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Comfy, Cozy Winter

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Swap Coordinator:rifkasorah (contact)
Swap categories: Seasonal 
Number of people in swap:137
Location:Regional - USA & Canada
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:December 15, 2012
Date items must be sent by:January 12, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

I love winter and wish it was all year long!!

For this swap you will have one partner. You will send them something to keep them warm and cozy.

For example, mittens, scarf, socks, tea, candles, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. You get the idea. Can even be winter scenes on stationary. Some chapstick to keep the lips safe and warm, lol

Choose a minimum of 4 items to keep your partner warm and cozy. Optional, on the envelope or box you send, decorate with a winter theme. It can be all stickers if want, since some people send in a bubble envelope and thats tough to draw on. More then 4, deserves a heart for sure.

Profiles need to be filled out. I will check ratings, etc. This is a popular swap and people go way out. Rating must be 4.8 or higher.

You can look on your partner's profile for colors, but don't have to.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ALL DOLLAR STORE ITEMS. PEOPLE KNOCK THEMSELVES OUT FOR SWAPS. I do not frown upon dollar store items, just saying the entire box should not be that.

**As of right now, I am giving newbies a chance. I might reconsider and will check when they have been online last.*


coolcell 07/24/2012 #

Maybe a spending minimum?

rifkasorah 07/27/2012 #

No up to sender.

Hollydays 08/13/2012 #

Can some of it be handmade I crochet scarves and hats to match every year

rifkasorah 08/31/2012 #

Yes it can be crochet, knitted, etc

merryunbirthday 10/12/2012 #

Very excited to be a part of this one! :D And Im glad I have time to gather my goodies. XD

SilverHealer 11/ 6/2012 #

This looks so fun!! I think I'm going to start gathering items right away <3

GrammaSherry 11/ 8/2012 #

30cm of snow last week and it started snowing last night. Last week -25celius. Practically Spring at -10 today! BRRRRR

rifkasorah 11/ 9/2012 #

lady - i am not knocking dollar stores. i said not to send all dollar stuff items. i know they can be nice. all my dollar stores here went out of business ;(

wonderstruck2011 11/ 9/2012 #

hey i was wondering if anyone can get me some white hot cocoa chapsticks??? i cant find them anywhere where i live pleaseeeeeee help me out (;

kelimd 11/13/2012 #

I am new to the group. Can unrated swappers join this swap. I have noticed a lot of swaps require a certain number of swaps to be completed / required ratings etc. I haven't come across a lot of swaps to get my foot in the door.

SizzixBee 11/22/2012 #

I'm so excited for this one! All I have done up to this time is card swaps, this will be something a little more, and I get to have fun shopping for things for someone else!! :D

crochetsoldier 11/23/2012 #

Hello everyone, just in case someone gets me, I love purple and blue, all shades....also if its something I might be wearing, like a scarf or hat, I like earth tones, burgundy, browns, tans, greens etc....i like odd items...but, dont drive yourself crazy over it...I'm rather easy to please, think of a bohemian gypsy girl.. ;o).

MelissaDorothyy 11/27/2012 #

I just joined the website, am I allowed to join this swap?

MamaK 11/27/2012 #

I just joined too but really want to do this one!!!!

sugaraddict 11/28/2012 #

aww someone should do an international version of this swap :)

sherwoodm 11/28/2012 #

Can you tell me how to locate my partner's profile?

rifkasorah 11/28/2012 #

sherwoodm - when i send you their name for swap, u can then go to their page and see profile

ladydy5 12/ 1/2012 #

Should be a 5 rating or 4.9 lowest. But I will chance it. Congrats on getting so many interested swappers. Nice

rifkasorah 12/ 1/2012 #


sylverhawk 12/ 1/2012 #

im pretty easy to please just nothing yellow and no vanilla scented candles, yuck! otherwise free for all :) thanks!!

