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Date Joined: June 16, 2010
Last Online: February 15, 2022
Birthday: November 18, 1977
Country: Greece

About Me

UPDATE 2021 I have not swapped here in a very long time, my ratings were spotless the only reason I stopped using it was because I kept being flaked on or receive items lower than swap indications.. I'm giving it another go now so here goes :)

I'm a 44yr. old Greek gal, I love shopping, letter writting and swapping therefor I have tons of stuff to swap. I have a huge selection of stationery and bath&body items, craft supplies, stamps, books, perfumes, stickers but I can buy just about anything for a cute swap.

I have been doing heavy swaps with friends for years, then a friend told me about swap-bot and I loved the idea.

Favorite Movies

I love to watch movies and I can watch just about anything as long as it's not boring, I love chick flicks, action and some horror movies.

Favorite Television

Korean dramas, Sex & The City, CSI Vegas, House, Criminal Minds, How I met your mother, The big bang theory, Bones, Life Unexpected, Off the map.. and the list can go on


WASHI tape !! Especially Scotch washi tapes, both the thin and thick ones.. They're amazing !

Mary Engelbreit and things of hers

McStevens hot cocoa/chocolate packets

Easy Cheese spray : Cheddar flavor.. love love love it !!

Rubber stamps

I love, love, love K&Company (especially their SMASH stuff) and Martha Stuart crafting supplies.. these would totally make my day!


Anything glittery

Handmade items especially jewerly of any kind (although I use bracelets the most but I would love just about anything) .. but please no sloppy sends, I won't judge your creativity but I would appreciate if you put a bit of effort into it.

Cosmetics (NO 'dollar store' cosmetics please) - Safety Comes First !! Loves cute cosmetics :)

Wish Tickets :: I love them

Things smelling like sweet food/candy.. like vanilla, mocha, cinnamon, caramel

I love Precious Moments and anything with them

EasyZipper Ziploc bags (I don't mind the brand as long as they have the plastic thingie that zips them) preferably gallon size .. ofcourse anyone who wants to send me these can take them off the box to save shipping, I don't mind at all !

Full/new unopened letter sets especially Asian .. no need to be Sanrio etc. I love any cute letter sets

Letter pads

Lucky Charms cereals (the small individual packaging).. whoever thought of the idea of mashmallows in cereal is genius ! Also love the Lucky Charms bars ! :D

jelly beans ! .. Esp Hello kitty flavor and dr pepper flavor

Bath & Body Works stuff, I love this store so anything from in there would be amazing.. warm vanilla sugar is my favorite ! No fruit smells please ! I'm not too picky with brands, if you still find a bath product you think I'd love it would be great to receive.. I especially love splashes/antibacs/shower gels

Victoria's Secret stuff .. esp travel size items.. I LOVE VS ;)

Little surprises for my nephews, they are 12+9 y.o. love cars and any sort of group games

Gift cards (empty ofcourse) from stores around the world,..those plastic credit-card like cards.. I collect them.

Sheet face masks.. I'm just crazy about them lately and any kind of Korea/Japanese cosmetics.. I go nuts with all the weird stuff they make over there :D

Hello Kitty things you can use around the house (only original Sanrio please) NO PENCILS, PENS OR OTHER OFFICE SUPPLIES PLEASE, I don't use such things. Only HOME ITEMS or LETTER SETS. I LOVE the NERD HELLO KITTY so if you have anything with that version feel free to send my way :)

Pop tarts (Cookie dough, Sundaee, Cookie's n' cream, S'more flavors)

Any candy from foreign country, I love trying new things ! I love Japanese/Korean and American Candy (esp. milk duds, twinkies, almond joy-milk-), I don't like dark chocolate and anything peanutbutter. I'm more of a caramel kind of person so anything including that would be awesome. I also love spicy food

Dr. Pepper lip smackers (the tube kind, not those jar that you have to actually use fingers on).. I can never have too many !

