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Date Joined: July 21, 2013
Last Online: August 21, 2019
Birthday: February 19
Country: United States
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I took a break from swapping after a period of illness, but I am back in "fighting form" (ish) and ready to rumble again!

I am an almost 60 yo wife to Ornery (40 years), Mom to Elizabeth (38) and Ryan (33), and Grammie to Micah (9) and Makayla (7) (aka the m&ms).

I am home-bound with an undiagnosed condition that has left me mostly immobile. But, I am grateful to have cheated death twice in two years, and while I am not where I would like to be physically, at least I am on the right side of the dirt! :)


Since my children are grown, it's just Ornery and me in our beautiful home. We live in NE Oklahoma near Tulsa. About 8 months of the year, my yard sports a variety of blooming plants, the more the better as far as I am concerned. One of the hardest things I had to give up when I was no longer able to walk was working in my yard. My daughter is studying horticulture online, and I have the wonderful benefit of her knowledge, and recently the generosity of the landscape architect who has hired her as an intern.

If you look at my Instagram feed, (link above) you will see equal parts garden/yard posts, and whatever odd crafty project I am immersed in at the moment.


And I do have wide ranging interests when it comes to crafting. Currently I am working on some embroidery -- something I haven't done in over 30 years! But, I got a ton of floss from a garage sale, and I purchased some Aunt Martha's iron on transfers to make some flour sacking dish towels for Christmas gifts. I'm not terribly fast, so I figured I should begin early! :) I have finished 7 out of 12 towels so far.

I have also made numerous doll clothes for Makayla, and have made odds and ends for around the house such as pillows, curtains, etc. I recently purchased a new Brother sewing machine but it was around the time I last went to the hospital and I am sorry to say I have yet to learn how to even thread it. Maybe by the fall I will have all the other projects out of the way...


Earlier this summer, I made some note cards with weaving on the fronts, an extremely satisfying project, but the cards are bulky and cost extra to mail, so I stopped on that project for now. My husband built me a lap loom a few years ago, and I have completed about a dozen wall hangings on it I have more yarn than a body needs, but I do enjoy playing with the beautiful fibers!

Sadly, I never could master crochet and knitting doesn't hold my interest.


I am happiest when I am in my studio or playing with color in some fashion. I can't draw anything other than stick figures, but fortunately, I happen to like abstract art better than realism, so it turns out I am okay with that lack. I am not really all that great at any of the mediums, but I do like to dabble in:

  • acrylic paint
  • alcohol inks
  • art journaling
  • collage
  • mail art
  • pastels
  • stamping/embossing
  • washi tape
  • watercolor
  • gelli printing

I have a substantial collection of ATC's and Altered Rolodex cards. I have several binders filled with amazing mail art, which is probably my favorite collection of all. Some of my ATCs are in frames on the wall in my studio, others featuring little houses (my favorite theme) are on the wall in my dining room.


I am a huge puzzle fan. I have over 100 in my collection, mostly 500 piece, but a few 1000, and several 300 piece, which lately has been more my speed, just because they work up quickly and are easy to handle.


I have several (10? 15?) fairly regular pen pals, but I am always up for exchanging letters with new friends. I always enjoy receiving mail, which was the reason I joined Swap-Bot all those years ago! I had to take a break from the letters when I was recovering from my illnesses (cellulitis/sepsis) but I am back online with most of them now.

While I really enjoy writing letters, I am not great with sending "extras" because I can't get out to shop. However, I like to think that my letters are worthwhile even without the extras! 😁


I am a very reliable swapper. If I don't think I will be able to send, I drop from the swap. Always. Even when I was hospitalized, I managed to send my swaps on time. If you have not received a swap from me, please let me know as soon as possible. I generally mail the day partners are assigned, or at the latest a day or two after.

Likewise, I am a very prompt rater. There is nothing worse than spending time and effort to create a personalized swap only to wonder if it ever arrived. If you are a late rater or non-rater, please do not join my swaps.

