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Updated NOV 11, 2019

I dont read my emails often, I do read the pms here, many times a day. So Pm me here, first.

I am thrilled if someone posts fun images to my profile. Despite the explanation from others, I can not do this with my computer.

I will have been married 32 years, as of, Jan 2020. We used to be foster parents. We took guardianship of 5 siblings in 2002. YEAH! they are all adults now. We are not birth controlled challenged or of any religion or belief that would cause me to give birth 8 times. I stopped birthing babies after 3. (It was not fun anyway) Being a foster parent is really about saving one life at a time. or in my case 5 kids from the same mom. It is like going on a missions trip but you stay home and your house is really messy and your hair is frizzy.

My nickname AZmom875 started, because I was counting down, first 8 kids then 7 and I knew in 2007 the 2 boys would graduate HS and move out and we would be down to 5 kids at home. Oh right!!!! Everyone of these kids have boomeranged back more than once. I have two adult, former foster kids still living with me, age 20 and 31. The older one is in need of a kidney transplant, so he needed to move back in Oct of 2019. We are hoping the 20 year old can get it together and move out.

I am CastleQueen5 over on atcsforall.com. Some of you know me over on that website. When I joined there. I wanted a name that didn't reflect my identity being tied up in my role as a mother. I bet some of you can understand that. So I chose to be the Castle Queen. The name came about because, a neighbor told me that I was the Queen of my Castle and my foster kids really need to treat me better. It stuck with me.

My husband and I are both Cancer survivors, I had breast cancer in 2015, and he was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow cancer. He successfully has made it past the 1 year mark, of a Stem cell transplant from a stranger. I can not thank you enough, those of you 18-44 who have joined the Bethematch.org donor bank with your simple cheek swab. A stranger from Germany saved his life. If you have ever donated blood, I also thank you. He was in need of red blood cells (and sometimes platelets), every month for months, before his transplant. Thank you!

pets and postcards

We have 3 dogs and 3 cats, 1 kitten, and are non smokers. Pet hair seems to abound in my house.

I really dont think I want anything for my pets. The dogs like treats and so do the cats, but I can buy them myself. BUT I do love cat postcards and atcs. Dogs? Meh! Ok dogs too.

I am Azmom875, on postcrossing.com, so I do collect postcards. Lately I have been enjoying hand made postcard. I also like just about every type of touristy postcard, Fave themes are Cats, clocktowers, windmills, old postcards where the cars are really old, and dated. Yes, those faded ones. I like the old tacky vintage postcards. They make me smile. Ones with images of a motel, or old scene. I also collect ad cards, which is another odd thing, I guess. Again they just make me smile. I really do not like those postcards you can color, mainly cause I dont like adult coloring. It is not my thing.

ATC card likes and dislikes

FOR ATC cards: I would HEART: Zebras, Sunflowers, cats, Coffee, Lattes; used postage stamps, butterflies, tea, tea cups, tea pots, fall leaves, trees, snails or snails delivering mail, as in Snail mail.

Other themes that are appreciated are penguins, maps or book pages as backgrounds, buttons, vintage, retro, quirky, zetti, frogs, dachshunds, alligators, mice.

I have been collecting Altered playing cards= APCs, Decks with these themes: Cacti. Zebras, It is too long to list the suits and numbers I still need. Contact me for that.

I dont like Pin up girls or nudes, but do collect cards with females that are positive or quirky.

I dont collect atcs with holiday themes even though I celebrate holidays. I like to collect non holiday themed cards, like a Bat or black cat card but not in a Holiday theme

I do collect the Weird or Bizarre Holiday cards. I like Christmas in July stuff.

I dont like Halloween atc cards, but I like pumpkins (not jack o lanterns), black cats, fall leaves, I LOVE FALL LEAVES CARDS, any black birds, scarecrows or sunflowers in a fall theme.

I dont collect atcs with Easter bunnies or Easter eggs or baskets, but rabbits, spring flowers, chickens, Crosses or Easter lilies are fine.