Cocoa / hot chocolate / Coffee (but only individually wrapped sachets, no unpacked items please. I would love to try Starbucks VIA so if they sell it in your country and you'd like to send me it'd make me very happy ! (Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, alot of people have sent me VIA as extras to swaps -which I do appreciate- but it was EXPIRED .. it's just sad cause I can't really drink it so please check the date before sending, thank you !!)

Food, anything spicy anything containing caramel / coconut / vanilla / mocha (don't like anything fruity). If you will send me food please make sure to package well, especially if chocolate and please only milk chocolate, I don't do dark or white

Perfumes, Bosy washes, Hand creams, Antibacterial gels.. anything smelling yummy (not a big fun of fruity smells on here either) like food smells, love travel sized items too !

Handmade cards for all occasions

Home items, especially cute accessories you can use in the kitchen or around the house

Cute Totes/ Ones with smart sayings on them or anything unique. Once a partner sent me a handmade one.. thought it's an excellent jesture, I love handmade things !

Clothes, anything girlie and cute, I'm a size Medium. I love Tshirts with cool/smart quotes on them

Flip Flops, I'm a size EU37 or US7

Socks, I LOVE fuzzy socks, colorful ones .. anything cozy ! I'm a size EU37 or US7 or just medium if they don't go by number

Anything artistic....

Things I love..

paper back books, anything colored Pink, original DVD box sets, cute tanktops, lipglosses and glittery cosmetics, stationery/stickers and all those girlie pen pal things, Twinkies and Suzy Q's, motto T-shirts, milk almond joy, Lucky Charms cereals, funny socks, getting fat mail n' long creative letters, milk duds, airports, cheese pizza, Victoria's Secret undies, colorful pens, the smell of clean sheets, Dr. Pepper, Alaska, chick flic movies, bags of all kinds and Tons More I can't think of now !

Please Do Not Send me..

PLEASE ALWAYS FOLLOW THE SWAP GUIDELINES, there's nothing more disappointing than getting less or different than swap indicates, the reason I enter a swap is because I agree with the guidelines. Lately I've had several people not following what the swap indicates, I hate drama so I would really prefer to avoid having to tell you so, I believe I have so many things in my profile you can send me that I would love and you wouldn't have to spend a lot of money so please JUST READ my profile .. thank you !

Stuff you don't like and is actually junk (Quality over Quantity does matter and I give a heart even without extras)

Body Lotions, I love them but have way more than I use and it'd be a waste since they go bad after a while. I would prefer Body splashes instead :)

Food/Body items which are USED or IN BAD SHAPE. Also I would prefer PACKED ITEMS only , when it comes to things I put in and on my body I prefer to know the origin

Dark Chocolate (if I do enter a swap that indicates you can of course send me as I agree with the terms.. but if not indicated then I would prefer milk)

Anything having a fruit flavor (or at least if you are to send me fruit flavored stuff, I just like cherry and bananas)

Tea (unless I actually enter a tea swap)

Loose stationery sheets or loose memo pad sheets etc. or loose / cut stickers !.. Please only full sets.

Samples (unless Clinique, I love their samples !) or freebies, I don't really use them so it's better to keep for your other swaps

Dollar Store things - Cheap cosmetics made in china or nameless products

NOTE If the swap clearly indicates to send me something which I include in my do not send list this means I entered willingly and don't mind receiving it, I might not prefer to receive but if the swap says so I would never make you change it



I ALWAYS SEND ON TIME.. BUT.. Due to the economic crisis in Greece post office now only works regular working hours (used to be open till 8pm which was so convenient!) so most times I sent out my mail after it closes and most likely it's postmarked the next day. In case this happens on a Friday it means it will be postmarked Monday ** Ofcourse that does not mean I'm going out of deadline, I always make sure to send earlier but in case life happens and I send on the last day please bear in mind that it might be postmarked the following day. Thank you for understanding !

