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Create me a handmade item :D
Swap Coordinator:user515 (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Crafts  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:74
Last day to signup/drop:July 30, 2006
Date items must be sent by:September 2, 2006
Number of swap partners:1

Do you love making and receiving handmade stuffs ? This swap is for you! You must create a handmade thing for your partner (fews suggestions as handbags, apron, jewellery, soap or tote ...) Each technic or materials can be used. We have only a swapper and no $ are required. Just be fair play and send something that you are proud (no dirty items for example). After the deadline, feel free to see the blog (or diary of your partner) or ask what he/she loves ... This swap is international, air mail cost can be very expensive. Don't sign this swap if you aren't sure to do it. Bad swapper or people with a bad and long feedback will be banished -_-

Enjoy it !


littlewondercrafts 07/15/2006 #

hi, i do i get the details of my swap buddy? thanks , want to egt cracking on it.. Tammy ----little wonder crafts

user1643 07/16/2006 #

Does it have to be completely handmade? i.e. Does a silkscreened t-shirt count?

user515 07/17/2006 #

Hi, thanks for your words and to joining this swap :) I'm exciting to see that we are more 45 people to sign it !!!

To Little wondercraft : You'll receive informations of your partner after the deadline (30 july) after you have a full month to craft it . You must send your items until the 2 september.

To Flufflyblubox : It's not necessary to be full handmade :) Just added your touch can be a right idea :) The most important: give a few from yourself and use your creativity :) A silkscreened t-shirt count is a nice and special idea (I love it !)

For the others : Some people of this swap haven't a diary/blog . I'm wondering if you want that I do a small questionary ( as fav colors, fav hobbies ...) It'd be a great idea ?

Happy week for everyone

michellelliott 07/18/2006 #

Sounds like a wonderful idea! M.e.

user515 07/19/2006 #

I'm doing it :) I'm sure that this swap will be great :)

GlasgowLindsay 07/26/2006 #

This swap sounds like amazing fun! I'm in too! :0)

user515 07/27/2006 #

I'm think also BattyBoredbutterfly ! Happy to welcome you :D

user515 07/27/2006 #

About questionnary

I'll send a e-mail a day before the swap. In this swap I'll include a small questionary. Here a proposal ...

What's your fav color ? What's your dislike color ? What's is your clothe's style ? Classic, excentric, Sportwear, casual, hippie or other ( feel free to definite it :D ) Give five adjectifs to describe yourself : Do you have a fav object ? Do you collect anything ?

What's do you think? Do you have any idea or want add something?

user1746 07/29/2006 #

What a great swap! I'm a paper and polymer clay artist so I hope my partner likes those craft areas. I like the idea of a questionaire so we can get a sense of what our partners will like in terms of color, size, etc. Excited to play!

DragonflyCrafts 07/30/2006 #

Have you sent the questionaire yet? My emails sometimes filters new emails to me. Just seeing if I need to check my junk mail. Thanks Fiona

user515 07/30/2006 #

Thank Marcia :) It's great to see that ppl are excited to do this swap! I'm sure that your partner 'll be glad to receive something create with care ;D To Dragonfly : It's normal that you haven't received any e-mail ...I'm sending now :)

user2106 07/31/2006 #

I am confused. How will the person know what I like and don't like if I don't reveal my identity to them. Are we supposed to post it on here. I suppose that's what I'll do now to eliminate any confusion.

user2106 07/31/2006 #

What's your fav color ? Pink and black, blue

What's your dislike color ? Orange

What's is your clothe's style ? Classic, excentric, Sportwear, casual, hippie or other ( feel free to definite it :D ) Excentric. I like a little bit of everything. I'm really into vintage jewelry. I love pearls and cameos and the like.

Give five adjectifs to describe yourself : Outgoing, Funny, Compassionate, Friendly, Creative

Do you have a fav object ? My new art journal is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Do you collect anything ? I collect cameos, vintage makeup compacts, miniatures, coins from other countries, charms for my charm bracelet, black and white photos from the 1950s, stationary, notecards, rubber stamps, cool epherema for altered art, stickers, sock monkeys, etc.

user2396 07/31/2006 #

I was wondering the same thing.....I guess I will post my answers as well:) Fav color: Spring Green (or any shade of green these days) What colors dislike: can't think of any really, though not really into pastels I guess What's your clothes style: I guess I'm just a casual kinda girl - though like to dress up when I have the time to primp:) describe yourself: Compassionate, Loving, easy to talk to, quiet. Do you have a favorite object: hmmm.....I don't think so! Maybe my stuffed elephant "peanut butter" that I've had my whole life:) Do you collect anything: Buddha's and yarn, used to collect turtles as well until my pet turtle dyed. Kept some special ones but packed the rest away:(

spinningpretty 07/31/2006 #

I too am jumping on the band wagon and I hope my partner does too!