IrishRed 12/ 4/2012 #

I would hope that drink items such as k-cups or tea bags or hot cocoa or single use coffee pouches would not count as 1 item but I am not sure how that works since dollar store items are frowned upon as well. Could you explain this in more detail maybe? Minimum number of drink mixes to count as 1 item perhaps? I just hope everyone receives a fair amount of warm cozy items and not an envie of 5 tea bags for example. Thank you so much rifkasorah! :)

cocoperl 12/ 4/2012 #

Can the items be the same type of item?

rifkasorah 12/ 5/2012 #

a k-cup, drink pouch does not count as an item unless it is a box of tea, etc. I would say 5 pouches, 5 k-cups can count as 1. One bag or pouch is not acceptable as 1. Please mix items up, candle, mittens, hot chocolate, etc Try not to disappoint, as u would not like it either.

Camiliann 12/ 5/2012 #

This sounds like fun...to my partner... I LOVE scarves, any color, i dont have any cute hats, so they may be and idea, I love hot chocolate, apple cider, (no tea or coffee), I run year round, yes in the rain and cold, a nice head band would be nice, thanks

xsencix 12/ 6/2012 #

I am really looking forward to this

Clarebear 12/ 7/2012 #

I only have a 4.6 (I've only done 2 swaps but not everyone rates). I just finished a swap and I think my rating will go up (hopefully). Is there anyway I can still join?

rifkasorah 12/ 7/2012 #

If your rating goes up. I have done this swap for years and dont want any problems with flakers, etc. Let me know

CourtneyAnne 12/10/2012 #

I love anything comfy & cozy! I love fingerless mittens that I can wear at work while I'm typing, I love scarves, I LOVE hot drinks (coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, apple cider). I wear alot of black so I like things that coordinate nice with black or gray. We have a keurig so kcups would be nice :)

Also if you are a knitter I am dying to have a small pillow that looks like a cable knit sweater! {big request I know but maybe I'll get lucky} :)

tazzini 12/11/2012 #

hi- i live in the desert. I dont' need anything too warm ;) Cozy is better than warm, and something to treat 'dry' lips and skin! My son would love you forever if you sent Keurig cups (traditional cups)

briestar 12/12/2012 #

I am not sure I am even going to be allowed to do this one but if I do...to my partner...I am pretty simple, candle scents I like are anything holiday themed (I.e. vanilla, sugar cookie, pumpkin spice),I love love love soft warm socks, don't really wear gloves but I should..I have very small hands also. I love lip balm...any kind really. Love sweets and coffee. I have been wanting a large coffee mug..mine never seem large enough... Ummm yep lol

Magena22 12/13/2012 #

I LOVE cozy socks! I do not drink coffee, but we do have a keurig. Lip balm always comes in handy. I don't wear hats of any kind, but I wear scarfs often. I love small cozy throw blankets and slippers. I burn candles and I have one of those wax burners that you put scented wax cubes in.

streetjewel 12/14/2012 #

You are free to send me anything. But here is a list of things I really like. I love hats( knitted and big,I dont like them to be tight) and gloves of black colour, scarfs any colours, losions for hands and skin to protect it from cracking.I love weird stuff. Like really big mugs. Socks-any colour). Id love to have cozy mittens with winter theme.such as deers or smth like that) And also an empty not folded postcard (just in addition,instead of note) will keep me warm too))

xsencix 12/14/2012 #

I live in Hawaii , I am not sure how cozy i cant get but whom ever i have will for sure get lots of local cozy things and i will for sure try really hard to make sure you will be warm and toasty where you live :)

rifkasorah 12/15/2012 #

If you do not list some ideas on here for your partner, try to have some on your profile, ty

kromo 12/15/2012 #

I love tea, any kind. Knee high socks, especially stretchy and designed. Scarves. Would love to try a cowl. Coffee. Mittens. Hot cocoa. I collect snowmen. I also have a list on my profile. Yay so excited.

namabear 12/16/2012 #

I live in the desert so not too cold here. I drink tea, hot-cocoa & coffee and have a keurig. I luv warm soft cozzy socks for my feet. I do wear mittens and scarfs. I have a schnauzer that likes to curl up on a throw blanket on the couch or in the bed with me. I dont use lotions cause some Im allergic to. I wear a size 6 1/2 slipper. My favorite color is teal for the Miami Dolphins team but also wear Pittsburgh Steelers colors for my honey. Im very easy to please so anything will do.

lane99 12/16/2012 #

I like hot chocolate and coffee. Anything cozy and soft. I love to read. The colors pink and purple are my favorite. Love lip balms,mugs and anything with cats or beach theme.

