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If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. Personal questions or swap related.

Hello, my name is Rook!

I am blind, autistic, and live in Hollywood. I am married (9/13) and we have a very spoiled chihuahua named Lu (short for Luna) ☦️

⭐️I recently changed my SB address to a PO Box. If you have my physical address, I can still receive mail there. I only check my box about 2 times a week, because it is a long walk. So, please be patient with me. I will rate as soon as I have your items physically in my hand.⭐️

I am Blind 👩🏻‍🦯

I was diagnosed legally blind in August of 2022. I have a condition called RP (retinitis pigmentosa). It is all very new to me. I am working on becoming more independent. I am not looking for sympathy, I am just asking that you write bigger. I am so grateful for the swap bot community, everyone here is amazing. I just want to make it work.

**If it isn’t difficult for you it would really help me if you write bigger than normal. Using bold pens or sharpies is helpful too! I do have an app that helps me read things, if needed. I love mail with texture, embossing, 3D, bold contrasting colors. Even glitter and rhinestones is great, because things that catch light are visual to me too. Things that I can see with my fingers or thru what hazy vision I have left work best.

Please Do Not Send

🚫 Allergies: Kiwi, Walnuts (other nuts are okay), Gluten (Celiac)

🚫 Anything musty, strongly perfumed/incense or smoky smelling. It will go straight to garbage. It is overwhelming to my senses.

🚫 Paper/physical books. Kindle and Audiobooks only please. It's all I can actually read.

🚫 Stickers - Unless they are fuzzy, smelly or sparkly. So I can enjoy them!

Me, My Wishes and Likes

⭐️As I said above, I am blind. Items that are tactile (fuzzy, embossed, 3D, etc) and items that catch light (glitter, rhinestones, etc) or light up, are much more appreciated than items with no texture. Also, auditory items are a plus!⭐️

🍄 I am collecting 1”x 6” strips of paper for a paper chain. If you like please put a lovely quote or sentiment on it. Right now the chain is 26” long.

  • A - Audio 🎧 Books, Amazon Wishlist or Gift cards, American Girl Doll Clothes and Accessories, Ahsoka Tano
  • B - Braille Anything, Besame 💄 Cosmetics, Ballet, Black 🖤
  • C - Chihuahuas, Chess ♟️,Coffee ☕️ (❤️ French Press), Captain Marvel, Candles, Citrine, Cognac, Crystals and Prisms 💎
  • D - Disney Wearables (jewelry 💍 clothing L/XL 👕accessories 🧢), Disneyland, D&D, Doctor Who, Droids (from Star Wars) Dog Treats for Luna (no Rawhide Please)
  • E - Emeralds (my birthstone), Eight Sided Dice
  • F - Forever Stamps, Fab Five, Fox 🦊 , Fireweed
  • G - Geeki Tikis, Green River Soda
  • H - Hanayama Puzzles, Hope (word of 2023), Hair Accessories
  • I - Igloos , Inuit People, Isadora 🩰 Duncan, Iron 🤖 Giant
  • J - Jimney Cricket, Jedi
  • K - 🔑 Keys 🗝 (real ones, I collect them, seriously send me your junk drawer keys), Kuspuks
  • L - Lightsabers, Laffy Taffy, Lily of the Valley
  • M - Miraculous 🐞 Ladybug, Marie Antoinette (movie 2006), Merida 🏹 (from Brave), Marshmallows
  • N - Native American Beading, New York City🩰Ballet
  • O - Orange 🧡, Origami Cranes
  • P - Peter Pan, Postcard Stamps, Penelope (movie 2006), Pale Pink, Pegasus, Pixel Whips, Polar Bears, Pizza 🍕, Palm Pals (stuffed animals) by Aurora
  • Q - Quartz, Queenie Goldstein, Queens Gambit
  • R - Rogue One, Rooks(Chess Pieces), Redwall 🐭⚔️📚 Series, Rebels (Star Wars)
  • S - Starbucks, Snow 🍎 White, Star Wars, Shaped Sprinkles (for 🧁 cupcakes), Scotch, Sparkles ✨, Sunglasses 🕶, Snowdrops, Stained Glass, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Swan 🦢 Lake
  • T - Tiffany Blue👗, TARDIS, Tic Tacs (except spearmint), Treasure Planet (movie), Tiaras, Thestrals, Taurus ♉️
  • U - Unigkuaq (personalized items), Ugly 🦢 Duckling\swans
  • V - Velvet Coloring Posters, Valentines (all year around), Vintage (anything from my list)
  • W - Wednesday (Netflix show), Wildflowers, White 🤍, Whiskey 🥃(We collect it), Whimsy
  • X - XMen
  • Y - Yarn 🧶 (send me all your scraps for frankenskeins!)
  • Z - Zendaya

My husband wrote a TTRPG game. It’s called Jump Rangers It’s about Kid Space Commandos 🔫 fighting alien dinosaurs 🦖and giant 🤖 robots, click the link and check it out for free!

If there is something missing that you saw before…I still like those things. I just like to change up my incoming mail once in awhile.


