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Birthday: May 4
Country: United States

About Me

ATTN: 7/6/19 I narrowly avoided getting hit by a car. In doing so I twisted and sprained a bit of my spine, my ribs and my shoulder. I am therefore not driving at the moment. My fiance will check the post box and send off my swaps when he can, until I heal up a bit. So responses and swaps may be a bit slow on my end (slow for me is not sending them out ASAP and not toward the end of send period) Just a heads up. This has also really messed with my executive function. So if I messed up a swap by sending the wrong thing or missed the point of a swap, please let me know, so I can rectify it. My fiancé is helping best he can, but he doesn’t know swapbot all that well.

On 7/16 @candybeads left a 3 feedback on my profile. And she has not been on since, so I can find out why. I have left many messages. I know I sent the swap in question on time and it fulfilled the requirements. So I am not sure what has gone wrong. The feedback is positive, and does nothing to state why I received a 3. As soon as I have heard back from her, I will hopefully be able to rectify the situation. I feel like a hypocrite being in my own swaps, but I do not want to let the swappers signed up down. So I will finish my swaps that I am adminning and not sign up or make any more until this is resolved. I am sorry for any problems this may cause.

Hello, please take time to read my whole profile. I hope you can learn some fun things about me and autism at the same time!

I am EVAN (I am a girl). I live in Los Angeles with my fiance, Lumos (my chihuahua service dog) and my lemon tree (Remus). I am an AUTISTIC writer, advocate and actress. I also like to pretend to be an artist from time to time, painting on 3” X 3” canvases with arcrylic.

I have recently started a junk journal where I put things from my swaps in it. Not the swap items themselves (unless it is specificly for Junk Journal) but the envelopes, paper, used stamps, notecards, postcards, stickers, anything sent to me is fair game. I am having a fun time doing this, and I don’t feel so wasteful throwing away so many envelopes and used notecards and postcards. I call it my swapbot journal.

I am allergic to walnuts and red 40

Special Interests

Special Interests are something autistic people have/do to help them focus their lives. This is not to be confused with hobbies. The difference between Special Interests and Hobbies is when life gets to hectic/stressful I can stop a hobby. Special Interests on the other hand help me cope with the changes, hectic-ness and stresses of life.

My special interests are:

ACTING/MAKING MOVIES: I spent most of my life MASKING and MIMICKING, which are words used to describe how autistics watch and reproduce the social norms of neurotypicals to fit in. While masking is a practice that it depletes my energy, and while it is a habit I have had to unlearn, one good thing to come out of it is my discovery of acting as a special interest. I also love the whole process of making movies. Being behind the scenes, script writing, cameras, all of it. So I moved to LA to be part of that world.

TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK: I have Executive Function Disorder. This means I have a hard time keeping track and doing tasks in order, forgetting steps and processes along the way. I got a Traveler’s Notebook for Christmas, and it has been a life changer. It has replace my old way of keeping track. I can keep all my lists, calendars, appointments and everything in arms reach. It is more than just a hobby, this is a tool to help me be more independent. I have a original size at home for all my big tasks, journaling and a master calendar. I also have a passport size that I use everyday for appointments, notes and lists. I just recently started a junk/art journal, I love the haphazardness of it. My dream is to own an instax someday to add pictures to my journals.

PETER PAN!! The book, the play, movies (live action-2003, Hook, Disney), tv series...you name it, I love it. Peter, England/British things, Lost boys, Thimbles, Acorns, Pirates, Fairies (I really like fairies like Maleficent, woodland sprites and those in the artwork of Amy Brown)

DISNEY!! I go to Disneyland about once a week. I of course love Mickey Mouse and the Fab Five. I absolutely love Duffy bear. But mostly I like learning things about the history of the parks, and collecting vintage parks souvenirs and dishes. My favorite rides are Peter Pan, Autopia and Space Mountain. I enjoy Disney’s California Adventure, but I tend to go for the food more than the rides. Though I do love Grizzly River Run. (Please Note: Unless I am in a Disney Themed Swap there is no need to make my swaps disney swaps, unless you think you have something unique I may enjoy.)

SPACE & ADVENTURE!! Anything that inspires Magic, Hope and a sense of Adventure. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Peter Pan (Second Star to the Right), Firefly, Tomorrowland (movie and Park), Stars/Constellation, NASA (Space Exploration), Planets, Galaxies. I find new things all the time, and have been told I have a childlike wonder about life.

