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pocketsize journal/sketchbook swap #3 (Edited)

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pocketsize journal/sketchbook swap #3 (Edited)
Swap Coordinator:Pouffia (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts  Art  Journals 
Number of people in swap:53
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:July 29, 2013
Date items must be sent by:August 20, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

This swap was originally hosted by barterartistmel but because life is getting in the way at the moment she is letting me host it. :) Thanks to mel for that.

Update July 24, 2013: I'm going to go ahead and edit this swap, because I've had a lot of questions and I just want things to be clear. These swaps work as follows:

If you're new to this swap:

You will buy or make a pocket-sized journal that has at least 20 pages. It can be more than 20 pages but remember the shipping costs, so keep it as thin as possible. You must fill the first two pages of your own journal. Whether you take 1 page front and back, or just the front of 2 pages, is up to you. You can (but don't have to) add some instructions regarding the filling of the pages (do you want it front and back, or front and front?). You can also add a request for something. Or you can ask the swappers to number the pages as they go, and you can add a list or reserve a page where swappers can add their Swap Bot info after they've filled two pages, so you know who's had it when.

Write your name and address (and email address in case you move) on the front or the back, and a note asking to return the journal to this address when it's full.

If you've joined before:

you will forward the journal you got in the last swap to the partner you'll be assigned this swap. Make sure to have 2 pages filled. Unless the journal owner has added some instructions in the journal, stick to the set up of the journal owner. If the owner used 1 page front and back, use 1 page front and back. If the owner used the front of 2 pages, use the front of 2 pages. Make sure to add your swap name to your art, so people know the art is yours. (This is important for rating as well. Read on...)

Ideas to fill your two pages with: art, illustrations, poetry, a short story or something else that's creative.

Official pocket sizes are: 13x20cm or 5x8inch. They can be a little bigger but not much, and they can certainly be smaller.


  1. You will not ask that the swapper getting your journal return it to you. I accepted that in the last round and ended up with disappointed people that now have no journal to forward and have to start a second of their own to send out. lesson learned. sorry!

  2. if you go to the post office and find that it is costing $5+ to mail your journal, reconsider and make a lighter weight and thinner journal. High mailing costs put you at risk of it not getting sent along further and eventually making it back to you.

  3. I am allowing plenty of time to make, illustrate and send out your journal. Please allow 4 weeks for it to get to you before messaging your partner to ask about it if you haven't received it, many will be coming from different countries.

  4. Ratings! Lots of questions about this one. The original host didn't say anything about this, so I'm implementing a rule that I feel is appropriate. If you receive a journal from someone who didn't fill two pages, you rate a 3. I don't like setting rules for ratings but if you didn't fill two pages you did not meet the swap requirements. Also, if swappers pass on journals without filling 2 pages, the journal will be longer in rotation than is necessary, and the owner will just be waiting for it longer. So make sure to add your Swap Bot info to your art, or if you receive a journal with a list, to add your info there!

Like barterartistmel, I will angel this swap on the following conditions: - it's been 6 weeks - you've contacted your swap partner and tried to work something out - I've spoken to you and your swap partner

Since I am angeling this if necessary, I'm putting the rating on 4.56 and up. The swap can't require a higher rating because people of the former swaps should be able to participate again. I will check profiles and I reserve the right to ban anyone I consider a risk. No recent unexplained 1s or 3s.


PurpleButterfly 07/ 6/2013 #

Is the size for this 4.5x3.25, I have some that size so wanted to know if they should be bigger or is that the size they should be.

PurpleButterfly 07/ 6/2013 #

Thought this was USA so keeping on watch list for now.

Wingy 07/12/2013 #

got it yesterday,....so i am in round 3

aleshapie 07/14/2013 #

Can you join in if you haven't done prior rounds?

aleshapie 07/14/2013 #

Nevermind, I just reread the posting...I got the answer. Sorry. :)

abshanghai 07/15/2013 #


Just want to make sure that on this swap, I will pass on the journal I received to my partner and likewise the person who got my journal will pass on to her partner, right?