Also, I'm in here to have fun not to cheat people and you can see that from my ratings and fast shipping dates. In case my swap does not reach you for postal reasons please contact me before leaving a rating. I try my best when preparing a swap and always aim for a heart a.k.a making someone happy to open it, if for some reason you think I did something wrong or you didn't like the swap enough please message me if you want to work it out.

.. I pledge to rate in a fair way !.. But please please follow the swap guidelines and when you take that extra step of reading my profile and aim to making me smile you get a heart, extras do not ensure a heart, thoughtfulness does. Also please send by the due date, I am not trying to ruin anyone's ratings but it's not fair that people send on time and you send late and expect a 5.. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to one day as like I said above my packages are sometimes postmarked the next day but if more than that then you just marked it sent on purpose on the last day and sent at your convenience.. the rating system is there for a reason and we should all respect. I always do my best to rate as soon as I receive the swap so if for some reason it's been a while since you sent it and I haven't rated yet please contact me incase your swap was lost in the mail or I wasn't able to rate for some reason (we're human it could happen).


People I didn't receive swaps from..

@LilySunshine in Letterset swap Angeled by @cllfdl

@fayelittletoncllfdl in Monthly Tote Swap #2 Angeled by sweet @adrianaclara

@auntjenni in Spooky Halloween card swap Angeled by @cllfdl

@ezgito in Rockabilly Swag swap Angeled by @cllfdl

@ginnyluvspotter in {Reusable bag Nr.:7 } Angeled by @cllfdl

@DrakesMommy in Surprise Me! Profile Swap #2 but awesomely angeled by @SilentDG who has been more than generous

@kranot1989 in Lovely Girlie Goodies! SwapAngeled by @cllfdl

@millymollie in ♡ Profile ♡ Lucky Parcel ♡ but wonderfully angeled by @Chelle

@giramondo in Themed shoebox: Love FEB 2012 .. angeled by the awesome @MarieAntoinette who's aim was to make me super happy.. thank you again !!!


