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nancylee on Jan 7, 2019:

Houseplant Appreciation Day Profile decorations - thank you for joining, we have plants on most of our sills including several pothos, violets, peace lilies, wandering jew (several varieties) ,Christmas cactus, dieffenbachia, snake and spider plants.... some I know botanical names of some only the common names - all make me happy! These are just bonus for fun :)


Meisje on Jan 7, 2019:

Plants Houseplant Appreciation Day




BubbLeGumGirLie on Dec 19, 2018:

JATWCT: Are You A Sprout Lover Or Hater?

Hey hey :)!

I am a total sprout lover. I fell in love just two years ago when I was in England for New Years Eve and they made typical English food for me. So we had a lot of sprouts on two or three days. I had to look up what it meant in German and then started to eat it here in Germany as well. And I still do love that vegetable a lot. :)

Gatzcat on Dec 17, 2018:


Hi Jadey!! I love Brussels Sprouts. I call them little cabbages. Last years Thanksgiving my Mom roasted them in the oven with salt, pepper and bacon. They turned out so good.

JATWCT: Are You A Sprout Lover Or Hater?

Poohtat on Dec 11, 2018:

Are you a sprout lover or hater swap? I love Brussel sprouts. Each year we grow them in our garden. I love them roasted and drizzled with honey! Yummy!

Angie on Dec 10, 2018:

CS Doggie Deco Christmas Style

Merry Christmas!

ChrisAnne on Dec 10, 2018:

Sorry about that last picture. Let me replace it.

ChrisAnne on Dec 10, 2018:

Canine Shrine ~ Doggie Deco ~ Christmas Style

SwapFairy on Dec 4, 2018:

Hello Jadey , so nice to meet you here too:) other than being already pen pals.. Hope you are having a great time.. Love,Israa

astrodogg on Nov 15, 2018:

Post on Profile-Fav Holiday Food

Mail Deadline: Nov 20, 2018

ID: astrodogg

My favorite holiday food is pozole.

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