What's your fave colour ? Red and fave non-colour - Black

What's your least favourite colour ? Pastels

What's is your clothe's style ? Trousers and cute shirts - tshirts with puffy sleeves, funky patterns, comfortable clothes - I'm a total fan of jersey!

Give five attributes to describe yourself : Creative, empathetic, outgoing, friendly and down to earth.

Do you have a favourite object ? powerbook and sewing machine

Do you collect anything ? chopsticks, vintage jewellery

user515 07/31/2006 #

Here we go ! Please don't forget to send us feedback (haha :D ). You can add pics from your handmade item via swap bot gallery - you must uploading your pic). Enjoy it !

maniasofia 07/31/2006 #

Well I think I'll put my answers here too....

What's your fav color ? Blue and pink

What's your dislike color ? Green

What's is your clothe's style ? Sportwear, casual... once in a while classic

Give five adjectifs to describe yourself : Positive, funny, sympathetic, crazy and a good friend

Do you have a fav object ? Hello Kitty, earings and rings

Do you collect anything ? Hello Kitty... i'm a big big big big fan of this kitty!!hihi

GlasgowLindsay 07/31/2006 #

Here are my answers:

What's your fave colour ? Purple/Blue/Pink/Cream

What's your least favourite colour ? Like them all!

What's is your clothe's style ? Casaul jeans/trousers with shirts with some pretty feminine tops for a change, all colours muted, I like scarves and wacky sox! :0)

Give five attributes to describe yourself :Enthusiastic, Creative,Giving,Friendly,Busy

Do you have a favourite object ? Sewing Box and everything in it!

Do you collect anything ? Butterflies on things, anything to do with sheep, bags and hats of all shapes and sizes that I diplay in my hallway! :0)

Zmrzlina 07/31/2006 #

What's your fave colour ? Purple

What's your least favourite colour ? no least favorite

What's is your clothing style ? Longish skirts with T, flowing clothes... nothing too tight. I'm a smallish medium (in US sizes) but usually wear looser clothing.

Give five attributes to describe yourself : Inquisitive, bookish, out-spoken, brash, mature.

Do you have a favourite object ? My old purple wood writing desk that is terribly inconvenient and messy, but I won't get anything more efficient.

Do you collect anything ? Camels, anything related to bees/beekeeping/honey, tote bags from libraries and indy bookstores, t-shirts with wine reference.

user1106 07/31/2006 #

What's your fav color ? Purple What's your dislike color ? Orange What's is your clothe's style ? loose fitting tank tops (xlarge), long skirts (large). Hippyish i guess. Was a small girl but had a baby 6 months ago. Give five attributes to describe yourself : funny, sarcastic, odd, creative, friendly, empathetic Do you have a fav object ? my art supplies and beads Do you collect anything ? purses, wallets, beads, anything butterfly/dragonfly/turtle

user2093 07/31/2006 #

What's your fav color? red. green. purple. or really any color that is bold.

What's your dislike color ? pastels.

What's is your clothes style? sort of classic casual, i guess. i wear a lot of skirts and sweaters.

Give five adjectives to describe yourself: creative, energetic, goofy, bookish, sarcastic

Do you have a fav object? i can't think of one...so i guess not.

Do you collect anything? miniature spoons (it's a long story), yarn, fabrics, all things librarian/library

DragonflyCrafts 08/ 1/2006 #

What's your fav color ? Purple/Pink/Blue

What's your dislike color ? Dull

What's is your clothe's style ? Sportwear, casual

Give five adjectifs to describe yourself :Creative, outgoing, carefree, loud (for my size), always happy.

Do you have a fav object ? Love dragonflies

Do you collect anything ? Fabrics, dragonflies, fridge magnets, pens or maybe something will start me collecting things from this swap.....

thank you to my swap buddy xx

user1807 08/ 1/2006 #

What's your fav color ? pink / red

What's your dislike color ? yellow or orange / green

What's is your clothe's style ? Classic

Give five adjectifs to describe yourself : creative, fun, TALL (ha ha... had to throw that in), organized, CRAFTY!

