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26 June, 2015 Despite all my best intentions, I have fallen out of love with swapping. I still lurk around this site and occasionally participate in forum discussions, but until further notice I will not be swapping. If you are desperate for something that I can provide, let me know and I will consider a private swap. Thanks!

Shame on You!

I think it is very sad to put a lot of time and effort into something just to have your partner flake on you. If someone flakes on me, I will definitely try contacting the person before leaving a negative rating. Once I have concluded that I am getting no response or package from the person, I will leave a 1 and if I ever see the person in another swap with me I will make sure to e-mail the swap coordinator to let her or him know that the person is a flake. I will also post all of the names here so other trustworthy swap-bot members know to avoid them!

If a flaker does eventually send me a package, I will change the rating and remove them from the list, but I still think it is really important to send your swaps on time!

I rarely go searching for angels, but they would be absolutely wonderful and much appreciated for any of these swaps unless otherwise noted.

People that flaked on me:

@emthottie for Ye Ole Cup and Saucer--March USA Only swap

@drgnlady801 for Note cards swap - angelled by @ladonnatwinmom

@roarlikedinos for #2 Big Fat Stuffed Envelope International Swap - angelled by @Peanutbutterrhino

@Gobblidigook for Your Choice Swap - angelled by @NaughtyElf

@bronzfrog for 5 Kitty Cat Surprises - angelled by @LinketJewelryDesign

@imburton for Thriftstore Find #5 - angelled by @ladydy5

@Kerttu for Where I want to live ATC swap! - angelled by @NaughtyElf

@zombietheo for Rubber Ducky Swap - angelled by @blueapplegallery

@mellie for International Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap #5 (I've signed up for 3 of these swaps and was flaked on for 2 of them. What rotten luck!) - angelled by @Andriginals

@CraftyTweetie for Peanuts comic strip handmade craft swap!

@southernsara for British Comedies on PBS: ATCs

@Goggabos for A-Z Movie ATCs: A (I do not need an angel for this as I set up a private swap to get the A card)

@autumn for Secret Santa Swap LARGE ENVELOPE - angelled by @HookNMirrors

@ILovetheBlues for Christmas card and a confession - angelled by @daarhon

@LADYHIGHTOWER for Christmas Candy From Where You Live in the World

@haveyoumetlisa for Ransom Note ATC - angelled by @PenguinParade

@michelle32855 for Fives, fabulous fives! is back!! :) USA only, plz! - angelled by the wonderful swap host @shabbypink123

@sylv1a for {Reusable bag Nr.:6} Februar - kindly angelled by @lexidh

@Pepper for A-Z Movie ATCs: L (No angel needed for this swap as I got what I needed in a private swap)

@RavynDarkrose for A-Z Movie ATCs: V (no angel needed)

@CitrusFruchtchen for 11-11-11 postcard swap - angelled by the lovely @susieq11

@phillyzee for Christmas ATC

Tag Flakers

@MommyTheMaid for the Not Crappy Tag in the Crafting Queens group - angelled by the lovely @bobogrl

People that flaked for swaps that I hosted:

@JillyStar for Peanuts Characters ATC!

@cammyjones for The Beatles ATC swap!

@Kerttu for Where I want to live ATC swap! and LOST ATC swap!

@Goggabos for A-Z Movie ATCs: A

@rickeystrawberry for A-Z Movie ATCs: C

@Whiskey for A pressed penny to three partners

@mauiwahine for Make Up ATC Swap A-S

@Pepper for A-Z Movie ATCs: L

Thank You So Much!

I have a big internet hug and eternal gratitude for the wonderful swap-bot users who angel the swaps in which I have been flaked. I think it is just amazing and fantastic that there are such wonderfully selfless people who are willing to pick up the slack for the bad users.

Thank you soooo much!

@Peanutbutterrhino for #2 Big Fat Stuffed Envelope International Swap - I was not expecting to get an angel for this swap, but I was VERY pleasantly surprised to receive a fantastic Peanuts-themed package that just made my week! I wish I could leave you an actual rating, but since I cannot here is a five and a bunch of hearts -> 5 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Thank you!

@NaughtyElf for Your Choice Swap - I got a message from this user saying that she noticed that I was flaked on for the swap and offered to angel it for me. It really touched me as she was not part of the swap and just happened to notice through the course of looking at profiles that the original user flaked on me. I received an absolutely wonderful package that clearly had a lot of thought put into it. Thank you SO MUCH, NaughtyElf! Your random act of kindness has inspired me to pay it forward and find some swaps to angel.