I dont collect St Patrick's Day, Valentines day or 4th of July atc cards, any thing patriotic, but I like green, and hearts, and love it when people make a mandala from ugly patriotic stamps.

What brings me Joy

I like items with Zebras, cats, sunflowers, coffee tea, teapots, Geigo Gecko, Black bears as themes

I like the cancelled postage stamps and esp like those with butterflies and sunflowers, hummingbirds.

If you can make Address Labels, I would love that. My computer is a MAC, so when I make labels with Avery, I can only do like 2 different images. BORING! And it doesnt line up correctly.

I do love coffee, esp flavored coffee, except Irish cream. Coffee and K cups are welcomed. I like most teas, except Jasmine and Rose. I am not fond of plain chamomile, mint or green teas, but love them in blends. I like spicy teas, herbal teas, medicinal teas.

For the stuff envelope swap, I mainly make atc cards now, so smaller items that will fit on 3.5x2.5 area. vintage, faces, clocks, animals, silk or paper flowers,paper punches.

I use a lot of chap stick, lip balm items, and lotions, and candles (of all sizes but tapers,) But it is too hot to send that stuff April to OCT. They melt in the packages and make a mess.


I am not real fond of Holidays or Patriotic themes when it comes to ATCS or Paper goods swaps, buttons or notepads or ribbons.

I celebrate and enjoy holidays, but I really dont want any holiday items for scrapbooking, atcs or other papercrafts.

I esp dont like Halloween or Easter Bunnies or Easter Eggs.

Please dont send me Holiday stuff, I will just save it to pass onto someone else cause I cant just throw things away, it goes against the pack rat hoarders oath.

I like wacky holiday and Christmas in July.

Favorite Movies

I just love time travel movies, I find them awesome: Peggy Sue got married, Premonition, Back The Future Series, Frequency, Lake House, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Somewhere in Time, and Butterfly Effect...

I like chick flicks, I avoid scary movies, because they give me nightmares; but I will watch anything John Cusack is in, even a rated R movie like Identity and 1408 both which still gives me the willies at night when I think about the movies

Favorite Books

I am on bookmooch.com see link above, and Paperbackswap.com I have a bookcrossing.com and a goodread.com account. I am Azmom875 on all 4 sites.

I can read one book in one day or in a few hours. I can average 60 to 100 pages an hour.

I like mysteries, cozy mysteries esp if they are well done, Magical mysteries, time travel novels, I mostly like Women's fiction, quirky non fiction, or a good Memoir... I like some Christian fiction, but please have a plot, build some real characters or dont waste my time. I dont like the Christian Historical or amish books.

I like chic lit if the girls are not too insipid and slutty. I also like the 40 year old finding themselves after a crisis, kinda like HEN lit, but really just womens fiction. Tell me a good story, tell me a secret, give it a twist at the end. Show me true love not based on lust or throbbing in stupid bodily places. Dont waste my time, life is too short to read sub-par books. I also dont need blood, and gore, and unnec, graphic smut, and unnec. F bombs to find adult fiction enjoyable, but sure do love a good laugh, books that find that perfect blend between love and bedroom. I can tolerate paranormals that about time travel, people with the abilities to see ghosts, or talk to pets. Not into vampires, werewovles, demon hunters, shape shifters.

I do love craft books about quilting, scrapbooking, rubberstamps, or making atcs.

Teas I like

I do like to swap tea. I like red, black, white,chai and herbal teas regular or decaf I drink both.
I love spice teas, fruity teas, oolong, chocolate, I like yogi, good earth, and traditional medicinals, plus they have fun things on their tags.

I dont care for plain chamomile, mint nor green tea, but they are great in blends of other flavors. Jasmine tea is too flowerly and perfumey for me. I cant gag down the matcha or matte teas.

