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Art Slam - of sorts

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Swap Coordinator:RogueArtist (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Miscellaneous  Art 
Number of people in swap:20
Last day to signup/drop:May 15, 2008
Date items must be sent by:July 1, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

This swap is all about original artwork. I very much enjoy creating and receiving original art. I know there are lots of others here who do as well, so let's get out those brushes, cameras, glue guns, embossing tools and anything else that inspires you.

For this one, there is no theme. Create with wreckless abandon!

for this swap you will create 20 (yes, twenty) original works of art. They can be the same or different as long as they are created and signed by you.

Each page will be 5x7 with one inch blank for binding. This means that the area of creation should be 5"x6". You can use any medium that can be bound into a book. Examples are paper, card stock, card board, canvas paper, watercolor paper, chip board... As long as I can get a hole through it to bind it, it's fine.

Send all pages to me along with the same amount of postage it cost to send it to me. In other words, if it costs you $2 to send it to me, enclose $2 so I can sed the bound book back to you.

When all pages are received, I'll bind them together and mail them out to everyone. In other words, you create twenty of your pages; you receive back a bound book of 20 pages of original art from 20 creative people.

The requirements: 1) 20 completed snail mail swaps 2) 4.9 or higher rating. If you have an unfair rating on your profile, please message me before signing up. 3) This swap must be sent on time. If for any reason you will not be able to fulfil the swap, let me know immediately. You will be replaced with another swapper. 4) When we have 20 swappers this swap will be closed. If you'd like to participate after it is closed, message me. If anyone can not fulfill the swap, you can take their spot.

EDITED: A NOTE ON POSTAGE This swap is international, but here's how it works: You send your 20 pages to me and the cost is $2 to send, so you send $2 additional with your package. An international swapper sends their pages and it's $4 to send. They send an additional $4 with their package. Cumulatively speaking, when I send the books back, I should have nearly exactly enough postage to mail everyone a completed book and everyone has contributed to postage based on their location. Make sense?

questions? ask me before joining. I'm an online junkie, so I'll get right back to you.

I'm really looking forward to this one! I hope you are too :)


Denise 04/24/2008 #

What goes on the backside of the page?

CelestialFreak 04/24/2008 #

I have the capability to bind my own work, do I still have to send to you then?

Denise 04/24/2008 #

I'm assuming you would need to send to the host or you would just be binding your own 20 pages

RogueArtist 04/24/2008 #

You can put something on the back if you'd like, but generally, I'd leave them blank or maybe put your contact information for the other artists.

You would definitely send these to me. You will get back a bound book of everyone's art. does that make sense?

RogueArtist 04/24/2008 #

I've been thinking this over. Only put your contact info, if you want to, on the back, so that we don't distract from teh artwork on the next page.

sbergeron00 04/24/2008 #

oh ratzen fratzen!

I'm only at 10 swaps so far. I'm hoping we can get another of these set up closer to the Fall since by then I'll have a high enough rating (hopefully) sigh...I would love to play in this swap since school will be out and I'll have time to make the pages.

RogueArtist 04/25/2008 #

i think we will. I'd like to do some themed books if this works out well.

Chaz 04/25/2008 #

Since we have 1 swap partner, but 20 participants, should we just give 1 rating for the art from that partner?

RogueArtist 04/25/2008 #

On rating - If your partner is included in the book, they sent and should be rated appropriately :)

RogueArtist 04/25/2008 #


  • Sign ups will end when we have 20 participants.

  • 20 pages of original art. They can be the same, different or similar - sender's choice. If it's your original photograph, please print it on photo paper and sign it. :)

  • The pages are due to me by July 1. I should have the books in the mail to everyone by July 11.

let me know if there are futher questions - thanks :)

sbergeron00 04/25/2008 #

Just a by the way: the postage is going to cost a bit more than what it costs to send if you are putting covers on it, also it would cost more (or less) depending on if you sent (20) decorated chip board pages or (20) printed photos on photo paper.

RA thanks for letting me in!! I'm so pumped.

RogueArtist 04/25/2008 #

I'll absorb the cost of the binding and a bit of extra postage. There will definitley be covers on them :)

I'm pumped too!

B3ntButN0tbrok3n 04/25/2008 #

i joined as well (:

RogueArtist 04/26/2008 #

great to have everyone here :)

Wanda 04/26/2008 #

I've been laying very low, and just relaxing and doing little or nothing except puttering in the veggie and herb gardens, and tending chickens...but how can I resist when you put something like this out there?! ;)

cmhatcstamper 04/27/2008 #

Whoo hoo! We are at 19:) I am excited for this swap! Chris

RogueArtist 04/27/2008 #

number 20 just requested a password! woohoo!!!

I'll send out a mass email as soon as she does.

thank you all for being a part of this project!

Trout 04/27/2008 #

I can't wait to get started!

Denise 05/ 1/2008 #

Can our pages be chunky or should they just be flat?

