

I believe in critical thinking, understanding and respecting other cultures, I don't believe in patriotism and believe it's dangerous. I believe in being kind, being respectful, and the golden rule.


PaperPassion rated for CR: Altered Paper Clip on Aug 6, 2022
Comment: Great paper clips,can't wait to put them to good use.Thanks so much
colleenbUSA rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #129 on Aug 5, 2022
Comment: Thank you for joining the swap and for the pc.
Comment: Thanks so much for the fun postcard and bookmark. I love making those types of bookmarks :) My relationship to cheese is a love story haha
Comment: Your letter got here super fast! I guess to make up for the mail eating the first one? ♥ I love the note card you used (the paper feels so cool!), and the kitties you sent 🐈 You know, I've been thinking about actually writing in a journal. I'm so bad at doing things daily, though...
colleenbUSA rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #128 on Aug 1, 2022
Comment: I got this the same day as the previous round and was stamped with the date of the 26th, which means you sent both rounds late, and you didn't message me. Thank you for joining the swap.
Response: That's the last time I have my husband mail my stuff. I apologize for this.
HollyBear rated for BLC - Α & Ω - #02 on Aug 1, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the book PC. I love that you used stickers that were relevant to the story.
Softawoo rated for Washi Bookmark on Jul 31, 2022
Comment: Thanks Haven!! These are both super fun. :)
samsstuff rated for WIYM: A Letter From The Cat on Jul 30, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the little extras and thanks to Zeta Bacon Fluffyboots for the lovely letter!
Dessie0416 rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #304 on Jul 30, 2022
Comment: thank you for the card and goodies! I am sure that the work you do means the word to the residents of the care center!
tatntole rated for Washi Bookmark on Jul 29, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the great washi tape bookmarks!
Comment: Your time with books in July seems to have been quite long.Your explanation for your choices held my attention.Thank you.
pernie123 rated for BLC: Big Jubilee Read 2 on Jul 19, 2022
Comment: Partner sent message that she didn't finish the book and gave no evaluation or explanation regarding subject matter or reason why she chose the book. She sent email message to say she didn't read it.
Response: I did send a message stating why I chose the book. You then stated that I needed to read the book. I did read the book and sent you a message, although I admit it was late. As I stated I'm working three jobs and I'm doing the best that I can. I accept this three because I did not to meet the timeline but note: I did finish the book. I did send a message (before I finished) explaining why I chose the book.
Comment: Thank you -- appreciate the creativity!
Pika rated for AtB Handmade PC Swap #2 on Jul 17, 2022
Comment: Thanks, Haven! I love the Gorey background and the funny image you found. It’s helpful if you write the whole swap name out. This took some digging to find which swap it was. (I mostly do postcard swaps on postcrossing- so I thought it was that) But I glad I found it, so I can give you a heart for a great card.
MisplacedfromPA rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #303 on Jul 16, 2022
Comment: Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the movie.
Comment: Thank you! Glad to hear you found your cat.
rachelgogan rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #127 on Jul 11, 2022
Comment: Fantastic postcard! I actually JUST started playing Microsoft Solitaire too! It is really nice and relaxing! Thanks for swapping!
Comment: thanks

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