dreamlady66 rated for Touristy fridge magnet, anyone? on Jan 14, 2022
Comment: Just wow, wow, wow. Girl, ty for your re-sent (by registered mail) incl. neat Criti-magnet and special stickers as an extra = great joy indeed ❤
rainydayangie rated for Chocolate (November) on Nov 26, 2021
Comment: Thanks so much! I can't wait to try these tonight!
annychenghk rated for International Tea Advent Swap #3 on Nov 24, 2021
Comment: Your swap is so beautiful! Thank you for nice packaging and can't wait to try all the tea bags!!
minders rated for Washi Tape Sample Swap - March on Jul 19, 2020
NatACT rated for CALG;Tea and Tote on Jun 29, 2018
Comment: Words can not express what your parcel meant to me. Your parcel was brought up to me while I was in hospital and I cried to think that someone had been so thoughtful. I'm sorry I didn't rate you sooner. Please don't take the slow rating as any indication of my absolute thankfulness at the thought and love that went into your parcel. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.
Comment: Thank you =)
Padoom rated for Washi Tape Sample Swap - March on Mar 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for all the washi tape samples - they are all new to me! That's fantastic! Take care!
PeliKat rated for TIAZ: Smash It! on Mar 23, 2018
Comment: Athanasia, thank you for yet another wonderful swap! I always love to see your name in the corner of the envelope in my mailbox because I know it will be something wonderful! I loved the bathtub on the envelope - so cute and funny! Thanks for all the goodies you included, especially the palm tree and the washi tape. Have a great weekend!
PeliKat rated for Craft Destash! on Mar 18, 2018
Comment: Athanasia, I received your Craft Destash packet and had such fun going through all of the items you chose! I love those little postcards in different shapes! And I had to laugh at that funny little fat dog with the Thumthum stickers. The journaling cards will be great for my scrapbooking, but the double-sided squares of cardstock with all different patterns is my favorite thing from the packet. It will be perfect for the scrapbook about my family history as the patterns are vintage in appearance! Thank you so much for another wonderful swap!
PeliKat rated for Letter Writing Supplies Swap #2 on Mar 12, 2018
Comment: Athanasia, oh my goodness! What a great surprise it was when I opened your swap envelope and discovered all the wonderful treasures you had sent to me. Of course the pug stationery was my most favorite thing, but you put in so many nice things that I love the entire package! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile! This was a fantastic swap and I really appreciate the effort you put into making it so great!
Response: I am so glad you liked everything, I had fun putting it together .. I actually was your partner in 2 more swaps, hope you receive those soon too :)
Comment: OMG You seriously are the best swapper ever. I love receiving packages from you. Can't wait to do it again!!!
Saphire07 rated for Christmas scavenger hunt on Feb 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the christmas package^^
BlueMoon rated for Christmas Candy Swap on Nov 30, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the box! :)
Comment: What a super wonderful fantastic package!!! Thank you so much for spoiling me! We are already halfway through your favourite chocolate!!😊 The ouzo and olive oil were such a great surprise, the British post forbids us to send liquid so I wasn' t expecting such fun ingredients! Especially as I love cooking!! 💝 Thank you so so much, my 17 year old son is very intrigued by the ouzo!! The jam looks delicious, the postcards are up on my wall and the bridge magnet on the fridge! Love the keyring! Xxxxx
Response: I am so glad you liked everything, I enjoyed putting the swap together ! PS: Watch out when your son tries the ouzo, it's as strong as vodka :D haha
Comment: OMG Athanasia you have totally outdone yourself again. I love everything theme you sent me. Especially the Victorian Homes and the Minnies!!!! I am still waiting on two things to arrive. Sorry for the delay, this raising two kids, recovering from surgery and trying to back into it has sent me on a spiral. But your box is filling up nicely.
romyisa78 rated for Christmas supplies :) on Nov 27, 2014
Comment: Arrived. Thank you so much. Love it all
erickalin rated for Snail Mail Supplies on Nov 26, 2014
Comment: thank u so much : )
Sara76 rated for Snail Mail Supplies on Nov 11, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for sending such an amazing package of goodies!!! I absolutely love the personalised stationery you made for me!!! You really are wonderful!! Thank you!! :)))
hazan33 rated for A Happy Day Swap on Oct 6, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the best package ever!!! :-)
Comment: Thanks Athanasia. OMG I loved everything you sent me. I died when I opened all of the packages. Yes. i am totally obsessively hooked and will swap with you forever and ever!!!! I am sending your package tomorrow. xoxo

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thisismeAXiD on Dec 18, 2021:

Holiday greetings to you! I wanted to share a story with you. In 2010 we were swap partners for a holiday ornament swap. You sent the cutest snowman ornament to me. It hangs on my tree every year and always makes me smile when I see it. 💜 Hugs, Meredith


bluehairedmary on Jun 25, 2014:

Consider joining my quote or stickers swaps in the Mailbox Mania group!

AmericanHeiress on Jan 4, 2014:

Athanasia I miss you!! I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and new year. Hope we can swap again soon! =)

AmericanHeiress on Sep 11, 2013:

Girl also its hot as balls here in FL. So I think thats why it may have crumbled too. LOL

renate on Aug 29, 2013:

thankyou gimmiemail

rachelcdoyle on Jun 29, 2013:

sugaraddict on May 24, 2013:

Hey hey!! I'm hosting a Foodie Pen Pal Swap which I thought might interest you :) Do swing by and check it out yea.. We would love to have you swap with us! :) Thanks!!

RigelSan on May 16, 2013:

Hello, it's Michi of LEP here~ :3 Sending you a friend request!

Have a nice day <3

SabrinaDeeBerry on Apr 29, 2013:

Wishing you a happy spring ♡

happybunny on Apr 22, 2013:

OMG you always spoiled me girl!! Thank you sooo sooo much for this amazing package!!! You even got me the pants I have been eye-ing for in the longest time!! Can't thank you enough always!!<33

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