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Intl Big Fat Stuffed Envelope #7

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Swap Coordinator:nmterrier (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Miscellaneous  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:148
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:December 17, 2010
Date items must be sent by:January 28, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Easy swap. Newbies with well filled out Profiles encouraged. Well filled out means favorite, colors, things, crafts, music, etc. etc. More than 1 or 2 paragraphs. I understand we all have to start somewhere and this is a great swap to do that.

Send a stuffed envelope filled with goodies to one partner. At least a long business size envelope that measures approximately 4 x 9 inches, however you can certainly choose to go bigger. The items you send are senders choice, however it is always nice to look at your partners profile and try to send items they can use. This is not a Profile swap, so please do not spend a lot of money shopping for profile surprises. This is more for you to send items that you have on hand, that are in good usable condition. Please do not send your trash, like your used candy wrappers, or written on apt. card, etc. If you are unsure of items, you can ask me. Examples Include (but are not limited to ):

Post cards

Greeting Cards/Note Cards




Scrapbook papers,

chipboard, etc


beads, charms



recipe/recipe cards

old photographs

small books

handmade items

craft supplies

teas/coffee/drink mixes

fabric pieces, sewing items

rubber stamps


Or anything else you want to share that is in good usable condition

PLEASE REINFORCE your envelope with tape at the seams or use a larger envelope, if you think there is a chance it will explode. You may also choose to put stuff in a baggie in case the envelope tears in transit. This is the International version. Have fun. No recent no sends allowed. Please rate your partner. No FLAKERS ALLOWED. Do Not Flake. I will list all flakers. I reserve the right to ban individuals.

Postage may be high to ship to other countries so DO NOT SIGN UP for this swap if you can not afford to send your envelope to your partner.

Please do not send scraps of memo paper/notebook/post-it type paper, etc. You may send the whole memo pad or notebook but scraps of note paper does not equal scrapbook papers.


Cloverst 11/13/2010 #

Yay! This is like the types of swaps I used to be in when I started SB and I love them!

Pikachu089 11/13/2010 #

Yay i love this swap, And this is my second time joining.

lilmissmayhem 11/23/2010 #

cant wait to get a partner and start swapping lol i love these swaps this is my first time doing one on here

morwesong 11/23/2010 #

I would love to join this, but I have signed up for 3 Intl Big Fat Stuffed Envelopes, and I've been flaked on 2 of them. It seems that I do not have good luck with these swaps :'( I'll watch for now and maybe take my chances and sign up.

nmterrier 11/24/2010 #

Morwesong - did you let the host know? (Not sure whether it was me or Wolfeagle) - we will angel if you send us a message. No one should have to go without!

morwesong 11/24/2010 #

I did end up getting two wonderful angels, but it is still sad to be flaked on! I did end up joining this swap because I can't pass up a Stuffed Envie swap :-)

girl0in0aki 11/24/2010 #

Did you know that most countries can't send packages (airmail) to the US that weigh over a pound any more? I live in Japan and that was just enforced a week ago. :(

nmterrier 11/28/2010 #

girl0in0aki - you have got to be kidding! that's horrible! However, you go ahead and feel free to jump in, huge, hefty packages are not required. Just "stuffed" with a minimum of 4 x 9". anybody else know anything about this?

CaraVintage 11/29/2010 #

In Australia it is a nine dollar surcharge if u send a package that is over 453 grams to the US now, apparently it for heightened security, it's uncool..,

muchablige 11/29/2010 #

I have been flaked on two of these types of swaps. I love to do them but it is frustrating when someone doesn't follow through. I want to know if you are going to check on everyone that signs up to see if they qualify for this swap and if they have ever flaked on anyone?

fang0915 11/29/2010 #

Can anyone explain to me how stuffed is stuffed? Do we fill up the envelope until all space are taken up or?

fawnscrafts 11/30/2010 #

Can the post cards be some from a collection, perhaps older but used?

washingtonmaverick 12/ 1/2010 #

@morwesong & muchablige I am sorry that you have been flaked on.

athanasiasmile 12/ 1/2010 #

@girl0in0aki You're right ! In Greece too we were informed by the postoffice that you can't send packages over a certain weight (I think 400grms) to the US ..

nmterrier 12/ 1/2010 #

Muchablige- do check all profiles and ban those that look flaky. Sometimes it's a gamble we lose. I, as the host, have been flaked on. fang0915-pretty good definition of stuffed! ;)