RogueArtist 05/ 1/2008 #

they can be any way you want to create them - chunky is great so is flat :)

Denise 05/ 7/2008 #

Hows everyones pages coming along?

hoppyloo 05/ 8/2008 #

Im having such fun! My pages are almost done :) I had a "flash" of inspiration, and you know what that means.... I have to do it NOW!
I think this is such a great idea - Thanks RA :)

artsyjana 05/10/2008 #

I am having a bit of problems with my pages. I am using cardstock and painting backgrounds using watercolors, but my pages "ripple" when they dry. If I had watercolor paper, I'd gladly use it, but I don't right now.

Any suggestions???

artsyjana 05/10/2008 #

Oh no! We only have 19 people! Did we loose someone?

Denise 05/11/2008 #

artsyj cover your pages with wax paper and put them under a heavy book overnight. That usually does the trick for me.

sbergeron00 05/11/2008 #

I've been working on my concept. I've figured out what I'm going to do and I'm so excited! I hope we get back to 20 people. I think RA was going to keep a waiting list so there should be someone to fill the spot. this is gonna be fun!!

artsyjana 05/12/2008 #

Thanks for the tip Denise. I've found some heavier cardstock to use, but I don't think I have 20 pieces, so I'll wax paper & press the rest.

herwithacurl 05/12/2008 #

aww.. I love the idea of this swap.. I hope you host a round 2. :)

RogueArtist 05/13/2008 #

we must have lost someone. Never fear - I do have a back up list :)

I'm contacting them now

thank you all for participating!

cobaltgypsy 05/15/2008 #

Sounds like a neat idea, I just can't do 20 pieces right now. I've got too many other swaps going, and each of my ATCs I consider a work of art. Maybe if you host a round 2 and I catch it, I can just sign up for the round 2 swap and nothing else! Good luck! blessings, Gypsy

Alphenquilts 05/15/2008 #

My pages are done, if you want, you can see one on my Flickr.

I really like this swap and I'm curious what everybodey else will make :-)

groeten, Francis

KatieBelle 05/15/2008 #

Thank you for having me! I am so excited about this! If you want I can do 2 pages since it looks like there is only 19 people including me.. I ca nput them in a flat rate envie.. Whatever, just let me know.. Oh, and the pages would be done differently! :) Katie

RogueArtist 05/15/2008 #

don't forget - even though there are partners assigned - do not send to your partner! send all 20 pages to me

thanks Lynn

sbergeron00 05/21/2008 #

oohhh! we're back up to 20!! yeah!!

RogueArtist 05/31/2008 #

alphenstamps pages have been received! :)

RogueArtist 06/ 4/2008 #

okay, apparently I didn't look close enough. I have hoppyloo's pages, not alphenstamps. I'll keep an eye out for them

RogueArtist 06/14/2008 #

Pages received from Kinderposht! thank you!

Wanda 06/18/2008 #

I'm just letting you know that I am working on my pages, and haven't disappeared from the face of the earth. I have company for 2 weeks, so my art work is taking a far back seat at the moment, but little by little I will get there.

Alphenquilts 06/22/2008 #

okay, pages 21-40 will be mailed today...:-(

my first 20 pages never reached their destination, so fingers crossed this time!

RogueArtist 06/23/2008 #

pages received today from Maiziemom ! great stuff - thanks!

sbergeron00 06/23/2008 #

wahoo! My pages are done!! I'll be sending them in the morning. :) I can hardly wait to see the finished book.

RogueArtist 06/28/2008 #

pages received from sbergeron00 and xxinternalchaos :)

y'all are going to love these books - so many talented folks

RogueArtist 06/30/2008 #

pages received from Alphenstamp and janetburns :)

sbergeron00 07/ 1/2008 #

I can hardly wait for the middle of the month! I want to see everybody's art NOW!!!! Yes...I have a problem with patience. Sort of like a kid waitin' for that big holiday to come with all the prezzies...sigh...:)

hoppyloo 07/ 1/2008 #

I know what you mean sbergeron00! Im so looking forward to this one :)

Wanda 07/ 2/2008 #

Okay, I don't know how to mark it, 'Sent'. But I mailed them today, but not until after the mail truck left for the day, so they won't actually leave our town until tomorrow. Sorry for being a day late. Two weeks with a group of 6 houseguests, took away my art time to finish them up on time.

Wanda 07/ 2/2008 #

blush Okay, I finally found the "Mark It Sent" button.

RogueArtist 07/ 4/2008 #

So far I have received pages from:

*Xxinternalchaos *Sbergeron00






*YooperHill (angel for KatieBelle)



hoppyloo 07/ 7/2008 #

I think its a shame to see several "not sent"s almost a week after the send by date, especially as there was a very long lead time :(

sbergeron00 07/ 9/2008 #

I agree Hoppyloo, I hope that everyone gets their pages in! I want them all!!!

Alphenquilts 08/23/2008 #

received my book today. what a great piece of art!!!! I will tressure it forever!

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