samsstuff 12/16/2012 #

I like tea (just not lapsang souchong or chamomile, I'm not a fan of those), hot chocolate & things like flavored lattes & mochas. I'm not a fan of pumpkin flavored anything. Scarves, headbands, gloves, slippers, socks & hats are good (nothing too childish, though). Handmade is great! Lotions, lip balm & goats milk soap (it makes your skin super soft, almost immediately) are all great & there are some really nice handmade versions available, so handmade is good for these things, too (though I wouldn't hate chapstick, either). Just some ideas, I can't wait :)

bluerose3 12/16/2012 #

Tea-earl grey or english breakfast. Hot chocolate-mint or regular. Coffee-ground-french roast or breakfast blend. Colors-black,blue and/or purple. No scarves or gloves please. Hats would be okay as we have a lot of beer related ones (my husband works for a distributor) but nothing that would be too tight. If you get candles (I have a wickless fragrance cube warmer)-lilac scent or pine scent. If sending lotion please send small bottles I may put in my purse..good moistrizing one or a light scent. No mugs please. If sending slippers or socks-size 9.5/10 (I have big feet) although it is not a preference. Look on my profile for any other ideas you need and also for my dislikes/prefer nots. :) Thank you in advance.

Amane 12/16/2012 #

I would love Tea(My fav is peppermint) but any others i haven't tried before would be exciting. My fav color like black or blue so you could send a cheep scarf or pair of gloves. I like Lip balm as well for chapped lips during the winter it gets really bad :3 Hot choco is another good item..ummm I don't like coffee so none of that please. Thanks so much can't wait to see what i get <3333

autumnblue 12/16/2012 #

I am new to this and just love getting more mail!!! I do like trying all different teas, herbal and regular, any hot chocolate or cider, just not coffee or mocha stuff. I don't use many candles. Hats/gloves/scarves, anything soft, maybe to match with black or teal. Surprises are nice! Thanks

BusyB 12/16/2012 #

I live in Portland Oregon and we use public transit a lot. I've learned to layer my clothes so I enjoy knee high socks again! Some of my favorite cozy comfy winter things are hot chocolate or coffee mixes, candles; berries or vanilla scent, vanilla lotion, scarves (plain colors to go with dark blue and black coats) and I've been trying to find a cute knit beret hat but no luck yet. Can't wait to send and receive! For more ideas please see my profile.

happymama 12/16/2012 #

What a fun swap this is going to be!! I love hot cocoa, as well as teas, (I drink a pot of tea a day in winter!), coffee or cider are favorites too. Candles are huge for me. I love them and use them a lot. On winterwear, it has to be natural fiber, like wool...don't worry if you cannot find any--I do not expect heroics. :) I am most grateful for just the fact that someone has read my profile! I love lip balms, but again, they have to be natural ones like Eos, or Burts Bees. color favorites are blue, sage green, cranberry and chocolate brown. Thank you to my partner!!

maryeli 12/16/2012 #

Wintery things I like are hats (especially slouchy hats), gloves/mittens, socks, slippers (size 7) cardigans (large), cowls, anything quilted/patchwork, cocoa, cider, wintery movies, books or book themed things, mugs, anything pumpkin spice (drink/food/candles), cinnamon stuff, yarn (especially natural fibers/blends). Any baby/kid items that are wintery should be 3T or 3-6m size or so. I don't have a coffee maker, so no coffee, please. My favorite colors and patterns are on my profile. Thank you!

Dinahsara 12/17/2012 #

I'm in Montana and can never get enough cozy things! Fuzzy socks and mittens would be great in any color. I've been wanting a pair of those gloves that let you use your smart phone when you wear them, but I havn't seen them. Hot chocolate would be nice. Chocolate...it's not really "warm and cozy", but I think it fits. ;) Maybe even a stuffed animal, I love to collect Moose animals. Hope these suggestions help. Thanks! :)

debhous 12/17/2012 #

Don't have a lot of cold days in Ga, so when it gets "cold" we all freeze. I love quilted, patchwork things, flavored teas, flavored hot chocolate and flavored coffee. Love lip balms in winter as well as good moisturizing lotions. Would love some snow! Scarves are always nice - love lots of colors. Am not hard to please - I like anything in the mail that is not junk and bills!

