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Happy Birthday in 2015!!!

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Swap Coordinator:mleerobb (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Bath & Body  Accessories 
Number of people in swap:11
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.98
Last day to signup/drop:December 29, 2014
Date items must be sent by:November 1, 2015
Number of swap partners:11


Welcome fellow swappers!


This swap is limited to 12 people, one for each month of the year, and will take place throughout the whole year.

Each month you will send a birthday gift package to the person who has a birthday that month. You will be matched with 11 partners, one for each month (except your birthday month). On your birthday month you should get 11 gifts, one from each person in the swap.

Since no one has a birthday in December, you are not required to send a gift to anyone that month. In the alternative, you can CHOOSE to send Christmas cards to everyone, but this is an OPTION and NOT A REQUIREMENT.

You will get a message on the first of each month to remind you to send a gift and who to send it to. All packages should be postmarked by the 15th of the month to ensure delivery during the birthday swappers month. Please use USPS tracking for this swap.

The gift you send should be valued between $5 to $7. Please gift wrap the items you send. Don't forget to put your name and the name of the swap on a birthday card in the package!

Please check your partners profile, etsy wish list, or amazon wish list for gift ideas. Be thoughtful with your package so your partners feel special on their birthday! If you want to help your partners with your gift then please make sure you have an amazon wish list, etsy wish list, and a filled out profile.

Because we are all assigned to each other you will be able to rate each swapper. In turn, you will get one rating each month from the birthday swapper! Please rate for all packages received as soon as you get them.

Please use the comments below and post your birthday. If you see that your month is already taken then please don't post as this swap allows for one person per month.


  • Please wrap any food/liquid items in leak proof baggie to prevent any accidents during shipping!

  • Each package must be postmarked by the 15th of each month to ensure that the birthday swapper gets their gifts during their birthday month. Please use USPS tracking.

  • This is a US swap only!

  • Newbies are welcome with a filled out profile and 5 positive type 3 swap ratings under your belt within the past year.

  • No unresolved 1 ratings in the past year.

  • I will be checking and reserve the right to ban members who do not meet the swap requirements.

Happy Swapping!!!


  • January 5 - TheGraceMartin
  • February 25 - CariahCreates
  • March 20 - mleerobb
  • April - momaw2masonandabby
  • May 16 - Medford8330
  • June 17 - SweetSugarTree
  • July 22 - bgailk
  • August 17 - MisplacedFromPA
  • September 8 - Cloudgdurl1986
  • October 19 - PrincessB
  • November 30 - OPEN
  • December - OPEN


mleerobb 12/ 9/2014 #


TheGraceMartin 12/ 9/2014 #

January 5th!

Cloudgdurl1986 12/ 9/2014 #

September 8, count me in too please :)

sweetsugartree 12/ 9/2014 #

I'd love to participate! Great idea! My b-day is June 17th.

princessblueberry 12/10/2014 #

November 30

mleerobb 12/10/2014 #

I have been pretty selective in who is permitted to join the swap and have been reviewing profiles, comments, and other information. However, joining a swap that spans a whole year has different risks than a short swap. Should I need to, I can and will angel, but I am very hopeful that no one will drop out before years end. Regardless, I will ensure that this zwap is a positive experience for everyone.

medford8330 12/10/2014 #

MAY 16!!! Can't wait!

bgailk 12/10/2014 #

Doesn't look like July is taken, so I'm in - July 22nd!

CariahCreates 12/15/2014 #

I just signed up. My birthday is Feb. 25

mleerobb 12/15/2014 #

As a reminder, please don't sign up for this swap unless your birthday month is available! Thanks!

mleerobb 12/17/2014 #

To those who are watching this swap, there is a second one that was set up. If your birthday month is taken here, please check the other swap here: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/190345

Also, if we get to December 21st and I have not filled all the months, you can opt to take any months that are open, even if it's not your "official" birthday month. AGAIN...this is ONLY if I have an unclaimed open month on December 21st.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to adopt an orphaned month.

