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Autumn Inspired Cookbook Swap**EDITED**

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Swap Coordinator:BarefootGypsy (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Books  Seasonal 
Number of people in swap:20
Last day to signup/drop:August 12, 2007
Date items must be sent by:September 12, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

I don't know about you guys, but for me autumn is always so much more than changing leaves and a crisp chill in the air. It's the smell of homemade bread, the warmth of the stove, and for some reason, the faint taste of cinnamon and clove seems to ride the very wind. What does the change in weather bring to your kitchen? I want to know, so let's swap.

The idea of this swap is to hand make a cookbook of your favorite "Autumn Inspired" recipes for your partner. Food and meals that bring a warmth to the belly and the soul. (can you tell cooking is kind of spiritual for me? laughs)

The cookbook can be any size you want, and put together in anyway you feel inspired to. Type or handwrite recipes, add pictures of the food, or add autumn embellishments. As for specific guidlines, your cook book should contain recipes for:

  • 3 soups (i.e. broth based, cream based, chili's, stews... those sorts of things)
  • 3 breads (this could be bread, rolls, muffins, pancakes, biscuits.... you get the idea)
  • 2 main courses
  • 2 beverages (your favorite spiced cider recipe? or even something more interesting)
  • 3 deserts (no explanation needed)
  • 1 surprise recipe of your choice. It can be any kind of recipe you want to throw in.

Due to the nature of this swap, you will have to have a minimum of a 4.7 rating and no more than 1 no send. I don't want to have any dissapointed swappers. This swap is international. If you get an international partner, make sure to convert your recipes to the proper measurements, or include a conversion chart in the back of the cookbook. This swap is more about sharing YOUR favorite recipes with your partner, but if you would like to make it more special, you can research your swap partner's tastes and find recipes for them. Let's aim for hearts here, people and make some beautiful and yummy cookbooks. I'm giving a lot of time between the sign up date and send date so that you have plenty of time to do a good job.

I have had a few newbie requests for this swap, and I really hate to say no to anyone, BUT, making a book, even a cookbook, is a pretty involved swap. I've been burned by people on involved swaps before, and nothing hurts my feelings more than to spend all that time and energy on a project and then get nothing in return, so I'm going to have to say No Newbies on this one. It's nothing personal, I'm really sorry, but I think that the minimum rating on this one is really important. Autumn is a long season, maybe someone will start a newbie friendly swap! I hope that htey feel free to do so.


ElizabethObviously 06/12/2007 #

i plan on using a child's book and recovering it...one of those thick board books!

shopandbid 06/12/2007 #

This is a great swap idea and elizabeth4510 has a excellent idea maybe she can post her directions(oh please pretty please!) (^_^) I have a idea how to do it however she sounds like she's a expert at it.

squintgrad 06/12/2007 #

I'm not much of a cook, but even I get inspired to do some serious cooking/baking in the fall. Plus the idea of creating a cookbook intrigues me.

BarefootGypsy 06/12/2007 #

I agree with shopandbid, Feel free to share your techniques! Sounds like a neat idea, Elizabeth4510!

alwaysjoy 06/12/2007 #

Hi, I just wanted to question one thing... I am a veg. is it okay if I send my partner only vegetarian recipes? I don't really know anygood ones that aren't. When I cook with meat (for friends or family) it is usually hamburger helper or something equally brainless

LadySarah 06/12/2007 #

How great idea :) If I'm allowed to, I'd like to take part in here - there are still some ratings for me outstanding which I certainly get till August. Hope that's ok?

BarefootGypsy 06/12/2007 #

AlwaysJoy: Of course! The point is to send YOUR favorite recipes!

LadySarah: You are most welcome to join!

ElizabethObviously 06/12/2007 #

well i will probably just get a regular board book....and cover it using cardstock and decorating the pages with the recipes, etc and then i will cover it with something...lol to sorta make sure nothing gets on it..like plastic...i kow when i cook...flour, butter, eggs yuckies all over!!! This way if the pages are all covered, you can just wipe it of with a paper towel!!!

I think you can get board books at orientaltrading.com

They are blanks

ElizabethObviously 06/12/2007 #

i found the perfect book i plan on using..it has little tabs on the side and everything...right now...it has things that grow in it...but it will have recipes when i am done

thiswillbegone 06/20/2007 #

just so everyone knows, another place to get board books is: http://barebooks.com :) It's a good site

inamerica8 06/23/2007 #

AlwaysJoy-I hope we are partners, because I don't like eating meat products, either!

