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BIG FAT Ephemera Swap

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BIG FAT Ephemera Swap
Swap Coordinator:kim6erly (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Ephemera 
Number of people in swap:18
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:December 31, 2012
Date items must be sent by:January 15, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

12/9/12 - Edited

I've changed the "rules" on folding - and the minimum number of required pieces.

This swap is a bit more intensive than your regular package type of swap. You will send a collection of ephemera (details/specifics below) to one partner. A collection of found pieces of beautiful paper that can be used in collages, bookmaking, cards, box making, and other art work. Absolutely NO scrapbook paper, or what is otherwise known as designer paper.

What can be swapped? Any beautiful flat paper item you have found that was never meant to be kept, such as:

Pieces of used gift wrap (may show signs of use), Magazine illustration, Colorful tickets, Interesting used envelopes & stamps, Advertisements, Calendar pictures, Beautiful can/food labels (please remove carefully), Greeting cards, Colorful & well illustrated brochures, Packaging (this may show signs of use, i.e. folds & wrinkles), Unique newspaper clipping (non-English), Posters, Empty seed packets, Valentines, Sheet music, Unique and/or beautiful advertisements, Take out menus, Transportation labels, Hand decorated papers & drawn illustrations, Colorful & interesting labels, Theme park/zoo maps (or any map), And anything else that you find beautiful, wonderful and/or unique - look at the colors, patterns, pictures, lettering, etc.

Basically it is anything that is paper and was never meant to be saved or kept for a long period of time. It must have some interest and beauty to it. This is a swap that takes some time and thought. It is meant to have some consideration put into the pieces you choose to send. Don't just send any greeting card or label because you can check it off the above list. Make sure there is some visual interest to the item. No one, absolutely no one, wants someone's paper garbage. And for those who receive, please take into consideration that someone else's idea of beauty may not be the same as yours. Take time to go through your ephemera stash and find what is unique and attractive in it. You may find it more appealing than your first impression.

Religious items are acceptable, please understand though it is the beauty recipients are looking for - not a conversion. Please keep religious items to a minimum of 2-3, and understand it may not be compatible with your own beliefs.

Vintage items are a plus but not required. Consider a heart for any partner that sends you true vintage items.

No more than 2 items from each category. You may expand on the categories above, as long as it fits the definition of ephemera (1. Things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. 2. Items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.) and the requirements listed in this swap.


Folded, or creased, ephemera is acceptable but please do not create additional folds or creases when trying to mail. So, please note I have changed this rule to folds/creases are allowed.

Pieces need not be larger than 11 x 17 inches (28cm x 44cm) or smaller than 3 x 5 inches (7.5cm x 13cm). Please do not send all small pieces or all large sized pieces. A good mix of sizes is requested. A minimum of twenty-five pieces must be sent with no more than one set of duplicates. You may send more than 25 pieces at your own discretion. The package should weigh no more than a pound (or half a kilogram) - it will likely weigh less than this, but I wanted to add an upper limit.

Okay, the small print. This is an international swap, please anticipate sending overseas and the costs that might entail. No newbies, sorry. You must have a rating of 4.8 or higher and no recent threes or ones. I will check all participants before assigning partners. If I find that you do not meet requirement and/or you have not signed in to swap-bot more than a month prior to partner assignment you will be removed from this swap. I want this to be a positive experience for all who join and will do my best to eliminate potential flakers.

If you sign up, put in the comments what you plan to, or might, use the ephemera for. It might help your swap partner when selecting papers to send. Ultimately, it is sender's discretion and recipients should not rate on whether it met their like list - or not.

I reserve the right to modify this swap any time up until partners are assigned. Please check back prior to the swap close date to see if any changes were made, and remove yourself if you no longer wish to participate. I do not anticipate any major changes.

I've put this up in early September and I hope to give everyone time between now and January to collect plenty of unique and beautiful ephemera. Hope you can join us!

ADDITIONAL EDIT: If you have some really cool small items, such as stamps or small candy wrappers, you may swap ONE OR TWO 3 x 5 items (or larger) for a similar accumulated amount of small items. What I mean by that, is all the small items must add up to one or two 3 x 5 item or larger. You can only do this once. Any questions, please leave it in the comments or message me. I try to check at least once a week.


kim6erly 09/ 5/2012 #

I like to make books and plan to incorporate the ephemera into book covers and possibly some of the pages themselves. I am hoping to swap with someone who has an eye for collecting unique and interesting ephemera. Repeating patterns are a favorite, but I am open to anything and everything my partner may send.

doulakk 09/ 6/2012 #

I am a ephemera junkie and plan to use the unique stuff that I receive for my smash/junque journals!
I love paper and hope that my sender will peruse my profile page, as I have some specifics that I just won't use and don't want to have to throw anything out. kwim? I always check my receiver's profiles and try hard to dote on them with their wants. Thank you!

iamrushmore 09/21/2012 #

I work primarily in collage - whether it's in a journal, on canvas, or mail art - and I'm always looking for interesting and unique things to use. I'm excited about this one!

badhausfrau 10/ 4/2012 #

I use ephemera in collage and art journals. I particularly like vintage patterns (wallpaper, gift wrap, etc.), postage, photos, maps, and illustrations. No wrappers please. :)

muhasin 10/13/2012 #

I am still rather new to making ATCs, and these other forms of crafting. I never heard of "ephemera" in my life, although have heard of people using these type of items. What an awesome idea. I am not joining, because I don't know if I can meet the requirments to send, or not, but reading this swap just gave me sooo many awesome ideas. :) Looks fun and very interesting. :)

yunasy 10/14/2012 #

can we send things smaller than 3 x 5 if we don't count it into the 30 piece requirement? and can we send more than 2 of an item if its not counted toward the requirement?

kim6erly 10/16/2012 #

Yes, yunasy. In fact, I edited the swap to include smaller items. Scroll to the very bottom of the swap description for more info :)

kim6erly 10/16/2012 #

And yes, you can add a few small things without regard to the size/amount requirement, if you include enough to make up for the 30 items.