TheGraceMartin 12/18/2014 #

If no one joins for December it might be fun to send everyone a Christmas card that month, just an idea!

princessblueberry 12/20/2014 #

I like that idea for December!

Cloudgdurl1986 12/27/2014 #

I second the December idea and maybe we can do something similar for the other open months too.

PrincessB 12/27/2014 #

October 19th here! :)

momaw2masonandabby 12/27/2014 #

If you decide to let people join in an off month from their birthday, like are doing in the group #2, I will gladly take a month. I am Sept, but it is taken in both swaps. I did one of these a couple years ago, and it was so much fun. Thank you.

MisplacedfromPA 12/29/2014 #

August 17. So glad I can join up again. Ty for changing the sign up date

mleerobb 12/30/2014 #

Okay Ladies!

@momaw2masonandabby I added you as April.

mleerobb 12/30/2014 #

Currently, December is OPEN with no required mailings for that month. You can, if you choose to do so, send Christmas cards to the swap members, but this is not a requirement and is optional.

Partners have been assigned!

Make sure you check your PERSONAL E-MAIL (not your messages here on swapbot) for monthly messages from me reminding you to send your gifts and who to send to. You can always check back here as well...

Remember: (1) This is profile based so make sure your wish lists and profile are up to date. (2) Mail with tracking and message the recipient with the tracking number. (3) All packages should be post marked no later the 15th of each month.

Please submit positive ratings promptly. You will not be able to rate a 1 until the end of the year/end of swap.

I will be monitoring/tracking everyone's ratings but will not be bothering you or babysitting your partners. If you have any issues/problems please message me otherwise I will assume all is going great with you.

Happy Swapping and Happy Birthday!!!

medford8330 01/ 3/2015 #

Just sent off my first birthday present!!! Enjoy Ms. Grace! I don't have the tracking number yet - but as soon as I get it...you will. Happy Birthday!!!

mleerobb 01/ 5/2015 #

PLEASE NOTE: Don't mark this swap as "sent" until December 2015. Why? Two reasons: (1) You haven't "sent" everything until then and (2) Having it on your home dashboard will serve as a reminder for you. Thanks, Melissa

mleerobb 01/12/2015 #

Please check your e-mail for a message from me! Thanks, Melissa

bgailk 01/15/2015 #

Grace, my gift to you went in today's mail. Since I'm in WI you should have it in a day or two.

mleerobb 02/ 1/2015 #

Check your email ladies! The February email has been sent!

medford8330 02/17/2015 #

OMG! I am so sorry this totally slipped my mind....getting this out ASAP for Feb!

medford8330 02/17/2015 #

Ok just sent something for Cari (Feb) - sorry I didn't get it done before the 15th. :(

mleerobb 03/ 5/2015 #

Check your e-mails ladies! The March e-mail has been sent!

mleerobb 04/ 6/2015 #

I can't believe it's APRIL already! I sent the monthly e-mail today so check your inboxes for a message from me!

medford8330 05/ 2/2015 #

momaw2masonandabby - I hope you received the gift from me. Not sure they put my name on it.

mleerobb 06/ 2/2015 #

Ladies! Please make sure that you include a birthday card in your package with your name and the name of the swap on it! Thanks!

MisplacedfromPA 07/12/2015 #

I'm in need of the mailing address of bgailk. I haven't gotten any email letting me know. Can someone please PM me?