READING: I finish about 2 books a week, and reread some books over and over (Peter Pan about 300 times thus far). I can be heard quoting books and authors from time to time. I like adventure, fantasy and sci-fi. I also read a lot of non-fiction on my special interests. I read blogs, and articles too. Just a typical RAVENCLAW here. This is my escape, more than TV or Movies could ever be.


Being autistic, routine is very important to me. Deviations from my routine can lead to shutdown or meltdown. So, I work really hard at maintaining a comfortable safe space in which my routine can be built and nurtured. I like to have stuffed animals to snuggle with. I have various things to chew on, to save my pen caps and shirt sleeves. I have learned to cope differently with things that were tough as a child, but I did NOT outgrow my autism.

My personal lifestyle is very HYGGE (pronounced Hoo-Gah), and MORI GIRL. Both are very cozy. Think candles, plants and flowers, warm drinks, good books, snuggly blankets and stuffed animals. It’s like a cozy cottage in the middle of the forest aesthetic. That’s how I live, even in middle of the city. I love all things fall, and enjoy things that remind me of snow (since it doesn’t snow in LA). To me, it is like living in NEVERLAND.

Things I have a fondness for include forest/woodland birds and animals, mushrooms, acorns, bumbly bees, dragonflies, dinosaurs, trees, feathers, wildflowers, soft muted natural colors (berry, peach, gray, yellow, green, brown).

I like Vintage-y things: Embroidery, Tea stuff, Victorian, Steampunk, Clocks, Postage type things, toys, Ice Skates/Winter items, Floral prints and patterns.

I craft from time to time. Usually small projects, because it doesn’t hold my interest very long. Things I like to do are... Embroidery, Cross stitch, Crocheting, aside from my new journaling, I DO NOT do paper crafts/scrapbooking. I am actually hand creating many aspects of my wedding.

My favorite cozy drink is warm milk with honey. I also enjoy a good cuppa. English Breakfast is my favorite. I collect teaspoons and other tea paraphernalia. Demitasse spoons are my favorite. I also like tea ball/strainer things, tea cups, pots and tea bag holders. I love apple flavored anything and apple cider.


My Happy Mail Could include any of the following (CAPS is WISHLIST items)

A- Apple flavored anything (Candy, Candles, Lotion), Acorns, Amy Pond, Advocating, Acting, Autism, Autumn, Avocados

B- Bumbly Bees (the fluffy kind), Books (greatest weapon in the world), Barnum’s Animals Crackers by Nabisco, “BRIDE” items, BLUE PRINT WASHI, Buttons (sewing kind), baby blue, Browncoats (if you know what this is we should be friends)

C- CHIHUAHUAS, Candles, Code Lyoko, Cross Stitch, Crocheting, Captain Marvel, Comics (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse)

D- DUFFY the Disney Bear, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Donuts, Disney Parks Items (from around the world), DOCTOR ❤️❤️ WHO (Doctor 11 is my fave), Dragonflies, Dumbo(animated), DISNEY POSTAGE STAMPS

E- Enchanted (Disney Movie), Englaphile, Ephemera (Movie, theme park, Sheet music and vintage library are faves)

F- Foxes, Forget-me-nots, Fab Five, Fairies, Fantastic Beast Movies, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,

G- GIFT CARDS (Starbucks, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, iTunes and Target), Gail Carriger, Grover

H- Harry Potter Books, HARRY POTTER WASHI, Hedgies, Hygge, Honey, Helena Bonham Carter, HARRY POTTER POSTAGE STAMPS, His Dark Materials,

I- Ice Skating, Ice Cream

J- Journaling, Junk Journal, JULIA (she is an autistic muppet) from SESAME STREET POSTAGE STAMPS

K- Knights, Kites (vintage ones), Kindom Keepers (books)

L- Luna Lovegood, Lost Boys, Lemon Tree, Little Prince Book, Little Prince Movie (Netflix), Little Princess, Lindsey Sterling, Lick and Stick postage any denomination

M- Mice, Maleficent, MORI-GIRL, Mouse Guard (comic book), vintage Movie items, Magic, Muggles, Meet Joe Black, Mary Poppins, Myazaki Movies, Magnolias, MONCHICHI (I just lost mine, if you have one that needs a home, I would be so grateful), MAILING LABELS with my name on them!