BarefootGypsy 06/24/2007 #

Wow... 20 members! Yay! Thank you all for joining. Can't wait to start swapping, I'm already collecting my favorite recipes.

shecooks 06/27/2007 #

I've never made a book before.. but recipes I know. I've got more recipes than I can shake a bookcase at. I think I oughta try my hand at this one... especially since I've got some time. And I think that board book idea is perfect. But paring down to that few recipes...what will fit in a board book? I'll work on it.

CeeNote 06/29/2007 #

Wow! my Barefoot Gypsy. This is groovy, groovy! I hope you accept me in this swap.

BarefootGypsy 07/ 1/2007 #

Of course you can join, my Wild Iris! That's why I sent you an invite. laughs And Shecooks- you don't have to use a board book, but if you choose, I have seen several that have plenty of pages for the amount of recipes. It just takes a little shopping around. Glad to have you onboard. ha ha ha... hooray for really bad puns

purplewhimsy 07/ 2/2007 #

For those of us who can't do the board book, a super easy way to assemble a cookbook is to buy an inexpensive small photo album (they even come in 4x6 size). You can decorate 4x6-sized recipe cards with each recipe on one card, slip them into the sleeves, add a page or two of other notes and such, decorate the front and back covers, and bah da bing! OR you can also buy presentation books at office supply stores that have those clear sleeves bound into them, and you can use regular paper to decorate and then slip into the sleeves, decorate the covers, and there you are. Easy peasy. (For an example of this second idea, go here: http://www.staples.com/ and in the search box type in 654274 [that's a $2 one] or 392533 [that's a $4.29 one])

BarefootGypsy 07/ 5/2007 #

Thanks Purplemorgan for you advice! These sound like great ideas!

firebirdgirl65 07/13/2007 #

I have never made a book either but I am game I was just telling hubby I need to join more recipes swaps so this is perfect. Great Idea. One thing if you get me as a partner My hubby is alleric to Green Peppers So no recipes with Green peppers or ones that it can be ommited. Thanks so much I do not mean to be a pain. I actually love green peppers

BarefootGypsy 07/17/2007 #

There is now a sister swap organized just like this one, but for vegetarians. I had a request for one, so it is now up and running for anyone here who is interested!

Truley 07/24/2007 #

I am new to Swap bot, if allowed I would love to join this swap. If I need to wait to join that is fine. Please let me know!

user8496 07/31/2007 #

Ooooh, this looks amazing! I love to cook and bake, and I love to see other peoples recipes as well! And besides, I'm always thinking I should do more creative projects, but I have no one to give them to or no real motivation, so this is perfect!

For me, autumn always makes me think of roasting and toasting pumpkins (mostly in the form of jack-0-lanters!) and soccer practice. Nice cool, crisp air. Mm... And there are definitely foods and drinks for autumn.

tamipal6 08/ 8/2007 #

Hmmm...this sounds like something fun and challenging! I'd like to join, too! I was a vegetarian for 12 years (but when I was pregnant with my second, it was too hard to keep up with the right nutrition), but I still eat that way quite often, so I'd love to share and receive those recipes, too.

yarnpie 08/ 8/2007 #

Maybe all the vegetarians will get each other :) I'm vegi too, but I cook with a lot of meat substitutes and tofu, so many of my recipes can be made with the "real" thing as well as vegi.

BarefootGypsy 08/10/2007 #

I've actually been seriously considering vegetarianism for the last 6 months or so, so I would be fine getting veggie recipes! They might help me make the swap!

user8496 08/17/2007 #

Hmm... I'd love the opinion of anyone who might know. Is risotto a main dish, or sort of a side? It can really go either way, I suppose. I just got a new cookbook for my birthday, and I'm dieing to try a few, and share a few, of the recipes.

yarnpie 08/20/2007 #

KarenK - It's in the mail!

Retromama 09/13/2007 #

Simplymein-Your Fall cookbook is on it's way, enjoy!

firebirdgirl65 09/19/2007 #

My First Cookbook I really love the way it turned out. It took alot of blood sweet and tears but I loved it. I hope my partner likes it too. I am just mad I did not take a pic of it.

Baccarita 09/26/2007 #

OH! I took a look at my partners profile "Ghost" and it seems like she is ill :( hope she'll recover her health! hugs!

tamipal6 10/20/2007 #

It's Oct 20 and I still have not received anything for this swap.

colagirl 11/ 2/2007 #

I haven't received anything either.

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