Rabbitfreedom 10/17/2012 #

I just inherited an entire collection of 100's of cool vintage photos of my family (we assume it's family, the pictures are so old, we don't know any of the people in them) Is this something that could be included? There are some real nice ones.

kim6erly 10/23/2012 #

Yes, you can include old photos.

littlepinkflamingo4 11/12/2012 #

I use ephemera in collage and for backgrounds in my artwork. I usually linoprint over it.

couchart 11/24/2012 #

Are specialty papers like hand-made papers or marbled papers and wallpaper samples acceptable? I have a lot of these types of items and some of them are quite beautiful.

kim6erly 11/25/2012 #

Absolutely, couchart.

FarStarr 12/ 1/2012 #

I think I'm confused...Where in the original swap description does it say 30 items?

FarStarr 12/ 1/2012 #

Nevermind...I found it... :)

grandmaroro 12/ 7/2012 #

I have kept greeting cards from family and friends for the better part of my fifty years of marriage. I love to recycle. But in going through a box that hasn't seen daylight in at least fifteen years, I found a package of folded wrapping paper - could I send a piece or two of that if I cut it where it is folded?

grandmaroro 12/ 7/2012 #

Also need to ask - what about wallies? They were quite popular a few years ago and I have several styles. Are they acceptable? I really want to be a part of this swap, but I am about to have a melt-down trying to collect acceptable items.

FarStarr 12/ 8/2012 #

I feel the same way about the melt-down, @grandmaroro ...I'm going to keep making a pile and asess progress when it gets closer to the sign-up date.

kim6erly 12/ 9/2012 #

If it has been folded, let the recipient know that it was found that way - or became that way over time. Folds are acceptable - I just didn't want the ephemera unnecessarily creased.
Yes, wallpaper or the like is acceptable.
What restrictions are you finding too much? If it is a reasonable request, I can change it.

kim6erly 12/10/2012 #

@ grandmaroro & FarStarr

I have eased some of the restrictions in the hopes that you find the swap easier to join.

grandmaroro 12/10/2012 #

@kahether I am a Nervous Nellie who overthinks most of my swaps, and usually sends more than the required amounts - not because I wants hearts, but because I want my partner to e happy with what they receive.

I was not asking for the rules to be changed - just wanting to clarify the papers that I've found. The wrapping paper is unused and is folded because it came folded in a package many moons ago. I like having strict rules and I enjoy the challenge of meeting those rules.

@FarStarr I like your idea of a pile. I know just the spot to let it "grow". lol

allofmyheart 12/17/2012 #

I've been collecting stuff for this swap ever since I first saw it a couple of months ago! I would mostly use what I receive to make vintage-style or steampunk-style greetings cards, unless it's something of particular interest, in which case I'd keep it! :-)

Lizard 12/18/2012 #

Please, please, please pretty please with sugared almonds and a strawberry on top, may this newb join in? I am making big sad puppy dog eyes - can you see them? Are they working?

I love exactly this type of thing! I make collages and then write on them in my visual diaries. I also make collages and then draw an outline of some description around the most interesting part, cut out the shape and use that in my visiual diary/journal. I also like to cut a frame of black cardstock and place it here and there over a collage to find something striking, which I then laminate and use as coasters, homemade postcards, placemats and sometimes even in photo frames on my 'Wall of Infamy' :)

Well, if I can't join, I hope my ideas help spur others on.

Lizard 12/18/2012 #

Believe it or not, I got absolutely NO SLEEP last night! Every time I was dropping off I would think of another type of paper and that was the end of sleep! >.<

I think that means I am excited ;)

andietriangle 12/25/2012 #

I love making collages, so this swap seems perfect to me!

Lizard 12/27/2012 #

@kahether In going through my stash of brochures etc (I've travelled around Australia twice) I have found several really pretty, but small, pictures. Can I collage them onto paper to send? I'll make sure they can still be cut and reused of course.

SwissChallet 12/29/2012 #

I use ephemera as backgrounds in my paintings. I especially like textured papers and book pages in languages other than French.

kim6erly 12/30/2012 #

@Lizard you can leave them loose - if you wish and put them in an envelope/bag and let the recipient know it counts as one item (or more).

Lizard 12/30/2012 #

@Kahether Ah, okay. Thank you. That's a good idea! I'll do that. ^.^

Lizard 01/ 1/2013 #

Crikey, it cost just over $17 to post! BUT it has lots of stamps on it! I asked specifically for stamps, not labels. Post office wasn't too happy, but I just said "I thought that's what you do - sell stamps?" heh heh heh Hope my partner has fun when it arrives.

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