Do you have a fav object ? I am in love with photographs... they are EVERYWHERE in my house - I would have to say they are my favorite "objects."

Do you collect anything ? Not really. I LOVE owls and bees.... no IDEA why that is - but, I do. I don't have much of a "collection" of them - however, they are definitely my thing. :-)

JaneR 08/ 1/2006 #

What's your fave color? Lime green

What's your dislike color? pastels

What is your clothes style? jeans and t-shirts

Give 5 adjectives to describe yourself: creative, good sense of humor, unorganized, openminded, sensitive

Do you have a fave object? I can't really think of anything at the moment.

Do you collect anything? fabric, yarn, currently on a Japanese craft book obsession ;-)

user1940 08/ 1/2006 #

fav colors - earthy browns, greens, wines, oranges (think fall leaves and add blue)

dislike neon colors

clothing style phases hippie, funky, hip, casual

adj earthy, creative, healthy, fun mama, a tad impatient(and honest)

fav object - my cameras and bead collection

collect natural fabrics and mostly stones beads (some glass and wood)

mazzam 08/ 1/2006 #

Here are my answers too, if required. Prefered colours; deep shades but also soft green and blue. NOT acid or neon. My clothing style is rather classic but I try to add a quirky bit. Adjectives to describe me.. mmmm can't think, apparently I don't really know myself very well. Favourite object...my green handbag. I collect yarn, vintage knitting stuff and sheep (ceramic)

imyorehuckleberry 08/ 2/2006 #

What's your fav color? Greens, Blues, Purple, Black & White What's your dislike color? Orange, Hot pink What's is your clothe's style ? Probably mostly casual/classic, with a little sporty and hippy thrown in. I tend to wear lots of khaki pants/slacks with solid tees, eyelet flowey skirts with leather sandels and spagetti strap tanks, etc. Give five adjectives to describe yourself : Friendly, Energetic, Cheerful, Practical, and Realistic. Do you have a fav object ? Carved knitting needles (I don't have any) and Amelie Acrylic Mohair Yarn (softest stuff I have ever seen). Do you collect anything ? I collect stuffed animal that go with children's books (I have a mouse that is holding a cookie from - "If you give a Mouse a Cookie", an Angelina Ballerina, Winnie-the-Pooh (& friends), you get the idea. I really want a Corduroy and a Toot & Puddle from the Holly Hobby Books. I also collect tea cups/and anything tea related.

Currently the things that I am thrilled with are anything knitted or crotcheted and I would really like to find a good pattern for a retangle lace looking shawl that is either knitted or crotched. I want something to wear with my dresses.

user515 08/ 4/2006 #

Sent :D

blackbiscuits 08/ 5/2006 #

What's your fav color ? black, white, grey, brown, navy blue, green, red. What's your dislike color ? Bright neon colours. What's is your clothe's style ? Casual/classic. I wear a lot of t-shirts (S/UK8) and I like empire waist tanks (nothing too fitting) or baby dolls (Maybe AE-style?) I like a bit of everything. haha! Give five adjectifs to describe yourself : shy outside, loud inside, creative, crafty, Do you have a fav object? My blanket, stationery collection and a purse from Old Navy. Do you collect anything? fabric (polkadots and stripes or linen are my favs, Zakka-style), lace trims, kawaii stationery and deco tapes.

My profile and Flickr shows a lot about me. Thank you my swap buddy! :)

iwcquilts 08/ 6/2006 #

Sorry to my swap partner. I am a few days late entering this. First of all let me say, whatever you make it will be wonderful. My favorite color is blue but I really love all colors. I am rather picky about what I wear so please no clothing. I love funky dolls and stuffed softies. I am a quilter so anything fabric pleases me. I also love small books with themes and change purses. I love braclets (my wrist is rather large so I need at least 8 inches around)I also love anytype of totebag or any type of storage box. I just love handmade items!

user2052 08/ 8/2006 #

Thank you to my swap partner Rebecca for sending me the coolest flip flops! I took a picture of them and will post it soon. Thank you!

user1372 08/ 9/2006 #

What's your fav color ? Pink and black, browns

What's your dislike color ? none really

What's is your clothe's style ? Hip, but comfy.

Give five adjectifs to describe yourself : Friendly, outgoing, busy, crafty, fun

Do you have a fav object ? I love books, and have hundreds.

