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Sweet Candy Crazy ♥

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Sweet Candy Crazy ♥
Swap Coordinator:Hailey (contact)
Swap categories: Food 
Number of people in swap:21
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:July 15, 2009
Date items must be sent by:August 3, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

-I-N-T-E-R-N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L- -S-W-A-P-

- Then this is the right swap for you x

Swap Info:
We will have 1 partner and are required to send a Yummy Box filled with Candy! Check out image above for a reasonable idea. You can include your favourites!

The terms Candy / Sweets are quite broad but can include -
Sugary, Sour, Boiled, Gummy, Jelly, Fizzy – Candy / Sweets! Chocolate, Gum, Candy-bars, Marshmallows, Cookies, Liquorice, Cereals, Pick & Mix, Deserts, Anything & Everything Yum lol

You SHOULD vary sizes of the contents between large packets to individual pieces but you SHOULD send a selection or the two!

You may add your preferences / allergies below and your partner is required to try to follow preferences but please be REASONABLE etc … !

* A box filled with Yummy Sweets / Candy
* List your preferences and any allergies below
* Min cost before shipping = £6 / $10

* Only members with 4.8 welcome! Sorry no newbie’s for this one :( (Unfortunately I can't angel this swap!)
* Only send what you would want to receive in return, nothing old or out of date!


Hailey 06/24/2009 #

Hi I'm your host Hailey, hope you enjoy this candy swap for us sweet tooths:)

Loves: A&W Root Beer, American Cereals, Pop Tarts, Cherry & Vanilla Cola, Nostalgic & Kid Candy, Sour Sweets, Cookies, Peanut Butter, Nuts, Vanilla, White Chocolate, Cinnamon, Caramel, Cherry, Gummy Candy & Pick & Mix.

Dislikes: Salted Candy, Coffee / Espresso Flavour, Liqueur filled & Nougat!

Dibrittain 06/25/2009 #

what size box cause you can send a shoe box and get a small box of candy. fun size candy you can get more diffrent types. It is AUGUST so no chocolate for most of the USA. I know here it will be around 90 to 100 degrees outside. any box is really what I need to know before shipping it in just a box or deco a box in a shipping box.

Hailey 06/25/2009 #

Mid to Large box due to the price (before shipping = £6 / $10) You couldn't fit that amount into anything smaller I don't think?

The contents size must vary between large to individual sizes

We should decorate a box before its gets wrapped and shipped!

Hailey 06/25/2009 #

If its too hot for chocolate just list that with your prefs!

Arwen 06/26/2009 #

Great idea !!!

ugachica5990 06/28/2009 #

Might be in Japan at this time, so will be watching for now! :)

Dyne 06/30/2009 #

I LOVE the Pizzeria Pretzel Combos! :) But these are not available in Germany :(

Otherwise I like everything, except for licorice.

Anniehall 07/ 1/2009 #

we must decorate the box? I'm not good with crafty things, sorry :(

Barbara 07/ 4/2009 #

Please send chocolate (I don't care if it melts), sweet tarts, gummi bears, sweet/sour gummi candy, old fashioned/nostalgia candies, lemon heads, sour apple, Mamba, malt balls, or anything chewy. Actually I like all candy. LOL Thank you!

kissgal 07/ 6/2009 #

i love all kinds of candy and also would like some sugar free

happysaz133 07/ 7/2009 #

Sounds like a fun swap! I'd like to recieve peanut things especially, but anything is welcome! No liquorice, sour candy or dark chocolate. Thanks :)

Cupcakexcore 07/ 7/2009 #

How many swaps must you have to join this swap?

lindasusanna 07/ 7/2009 #

ohh i love the idea, just have to watch how much cost that I can even send the packet :n

Muffina 07/ 7/2009 #

Hi all--

Just wanted to give a few loves of my boyfriend and I--

It's been quite cool here so feel free to send chocolate and other 'meltables'. We both love peppermint and chocolate combinations for candy-- I'm not really partial to items like smarties[american] or sweetarts or other pressed powder candies.

Overall -especially if you're sending from the US- we like really fun packaging and DIFFERENT stuff....the less mainstream supermarket items, the better.

But candy is candy, we won't be too picky ;)
Thank you!

Muffina 07/ 7/2009 #

Oh! I also meant to say my boy loves malted milk balls and I LOVE any type of caramels. thanks again-

JayCee 07/ 7/2009 #

I love all kinds of sweets! The only thing I don't like is coffee flavoured stuff. I adore pop tarts so would love some if it can be managed - the sweeter the better! It's winter here in NZ so chocolate is fine :) Do we have to decorate the box? I'm not very crafty!!!

Cupcakexcore 07/ 9/2009 #

I am so excited about this swap!! I really like unique candies please. No black licorice, but I will try anything else! Weird, cute, old fashion, go crazy! Thank you so much. It doesn't get to hot hear and I don't mind if it got melty anyways.

ofafternoons 07/ 9/2009 #

I'm definitely excited and impatient about this. I love all sorts of sour candy and gummies. Candy in particular that I really like that I either have little or no access to - Fruitella, Winegums, and Hi-Chews (I can get these, but can only find grape, melon, mango, and lemon). I like mango, peach, berry, and citrus flavored things. Chocolate is fine, as long as it's not dark.