Pouffia 07/15/2013 #

Hi @abshanghai yes, that's the idea.

ebgroovy 07/19/2013 #

hi !! LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA!!! QUESTION: Please advise on how this swap will be "rated" or no rating?? I am asking because I am concered about the "HEARTS" in this matter...they mean ALOT to me and I ALWAYS go OVERBOARD..(which is just me.....) and on this, we just do the "work" inside each journal right?? do we "rate" each one?? or..what? confussed!! ONE MORE QUEsTION: I totally understand about making it as "thin" and lightweight as possible for COSTS.... however.. I'm asking about the SIZE.. I have a thin.. 4x61/2 journal... is that too big?? I pulled out many pages to make it light...only kept 25 inside?!!! Please advise on both questions... I found a "smaller" journal I could use...does it make a difference?? I think the 4x61/2 is great for all kinds of writing, art whatever...its has BLANK pages!! could you PM me? i might not get back on this site in time for the answers.... thanks!!! xxo el

marchy 07/19/2013 #

Hi I have a VERY old 1, and a high enough rating. I'd like to join, would that be possible??

Pouffia 07/20/2013 #

@marchy you can join

ScatteredInTimeAndSpace 07/23/2013 #

Hi, I'm new to swap-bot. I'm just curious, how long does it take, on average for you to get your original book back? And how many of these swaps do you host/how often per year? Thanks.

TC 07/23/2013 #

I'm thinking about joining this, but I'm confused by your comment above. If one the swap requirements is to fill 2 pages, why would we rate a 5 if two pages aren't filled? Wouldn't that be a 3?

user2637 07/24/2013 #

^^ I have the same questions as @TC

@scatteredintimeandspace with a swap lasting a month plus time to receive and ten sets of 2 pages to do, I think it will be more than a year.

Pouffia 07/24/2013 #

@scatteredintimeandspace I can't say for sure because it's also dependent on whether or not each person to get your journal joins the following swap, but more than a year sounds correct. The frequency of these swaps are as follows: each swaps lasts 3 weeks with 6 weeks in between. The signup deadline for the next swap will be September 9. I'll create that swap in a second.

@TC I've been getting more questions about this and I now realize I haven't been very consistent with my answers. Uhm. Okay, I'm going to do it like this: I want to stick to @bartartistmel s swap requirements as much as possible. Since a requirement is to fill two pages yourself first, I'd say: yes, you'll be rated a 3 if you don't fill the first two pages yourself. In fact, I think anyone who passes a journal on without having filled 2 pages should be rated a 3. This to prevent swappers from passing the journal on without having filled it, keeping the journal longer in rotation. I'll edit the swap description as well.

orneryswife 07/24/2013 #

I would like to do this but I am new so don't have a rating yet. Is there any way I could participate or do I need to wait until I have a rating?

Pouffia 07/24/2013 #

@orneryswife no sorry, you need to have a rating. The 4th swap is already up, so you can get yourself some ratings and join that one. :)

midteacher 07/27/2013 #

Will there be a USA swap like this anytime soon? Asking because postage is an issue for some of us and the turn around time would be less because less time traveling in the mail.

LeeMeow 07/27/2013 #

I just joined the swap but I have not yet received a journal from my partner for the last swap yet..... shouId I wait a bit more or should I make a new one? (I noted that she marked sent on Jun 21.)

Pouffia 07/28/2013 #

@midteacher it depends if someone is willing to host it. I'm from the Netherlands so there wouldn't be a point if I did it.

@LeeMeow it's up to you. I can't angel it because it's my first for hosting this swap, and even if I did the signup deadline is tomorrow. Whether you wait or make a new one is up to you, as long as you have a journal to send out by the time the deadline is reached.

Nebula 07/31/2013 #

Oh, no! I missed this round :( Where can I subscribe not to miss the next one? I have a journal waiting to be mailed!

Pouffia 07/31/2013 #

@Nebula The 4th swap is here. http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/153974. I'll PM you as well.

Jelorian 08/20/2013 #

Hi guys! A quick FY: for folks that love to put 3D objects in their books, it triples the price when sending internationally from the US if the object makes the package an irregular thickness. Please keep this in mind!

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