@ladydy5 for Thrift Store Swap #6 - After my partner flaked on me, the coordinator of the swap very kindly set me a great stationary set - what a cool find for a thrift store! Thank you so much for ensuring that your swaps end with all happy swappers! I really appreciate it :-)

@LinketJewelryDesign for 5 Kitty Cat Surprises - I received a message with an offer to angel a swap that I had listed on my flaker list, and LinketJewelryDesign sent me an absolutely wonderful envelope of perfect kitty cat goodies. Thank you SO MUCH LinketJewelryDesign!! I wish I could give you a 5 and a heart for your kindness! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!

@NaughtyElf whose angelling of the Your Choice Swap got me interested in ATCs in the first place, kindly angelled for the Where I want to live ATC swap by sending me a gorgeous ATC. Thanks so much @NaughtyElf

@blueapplegallery the swap coordinator, very kindly sent me a very cute rubber ducky for the Rubber Ducky Swap in which I was flaked on. Thanks so much!

@ladonnatwinmom sent me a package for a regular swap, and I was very surprised to see that she had sent me some notecards as an angel for the Note card swap. That was so thoughtful of you, and I was touched. Thank you!

@Andriginals sent me an envelope of goodies for Big Fat International. I was very excited to see the tins of tea. I have already enjoyed a cup of it! It was so kind of you to send me that great package! :-)

@HookNMirrors angelled for the swap that she hosted, Secret Santa Swap LARGE ENVELOPE. The swap ended up with a lot of flakers, but I truly believe that @HookNMirrors is trying to do her best to make up for the flakers. I received a wonderful package stuffed with all kinds of scrapbooking goodies, candies, fun souvenirs, and more. Thank you so much!

@daarhon sent me a gorgeous Christmas card for the "Christmas card and a confession swap" that she hosted and I was flaked on. The card is so pretty that even though Christmas is over, I am keeping it displayed on my wall. Thanks @daarhon !!

@shabbypink123 very kindly angelled for the Fives, Fabulous Fives! swap that she hosted and I was flaked on. I got an absolutely wonderful package chock full of goodies including lots of great crafting supplies for my ATCs. She was quick to offer the angel after I mentioned the flaker in the Swap-bot Flakers group, and she sent the angel package within a day or so of offering the angel. Thank you so much @shabbypink123 !! The great hosts like you are the reason I stay here even though I have been flaked on so many times!

@lexidh saw my post in the Swap-bot Flakers group about being flaked on for {Reusable bag Nr.:6} Februar and quickly offered to angel the swap for me. Not only did I get a fantastic bag that is easily rolled up and store in my purse, but she also sent me some lovely teas and her kitty sent my kitty a toy! Alley Alley and I both thank you, @lexidh !!

@PenguinParade was my partner for an ATC swap and, after seeing that I had been flaked on for Ransom Note ATC, very kindly offered to angel this swap for me. I received an adorable ducky ransom note ATC that I love! Thanks so much @PenguinParade !

@bobogrl was quick to offer an angel when I posted that I had been flaked on for a Crafting Queens tag. She was not able to send exactly what I tagged for (as it was something that would not make it to me in hot summer weather), but she sent me a wonderful recipe book to make all sorts of delicious desert-y goodness! She also sent a gorgeous Alaska-themed magnetic notepad as well as a wonderful long letter that made it clear that we have lots of good things in common :-) Thank you so much for your fabulous angel package, @bobogrl !

@susieq11 angelled the 11-11-11 postcard swap for me. She was not only kind enough to send me a postcard, but she took the time to send a postcard that would make me smile! She sent me a fabulous Beatles postcard that made me smile. It will now part of both my postcard and my 'Beatles stuff' collections! Thanks @susieq11 !!


