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I was away from Swap-Bot for a while, but now I am back!

I am a nerdy, obsessive, crafty, tea guzzling, gaming nut. Yeah, that about sums me up! Ok, you want something more informative....

I am a Geek, hardcore fan-girl Geek. It shapes my life. I spend a lot of time making things out of perler beads and I bet you can guess what inspires them. I hoard dice, get obsessed with games, and will talk about whatever fandom, game, etc that I am obsessed over until I am blue in the face. I am not just a gamer girl type Geek, I also fit in the collecting knowledge and spending way too much time reading category of Geek.

But there is more to me than just being a giant nerd. I love tea, always have and have just gotten more and more obsessed as I get older. I love trying new teas and then writing lengthy descriptions about them, I love reading and researching the history and culture of tea, I love collecting tea pots and fancy tea tools.

When the weather allows it, I love to go mushroom hunting. I don't eat them, instead I use them for photography and spore prints. It is my dream to one day become a Mycologist studying slime molds.

I have Fibromyalgia and RA, it sucks, but I feel people who are going to interact with me should know since I tend to vanish because of it. So fair warning!!

I also have cats, love the ocean and all aquatic life, love cheese, and collect hats.

Favorite Television

Ghost Adventures, Suvivorman, Good Eats, Bizarre Foods, Mythbusters, The Daily Show, Futurama, Bleach, Trigun, Cowboy Bebob, Ghost in the Shell, and most shows on the Travel Channel, History, Science or Discovery

I admit, I do not watch a lot of TV (what with the lack of cable) I just catch my favorites online or on netflix.

Favorite Movies

Repo! The genetic Opera, The Fifth Element, Labyrinth, Legend, The Dark Crystal, Marie Antoinette, Kill Bill, Fight Club, Hero, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Lord of the Rings, Ink,

I love movies with lots of action, beautiful graphics or animation, great soundtracks, and fascinating visuals.

Favorite Books

I should list the books I like...but really I would be typing all day! I love reading a good sci-fi or fantasy novel...but my real love is sponging knowledge, no matter how useless! I have a tendency to sponge mythology, nature, science, and history the most.

Feel free to visit my goodreads account for my rather ridiculous reading history.

Favorite Crafts

Miniature painting (like wargame painting, not painting tiny portraits) origami, nature photography, cross stitch, and recently sewing. I just like making stuff.

Likes and Dislikes

Things I like:

Anything sea or fish related (octopuses especially)

unusual cat things, plushies

mushrooms, moss, odd leaves

anything involving myths or history



cool colors


anything shiny






video games

Mortal Kombat




Religious stuff (any religion, unless requested)

most kids stuff

any bath products that are not organic (skin issues, sad since I love so many smells)

bright pink things (pale pink is fine)

Vintaj Brass Sparrow (kind of specific, but I really hate those things)

incorrectly labeled Fire Agate

Country, Metal, and really loud punk music, I can appreciate it musically but just don't like it very much

Coffee (I love the taste but just cannot drink it)


-Octopus stuff!

-Transformers Stuff (G-1 especially, Soundwave is my favorite)

-Perler Beads

-cat toys

-anything fantasy related

-anything Feng Shui related

-Japanese Kitsch stuff (think Katamari)


-gemstones and rocks

-anything snail related

-anything ocean related

-unusual odd things

-yummy teas

-handmade things



-super soft fuzzy socks

-General nerdiness fun

-silk scarves


-anything related to Taoism or China

-Anything Minecraft

-Tiny paintbrushes

-Citadel paints

My pets

Also two cats...both were rescues. Tao my black and white little pudgeball loves to sleep in the window, watching the world go by. She has a mothering streak that is wonderful, anytime anyone is in any form of distress she comes and tries to make it all better. Tao has the most awesome marking, on her shoulder is a perfectly formed black heart! She loves strings, feathers, the laser and lots of catnip!

Espeon. My little ball of Chaos!! I think I should have named her tempest because she is like a little storm (plus she looks like Pietersite) She is a kitten Tortoise shell German Rex and is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever known. She will play with anything, seriously nothing is safe from her. Her favorite toy is her collection of straws

Favorite Games

Yeah, my video games get a section. My favorites would be: MINECRAFT!!!!! Katamari (all of them!) Mortal Kombat (all of them) Grandia, Spyro, Mario (classic SNES 1,2,3) Mass Effect, Maximo, Kingdom Hearts, Kirby All Stars, Bleach Shattered Blade, FFX, FFVII, FFVIII, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Asura's Wrath, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, War for Cybertron


Since most the swaps I do are tea related I might as well talk about my favorites and dislikes.

