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Profile last updated: November 25 2022
Don't feel like reading a bunch of rambling? Then go ahead and scroll down to the DO/DON'T list at the bottom.

Hi there! I'm Robyn, but my friends call me Byn. (That's Robyn without all the ra ra ra) and my pronouns are They/Them, but I'm not going to get mad if you use She/Her.

First things first: I am a bit of an odd duck, and not everyone is going to like me. And I'm ok with that.

I believe that:

Black Lives Matter

LGBTQ+ rights are fundamental and important human rights

Trans men ARE men

Trans women ARE women

Kindness and acceptance of varied religious beliefs are keys to a happy life.

If these things don't line up with your belief system, we probably wouldn't make great pen pals or swap partners.

I'm heading into the back end of my 40s, and have finally come to accept myself as I am. I'm probably best described as a "hot mess of random information, bits of chaotic energy, and I have the attention span of a goldfish some days. I'm a Gemini, so very creative, and thrive in my cluttered home life.

I am an Eclectic Witch- leaning heavily towards the Christian Witch / Hoodoo side of things. I recently completed a correspondence course on Hoodoo by Catherine Yronwode- one of the most popular contemporary sources on knowledge of hoodoo. I highly recommend any books that are published by her company- LuckyMojo. I have had the honor of working with several different magical mentors to guide me along my path. I have always loved art, and working with various mediums.

In October of 2022 I got my first job since becoming disabled over 10 years earlier! I'm now happily working part time as the secretary for the little Presbyterian church in my town. It's challenging and rewarding, and I love every moment of it.

I wasn't the greatest mother in the world, but did have the honor of bringing 3 beautiful amazing smart and snarky daughters into the world. All three are in their 20's now. I also have 3 granddaughters - ages 5,3 and 3 months.. and 1 grandson age 2 months.

I have the joy of 2 "bonus kiddos" that are in my life right now. If you feel like adding anything in for them, the twins are 12, and so full of wonder still.. they would be thrilled to get something. S- enjoys cooking, video games, collecting shiny rocks (pyrite is his favorite), foreign coins, and reading.
Z- loves reading as well, and her favorite stones are tigers eye and rose quartz. She is also a fantastic cook and loves growing her own plants as well.

I also have quite a few critters living with me... my own little mini zoo! Here's the breakdown of animals:

🐈‍⬛ Smokey Joe Simon (Simon for short) is my newest rescue baby. His eyes were completely crusted shut from a bad upper respiratory infection, and his mama was a first-time mom who kept abandoning him at the steps to the farm house where my friend's dad lives. My friend was only able to go out there once a day to try to care for him, so I took the little guy in, and he's doing so much better now.

🐈‍⬛Salem, Lord of Darkness (Salem for short) Salem

Guinea pigs- Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum guineas

In January of 2022 I adopted an 11 year old Pomeranian mix named Buddy

2 doves- Laverne and Shirley

and finally, I have one hermit crab named Lazarus - If you ask I'll happily tell you the story of how he earned his name. He's been with me since 2012! Did you know they can live over 40 years if cared for properly? I certainly didn't when I first got them. hermit crab

please note

I mark my items sent on the date that I put the package / envelope into the mailbox at the post office, and it may not match the date that the postal workers scan the item in if I drop it on the weekend or after 3pm when the post office is closed. If it is a larger package than an envelope or postcard, I will always have tracking information on it. Please message me if it's been longer than 2 weeks from the sent date so we can try to find the missing package or send out a replacement.

Everyone has a pet-peeve right? mine is the word "Tarot". I've been doing tarot readings for about 30 years now. Started when I was 16. The one thing that absolutely makes me angry and close to stabby is when people say tarot like it rhymes with "carrot", when it should sound closer to the word "sparrow". I could understand if it was someone new that had never seen or heard it before, but if someone has been in the spiritual / paranormal / witchy field for more than a year I would hope that someone else would help them out. Especially if they are attempting to teach others about tarot. There are tons of sources both online and in physical bookstores that can tell you the commonly accepted British and American pronunciations. Neither one says that blasted t at the end. I know, it's a really weird hill to die on, but it's my hill, and I'll stand on her till the World Tree turns to ash.

Favorite Crafts

I love creating art using a combination of Wood, metal, glass, paper, found items, acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, resin, gemstones, legally and humanely acquired animal parts, fur, feathers, leather and more.

I've never been good with yarn crafts, so I tend to avoid them but do enjoy needle felting on occasion.

I want to put a special shout out here to some of the absolutely amazing Swap-bot users, but don't want to accidentally leave someone's name out so-

Hey, you... yeah you... you know who you are.

Thank you so much for being an amazing and supportive person.
Thank you for your kindness, in both actions and words.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, tools, and tips.
Thank you for being you.