N- NASA stuff, Neverland, Neil Gaiman, Narnia, 9 (movie from 2009), Newt Scamander

0- Orange Marmalade, Oscars (Academy Awards)

P- PETER PAN, Planner Stickers, Painting (Acrylic and 3x3 canvases), Pride and Prejudice, Paddington Bear, PB&J Sandwiches (Best if grilled), PAPER MATE INKJOY GEL PENS, paper doilies (in colors is better), PATTERNS (Crochet and Vintage sewing) PACHIMARI

Q- Queen Marie Antoinette, Queen Bees, Queenie from Fantastic Beasts

R- Ravenclaw, Robots, Racoons, Ravens, Rise of the Guardians, River Song, Rory Williams, Redwall (anthropomorphic woodland animals in medieval times. Yes, please.) Rudy (movie), RAE DUNN

S- Swap-bot, Stars, Space, Succulents, Sunflowers, SACAGAWEA DOLLARS, Stickers, Star Wars (especially original trilogy), Steampunk, Supernatural, STICKERSTERS (shop on etsy), Shakespeare, Stuffed Animals (are my favorite stim)

T- Teddy Bears, Tardis, Traveler’s Notebooks (Standard and Passport size), Thimbles, Treasure Planet, Tomorrowland, TWO $ DOLLAR BILLS, Trollhunter, Tablet (Scottish Candy), Taurus, TREX POSTAGE STAMPS, TRAIN POSTAGE STAMPS, Trident Gum (fruit flavors only no mint 🥺 please), Tim Holtz type ephemera

U- United Kingdom, Umbrellas, UNUSED (vintage) POSTAGE, Unique Unicorns (Meaning not horse type)

V- Victorian, Vintage Nabisco Barnum’s Animals Crackers (ads, tins, stickers), Vintage Carnival stuff, Vintage book pages

W- Wolves, Washi Tape, Wild Flowers, WHEAT PENNIES, Wonder Woman, Winter, Wine Gums (From UK) Wizarding World in Universal Studios

X- Xenology

Y- Yarn made things, Yuri on Ice,

Z- Zebras (not animal print, but actual Zebras)

People keep asking: My wedding theme is His and Hers, the colors are all shades of blue (his fave is royal blue, mine is baby blue). I am crocheting my wedding bouquet. We are having a very small intimate wedding at our church, with a reception at one of our favorite restaurant. We are going on a cruise for our Honeymoon.

Please DO NOT Send

Anything musty or smoky smelling - it kills me with allergies.

Autism Speaks anything - puzzle pieces, blue pieces especially. This organization is not supportive of autistic people. I don’t agree with their philosophy, nor do they speak for me. (Advocating moment)

Crafty bits: Fabric, foam, felt, Scrapbook type things (unless they can be used in my journal), ribbon, pipe cleaners, beads

Emojis items

Farm Animal items


I am willing to do private swaps. If something on my profile catches your eye. Let’s give it a go.

If you do not receive your swap that I stated I sent out, please let me know. I don’t lie about when things are sent. If it got lost I will surely resend it. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! I try really hard to get Ooo’s and Ahh’s for my swaps, but sometimes things get shook up, misplaced by the postal system or aren’t exactly what you are hoping for. I am very literal (per autism) and sometimes a swap may not be quite right, please let me know, I will gladly rectify the situation. Please note I do have Executive Dysfunction (stated above). If something gets overlooked or forgotten, I will notify you as soon as possible. I try really really hard to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Also, if you haven’t got your feedback on something you sent. I do leave feedback promptly, so if I haven’t left feedback, I have NOT received your item.

I am here for fun, enjoyment and a break from my everyday life. Not here for drama. That being said. Please don’t mistake this as I am all forgiving. Once a month (it’s in my calendar) I go thru my swaps and check to make sure that I have received everything. If there is no communication. I will rate accordingly. Don’t make me work for YOUR ratings, we are all adults here. Let’s have some fun. That being said. I do not leave hearts if I do not feel Ooos or Ahhhs on the package. Extras DO NOT always equal a heart. Clearly the fact that you read my profile and swaps should look like effort and care were taken. Thanks in advance.

I don’t spend a lot of time online or social media(just for work stuff), even though I am part of swap-bot. I am however on my computer nearly all day. Joys of being a writer. This means I don’t see emails straightaway. So if I don’t respond promptly, that is why.