If you send me a tea I might not like, I will just pass it on, so dont stress about it.


euniceq rated for ☺️QUICK Play Loaded Q #8 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: I don't know much about the 50s, but it sure sounds like it has a great aesthetic!
klover rated for ☺️QUICK Play Loaded Q #8 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: I'm with you there. The 50's seemed like such a simple time.
Autist rated for ☺️QUICK Play Loaded Q #8 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: The 50s do sound fun. I really love the cards from then. My dream car is from 56. So, I understand the draw.
megan1230 rated for ☺️QUICK Play Loaded Q #8 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: I love the 50's! I agree about the music and the clothes! It seemed really classy!
Pikapika rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 8, 2020
NRGordon rated for ☺️QUICK Play Loaded Q #8 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: Ahhh, the Corvette and the Pixie cut. I'm not a big fan of the music of the '50s though.
hanifahsekar98 rated for 🤔 QUICK Play Loaded Q #6 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Tverne05 rated for FPRU: CORONA Virus 2020 PC on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the PC. I almost passed out when I saw it...lol When I turned it over and saw it was from you I had a sigh of relief! Thanks a bunch! Hang in there and be safe.
Candace rated for ☺️QUICK Play Loaded Q #8 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: So many great answers its hard to choose from!
PerArduaAdAlta rated for ☺️QUICK Play Loaded Q #8 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: 💛
Comment: I wonder, do you mean the American 50’s era? Kuz that sounds like some fun that I could join in on! 😊 Anywhere else in the world might be another story though...things that make me go hmmm 🤔
grammypammy rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 7, 2020
Comment: Ben Franklin would be a good one and so interesting.
Fabriqueen rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 7, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much! Happy Easter and stay safe! Hugs, Diane
CookieMomster78 rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 7, 2020
Comment: George Washington is certainly one I would also enjoy having a discussion with! Thanks for playing another round of LQ with us!
Emmyxxoo rated for FPRU: CORONA Virus 2020 PC on Apr 7, 2020
Comment: Thank you for my postcard..i surly hope that things start turning around for you...remember u are not alone in this...reach out to friends and loved ones....
kasa rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 7, 2020
Comment: Don't know much about Ben Franklin but I like your answer.
Cindymt rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 7, 2020
parakeetmails rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 7, 2020
DreamCloud rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 7, 2020
Comment: Thank you! ❤️
RiverTopanga rated for 😁 QUICK Play Loaded Q #7 on Apr 7, 2020

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Kirkdebb on Mar 11, 2020:

Thank you RAKs the Halloween quilt block, the souvenir bracelet, the angel pin, and the scraps of paper!! I immediately pinned the angel to my jacket!

debtea2 on Feb 13, 2020:

angelgram on Feb 8, 2020:

Ţիаրk Ỳỡụ ❣ ☼ ◳ ✎ ❣ ☼ ◳ ✎Ţիаրk Ỳỡụ ❣

Thank you so much for the day brightener and well wishes card today. Enjoyed the card front image and your kind note. So wonderful to hear from you and to feel not forgotten. I remember our swaps and other fun. Take care HF in AZ Hugs Mary T a n g e l g r a m {\ 0 /}

Ţիаրk Ỳỡụ ❣ ☼ ◳ ✎ ❣ ☼ ◳ ✎☼ ◳ ✎Ţիаրk Ỳỡụ ❣

Tigerlilyknotwise on Feb 6, 2020:

Gracias por la tarjeta de cumpleaños! Febrero AWG 😁👍🏼

Tigerlilyknotwise on Jan 27, 2020:

Thank you for the January wish PC from your trip. The dancing javelina made me laugh out loud! (I actually thought it was a buffalo until I read the back! :D Sounds like you had a nice visit with your daughter :)

AZmom875 on Dec 16, 2019:

Lonestarchild on Dec 12, 2019:

Race Car Experience?? That sounds so fun! I love "experience" gifts -- far better in my opinion than a "thing". Thank you! Dec AWG

hollycm6 on Dec 11, 2019:

Thank you for volunteering to be my diet buddy in 2020, and for the card with awg dec wishes inside!!!!

crimsonfuligin on Nov 26, 2019:

Thanks so much for the return of the buddy cards. I love the finished results they look amazing.

ginny19590 on Nov 25, 2019:

I received the PC's today and wanted to say thank you so very much........=)

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