mamameshach 12/17/2012 #

to my partner, i drink hot cocoa no tea or coffee and i love anything that is made of fleece. i just saw a crochted headband that covers your ears with a flower on it, it was super cute

Cocpufffs 12/18/2012 #

Ginger green tea, chai, tea with coconut, earl grey are some of my favorite teas. Slouchy hats (think hipster style), lip balm (Burt's bees is my fav), fuzzy socks, blankets ( I'm always cold at home), cute mittens. I love well made decorated envies as well.

supercalisto 12/19/2012 #

No hats for me if thats ok, I can't wear them and nothing made with real wool it makes me break out thankies

Hollie 12/20/2012 #

I love Hot Chocolate, candles, soft socks ....... scarf, mittens, Lip Balm! Hope this helps my partner!! I am not a Tea or Coffee Drinker though.

cindylou867 12/21/2012 #

I love soft scarves and tea. My tea preferences are black, green and oolong. My hands are always cold so any kind of gloves or mittens would be great. My favorite colors are blue and purple.

Artistic 12/21/2012 #

A box of comfy, winter cozy has been mailed out to my partner. It's headed to Canada and coming from the U.S. Enjoy!

ladyfeathers 12/22/2012 #

Anything is good with me, but PLEASE read the ingredients I am very allergic to ginger. In the last two tead bag swaps I have had to give the tea away because they had ginger in it. VERY VERY common around the holidays for it to be hidden in there some where. Thanks

CDheartsdragonflies 12/28/2012 #

For my partner whom I'm so glad to have! : I'm really not picky at all. Love hot cocoa, teas, coffees-mostly unflavored but would try something different. Can always use mittens or gloves as I have a knack for miss-placing them. Would love a pair of heavy socks to fit my boots over (I think I bought a size too big for me!) I do like candles in softer scents such as vanilla; vanilla melts too. I love scarves, any kind, and those headband things that go around your ears but not necessarily over your hair. I hope this helps but will be thrilled with whatever is picked out for me!!

Gabbyloco1 12/28/2012 #

I have a Keueig so k cups are welcomed. I drink a lot of teas! (More info on my page) We have a wax burner at the house so melts for it are awesome.. Enjoy candles as well! Lavender is my favorite.. I welcome hand made items as well Lip balm!! My lips stay chapped. Hope this helps! Will enjoy anything you pick out!

JennaZ 12/31/2012 #

Hi potential swap partners! If you happen to get my name in the draw I prefer no edibles other than tea (loose or bag). I like all kinds of cozy things like socks, slippers, scarves, hats, mittens, etc. I wear a shoe size 10. I like all sorts of colors like purple, orange, red, aquamarine, sage green, pink (bright or light), or any crazy combo! I also use a LOT of chapstick, moisturizer and scented candles during the winter!

prnssa 12/31/2012 #

I would love to get fingerless gloves, some flavored chapstick (strawberry,raspberry,cherry), scarf, hat, anything to cover my ears,lol. K cups welcomed here as well:)

walkthoreau 01/ 3/2013 #

I LOVE scarves..would like to add a hot pink-raspberry or aqua color to my collection! Also like chunky handmade knitted/crochet items as well. I am partial to fingerless gloves or regular mittens. Black or dark grey would go with most of my jackets. I like flavored hot cocoas (caramel peppermint etc) also like flavored coffee in any chocolate. Vanilla. Caramel or nutty flavors. I like thick funky socks...crazy patterns are great.would also enjoy handmade leg Warmers in a neutral color. Candles or scents : I like vanilla-&variations of that- and apple or berry type scents. I like flavored chapsticks- berry flavors-and thick lotions for dry hands. I live in Wisconsin & we had a recent snow storm with 20" snow....I could use some WARM & COZY!!!! Thanks ahead of time ;)

GemMedia 01/ 6/2013 #

Hi, just thought I would write a few notes for my partner. I don't wear hats. I would prefer gloves or fingerless gloves or a scarf. I prefer natural products....,unflavored unless it is a natural essential oil. I prefer darker colors, browns and black, some shades of blue, some earthtones., no pastels or neons. Earl grey tea is my favorite as well as peppermint and ginger. Warm socks are good., beeswax or soy candles are good. If you hand make things that's great. Thank you!!

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