I'm not a fan of banana flavored things, peppermint, or black licorice.

Reesie271 07/ 9/2009 #

how do you define a Newbie? By rating or by swap number?

Hailey 07/10/2009 #

by ratings I'm afraid sweetie x

It doesn't about decorating the box I just thought it would be a nice idea to make wrap the initial swap box in wrapping paper or something :D x

ugachica5990 07/13/2009 #

grr..i'm so upset that i can't do this one now :( purr, please host one of these again in the future!!! :)

Polymath 07/14/2009 #

Not a fan of white chocolate or hard candies (have received enough of those in candy swaps!)

Send any kind of candy except those two above.

If you are from the US and I am your partner, please try to send candy local to your region/state. Since I'm ALSO from the US, I can go to any grocery store and buy the same general candies. I'm looking for some unique stuff that I can't get in my area.

candigirl 07/15/2009 #

Hi, you all! As Di mentioned above, it is very hot in most of the U.S. this time of year, so although I do love chocolate, I am afraid it would be liquified, so probably best not to send chocolate to us...

I love almost all kinds of candy, except: black licorice, hard herbal flavored candies, and don't like Laffy Taffy (it is actually made and manufactured here in our town...weird, huh.. so we get a lot of it from parades and stuff, but it is terrible for any kind of dental work!!)
Keep in mind that I have two teenagers, so don't worry too much about being particular, they pretty much inhale any kind of candy, so if it's not to my liking, they will DEFINITELY like it... Thank you so much for reading, and I would love anything from wherever you live, it would be a real pleasure to receive candy from a region that isn't exactly like ours....

Thanks!! Looking forward to getting my partner so I can start shoppin around the candy store!!!

gemgem77 07/15/2009 #

hey sounds like fun swap....im from australia so for me i dont care what candy i get,...i love to get candy from different parts of world esp american candy!! send me anything as i prob have to share all goodies with husband LOL... when i get my partner i will email u so i dont get it wrong as to what sort of things u want!! cheers gemgem77

provadia 07/16/2009 #

Anything but peanut butter for me, please!! :)

mfinley524 07/17/2009 #


I like everything, but black licorice! I love to try new things. :)


karenm1972 07/19/2009 #

I love everything, bring it on!

Tiiamaria 07/22/2009 #

No coconut, please ...

Muriel 07/28/2009 #

Dyne will probably turn out to be a flaker 8( I had her as a partner in another candy swap and she hasn't sent or been online since the 20th. Sigh!

candigirl 07/30/2009 #

Hey, Muriel

....are you sure it was @Dyne ? I dont' see any 1's on her profile, although she is a newbie and only has 1 completed swap...(which I ALSO find weird, since the host states in the description that there are no newbies allowed in this one....go figure...??)

Hailey 08/ 1/2009 #

(which I ALSO find weird, since the host states in the description that there are no newbies allowed in this one....go figure...??)

I did not state how many swaps you needed to complete before joining this swap other then you must be RATED. Every person had the min rating req when I signed this swap up!

Muriel 08/ 1/2009 #

I'm gonna rate @Dyne a 1 cause she flaked on me.

Muriel 08/ 3/2009 #

So if any packages is gonna be rerouted today is the day to do it!

candigirl 08/ 7/2009 #

Really, @purr ?? "I did not state how many swaps you needed to complete before joining this swap other then you must be RATED."

Here is what you have put in as your rule in the swap requirements: Rules: * Only members with 4.8 welcome! Sorry no newbie’s for this one :( (Unfortunately I can't angel this swap!)

Maybe it's just a matter of semantics, but I would consider a person who has only one rating to be a "newbie"...which, if we are going by your rules, would leave them out of the swap....

candigirl 08/10/2009 #

Well, my partner, @mfinley524 flaked me on this swap, so I am really disappointed..I sent out a big box of goodies to my parnter in Scotland..

Hailey 08/12/2009 #

Newbie I meant NO RATING AT ALL!

I understand everyone's frustration and take some responsibility for putting this swap together, but I WON'T be blamed for people deciding to FLAKE.

Hailey 08/12/2009 #

My partner whom I should be sending is an apparent flaker - DYNE

I will hold off from sending to her until she has replied to my PM! If I don't recieve a reply in the next 5 days I will be sending to her partner instead!

candigirl 08/14/2009 #

Hmmm....too bad that didn't work out for me the same way.

NO one BLAMES the host when there is a flaker in the swap, but the host should, ideally, help to mediate the problem, and try to contact the "flaker"...if there is no response, they either angel or try to find an angel for the person who was "flaked on"...That's part of the job of being a host, from what I have been told and read from Rachel.

provadia 09/ 5/2009 #

@Dyne was suppose to send to me, so I know how it is @candigirl :(

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