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Bottle Swap (USA)

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Bottle Swap (USA)
Swap Homepage:http://alteredeye.blogspot.com/2006/06/bottle-swap.html
Swap Coordinator:user1024 (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Crafts  Art 
Number of people in swap:42
Last day to signup/drop:July 29, 2006
Date items must be sent by:August 29, 2006
Number of swap partners:1


Want to refresh your craft supplies or spread the joy if you have too much of some things? Here's just the swap for you.

To keep the postage cost down I've specified this one to be USA only - if there is demand I could run a whole world one.

OK - here's the deal. Take a plastic 2 litre bottle (cola or water bottles are the usual candidates). Wash and drain it. Take a pair of scissors and cut a sideways U shaped hole in the body of the bottle so that you create a flap. Now you can dry out the bottle and let the fun begin. Fill that baby FULL of supplies - as much as you can cram in. You can roll up paper, add fibres, stickers, ephemera, buttons, anything that you think your partner will appreciate. Make sure you tape the bottle cap on!

Once the bottle is full, place a piece of waste paper inside to protect the contents, under the flap, and then tape the bottle closed. Tape on the address of your partner and post!


user1075 06/30/2006 #

2 liter are in the US also so thanks

user1936 06/30/2006 #

ironically it is a 2 liter here aswell ^_^ its a different shape though. My postlady doesn't like it when I send bottles like that, could I wrap it up in paper then send the odd shaped package?? Thanks.

user1024 07/ 3/2006 #

How fabulous - 12 people already.

Thanks for helping me out with the litre thing - most of our bottles are more tubualr too - that one was a Ribena bottle I think.

As for wrapping the bottle. It's a shame that your postlady is not flexible - oddly enough my first bottle came from the USA so I don't think it is against postal regulations. Despite part of the fun being that you can see the contents before you open the bottle, please do whatever it takes to get the bottle on its way. Just in case the paper wrapping comes off, just make sure you have the bottle addressed inside too

toni 07/ 3/2006 #

This swap is just what I was hoping for. Thanks!

mammadoo 07/ 8/2006 #

Have done this before and my post office gal just loves it when I send this type thing. It's a lot of fun. The hard part is stuffing it. I use the wide clean packing tape to put over the slice you made in the bottle.

user1937 07/ 9/2006 #

I have done this before and it is fun. Fill your bottles with awesome things. Please add me to the list!

KarlaKC 07/11/2006 #

Does anyone have a pic of what they've sent or received before? I'd love to try this!

KarlaKC 07/11/2006 #

DUH! Never mind about that "picture" question! I just saw the one here on the main page! ha ha!

amybelle 07/12/2006 #

I'd like to participate, but I'm not sure how to go about mailing it! Is there anyone in the US who's done this before without hassle from the postal workers?


user1372 07/15/2006 #

My postal workers get a kick out of all of my crazy packages. I really don't think there's any reason for them to give you a hard time.

Ryan 07/15/2006 #

I'm a window clerk for the Postal Service ... I'll tell you, as long as it's a plastic bottle (not glass) AND you have it TAPED UP with the ADDRESS LABELS already on it, there is NO REASON for the window clerk to hassle you. I've seen plastic bottles, coconuts ... even a pair of deer antlers mailed SANS BOX before ... just an address label and the correct postage, and there it goes.

user410 07/19/2006 #

i cannot wait to be assigned a partner. i hope this one goes better than my last few. i am a blog friend of the organizer so i am tickeld that she is doing this. my bottle it on the table and i add to it almost daily. then when it comes time i am going to search hard for the last items. I am so excited.

amybelle 07/20/2006 #

thanks Bubba Smooth and everyone else for answering my questions!

user1024 07/21/2006 #

Oh my word - 41 wonderful people and still time to go.

Glad you're on it Teresa as well as lots of other undiscovered friends!

user404 07/21/2006 #

I have my bottle next to my cutting table for sewing, it has been taking on items for the past week! So fun!!! OUr post office crew loves us, as we mail crazy stuff all the time. I have been mailing little tool boxes lately with microscope slide kits in them, and they just add the priority mail tape and off it goes!!! I too, love this idea and the challenge of getting things into the darn bottle! woo hoo! Oh, Teresa!! You are my over and over again partner, maybe I'll get you again this time too! I just sent you a box yesterday. I love it when i get someone again and again!

alteredfaireys 07/21/2006 #

I must say this looks like a fun swap.... I really can't wait to start filling up my bottle. I already washed one out and its drying, all set to stuff and fill with goodies... I am going to keep it at my table and drop stuff in it when I'm working on a project.

user2321 07/24/2006 #

This sounds like a fun swap. I've never done it with this large size of bottle,but it should hold LOTS of goodies!! Can't wait. Did you say how much$$$??

user1024 07/25/2006 #

I've not set a $ value - a bit difficult as I'm in the UK and I know our craft prices are staggering compared to you guys.

user1382 08/ 3/2006 #

I got my bottle today...What fun!! THANKS Toni C. for all the cool vintage collage stuff...I LOVE it all! :-) keisha

blueackerson 08/10/2006 #

Hi All, Sent my bottle off today and the women in the post office loved the idea of the bottle, everyones question was how did I get so much stuff in the bottle. This was a fun swap and can't wait to do another one just like it. Rosalie Ackerson

user1185 08/10/2006 #


I am having a great time filling up your bottle with this and that! I'll make sure to use clear tape for the enjoyment of the postal service!

sambob 08/12/2006 #

oh my! I received my bottle today! I have not even looked at all it holds but I can tell that I'm lovin' it! Thank you Maryn! I'll be sending mine out at the first of the week! Seashell

user1024 08/12/2006 #

So glad you are having a good time - I'll probably run another one soon - would you all like it to be worldwide next?