Do you collect anything ? Paper dolls, frogs, turtles, lizards, wine-related items and grapes, beads, CD's, movies, books, vintage advertising, retro pin-ups, old medical tools.

user410 08/10/2006 #

well here are my answers too fav color - green dislike color - i hardly ever wear yellow clothes style - casual - jeans and tshirt girl, slightly funky adjective to describe me - friendly, outspoken, crafty, mommy, funny favorite object - cigar boxes collections - lighthouses, craft supplies, papers, vintage crochet pot holders

chitlins 08/11/2006 #

What's your fav color ? Pink

What's your dislike color ?Orange or yellow

What's is your clothe's style ? Modern with hints of vintage things.

Give five adjectifs to describe yourself : Shy, loving, crafty, intelligent,bilingual.

Do you have a fav object ? My letters.

Do you collect anything ? Books and postcards.

user1787 08/11/2006 #

Okay! I'll put my stuff here too. But you can also check out my profile for lots more info on me!

What's your fave colour ? Blue and fave non-colour - White

What's your least favourite colour ? Anything too dreary colored or too pastel or too bright

What's is your clothe's style ? Jeans and sweaters, but I'd prefer not to get clothing unless it's something like socks.

Give five attributes to describe yourself : Musical, creative, friendly, individual, interested

Do you have a favourite object ? Wood knitting needles

Do you collect anything ? Knitting needles, chickens/roosters (but I don't need any more of those!), copper molds, books

igobylorib 08/15/2006 #

I completely thought I added my information and realized that I hadn't. If my swap partner is stuck, I hope this is a guide. If you have already started something, wonderful :)

I love all colors, but lately blue and brown or teal and brown are my favorite combos. I LOVE anything made from felt. I love birds. I am a stay-at-home mom so right now, my clothing style is not a style at all. I love paper so anything made with paper is great to. I love anything vintage and storage is always needed.

user1024 08/16/2006 #

Oh my word - my fellow UK partner sent me the most wonderful handfelted bag in subtle Englih winter colours of greys, beiges and off whites - it is glorious! Thank you so very much. No name to tell me so I will do a bit of detective work before the ratings come up! I have a good idea but can't remember the user name....

user2064 08/28/2006 #

Finally sent my item to my partner today. I made it a couple of weeks ago but could not bear to part with it today. I do hope that she likes it as much as I do.

user1106 08/30/2006 #

Sent to zee today. Hope you like!

yarnpie 08/31/2006 #

I sent mine a couple of days ago, hoping to hear from the receivee, it was hard to let it go! :)

user1024 09/ 1/2006 #

Going to the PO now.........

spinningpretty 09/ 2/2006 #

I sent my package off on the 31st, hope it gets there soon!

user651 09/ 3/2006 #

Hi, As I moved to a new house I didn't have internet for a while (too long I must say) and just after... we had a terrible storm last sunday and ran out internet connection :o( sooooo, today was a surprise since I wasn't expecting it until next week!!! I have to ask my swap partner to excuse me but I really didn't know how to sent my communication to confirm thar I sent my item! Please Christy if you read this (I'm also sending an e-mail if this thing stays on long enough) I just want to let you know that I already sent you my package. Sorry again.

user2064 09/ 4/2006 #

Jeme (hope that's right) Your parcel arrived today. You are so clever and so is your daughter. The necklace and matching braclet are lovely. Thank you very much.

DragonflyCrafts 09/ 5/2006 #

Hi There, I have sent my swap parcel. Hope the receiver loves it as much as I did making it.

DragonflyCrafts 09/ 6/2006 #

Received my lovely parcel today from Maddie. Thanks so much, My daughter Maddi has claimed the plushie and I just love the little bags. I have started making these bags but end up giving them away so it's nice to have some of my own. Thanks again.... Can you let me know if you have a blog site or photos, can't work out who you are from the swap-bot names.

user1372 09/ 6/2006 #

I received a beautiful apron from Tara yesterday. I love it! Thank you so much.

user2396 09/ 7/2006 #

Robyn, So glad you liked the set. It's been a great way for my daughter and I to bond with her going into middle school and having lots of "stressful" transitions at the tender age of 12:) Can't wait to see what surprise I get, as this is my first swap on swap-bot..... Jeme

littlewondercrafts 09/20/2006 #

Hey , i havent got my parcel yet.. i hope its all ok.. i sent one for mexico ages ago.. hope it arrived safey? tammy

Dogluvr 09/26/2006 #

Mine is sent.. finally.. very sorry for the delay.

blackbiscuits 10/31/2006 #

It's been 2 months and am still waiting... I hope it comes soon.

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