Zefaniya rated for PS: One Stamp Swap on Jan 24, 2023
Comment: Thank you very much for this awesome swap!! Do you know the year for the ticket? Very neat!
Response: I got it in 2013. I am glad you like it.
Comment: Rook. Love love love the mug!!!!! Thanks for thinking about me! I love swapping with u!
Christopherpines rated for PS: Christmas for you #6 on Dec 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for such a thoughtful gift!! It arrived today and my daughter and I were trying to figure out what had just landed in the mailbox and when I opened it and saw the letters I knew that it must be the surprise! They are just perfect and my daughter suggested hanging them amidst our picture wall!
Response: Yay!! It made it before Christmas!! I am glad you enjoy them!! Happy Holidays!
kiddomerriweather rated for PS: Christmas for you #4 on Dec 8, 2022
Comment: I love the crocheted snowflakes you made for me! They are so precious. They are a welcome addition to my year-round tree. I love the little Minnie stocking as well. Thank you for another fabulous swap!
myancey rated for PS: Christmas for you #5 on Dec 6, 2022
Comment: Love Love the advent calendar and game and stickers. Thanks. Yours is on way I will mail sat when I have a ride to post office I hope u got the message I sent on if what I sent is ok. Take care. Mindy
Ramya rated for Postcards About Me - Z on Dec 1, 2022
Comment: Wow, cool pc of Zephyrhills! I have a zest for life too... why be unzesty??? Thank you for the swap and Happy Holidays.
myancey rated for PS: Christmas for you #2 on Dec 1, 2022
Comment: Rook this scarf is amazing!!!!!!!! Today is actually 32° in Georgia so I may actually utilize it today. This is amazing. And the fact that you do not let anything get in your way is awesome. I enjoy our friendship. I am so glad we met even if not in person. You are an amazing person! Thank you so so much !!!!!! Have a great day! See you soon!
myancey rated for PS: Christmas for you #3 on Dec 1, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the glitter stickers. I really loved the way you made the package look like an envie! Thanks for hosting and you really put so much heart into what u send! Thank you rook! Merry merry Christmas. I can’t wait to show micah when I pick him up this afternoon
Ramya rated for Postcards About Me - X on Nov 28, 2022
Comment: Hello and thank you kindly for the Xtra great reminder to love me first:) Great X list! Wow. Peace to you and Happy Holidays.
luckysweetpea rated for Postcards About Me - Y on Nov 27, 2022
Comment: Autist, great use of Y words to describe yourself! Warmly, Ginger
myancey rated for PS: Christmas for you #1 on Nov 21, 2022
Comment: Rook thank you for the necklace! How thoughtful ! I hope u have a great day!
Comment: Great to "meet" you-I read your profile and am glad you found swapbot-this is a good friendly community. Got your Disney Days package to-looks intriguing-sure I will like whatever you sent-I'm not hard to please-especially when it comes to Disney. Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year of Swapping! Take care and stay safe! Thats interesting you live on Poinsettia Pl and you are in LA. Guess you are not having the snow we have here now-along with the cold! I love it though-that's why I choose to live in ND!
Mystic01 rated for Postcards About Me - W on Nov 15, 2022
Comment: Thank you
poppyseedletters rated for Postcards About Me - U on Nov 8, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the postcard!!! I love the movie "UP" So I'm so happy to add this to my collection!
myancey rated for PS: Profile Postcard #3 on Nov 7, 2022
Comment: Never received. It’s bEen a month so going to rate to archive. Thanks today is 11/8 & rcvd this and honestly the usps is really frustrating me. I know you don’t live in atlanta but it’s been postmarked with an atlanta postmark and an October 31st date. Ugh. Ok this pc totes made me happy!!!! I love sharing Disney with u too. I love that you went to Disney world and found this card. I love it!! Thanks so much. Mickey makes me happy 🐭
squince rated for Postcards About Me - V on Nov 2, 2022
Comment: Thanks!
Mystic01 rated for Postcards About Me - T on Oct 31, 2022
Comment: Thank you
kiddomerriweather rated for PS: Spooky Surprises on Oct 29, 2022
Comment: Such a fun little package!!! I love the PC book. That was a great find! The Dover books are awesome! I can't wait to try out the stained glass coloring book. I love the banana stickers, Star Wars keychain, and Disneyland coin. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, "spooky" swap! Happy Halloween!
montigneyrules rated for Postcards About Me - S on Oct 29, 2022
Comment: What a fantastic job!
explore rated for Postcards About Me - Q on Oct 8, 2022
Comment: Thank you for sharing your 3 Q's. I like the quote on the postcard.

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MuggleMom on Jan 24, 2023:

Thank you for the handmade art PC happy mail you sent to me for WW January! Have a wonderful day!!



ultracinematik on Jan 23, 2023:

Thank you for the aquarium pc! Great to hear from you!

LadyJo on Jan 19, 2023:

Thank you for the WW January wishes of what you enjoy in winter! Yes in CA winter would be different than where I live! It is still nice to see what others enjoy to do!

isabellasnow on Jan 15, 2023:

Thank you, dear Rook, for that fox postcard and your lovely message . . . I love tea & book weather, too!

3cats2dogsand2crazykids on Jan 14, 2023:

Thank you for my AATW- Jan. They are fun choices that will be so great for Postcrossing! Thank you!!!❤️

USAFwife on Jan 14, 2023:

Thank you for the WW-Jan wishes card. :) Cindi

susieq11 on Jan 12, 2023:

Thank you for the bright and cheery postcards for WW January!! I am looking forward to using them! : )

Poohtat on Jan 12, 2023:

Thank you for the WW Jan Happy mail. I love your stationery! So cute. Happy Swapping

grammypammy on Jan 11, 2023:

WW ~ January Wishlist

Thank you for the vinyl stickers! I appreciate you sending to me! You did great on your handwriting too!

Hugs, Pam

Zefaniya on Jan 11, 2023:

Thank you for the vintage stationery for January WW! :)

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