MisplacedfromPA 07/12/2015 #

Never mind, I got her address. I forgot to look above. Lol. Blonde moment.

bgailk 08/ 2/2015 #

I haven't received from several of the group - has everyone sent out for July?

sweetsugartree 08/ 3/2015 #

I haven't received for June from TheGraceMartin. She never sent an email with a tracking number then when I sent her a message I never received anything, she said she would 'resend,' but still no message with a tracking number. Still no message or anything from her. Sent convos to the host of the swap with no response. Thankfully, all others sent with the exception of TheGraceMartin. Hope you get your swaps, bagilk!

mleerobb 08/ 5/2015 #

Hi ladies! Sorry about being MIA. I let July get away from me. Somehow life goes faster in the summer. I apologize to bgalik for neglecting to send the monthly email. I will send Augusts email today.

medford8330 08/19/2015 #

Hey bgailk - I've received your messages and even replied to a couple of them. You said you received the charm squares I sent, not sure why you sent me a message about flaking. I didn't. I have the message you sent saying you received it.

mleerobb 08/24/2015 #

Ladies, please remember that PrincessBlueberry is no longer in the swap as of January and she will not be sending out packages.

CariahCreates 09/15/2015 #

Looking at @TheGraceMartin ratings, I don't see her rated for this series of swaps since March. Has anyone else not received from her?

mleerobb 09/17/2015 #

PLEASE NOTE: October will be the last swap month. I have updated the swap requirements to reflect an end date of November 1st. Thanks!

MisplacedfromPA 09/18/2015 #

I got nothing for August from her, @CariahCreates

momaw2masonandabby 09/24/2015 #

I got nothing from her at all, She told me she had resent and that was in July, and nothing,

Cloudgdurl1986 09/26/2015 #

I haven't received tracking numbers or gifts from:




as of 9-26-2015

CariahCreates 09/28/2015 #

I'm confused that you're saying that @Cloudgdurl1986 I sent that early and messaged you the tracking number. You even messaged me back that you received it but were waiting until your birthday to open it.

CariahCreates 09/28/2015 #

This message was sent on August 28th and you responded that you received it.

Hello, I mailed this a little early so it would get there on time. Also, I have a friend with the same birthday as you so I was already mailing hers out.

Here is your tracking number. It should arrive by Monday.

9505 5109 5306 5240 0882 87

CariahCreates 09/28/2015 #

And here is what tracking says:

Your item was delivered at the front door or porch at 4:08 pm on August 31, 2015 in LOS ANGELES, CA 90043.

CariahCreates 09/28/2015 #

Someone just informed me that until 2 weeks after the swap ends, you're unable to rate a '1' or '3', only '5's so it looks like it will be a while before you can rate @TheGraceMartin

mleerobb 09/29/2015 #

PLEASE NOTE: October will be the last swap month. I have updated the swap requirements to reflect an end date of November 1st. Thanks!

sweetsugartree 10/ 4/2015 #

I love how TheGraceMartin hasn't been on Swap-Bot since Aug 14, 2015 but is on Pinterest pinning my pins right now when she couldn't even send me my Birthday Swap after she got mine to her!

sweetsugartree 10/ 4/2015 #

mleerobb will you be angeling to those of us who got flaked on by TheGraceMartin?

medford8330 10/ 5/2015 #

Last one sent to PrincessB. Are we allowed to mark as all items sent now?

sweetsugartree 10/ 7/2015 #

Hmmm....no answer from mleerobb on here or in PM. oh well.

MisplacedfromPA 10/13/2015 #

I have said I have sent on this swap now that I have mailed off to the birthday girl of October. No other swaps to be sent unless we want to mail christmas cards. (but that is not part of the rating) I hope all have enjoyed their special birthdays.

PrincessB 11/ 3/2015 #

Oy, doesn't pay to be last on the list I guess. I'm still short 3-4 presents and those members haven't been on swap-bot in a couple months. This is sad...

MisplacedfromPA 11/ 6/2015 #

@ PrincessB, I am saddened how this swap toned down as time went on. I already sent you a present but will send you something because its only the right thing to do,,,,do make sure you got like everyone else.

MisplacedfromPA 11/ 6/2015 #

@PrincessB , read above message

bgailk 11/12/2015 #

This was a fun swap even though several flaked on us. I think I've now rated everyone who I could rate...sure wish I could give a 1 to those who flaked!

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