igobylorib 08/14/2006 #

mine is enroute :)

user2321 08/16/2006 #

My bottle went in the mail today. The postwoman couldn't get over a bottle being mailed!! It got mailed!!

user404 08/16/2006 #

I got mine the other day, and it is amazing!!! I tore it all apart, including the return address in order to get into it...so I am just waiting for the feedback part so I can rant and rave once more! My partner TOTALLY looked at my profile and tried to send things that were appropriate to me, and that is AWESOME! I loved everything in it, and will actually use it for projects! I made one mistake of leaving the whole stash laid out on the coffee table. My dog got the cute little tomato pin cushion (which i was so into using for my travel sewing kit) and she tore it apart. I had a trail of sawdust all through the house and on my bed. Thank goodness it was just saw dust! So when is the next bottle swap? This should be a monthly swap or something, as it was WAYYYYY too fun! Thank you so much for a great swap and awesome package. :)

user1372 08/17/2006 #

Your welcome xladyluckx! I'm so glad you liked it. I had a good time putting it together, and actually had all the stuff here! I can't wait to get mine, and will definately sign up again.

user1372 08/18/2006 #

Thank you Zoe for the great bottle of stuff!

alteredfaireys 08/19/2006 #

My bottle went out on Monday the 14th... I hope my partner recieves it soon...

I can't wait to get mine!!!

amybelle 08/19/2006 #

my bottle went out yesterday! :)

user1024 08/21/2006 #

Glad that the bottles are coming through. I am planning on doing them quarterly possibly so we don't get stale. Next one will be worldwide and no bad swapper ratings due to a request I got

alteredfaireys 08/25/2006 #

I got my bottle!! Yippee!! I was so excited to open it, once I got past the tape that is!! LOL!! What a bunch of great goodies! Thank you so much !!

Iowascrapemouse 08/28/2006 #

Still waiting for my bottle............

igobylorib 08/28/2006 #

Just curious if Linda Smith received her bottle yet? I mailed it atleast a week ago and just wanted to see if it made it to you yet?

toni 08/29/2006 #

Where, oh, where is my bottle?

user1185 08/29/2006 #


Did you get your bottle yet? I hope that you liked it!

I can't wait to get mine, patience is not one of my best qualities!

user1746 08/30/2006 #

Got my bottle all the way from north Carolina...in perfect condition and filled with all kinds of wonderous stuff! My mail lady almost forgot to give it me, she had it stuck in a side pocket....how she could forget the most interesting mail she had on her delivery is beyond me! Thanks for a great swap.....

Iowascrapemouse 08/31/2006 #

Received my bottle today! The first thing I saw was a tiny LIZARD! It was jammed full of "stuff". Thank you Stephanie, I love it all!

user1024 09/ 1/2006 #

If anyone has messaged me, all I've had are blanks - must have been a system problem - please retry

zahirahvega 09/ 1/2006 #

I just got my bottle but I can't open it until after work, I'm so excited! I feel like it's a million times better than anything I could have sent out though, it looks like I need a lesson in packing a 2 liter bottle :(

user1024 09/ 1/2006 #

Ah well - you can always sign up for the next one!

blueackerson 09/ 1/2006 #

Still waiting for a bottle.....mailed mine out 8-10 Hope it shows up soon.

toni 09/ 3/2006 #

Gaylynne, got my bottle today. Thanks for all the asian stuff especially!

user1863 09/ 4/2006 #

Haven't got my bottle yet either. :(

MonkeysInk 09/ 4/2006 #

I haven't gotten mine, but I'm delighted to see that my partner liked hers. :)

user1024 09/ 5/2006 #

I've emailed all those that haven't sent yet to give them a nudge

user1185 09/ 7/2006 #

I wanna bottle,,,,,,,,,,looks like a few of us have gotten burned. As a group, what can we do to fix this?

user1937 09/ 7/2006 #

I have not received a bottle...

user1024 09/ 7/2006 #

Please remember that ratings appear two weeks after the closing date to allow for the rare vagaries of the postal system and in case people are late with their swaps. As far as I know, there's not a lot more we can do. You as participants can leave an accurate rating when that's available, I as an organiser can continue to contact people - I would say that the people who haven't marked as sent have all been contacted and most have replied to say that they are working on their bottles - also I will be changing the swap for next time to exclude people with low ratings. Not sure what to do about people with no ratings (i.e. newbies) - do we make the next one a non newbie swap?

I'll be checking on participants who you haven't received from and will try to get back to you all

user1937 09/ 7/2006 #

I have been burned a lot lately. On other swap/trade/art sites also. It really ruins the fun. I work hard on sending things I would be happy to receive and then I receive nada...

user1863 09/ 8/2006 #

Oh, I got mine yesterday and it was awesome! Thank you swap partner. I can't find the little note with your name. sorry. :-\ Mine was definitely worth waiting for so don't give up.

user1024 09/12/2006 #


I'm sorry - I e mailed you and asked you if you remembered the following message that you sent to your partner (which she retained and sent to me) that actually shows that you got your bottle, but you either haven't seen it or are ignoring it. I hope that you are not doing it maliciously. Here is the message that you sent:

The following message was submitted by: artizlife (artizlife@aol.com) Subject: bottle swap Hi--

Wow thanks for the great bottle full o' stuff! We are the same age and have similar likes!


user1787 09/29/2006 #

I never got anything. Had to email me partner to find out what was happening and got the excuse that the post office wouldn't accept the bottle as is. Don't know why she couldn't have just put it in a box and sent it along. I would have understand. What I don't understand is not bothering to send anything or let me know what's going on!

blueackerson 10/14/2006 #

Still do not know if the bottle that I sent ever arrived and have not gotten any rating as of today.

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