Tatsu rated for Edibles: Simple Easter/Spring Treat on May 14, 2014
Comment: I love everything in the package. I love the regular cadburry eggs and these are a lovely, miniature version. They're great for an afternoon treat and the chocolate is so good. I'm saving the cute peeps for later. (I have a not-so-secret love for these). THANK YOU so much. ;)
Comment: I really couldn't be happier with my Valentine's, Ashley! The candies a Valentine cards! Are spectacular! Thank you, and the box and envelope are fantastic!! Here's to 12!!
Bunnytoduk rated for Pocketbac and choc on Jan 17, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for my pocketbac love them all, the holder is perfect too :)
Response: I enjoyed swapping with you! Let me know if you ever need anymore Pocketbac. Thanks for the rating! :-)
Comment: Thank you very much!!!
Response: You are quite welcome! I am glad it showed up before Christmas! :-)
maxbenleo rated for morwesong and maxbenleo on Dec 11, 2013
Comment: Thank you very much, cannot wait to enjoy them tonight😊
Response: I hope you enjoy all of it! :-) Please let me know if you'd ever like to swap again in the future!
starrycat rated for Doctor Who Polymer Clay Figures on Nov 4, 2013
Comment: So cute! Thanks so much for the figures you made!
Response: I am glad they all arrived safely! :-) Thanks so much for the rating!
Comment: Received. Will update when 'tis the season! <3 09 dec 2013 - YAY! So much cheer in these packages. Thank you so much for the Haribos, the Washi, and the amazing olive oil/sea salt bath soak. I really am grateful for you sending these to me! <3
Response: I'm glad to hear it got there safely. I look forward to you being able to open them! :-) **Edit** Oh, I am so happy that you liked everything! Merry Christmas! :-)
Hönis rated for Doctor Who Bookmarks on Jun 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely bookmark!! :)
Response: You are welcome! Thank you for the rating! :-)
starrycat rated for Doctor Who Bookmarks on Jun 4, 2013
Comment: Lovely TARDIS bookmark! I can't wait to use it! Thank you so much ^^
Response: I am glad that you received it and like it! Thank you so much for the rating. :-)
Marryth rated for Doctor Who return address labels on Apr 12, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the great variety of labels! ♥
Response: You are quite welcome! Thank you so much for the rating and for hosting the swap. :-)
Comment: I absolutely love my labels! I'll have to get some of these labels for when we do this again! I'd give out 2 hearts if I could!
Response: I am glad you like them! Hopefully they'll come in handy for all of your Whovian swaps. :-) Thanks so much for the rating!
heather76 rated for DWF Handmade Magnet Swap # 1 on Mar 8, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome magnet set! I love them all.
stlouisphile rated for DWF Handmade Magnet Swap # 1 on Mar 3, 2013
Comment: You deserve four hearts for these wonderful magnets! Thank you!!
Comment: This is just the most brilliant package! Everything was very thoughtful, and presented beautifully. The Jack card made me smile and the white chocolate was delicious. Thank you SO much, this package made my day.
Comment: I received your excellent swap, thanks so much! I loved everything you sent and am sure my little one will enjoy some of the things too :o) Thank you for swapping with me! :o)
BluGinhm rated for Photo Challenge #4 on Dec 10, 2012
Comment: Wonderful photos! And how lucky you are to be going to London again! I've only been in London (as an 8-year-old) at Heathrow, then we traveled out to Birminham. Anyway, I love the photos, as well as the great postcards! Thanks!
kiddomerriweather rated for A Newbie Christmas. on Nov 23, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much, Ashley for the tea (yum) and the cutest fox ornament ever! I hope you have a grand ole' time in jolly ole' England this Christmas. So jealous!
SpikeyLisa rated for Altered Rubber Ducky Swap October on Nov 19, 2012
Comment: I love the purple butterfly duck you made for me. She is so pretty I put her in the center of the flock. Thank you so much.
smilernpb rated for morwesong and smilernpb on Nov 13, 2012
Comment: Amazing swap package - thank you so much. We loved all of the goodies you chose to send us. Thank you for swapping with me xo
stitchinwitch rated for morwesong and stitchinwitch on Nov 10, 2012
Comment: Erin is thrilled and one was Fluttershy (she was super thrilled with that one) Thank you so much

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VivaLaDiane on Aug 25, 2017:

I hope you're doing well. I was poking around and checking on people I missed. I know it's not like the old days around here, but I was thinking of you. Much love always!! ♥♥

VivaLaDiane on Aug 24, 2017:


daydreamer47 on Aug 26, 2015:

This is so random, but, I wanted to tell you how amazing and refreshing it is to read a female in her 20s NOT wanting children. Im 27 and have spent my whole life NEVER wanting them, and of course getting the "what if you meet a guy?" I think a female can want a life beyond serving a snot bag for 18 yrs. Thanks for giving me hope that I'm not the only girl of my beliefs!

gooseberry on Aug 5, 2015:

Whippet on Jun 30, 2015:

Giving you this message of love & peace, I'm happy you express your feelings here. It is the sensitivity of a person who opens their hearts to others showing true compassion. I'm hoping you will stay well, enjoy a happy summer. - Kathy

stlouisphile on Jun 29, 2015:

Just came to tell you Right On!!

zoev1975 on Jun 22, 2015:

Hiya, Just seen your posting on the public forum. If you ever want to get back into swapping let me know - I would love to do a private swap with you. I can send you UK chocolate!!!! Zoe xx

ScrapHappyGabi on Dec 31, 2014:

Happy New Year

TC on Dec 24, 2014:

Merry Christmas from Texas. :)

angelgram on Dec 18, 2014:

✵✵✵ ⒹⒺⒸ ②⑤ ✵✵✵ ⒿⒶⓃ ① ✵✵✵



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