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Amyncognito rated for Medium Letter Swap #1 on Jan 4, 2018
Comment: Rec'd on Jan 3. Marking with a 3 because she never marked sent so I don't believe the initial letter, if sent at all, was sent timely. This was the worst swap I have participated in on swap bot, and I will never join her swaps or swap in a swap with her again. If you want to know more about her swapping practices, check out her thread on Questionable Swappers in the forum. ....Never received, no response to email, not marked sent. What a bummer to have the host flake on her own swap
Response: I am so sorry I didn't have internet to respond to your messages! I will send again asap and will mark on here when it is sent! Thank you so much for swapping with me! 12/10/17 will be mailing again 12/11/17. The resend has yet to be rated for so I will be sending with tracking and posting the tracking number here on Friday 12/29/17 as that is my pay day! 12/30/17- mailed with tracking on 12/29/17 through USPS. The tracking number is 70172400000061050562 with an estimated delivery date of 01/02/18... When Received please rerate and remove the flake statement! Thank you so much for swapping with me! If you received the the letter it means that you were not flaked on flaked means that you never received it! I did not flake on you! WOW do you not know the difference in getting something and not getting something?
Mimosagirl rated for Notebook Paper Letter # 8 on Jan 3, 2018
Comment: Update: Letter arrived yesterday. Thanks for sending. You mentioned in the third sentence that you thought you had ...”never written to me before”. It was a pleasant letter and you have a lovely handwriting. My family is from your town. My favorite aunt lives on Old Israel Rd. Have a Great 2018. You said you sent it and it never arrived. I waited weeks and sent several messages that went without replies from you. I feel I am being ignored by the host and that's the worst. I have never had to give anyone less than a 5 even when I was very disappointed because I always try to give people the benefit of doubt. Everyone is living in different circumstances with all different issues going on, myself included. IF you sent it that is great but...IT didn't arrive. I'm sorry but.....To be ignored is just so frustrating when you are obviously active and hosting several swaps. Sadly, It has just come down to this.
Response: I'm sorry you didn't receive the letter that I sent! Resend will be mailed in the morning! 12/29/2017 Just put this one out in the box and on its way to you! The date is 12/29/17! please, rerate and change your statements (flaked) when received! Thank you so much for swapping with me! Ummm really, I had never wrote to you before that letter swap and it is kinda what I write in any ones letter you no how to break the ice and start the letter! Thank you so much for rerating me!
zippyzappy rated for Letter Swap on Oct 2, 2017
Comment: I will rerate after I receive the letter. I only rated a 1 because I didn't hear anything back after I sent a message. Edit: 8-11-2017. Letter was resent, again didn't receive it. I've sent messages and haven't heard anything.. No idea if the emails were sent to the spam folder (which happens sometimes) but nothing by swap bot message, which are labeled as read. :( Edit- 9-26-17 was sent a message that she was landlocked because of Harvey and couldn't spend the money. I told her to save her money because I'm tired of excuses. It's been months haven't received anything. I have blocked Jaime because I'm just done. This swap was in June, it's now end of September. I have her months to send. Still nothing. 10-2-17 gotten the letter today. Reeks of cinnamon. I hope to never have to be partnered with her again. She was incredibly mean because she didn't get the 5 she wanted. Would say I didn't know what I was doing because I was a newbie. Thank goodness this swap is done and over. I don't understand how she's hosting swaps if a simple letter was hard to mail out in time due to having surgery and everything else.
Response: I am very sorry that you didn't receive a letter! You just messaged me yesterday ma'am. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to mail again? I am resending today! 7/20/2017! I've resent and it's bond to have gotten there by now! Message was received 9/26/17 letting me know that no matter if she receives or not she will not change the rating to received! (which would be a 3) Resend #6 with tracking. Tracking number is through USPS tracking - 9500 1116 3291 7271 0279 09.... Ma'am you misread my message I said I hadn't been resending due to being landlocked from the storm! I didn't say I didn't have the money I said I didn't want to spend that much for just a letter! There was nothing about this swap that was mean lol I have all messages and can forward them to any host that has questions! As for the cinnamon sorry ma'am I do chew big red gum but I don't think it did that much just by being in the same purse! Ma'am just about every swap I do has a letter involved! LOL May God BLESS you!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for being reasonable and rerating this swap per swap bot rules!
