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My name is Debra Ann Tunnicliff. But I go by Debbie or Deb.I'm an Aquarius & do love water. The oceans, seas, lakes, ponds etc. We live in a small town called Canton in PA. But I was born & raised in Burlington, PA. I am 57 yrs old. I'm in my 2nd marriage, as is my husband. We've been married for 29 yrs. now and I have 4 children(2 daughters Holly 36& Clarice 34 and 2 sons Danny 35& Aaron 32) from my First marriage . My now husband & I have a son together and he is 24 as of May 11th. My husband Dean is 61 and he has 4 grown children too ( 3 daughters & a son). We also have 10 grandchildren. I love crocheting,it's my sanity saver. I own one purebred Pomeranian & her name is ISIS( named after a Greek goddess). She of course, is my spoiled baby,Hee! I also have a very spoiled cat too named Bella. I enjoy reading,music,movies,nature,flea markets,yard sales. Something else about me, I'm on S.S.D., for a lot of health problems.I have Fibromyalga, have Psoriasis, Degenerative disc disease, M.S. And scoliosis.

Life can be pretty rough, but I don't let it get me down. To all it may concern,I will Pen Pal. But please do not send me Friendship books, Slams, or anything else in that line! Thank you! I will just write letters only.
I Always Send My Swaps Out On Time And Rate Fairly Always. If Should YOU Not Receive A Swap From ME ,It Most Likely Was Lost In The Mail. If You Don't Get A Puffy or Envelope From ME ,PLEASE, Let ME Know And I'll Resend. I Always Make Good On MY Promises Too. BUT PLEASE LET KNOW and PLEASE DO NOT RATE ME DOWN. IF MY PARCEL DIDN'T COME, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT,BEFORE YOU GO & RATE ME DOWN ! Thank You. I Always Rate Swaps, As Soon As I Get Them. Which IS The Very Same Day I Get It ! I PLEDGE TO RATE ! I Get So Put Out, When I Have to Wait Forever To Be Rated & Then, Have To Ask Someone If They Got My Items. But Lucky For me, I make sure Anymore To Have Tracking Done On My Mail. Because I Have Had Some Tell me They Didn't Get It The Parcel & I know Darn Well They Did! Please Don't Lie To Me, Just So You can Get More From ME. But Every So Often, Once In A Blue Moon, A Parcel will Get Off Track Or Lost & That's When I Will Have The Post Office Investigate It. Then, It always Turns Up After That.

Favorite Music

Love rock n' roll ( 60's,70's,80's and 90's)and country ( not the old type stuff ). Some of my favorites are Fleetwood Mac( Esp.Stevie Nicks), Juice Newton,Lady Gaga, Gotye, Michael Jackson,Led Zep,Blondie, Heart, Joan Jett. Pat Benatar, and many many more. I also,Love anything Fantasy, Celtic music Esp. by Enya, Witch Fantasy (Dark/Light),& Native American music. Not to mention, Holiday music & movies too,all year round, Hee! What can I say, I'm still a kid at heart in that respect.

Favorite Books

In books, I like to read Science Fiction,Ghost stories,Fantasy( about Unicorns,Fairies,Elves, Dragons, etc.),Other books: about ,pagan,Vampires, ESP. WITCHES. Medieval stories and books dealing with Magical Medieval.Plus, Mythical such as Goddesses & Gods Etc. Am into Wiccan as well. MOVIES APPLY TO WHAT I READ. PLEASE NO FREE Paper Book Markers . Thank You. I also have a new love, for Young Adult books in the Sci. Fi. area and some Historical period romances. WOULD LOVE TO DO A PRIVATE SWAP WITH SOMEONE< WHO LOVES SCIENCE FICTION, PARANORMAL< OR FANTASY.

Favorite Crafts

I Love to Crochet. I have been crocheting for 45+ yrs. now and I hope I don't ever have to give it up.


Love Amigurumi especially. Love yarn and one can never have enough of it,lol. I love Ami crochet patterns from Etsy store,esp. of animals, crochet dolls and Crochet Fairy dolls.
My favorite colors are Purples, Greens ( Except for Olive green & Brown, yuk!), Orange's, Yellow's,Aqua,Sky Blue,& Black with Hot Pink together.
Once in a while, I like to do beading ,Esp. into my crochet work. But Like to make Earrings & Ankle Bracelets too.

Christmas gift wishes

Wishes For CHRISTMAS Gifts: Books to read of Fantasy such as Faeries, Elves, Sprites, Gnomes, Dragons,Unicorns etc. Books about Witches, Vampires, etc.
Books of Mythical beings.