Lunatus 12/ 2/2010 #

Here is this what I've been waiting for. :)

vintageinwonderland 12/ 4/2010 #

i cant wait for this <3 ti recieve and send! it seems uch a good way to exchange your old crafty items that you dont use for yummy new ones! ones mans ' trash ' is anouthers treasure

weeatcrayons 12/ 4/2010 #

Just to let you know that @vintageinwonderland is a double profile flaker. She is also @broadway90 Please Read Here

nmterrier 12/ 6/2010 #

Hi gang- went through noting odd people, haven't banned anyone yet, but will prior to start date, if anyone is worried.

spicebunny 12/10/2010 #

Ohhh odd people. Am new, not odd. Which reminds me, got to stock up some postcards that might interest the person am giving to.

pipowagen 12/11/2010 #

i am curious! first swap ! greeting from Holland

lalunanelbosco 12/14/2010 #

Can't wait to send my envie! It's been a while since I had time to join a swap and I miss it!

knitterofhats 12/14/2010 #

I am excited to sign up for this. While I am new to Swap Bot, I have been successfully swapping on Ravelry for a year.

ravenz 12/14/2010 #

ooo i cant wait to send out mine :D it will be something oriental mix from malaysia !

Pikachu089 12/14/2010 #

@Kayeoo This person has joined this swap and has two one's shouldn't she be banned? I am looking out for others so they dont get flaked on like i did in the last international stuffed envelope. And new people can you really trust the one's with out a rating?

nmterrier 12/15/2010 #

Green01989 - If you were flaked on last time did you get an angeled package? If not just let me know and I will remedy that. You have to let the hosts know after you rate a "1" on your partner and we will get it covered. 2nd - people who have ones are not automatically banned. It depends on when they got them and if they've rectified the situation. Lastly - we were all newbies once. This is a great way for them to start. If you feel you can't trust people you should probably not be in this kind of swap.

Danimonster 12/15/2010 #

I am new to this site and to swapping but I would love to do this swap. I already have some good stuff laying around that I don't use. Oh and I don't know where to post this but I was hoping someone can get me started with swapping Friend Ship Books and stuff like that. Thank you :)

gracia 12/16/2010 #

This is going to be my first swap here and I'm already so excited! Thank you so much for opening it up to us newbies! I'm already looking for cool things around here :D I so do not want to disappoint on my first time!!

nmterrier 12/18/2010 #

Hello all! Partners have been assigned! I banned one, messaged a bunch regarding profiles and erred on the side of the Spirit of Christmas with others. Please keep the Spirit going and send lovely packages to your partners. If there is a problem, after you have rated your partner a one please PM me for an angel package. If anyone would like to volunteer to angel if needed please leave a comment here. Thanks and have a great holiday time!

taroufish 12/18/2010 #

Yeah lol. My partner has like... two lines in their profile but nothing about their likes and dislikes. :( This is going to be a bit tough. I hope I can choose things they like?

esalerno85 12/18/2010 #

I'm brand new at this. To find out who my partner is i click on "See The Partners You Send To" in the upper right, is that correct?

JannieT 12/20/2010 #

yes esalerno, that is correct.

nmterrier 12/21/2010 #

taroufish -yep, she's one I messaged - glad to see she added more!

fawnscrafts 12/24/2010 #

Hello all. I am checking in for the last two weeks of the year.

I have items all planned and ready to get in the envelop.

fawnscrafts 12/24/2010 #

Now I am a bit worried. I hope I do not fail with my choices.

kalsmommy 01/25/2011 #

COORDINATOR : please click here when reviewing your participants

Lunatus 02/11/2011 #

I have not received my swap. I'm litlle worried :/

nmterrier 02/12/2011 #

Ok all, anyone who was flaked on and has rated their partner a 1, pm me for an angel package.

nmterrier 02/12/2011 #

kalsmommy - i had already looked at everybody by Dec. 17th.

Ippyshakes 02/15/2011 #

i havent had a package yet!

RaineyDay 02/18/2011 #

I have not received anything either. Is it possible to see the person who was supposed to send to me? If they have a bad rating then I will just forget about it.

RaineyDay 02/18/2011 #

Oh, never mind. So sorry. I have this swap confused wtih another one. I'll be going now. LOL

lalunanelbosco 02/24/2011 #

i haven't received anything yet. My partner has been partially suspended, as I can see in her profile. It seems I didn't have good luck with this swap :(

ashleydawns 03/ 3/2011 #

I haven't received anything from this swap yet. Not sure how long postage usually takes from Japan to Canada, does anyone have an idea? :( I haven't been able to get in contact with my partner either.

JannieT 03/ 8/2011 #

Haven't recieved anything. My partner is partially suspended and is trying to catch up. :(

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