knitterofhats rated for Note Card/Thank you Card Swap on Jan 21, 2017
Comment: Received message June 17 2016 that swapper wanted to know why a swap due to be mailed on May 28 2016, that she mailed May 31 2016 was returned because she sent it to the address as provided by Swapbot. Unfortunately, she made an error and mailed to the wrong address and mailed late. I said “no big deal” and asked she resend. I promptly lost track of this swap and forgot about her. I never heard from her again until Dec 2016. On Dec 15, I was contacted by another swapper who let me know that she had listed me as a non-rater. She NEVER contacted me about not rating her for this swap. In fact, once I reviewed my files, I realized I had nothing from her for this swap. On December 15, I decided to rate her a 1 without contacting her because I was NOT notified before being called out as a non-rater on her profile AND she had not followed through on resending. Also, I rated a 1, indicating I would change my rating if I received something, because I noticed she had recently (Dec 12) been rated a 3 for late sending after multiple requests in another swap. I wanted to alert the Swapbot community about a potential problem swapper. She is also listed as being a problem swapper in the public Questionable Swappers Forum for issues with me and two other swappers. She is hosting several current swaps. I’ve made comments on those swaps noting that she’s had some recent problems. She has deleted those comments. I’m sorry I did not rate sooner. As soon as this matter was called to my attention, I rated the same day. This is a very late swap without follow-up on the part of the sender who sent to the wrong address and was late on the original swap, without apology. As a sendee, I’m made to feel that it’s my fault I didn't hunt her down when the resend was her responsibility. I have blocked her because I don’t want to deal with her false and mean statements. She reports she resent on Dec 16. I'll update my rating if/when I receive something. Dec 21: Received. Changed 1 rating to a 3. Thank you for the resend and generous supply of cards, even though the envelope contained mean and threatening statements. I am rating a 3. This swap did not meet swap criteria because it was late. The initial swap was sent late and to the wrong address. I was promised a resend on June 17 and got nothing until the resend that happened on Dec 16. I have fairly rated her and she continues to list me as a non-rater on her profile, despite the note on her profile (which she removed) that says she will remove you from the list if you rate her. Despite all this, I honestly wish this swapper all the best and hope she can resolve future issues with less drama. January 20: PLEASE remove my full name from your profile. You can keep my user name if you must continue. January 20: Thank you for removing my name. I've not updated this rating since Dec 21. For those who can count (not you apparently) that's not every other day but almost 30 days. Jan 21: Wow, you removed my full name and then put it back, after I ASKED NICELY and then thanked you...WOW! Since you removed the comment you made yeseterday on this rating about me "changing my rating every other day" my second comment on Jan 20 does not make sense, because you have removed it, along with many other comments on this rating. While this swap is DONE, this swapper has been unapologetic about all of it with me and in the public forums, from the original late swap to the wrong address to the mean comments sent with the swap she did finally resend in December. Hostesses and swappers will see this and her for what she is. Sad. January 27: swapper has removed my full name from her page again.
Response: 1/22/2017 I refuse to keep talking back to you through this rating and if by chance a host wants my side of it, I will of course explain it to them in a private message.
tiffanyjoy rated for ATP: One Stamp Washi Swap #10 on Dec 12, 2016
Comment: Edit 12/12. Thank you. Received 12/12. Postmarked 12/09. Edit 12/10. None were received. The host also mentioned to me that she didn't receive a swap from you or the resend. The third send was promised long before the 8th - with a tracking number. We have been in communication and I hate doing this. However, I was promised a resend twice and still have not received anything. I will happily change this rating when I do.
Response: I was asked to say something on this rating so that I can join a swap.... I did resend many times and No I didn't send any with a tracking number because it cost outrageous to get a tracking number for just washi samples... I am thankful that she let me keep resending till she received and that she changed the 1 rating to a 3.

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