My favorite Chocolate candy is Dilettante Fruit Medley or Dilettante Cherries.
Caron Simply Soft brand skeins of yarn in Red, Green , or White.

A little Sexy perfume.

Adult coloring books
Colored pencils

Neutrogena Body wash or a good brand of Charcoal body wash for Psoriasis.


I'm Allergic to: Latex, Smoke, & Dust.
I Love Halloween! I love scary and cute! Especially Witches, ghosts, black cats, Vampires, and ghouls.

I also, have a big love for Christmas! Anything to do with it Angels, Santa's, Reindeer ( Esp. Rudolph & his girlfriend Clarice), Elves, Jack Frost,Etc.
I love to cook & bake, But mostly bake. I like new & unusual recipes. Esp. for baked goods. Love to swap recipes. My Favorite foods: are Fried chicken, Steak, Steak fries, Seasoned fries, Beef liver, Roast beef, Cubed steaks, Hamburg gravy on mashed potatoes, Spare Ribs,Bacon, Eggs, Casserole dishes with hamburger, desserts with Peaches, Apples, Strawberries, Cherries, and Key lime.

My food dislikes: Asparagus, Peas, Okra, Sausage of any kind, Hot peppers, Salmon, Clams, Mussels, and Tuna fish.

Goodies & Yarn

Sweets: I Love Dilettante Fruit Medley & Dilettante cherries chocolate . ( No dark chocolate,No Bitter,No Nuts at all, No Spicy type candies ,please) Thank you.
Beverages: I love Hot tea( Don't like anything cinnamon, Yuck!), Iced tea(plain or Mango with peach), and Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows ( Any brand is fine).
In Gum: please No Sour types. I like Lance cheese & peanut crackers, Graham crackers & Pepperidge Farm Gold fish crackers.

Love anything cutesy in Ami ( esp.Fantasy ones like fairies,Elves,Spites,Gnomes, etc.).

" I love this yarn",Vanna White's, Lion Brand, Peaches 'N Cream,Any brand Baby yarn, Red Heart, Caron simply soft yarn and knitting yarn,can never have too much yarn,lol! I also love scented candles of all kinds. I absolutely love Christmas! I go all out every year too! I love Angels, Reindeer, Santa's, Snowmen, Snow people, Elves,Snow fairies, and more.
I love to wear in the winter: Infinity scarves, Toe socks, Any funky cute socks, Helmet hats.

My Dislikes

MY DISLIKES: Dark Chocolate, Runts Candy, Smarties Candy, Religious Material of any kind, INCHIES, PAPER CRAFTS, POSTCARDS. Hate the color Olive Green,Dark Green, Bright Red. I don't like Peanuts, Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans or any other nuts.

About Me

I love all Amigurumi's ! I love all kinds of animal Amigurumi Especailly. But what I love the most is: Pomeranian dogs (all dogs really though).Monkeys,Polar Bears, Butterflies, Dragonflies,Owls,Birds,Deer,Wolves,Lemurs,Otters,Ferrets,Lion cubs.

Love Bath & Body stuff : shower gels,Lotions( Coconut, Grapefruit, and any Flowery type smells), Perfumes.I don't mind stuff from Family Dollar & Dollar General either,as far as Bath & Body stuff goes.

I love Halloween as well,I'm not picky with that either. But do love Witches, ghosts,Vampires, & Pumpkins with faces,Awesome looking zombies,mummies, scarecrows etc. You get the picture,lol! Love the fall weather. The changing colors of the leaves & walking through woods on a crisp fall day. I love the smell of Fall weather! Love flowers of all kinds too!

I collect Porcelain dolls, Animal key chains Especially of Pomeranian dogs and of cats, Crochet patterns of Amigurumi, Adult coloring books, Colored pencils, Big Dream catchers of wolves, Indians, & Eagles, Christmas decorations of Angels,Christmas Fairies, Santa's, Elves, Reindeer, and Birds.

Some hobbies: I love to Cook and Bake. Especially bake, Love crocheting, Reading, and spending time with my family.