If I happen to be hosting a swap, I will always angel if necessary. I tend to swap only within the safety of a group, but things happen and I will always try to make it right for those who join my swaps.

I try to make my swap descriptions as clear as possible, but if you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to direct message me, and I will answer your questions.

I really appreciate you being willing to swap with me. I really try hard to please my partners.


For swaps that require personaliaztion, tuck-ins, gifts, extras, etc., here is a list of my preferences.


  • gardening/flowers/plants
  • seeds for flowers, or any type of empty seed packets
  • pollinators/bees/butterflies
  • birds, especially quirky ones!
  • little houses in any form
  • washi tape (mt is my favorite, but I like any of it that will stick well!!)
  • unused postage any denomination
  • bright colors (spring green is my favorite color, but I really like all of them!)
  • puzzle themed items
  • coffee themed items (but not actual coffee unless it is some instant for dying paper, which I would be delighted to receive!)
  • flowers, leaves, or funny stickers for my journal or mail art
  • decorated or handmade envies, mail art
  • gelli-prints or interesting papers I can use for collage or art journaling
  • standard sized altered Rolodex cards (I have a spinner so no larger than 1/2" extra on top and sides)
  • unique beads I can use for earrings for my daughter
  • copper anything
  • Healthy instantpot recipes, well, really any healthy recipes!
  • Bible verses or inspirational quotes on cards or paper I can easily paste in my journal
  • yarn, especially smaller balls, like the end of a project
  • patterns for doll clothes 12" or 18"
  • personalized return address labels or swap cards
  • any high quality hand-made art
  • blank notecards, especially Punch Studio brand
  • jokes, preferably clean. I love play on words type jokes.


  • tea of any kind. After drinking so much on diets, now I can't stand the thought of it!
  • art with images of people/faces, especially those old time found relative pictures - creepy!
  • scented items
  • Halloween anything (although I do love the fall and autumn)
  • postcards - I don't use them or collect them. If I join a PC swap it is for handmade mailart, which is a different animal altogether, in my opinion.
  • coloring pages - I am really bad at coloring inside the lines!
  • plastic deco tape