Favorite types of swaps: ATCs - Zines - Decos - handmade dolls - postage stamps - playing cards - stickers and supplies

Please let me know if you would like to do a private swap, I love doing one-on-one swaps and trades, especially for larger items that require a box instead of an envelope

Do / Don't list

No Thanks

Please DO NOT send:

Anything that smells strongly of cigarette smoke unless there is a warning on the outside to allow it to air out a bit- one of my frequent house guests is very sensitive to cigarette smell.

Jewelry of any type- I don't go out and dress up enough to justify wearing them, and would hate to have something just sit in a box forever.

Heavily soiled or torn and damaged items that cannot safely be repurposed for art projects.

Items that are stating that I'm going to hell for practicing witchcraft.

Other than those few things, I'm super excited to receive anything you would like to send. I happily give out hearts for swaps that I feel like people put time and effort into instead of just slapping something together in a few minutes. Adding in a little note about how you created something - the method behind your madness, if you will - is almost always guaranteed a heart.

Yes Please

Ideas for themes of things I'd love to receive in swaps:

A - Art Bell (radio host), Axolotl, Aardvarks, Asian art, Any excuse to use the word “Antidisestablishmentarianism”, Advertising art, Aliens, Anatomical art

B - Bumblebees, Butterflies, BOB ROSS, buttons, Buddha, B&W Photos, Bigfoot, BUSINESS CARDS- I'd love one of your personal business cards or cards you find from others. Especially interested in cards from metaphysical stores, psychic readers, and tattoo artists.

C - CATS, clowns, creepy things. Coins and tokens (especially ones that are said to bring good luck or old discontinued currency type coins from around the world. Please DO NOT send coins/currency that you feel may have a high resale value. I collect these to use in art projects or just to use as something fun and interesting for my best friend's twins to learn about other countries with), Circus themed items, Cryptozoology

D - dogs, Dried herbs / flowers / teas, dolls (old broken creepy dolls especially loved. Not fond of plastic dolls or “cutesy” dolls)

E - ET, elephants with their trunk up

F - FROGS, freebies (Honestly, who DOESN’T like free stuff?), Funeral Home items, Fidgets

G - glue (E6000 , Aileens tacky glue, elmers glue sticks), ginger beer/ale/tea, Gothic theme, glitter, GNOMES, GOATS

H - Halloween themed items from pre-1970s era, House Hippos

I - Incense- sticks, cones, or resin, (But I only like ones that use natural ingredients and not highly chemical / artificial smelling.) HEM brand and Satya are my favorite brands for stick incense, and I’ve not found a scent in those brands that I don’t like yet.

J - Jokers/Jesters

K - Kindness

L - Lace

M - Mister Rogers, Metal dies and stamp/die sets, mushrooms, magic, mystery , MONSTERS- cute monsters, scary monsters, all types of monsters are something I love.

N - Nesting Dolls, Narwhals, New Age, Notebooks

O - ODDITIES, Opossums

P - Postage stamps ( Mostly interested in used ones. The same as with the coins/currency - please only send "crafting quality" stamps and not ones that may have a high collector value. I'd also love any postage stamps for USA that are new / uncanceled that I can use for swaps). Playing cards - see bottom section for more details

Q - QUEENs (the band, drag, and royals)

R - Refrigerator magnets, religious items (especially catholic saint prayer cards, saint relics) But I’m honestly happy with items depicting any world religion or culture. I find faith super interesting as a way to understand more about other people and their life perspectives), recipes

S - Sequins, Shiny rocks and crystals (especially carved stone skull and animal figures), SKULLS, silicone molds for resin, Steampunk, succulents, sloths

T - TURTLES, thrift store finds, Tigers (not tiger king tho)


V - Vintage pin-up girl style, snarky, inappropriate, blasphemous, or otherwise odd and quirky art

W - Washi tape, washi stickers, walrus, watercolor, witchcraft, witches, wolves

X - vintage X-ray images

Y - Yellow, Yeti, Young Frankenstein

Z - Zebras

PLAYING CARD SPECIFIC: I absolutely love the Jokers, advertisement cards, rule cards, and double backers that some decks include. I will also happily accept any "Plain Jane" card backs (solid colors with no pattern, or standard Bicycle / Bee / Aces High etc. to use for altered playing cards / ATCs)