Dollar Tree wishes

1. Christmas house motion-sensing plastic Santa #2. Bath Loofah #3.Adult coloring book #4.Bar of Dove Moisturizing soap #5.Snugadoo Too ladies super soft socks 9-11 #6. Any Sensitive Body wash ( I have Psoriasis).


goinjenny rated for Christmas Cards in January on Jan 17, 2019
Comment: Thank you
Response: So welcome! Thank you so much for the Heart.
JenniferJo rated for Christmas Cards in January on Jan 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Welcome and thank you for the Heart! Sweet of you !
glitterandlace rated for Holiday Clearance on Jan 12, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the cookbooks, that was very sweet of you.
Response: That wasn't all I sent you. Apparently all I sent you, you did not like. How sad. I did try.
Comment: Thanks for the letter! I'll be writing back soon.
Response: Very welcome & looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you for the Heart.
JazD rated for Small Stocking Stuffer -- January 2019 on Jan 11, 2019
Comment: Saving for Christmas. I love the cupcake. Thank you so much for everything you sent
Response: That is so great you like the Cupcake! And, you're welcome for all I sent you. Thank you for so kind. Can't say that about some on here, that you bend over back for & still not please them, you know? So thank you for being so kind & sweet and for the Heart.
Sheri rated for Another Xmas Card Swap - US Only on Jan 8, 2019
Response: Thank you so much. Thank you for the great ratings!
turtlelove84 rated for After Christmas- goodies on Jan 6, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the Reese's, they did not last long haha but I was kind enough to share with my hubby. I also enjoyed the Toffifay, I tried them for the first time the Christmas before last as a I got them for a gift and loved them...thank you again and I wish that you have an amazing 2019.
Response: You're ever so welcome ! So happy you & hubby enjoyed the yummies! When it comes to my favorite candy & sharing it, I can be a stingy. LOL ! Most times I'll hide it, so I don't have to share, ha! As he will do the same to me too. So...... Anyway, Thank you for the great ratings! Happy New Year 2019!
junemoon rated for Yankee Gift Swap on Jan 5, 2019
Comment: Happy New Year,Deb ... I'm glad your unwatned gift was a scarf, I wear scarves ll the cool weather and light ones like this any time. A good choice.
jannieb rated for Christmas Card Exchange (USA) on Jan 4, 2019
Comment: Sorry for the late rating. Thank you for the cute card & memo sheets Merry Christmas!
Response: Thank you so much, again and glad you liked all.
Comment: Sorry for the late rating. Thank you for the cute card & tags. Merry Christmas!
Response: Thank you so much and glad you liked all. Happy New Year!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card and surprises! Happy Holidays! Your Christmas sounds like it will be super lively! :D
Response: Thank you very much! Glad you liked the card.Happy New Year!
BubbLeGumGirLie rated for Any Christmas Card on Jan 4, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful card. I love it :)! <3
Response: You're very welcome and thank you for the great ratings! Happy New Year!
shiloh102 rated for Brenda's Winter Scene Card Swap on Jan 4, 2019
Comment: Happy Swapping.
Response: Thank you for the heart and Happy swapping Happy New Year!
Comment: Thank you for the cute card of Christmas sweaters! I also appreciate the gift tag stickers! I always run out mostly because I forget to pick some up when I buy wrapping paper!
Response: Thank you for rating me & giving me a heart. I so appreciate it. And, you're so welcome for the card & tags. Happy New Year!
Comment: Thank you for the card and the goodies inside.Hope you have a wonderful 2019! happy New Year
Response: You're very welcome and happy you liked what I put inside the card! So grateful for the Heart! Thank you and Happy New Year!
kelsue62 rated for Christmas Card Exchange (USA) on Dec 30, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card. We received and opened in time for decorating for our holiday party! Plus all the goodies. Merry Christmas to you and yours! 🌲🎁🌲
Response: All that & get a 5?
Comment: Thanks!
Response: Welcome
RetroChik rated for Easy Christmas card # 5 on Dec 28, 2018
Comment: Thank you. Happy New Year!
Response: Very welcome! Wow, You just got the card! Holy moly! Thank you for the Heart. Sweet of you! Happy New Year to you too!
Comment: thanks for the card!
Response: Welcome and thank you for the Heart.
Juniebird rated for Brenda's Winter Scene Card Swap on Dec 27, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the card and stickers... happy holidays!
Response: Welcome & thank you for the Heart. Have a Happy New Year!

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bluehairedmary on Jan 14, 2019:

Thanks so much for the AMAZING crocheted owl keychain for my AWG January Wishlist! You are so talented and I am a very grateful recipient! I do crochet but I haven't learned to make amigurumis yet.

MSturgill87 on Jan 7, 2019:

Thank you for the AWG wish for the sewing pattern!

ChrisAnne on Dec 28, 2018:

Thank you for the sweet gift for our foster kids from my AWG wish list.

bluehairedmary on Dec 24, 2018:

Thanks so much for the etsy fav for my AWG December wishlist! I can't wait to stitch it up! You are so thoughtful! I hope you have a great holiday tomorrow!

MSturgill87 on Nov 17, 2018:

Thank you for the great rubber stamp via AWG!

kfaye on Dec 26, 2017:

Thank you so much for the sweet Fawn stuffed animal <3 I love it! Many happy blessings in 2018!

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