debbiespoms rated for Woodland Animal Swap #6 on Jul 20, 2019
Comment: Hi Evan ! I received your swap this afternoon & wanted to rate right away. But my M.S. was kicking my butt today, with muscle spasms galore and wouldn't let up. I finally ended up having to get muscle relaxers from my doctor today. They were so painful. Anyway, I still don't feel so well. But wanted to get you rated before I head off to bed. Thank you so very much, for the wonderful Woodland animal goodies. I love the handmade pouch with bird you made ( so darn cute & so well done! Beautiful job! ) The handmade card from Sheri & other card, stickers, note pad, & pouch with little animal cards inside all so cute and love all so much!
SeleneW rated for AA: Postcard with a Prompt #1 on Jul 20, 2019
Comment: A finder! That is definitely a great superpower along with your many other talents! Though I do not have autism, my small super power is detangling necklaces!
Response: I need to learn that super power. I have a ball of necklaces, waiting to stop interacting with each other.
mags142 rated for Send Anything #74 on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: Hello Evan! Thanks for the resend swap and for all the awesome goodies :) you are awesome!
lilmermaid rated for Send Anything #76 on Jul 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you so very very much
candybeads rated for All Sticker Sheets #2 on Jul 16, 2019
Comment: Thanks for being such a sweet swapper. 🌷🌻🌹 Thanks again.
CourtneyAnne rated for Happy Birthday Disneyland! on Jul 15, 2019
Comment: Great gifts, thank you so much! Disney is also my happy place!!!
smadronia rated for Favorite Washi Swap on Jul 15, 2019
Comment: AHHH! HArry POtter Washi!! THANK YOU
papertreasures17 rated for Accordion Wallet Surprises on Jul 14, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the cute accordion wallet and for all the special goodies. You stuffed the wallet full! Love it.
SeleneW rated for AA: Profile Surprises on Jul 12, 2019
Comment: Wow! You went way beyond with this! Thank you so much :) My favorite is the Tinkerbelle keychain of course. You did not have to do this much but I do appreciate.
tlemon4 rated for Pillbox Swap #3 on Jul 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you :)
Mystical2018 rated for Washi Washi - June on Jul 10, 2019
Comment: Great swap!
ScrapHappyGabi rated for TNT: Sticker Swap on Jul 9, 2019
Comment: Awesome stickers, Thank you very much! I love them all!! I hope you are staying safe and that you haven't been disrupted by the earthquakes! Hugs from Princeton, NJ! xG
Thumpersivy rated for Woodland Animal Swap #5 on Jul 8, 2019
sharmison33 rated for 2 Good Movies #2 on Jul 7, 2019
Comment: Both of my partners for this swap said Captain Marvel so I guess I need to see that one! Thanks for the postcard.
Ukucaitie rated for 2 Good Movies #2 on Jul 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the cool card! I also wrote Captain Marvel as my movie too. It was good thank you
Zefaniya rated for Send Anything #77 on Jul 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you for a thoughtful swap as always! Have a great weekend!
crochetjunkie rated for Send Anything #77 on Jul 5, 2019
Comment: Always love orange washi and stamps!! Thank you.
Jrenewright rated for TH: Washi Sample Hunt on Jul 4, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the package and thanks for hosting so many great swaps :) I love the Disney tape. So. Much. We used to live in Orlando and my husband worked at Disney there!!
blanketfort rated for HA: My Patronus Is on Jul 3, 2019
Comment: Thank you! So cool that your pottermore patronus is the same as your spirit animal :) and thank you for the extras - especially love the washi tape 💛

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Mye on Jul 8, 2019:

Thank you for the lovely washi tape samples you sent me for the 21 RAK - Single stamp envelopes!!! They are all new to me and I'm sure I can find use for them 😊

Lucrezia on Jul 4, 2019:

Thank you for the beautiful RAK (21 RAK - 3- Random fun stickers). I love all of the stickers. What a nice surprise in the mail! You made my day.

Phenyx on Jun 29, 2019:

Thank you for those cute little stickers from the 21 RAK. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Rainydancer on Jun 28, 2019:

Thank you so much for the TNT tag! ❤️❤️

pinklilly on Jun 27, 2019:

Thank you so much for the sticker RAK!!! What a nice surprise!! you're so kind!! Have a great day!!

user6937 on Jun 26, 2019:

I'll assume these six nice samples of Washi tape are from your recent RAK in the public forum - rec'd today! Thanks very much!

GabySkye on Jun 22, 2019:

thank you

Thank you so much for the RAK! I loved loved loved the cats and dog stickers! :) I can’t wait to use them!

bluerose3 on Jun 20, 2019:

Thank you for the stamps from the 21 Envelope RAK

LilysMama on Jun 19, 2019:

Thank you so much for the stickers from the 21 envelope RAK! Love the stickers :)

simcoe54 on Jun 19, 2019:

21 RAK - Single stamp envelopes -- Love the 6 postcards that you sent me for this RAK. Thanks so much!

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