Comment: Very cute-thank you!
Comment: What a great swap package! I have over 800 cards, and all of these are new to me. It 'm always amazed at how many different kinds of cool decks are out there. My favorites this time are the Schwan's card and the Coca-Cola card. Fabulous! Thanks for all the extras too. I've never seen those 1 cent stamps. They'll be fun to use in collages, as well as the folk pottery stamp you chose for the envelope. Thank you so much!
Comment: Thanks Robyn ATC Jams rock!
PrairieKittin rated for WC~ Make-A-Gift FEB 2023 on Mar 8, 2023
Comment: Oh my Goddess! This was way above and beyond!! Thank you so very very much!! I absolutely LOVE everything in the box. That scarf is beautiful!! Wow wow wow! I wish I could give you 100 hearts!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!
rkassman rated for ATC Bag #119 (USA) on Feb 22, 2023
Comment: Thanks for passing along and including some fun extras!
Comment: Fantastic monster in a duck costume hiding behind the door in your clever ATC. Also, thank you so much for the wonderful vintage cards—💕. The Valentines postcard went promptly in my display.
JuneRosebud rated for TF February '23 Stocking Stuffer on Feb 11, 2023
Comment: Hi Robyn, Thank you for this swap; into my Christmas drawer it goes. I got such a kick out of the stickers you sent: Home Made With Love & A Few Colorful Words!! Great stickers!!
Comment: Thanks for the awesome ATC, I love it! Would a Seagull/Peacock be a Seacock or a Peagull? 🙃Thanks for all the extras and the origami paper. Happy Day!
toni rated for CPG: Flower Notecard US only 🌸 on Jan 24, 2023
Comment: Thank y;ou for the pretty notecard and lovely extras! I will also reuse the beautiful notecard.
user6937 rated for APCO: Full Deck APCs #3 (of hearts) on Jan 19, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the pretty APC, though it didn't really emulate the YT tute; the extra's are wonderful - I don't usually give a heart for extra's, but I have to for these ones. Want to do a private swap?
Comment: So good to hear from you again. I absolutely adore your cyclops! Excited to add him to my collection. I really appreciate the extras as well. Hope to swap again soon!
Comment: Great cards! All unusual. Thanks also for the funky extras!
NJack19 rated for CPG Year End ATC Cleanout - US on Dec 27, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the ATC's and Christmas greeting. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.
Vickyen rated for CPG Dec '22 Senders Choice PC - US on Dec 27, 2022
Comment: Hi Robyn! I love your vintage pc! That is great that you have a local source to find vintage pcs and I also love reading the ones that have been sent! Always amazed that they have survived and they are just paper! Very cool! Wishing you and yours a Wonderful New Year! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Comment: Robyn, oh my goodness, I love EVERYTHING about this swap that you sent me!! The ATC is AMAZING!! I am so excited to add it into my collection! I also LOVE the Krampus card that you sent everything in and I LOVE the extras that you sent as well!! Everything truly is amazing and I am so beyond grateful and appreciative. Thank you so very much for everything<3<3
Comment: Hello Robyn! Thank you so much for the lovely card and Saint Theresa card! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year! God bless! 🎄🎁🎀
Comment: Beautiful card. Thank you.
Comment: thank you very much! blessed yule!
rkassman rated for The Dark Side DAJ 13 on Nov 8, 2022
Comment: Thank you for sharing your art with me!
oddlittlemiss rated for BS&S: Samhain Gift 2022 on Oct 25, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing package! I love everything you sent me! Your tiny book is so beautiful, and I really enjoyed looking through it. The goodie bag with tea, candy, stickers, and erasers was so cute! And I was so happy to receive the elk bone, doll, skeleton pins, candles, money paper, and the tiny goddess deck! I also hadn't forgotten to write back to you, the last few months were a bit stressful but expect a letter next week :) Anyways have a wonderful day! Wishing you a wonderful day!

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PrairieKittin on Mar 8, 2023:

Thank you SO much for the beautiful hand-made scarf!! It is beautiful!! Everything in the box was truly above and beyond. Thank you!!!!

feverfawn on Dec 31, 2022:

Hope you have a great NYE & a Happy New Year!

feverfawn on Nov 30, 2022:

Belated thank you for the happy thanksgiving wish you posted on my profile ~ I hope you're doing well and enjoyed your holiday as well!

HausOfImps on Nov 25, 2022:

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

lyssathemermaid on Nov 24, 2022:

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️

OrigamiGrace on Nov 24, 2022:


CrystalZ on Oct 2, 2022:

Thank you for the cute Halloween themed atc you made for me for my September wishlist! The extra themed goodies I will be using this year and the yummy sounding recipe I will be trying soon as well :)

HausOfImps on Sep 11, 2022:

Thanks for thinking of me! I am safe (and so is my apartment, phew!) but the ground floor of my building isn't and I'm not sure if my post office was affected. Cross your fingers for me! I actually have your Yokai ATC ready if everything is good tomorrow.

OrigamiGrace on Aug 9, 2022:

Thanks so much for the nice goodies from my July wishlist at Cheap Postage Group!! Hope your summer is going well!

HausOfImps on Aug 1, 2022:

Thank you so much for Art Bell and the crochet flower! I love them! And I probably don't even need to say this, but I nearly screamed when I opened the larger piece of art and it was Erlik. That was a really meaningful gift to send and I appreciate it deeply, just gotta figure out where I want to display him now! And of course, I'll get you back soon. Take care <3

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