I am not a huge fan of: Lemon teas, Mint teas (unless mixed with other flavors) and fruit/herbal teas (again, unless mixed with other things...like Blueberry green or Apple Chamomile)

I am not really picky and love to try anything new! Tasting new teas is one of my favorite hobbies and frequent subjects of my blog posts, and if you send me something I cannot use, no worries it will find a good home ^_^


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StarMouse on Feb 8, 2014:

May your Valentine's Day be filled with love and joy!

sugaraddict on May 23, 2013:

Hi Hi!! I'm hosting a Foodie Pen Pal Swap which I thought might interest you :) Do swing by and check it out yea.. We would love to have you swap with us! :) Thanks!!

AmoAngelus on Dec 23, 2011:

Hello there from the leave a nice comment swap ^_^ I'm so glad someone has introduced you to the world of RPG! What games do you like and what sort of RPG? I'm guessing dice based ones by your wishlist? I miss my dice, I still have them, just no one left to play with, same with my virtual groups too for that matter...all I have left are RPG based video games...gosh that makes me sad, but I'm happy that you've discovered them, long may you play! What branches of Mythology are you into? So many people know far too little about mythology, I find it fascinating! And it's so awesome you've taught yourself gemology! Well done you! You truely are a clever person!

50DaysOfSummer on Dec 23, 2011:

Hello there :) I am writing you via the "Leave A Nice Comment before the end of the year" swap :)

Aww, I love that your furry zoo has an own section. I also have three cats. I love cats, especially my little ball of fluff, Merlin :) We also have a cat just like Tao, who always comes to comfort you when you feel down <3 I love cats! Espeon sounds like my Merlin :D

I am myself a fan of the old, classic Nintendo, especially the Mario games. I just got an emulator for my mobile and play now all day long :D

And... Repo! Repo! Repo!! :) Merry Christmas! :)

StarMouse on Dec 23, 2011:

Hi I'm StarMouse, writing this for the "Leave a Comment" swap. I love that you "sponge knowledge." That means there is someone out there just like me! You have a very interesting profile, and I get a clear sense of who you are from reading it. Have a Merry Christmas, and Carpe Diem! in 2012! Wishing you a wonderful life! Hugs and blessings, StarMouse <3 :)

LozzaBee on Dec 4, 2011:

Hi There ^_^ Spirited Away is one of my favourite movies too :) It was the first Ghibli movie I ever watched! Your cats sound like so much fun. I have a cat too, Maxie, she spends most of her time sleeping in sunny spots in our house. I enjoyed checking out your blog and etsy shop xo

LozzaBee on Dec 4, 2011:

Hi There ^_^ Spirited Away is one of my favourite movies too :) It was the first Ghibli movie I ever watched! Your cats sound like so much fun. I have a cat too, Maxie, she spends most of her time sleeping in sunny spots in our house. I enjoyed checking out your blog and etsy shop xo

PinkMudd on Dec 4, 2011:

Well hello there! My name is Ashley and I'm your partner for the "Make a New Friend- Swapbot Style" swap. :) Like you, Im a huge fan of deviantart-- I LOVE browsing for photoshop actions on there... (I'm a bit of an addict) I think its super awesome that you make jewelry. I WISH I was creative in that way. :) Happy swapping! :)

MizzKodak on Dec 3, 2011:

hi, thanks so much for the friendship invite =) I also noticed we are both in the steampunk dandies group!

clillebakken89 on Dec 1, 2011:

Hello. First off I just want to start by saying I ADORE your jewelery and by the looks of the other comments so do many others. I thought I would just give it a look on etsy and then I ended up adding tons of things to my favorites so I just decided to favorite your whole shop. :P Definitely my type of jewelery. Love the bookmarks too. Anyways we seem to have a bit in common. I love nature and the outdoors as well. One reason why I love living in Norway now. I was still hiking up mountains even though I'm pregnant up until the snow started about a month ago. I also really like mythology. Norse and Egyptian are my favorites. I play some games. My husband just began playing FFVIII again and just asked me not even 3 hours ago if I wanted to give it a go. Ok think I rambled on enough. Take care. Courtney

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