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postcard with a picture you want swap #2

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Swap Coordinator:Glenn (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods 
Number of people in swap:12
Last day to signup/drop:January 15, 2007
Date items must be sent by:February 10, 2007
Number of swap partners:8

I'm making a new one of these with more time, so everyone gets a chance to join this time around. Let me know if there is enough time!

I'm also going to add more partners since because there's more time (hopefully) more people will sign up! (trying to keep amount of partners in multiples of 4 because often you can get postcards 4 for a dollar.. etc)

this swap is easy, just comment with 5 choices for a picture you want on your postcard. Then, your partners will find or make a postcard with one of those choices and send it off to you.

for example if i listed: 1)apple 2)the color blue 3)arachnid 4)an iceburg 5) a telephone, my partner would have to either make or purchase a postcard with one of the above things on it.

You will have 8 partners with 1 postcard each, so you'll be sending out 8 postcards total.

Put your lists below and enjoy!


Zmrzlina 12/26/2006 #

Description says 4 partners but swap details above description says 8 partners. Which will it be?

Glenn 12/27/2006 #

oops, the directions are from the first time around.. it's eight partners.. I'll change it. Thanks for pointing that out!

scherre 12/27/2006 #

I tried to sign up for the first one of these that you had that wasn't working, and I would sign up for this one but 8 partners seems a little many for one swap. If you do any more like this in the future with less partners I'll join in then.

Glenn 12/27/2006 #

scherre, I absolutely will. thanks for letting me know

Zmrzlina 12/27/2006 #

Thank you for clearing up the partner mystery :-) We have a nice long time between when we get our partners' names and the date we have to send by, so we should be able to get postcards to match images requested. Hope everyone posts their list, though.

My images are;

  1. camels
  2. honeybees
  3. libraries (or anything to do with reading)
  4. maps of any sort
  5. beverages of any sort

I like advertising, homemade, store bought, any kind of postcard but I prefer them sent as postcards, not in an envelope.

girlzoot 12/27/2006 #

Rock on, excited about getting to do a little treasure hunting.

  1. Anything bizarre/freaky/weird/or spooky making.
  2. Any handmade card.
  3. Any card with poetry on it.
  4. Any risque/off color/naughty/bawdy card.
  5. Any card with children's stories/or nursery rhymes.

Send them as postcards if you can as I love the stamps and the postmarks too!! Thanks so much!!

LaDolceVita 12/27/2006 #

I just signed up and here's my list:

  1. anything vintage.. ad's, posters, pictures..
  2. classic movies
  3. pop art
  4. black and white pictures
simone53 12/27/2006 #

Ooh- this sounds fun!

Here's my list: 1: antique maps 2: hand-painted cards 3: unusual photo cards of a specific location 4: really, really, really boring photo cards (as in the book 'Boring Postcards') 5: portraits of people of note (especially if you have an interesting fact/quote about/by that person!)

Glenn 12/28/2006 #

Here's my list: (1) a train or train tracks (2) a hot air balloon (3)anything/any place/anyone that's weathered (4) a typewriter (5)a clock

Zmrzlina 12/28/2006 #

This is going to be fun! A treasure hunt, indeed! W

Zmrzlina 12/28/2006 #

(hit button by mistake)

We should post the link to this swap in our emails and blogs to get more people to sign up because once this swaps slip below the top Most Recently Added, it is hard to get participants.

Glenn 12/28/2006 #

good idea, I'll post it in livejournal communities :)

Cnvingltlbtch 12/28/2006 #

Hi I just joined. I learned about this from live journal.

My five images would be:

  1. butterfly
  2. city lights
  3. waterfall
  4. Purple
  5. people
graydragon 01/ 2/2007 #

Oh yes I forgot I needed a list! 1. dragons 2. sanrio characters, ie hello kitty 3. sculptures 4. purple anything 5. tropical fish

user4432 01/ 3/2007 #
  1. unusual card with a cat on it (not the ordinary cat or kitten cards!)
  2. handdrawn card
  3. vintage cards
  4. poetry or rhymes
  5. any card with buddha's
user4034 01/ 3/2007 #
  1. trains or anything on rails
  2. snowmen
  3. any religiuos building
  4. unusual shaped card
  5. exotic animal
dulcimer 01/ 6/2007 #

oops heres my list * celestial * dragonflys * vintage * celtic knots * anything red

Susi 01/ 6/2007 #

This sounds very interesting and like a lot of fun... also pretty easy!

my items are:

  1. anything school related (I am a teacher)
Susi 01/ 6/2007 #

grr, sent before I finished my list! LOL

  1. dachsunds
  2. Mayan or Aztec symbols
  3. Anything Native American
  4. a recipe

Hows that for a list? susi

schlabs 01/11/2007 #

Here is my list:

  1. rose
  2. baby
  3. money
  4. recipe
  5. city
JewelzyBug 01/12/2007 #

Okay, here's my list 1. boston terrier 2. hallowe'en 3. skeletons 4. red 5. something unique (anything)

user2839 01/14/2007 #

Ok, I am making sure I understand this correctly. I will have 8 different people that I send a postcard to, but I only have to send 1 card per partner and I choose that card from their list of 5 choices. Right?

And some of you want it actually mailed, so if I make the card it has to be mailable. Is there a size limit on the postcards?

Sounds fun!

My list:

  1. Cats - any kind of cat, big cats, little cats, real cats, cartoon cats, any kind of cat.

  2. Butterflies - I like artsy butterflies or maybe painted would be a better term

  3. Plants or flowers - could be photos of or drawings of plants or flowers

  4. Teddy Bears

  5. Angels

girlzoot 01/14/2007 #

I prefer mine mailable, but totally understand if your art would get scrunched in the mail and you prefer to put it in an envelope to make sure it makes it me intact. 8^)

digitalmaven 01/14/2007 #

This should be interesting. Here's my list:

  1. Hamsters
  2. Anything Japanese (places, food, items, etc.)
  3. Beach/coast scenes
  4. Color schemes (rainbow, monochromatic, complementary, etc.)
  5. Patterns (geometrical or otherwise)

I don't mind if you mail them as is or in an envelope, and purchased or made is ok with me.

Glenn 01/16/2007 #

Susan, that's absolutely correct and the size is whatever your mail carrier will accept! No specific size requirement here, as long as it gets to your partner safe and sound

Glenn 01/16/2007 #

I was so anxious I found all of my posytcards tonight in my stash and finished writing them all! I'm mailing them off tomorrow. You have until the deadline ( February 10th, ) but if you finish sooner feel free to send them off when you'd like!

thanks everyone who participated :) Keep in mind I do these every month, though i think next month I will do fewer people for partners because I received some complaints that 8 is too many.

Susi 01/17/2007 #

can't wait to start... it will be fun hunting for images etc! susi

Cnvingltlbtch 01/28/2007 #

Got a wonderful postcard of Swallowtail butterfly today from Tellu. What an amazing card. Thank-you so much.

Susi 01/30/2007 #

susan g, tove, alanna, carissa, sandra, kathie, emily and angi, your cards went postal today! susi

Susi 01/30/2007 #

my were all hand made except one, i hope thats ok susi

Cnvingltlbtch 01/30/2007 #

Hey Melinda (Girlzoot);

Just wanted to say thanks for the cool postcard. Love the traffic lights.

Cnvingltlbtch 02/ 7/2007 #

Got a cool shot of the bay from Alanna. An interesting water color postcard from Susi. And some cool vintage shots of people from La Vita Bella.

Glenn 02/11/2007 #

julie and angi, got GREAT hot air balloon pc's from you both.. i looooove them thanks!

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