sweetgypsy rated for USA Puzzle Collaboration #4 on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: Love your piece of the puzzle and how cool is that flower pot it arrived in & your card too! Thank you for a wonderful swap :)
Comment: great ATC. the green is striking on the black and white background. Love the texture on the ATC and the envelope.
Bananers rated for Artist Trading Coin JAMS on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: I love the jams you sent. Thank you for the awesome extras!
Response: Great! I can't wait to see what you do with them! Thank you for the quick rating and heart! πŸ’Ÿ
Comment: Thank you. I had a sauna in IL house. My husband used it often. I used it more in the beginning. It was in basement when we bought the house. I like the stamps you sent me.
TereDiane1954 rated for CMF - Card with 3 elements on Aug 15, 2019
Comment: Nice to meet you, Tracy! Thank you for the pretty card; I love it! And I always love more washi tape. Thank you for thinking of me.
bb2 rated for CMF: no iron Paper Napkin Card Making on Aug 8, 2019
Comment: These cards are beautiful. Thank you so much for all the work and love you put into this swap. I just have to find that Snoopy rubber stamp!
Comment: Thanks for joining my swap & for the wonderful ATC Coin. It's great to see you back & swapping again. I hope we are partnered up again soon because it's always a pleasure swapping with you. Take care!
Response: I am glad you liked it. I love swappingbwith you, too!
Candace rated for CMF: Give Thanks Card on Aug 6, 2019
Comment: Wow! What a cool idea! Now if I could only knit or crochet.
Response: Oh, I can' do either. That is woven. I used a Tim Holtz ruler and paper piercer to make evenly spaced holes for the warp, then after I put the warp on, I used different yarns to weave on the vertical threads. They are relaxing and fun to make, and I get to play with the colorful fibers! I am glad you liked it. Thank you for the quick rating and lovely heart.
Mickiruth rated for Pvt with Mickiruth on Aug 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely washi. I will think of you when I use it. And it was in such a beautiful envelope. And a special thanks for your patience with a newbie trying to learn the Swap-Bot ropes! If I could give 2 hearts, I would!
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for the quick rating and heart!
DaisyNY rated for AI ~ Artistic Envelopes on Aug 4, 2019
Comment: Wow, Tracy, what a wonderful set of envelopes! I won the jackpot this time! I really do love gelli-printed papers.
Response: I am so glad you liked them! I was worried some might not be artistic enough. πŸ™„ Thank you for the prompt rating and hesrt! πŸ’Ÿ
Comment: Tracy I love all of the flower washi tape samples you sent to me. All new to me~ Thanks so very much!
Response: Great! It is not surprising that they are not familiar as there are so many options available now. Don't you just love washi tape?! Thank you fir the quick rating and heart! πŸ’Ÿ
Comment: What a lovely card! Thanks so much. One of my favorite quotes, too!
Response: I am so glad it finally got to you! It probably wasn't really that long, but it felt like it! I was all set to create another one tomorrow. Thank you for the quick rating and heart. I really appreciate it. πŸ’Ÿ
luluvision rated for USA Puzzle Collaboration #3 on Aug 3, 2019
Comment: Woohoo!! Your piece made it safely to me! YAY! I love it! The beading is fantastic and the background is beautiful! Thank you so much! (What a great idea to pair it with a woven card, which is also wonderful! I just got interested in weaving and I didn't even think to put it on a card!) Fantastic swap!!
Response: Boy, I was sweating it, because I thought they were taking a really long time to arrive. I am glad you like the puzzle piece. When I first saw the swap descriotion, I knew I eanted to try weaving and beading on the pieces. Neither one turned out quite like I envisioned, but they are, no doubt, unique! 😊I figured the weaving on the card might protect the beads. I am glad you liked it. I highly recommend trying the weaving on cards. So fun!!! Thank you for the quick rating and heart! πŸ’Ÿ
wolfeagle rated for TM's Puzzle on Aug 2, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely puzzles. They are wonderful.
Response: I am so glad they arrived and were to your liking. I really enjoyed making them. Thank you for the quick rating and heart. πŸ’Ÿ
geekgirl1001000 rated for EASU: July Free Theme ATC on Jul 31, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much for the thyme ATC and the extras. I love it!
Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the promot rating and heart. πŸ’Ÿ
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful envelopes and washi tape! I'm going to use the envelopes as inspiration for making envelopes myself! Edit: I just noticed that one of the stamps on your envelope is the AR state flag! How cool!
Response: I am glad you liked them. The stamp was pure chance, as I didn't notice it was the AR flag, I was just adding up the postage! πŸ˜‚ Thank you for the heart. πŸ’Ÿ
LunaCass rated for SMSUSA: Tell Me About . . . . . #2 on Jul 28, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the notecard, problem-solving is definitely a great ability to have. :) A very pretty envelope with awesome looking stamps!
Comment: The envelopes you made are BEAUTIFUL! I don't know if I will be able to use them, they are so lovely! Of course I live the orange envie, and the gnome on the green one is adorable! But that pink envie! So Gorgeous!!! And I love the little fairy house on the calendar page envie! Thank you so much!
Response: I am so glad you liked them! I am in several envelope swsps right now and have really enjoyed making them. Thank you for the prompt rating and lovely heart! πŸ’Ÿ
Poohtat rated for SS: Notecard Letter (USA only) on Jul 26, 2019
Comment: What a beautiful card you made. Thank you for your letter. Sounds like you have been busy. I hope the rest of your summer goes as wonderful.
Response: Thank you for the compliment, qick rating and heart! Happy summer!
vlhafer54 rated for IS: Handmade Flower Envies ~ USA on Jul 25, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful envelopes! And so sturdy - they'll stand up to the roughest post office machines.
Response: I am delighted that you like them. Thank you for the prompt rating and heart!