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Date Joined: June 15, 2013
Last Online: March 20, 2014
Birthday: November 12
Country: United States

♡ All About Me ♡

(9/22/13) I am still on a break from swap-bot and swapping and will be for the foreseeable future, but I can still be reached through PM as I get email alerts. If you have anything you need to talk to me about, please don't hesitate to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


updated on 9/6/13

my name is jess and i'm 21 years old. i live in apex, NC, US, and i find myself to be incredibly boring and interesting at the same time. i guess i kind of live in extremes; life is either mundane and uneventful or crazy and chaotic. i live from one impulse to the next and it's always getting me into trouble. i'm still learning how to handle being an adult, i guess.

right now i live with my parents, and i have two dogs - a lhasa-apso mix named sandy, and a naughty hound/mutt puppy named loki who lives with my ex-boyfriend (i won't get to see him anymore, but he's still my baby.) i love animals and now volunteer at the SPCA working to care for the puppies and help them find new families!

i'm really into creative expression like writing and art. i write a lot of poetry/prose/ramblings and draw, paint, doodle etc. whenever the mood strikes. i keep several journals in which i write all my thoughts and illustrate whatever might be on my mind. i also have an altered book that started as a project in high school but has become one of my most valued possessions.

my main interests lie in spiritual and new age topics as well as psychology. i like to meditate and am learning about & attempting lucid dreaming and astral projection. i'm also learning to read tarot, and once i feel comfortable in my abilities i plan to learn other methods of divination as well. astrology and numerology also interest me.

i love thrift, bargain/discount, and antique store shopping! it's one of the most fun things ever to find little treasures at great prices! i especially love to find fawn or deer related items like figurines etc. to decorate my room with!

overall i'm kind of a moody, stubborn, difficult person, but i can be fiercely loyal and very sweet. if we're friends, i do my best to make it stay that way. i believe in treating others the way i want to be treated, and i think manners are still important.

there are several other places i can be found if you'd like to get to know me better. links are listed above, but here's what i use each site for specifically!

tumblr - a visual representation of my mind/personality, sometimes i post writing there too, though i have a private writing tumblr (if you are interested for some reason feel free to ask and i'll share!)

8tracks - i use music to describe how i feel sometimes when i can't find the right words; music is often better at conveying some emotions anyway! each mix is not only music i enjoy but it's also telling a story.

facebook - this one is kept unknown from people i know in real life, just another place for me to feel safe and express myself; anyone is welcome to add me as long as you aren't rude or hateful!

instagram - i post pictures of stuff i'm currently making or have made, packages/goodies i'm mailing out to people/friends for swaps or gifts, fun mail and packages i've received, and sometimes things like my treasures or environment! i follow everyone back!

etsy faves/wishlist - in case you want an idea of stuff i enjoy (it's all organized into lists!), or just like looking through things people have found for your own interest or purchasing!

♡ Favorite Media ♡

~ Movies ~

my most favorite movie is WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!!! my favorite line from it has always been "i'll eat you up, i love you so!" ~ hoping one day someone will say that to me without me telling them i want them to, hehe!

some others i enjoyed were...

  • the virgin suicides
  • avatar
  • silence of the lambs
  • girl, interrupted
  • manic

i haven't had the ability to sit and watch a full length movie for quite a while - it's not something i really enjoy doing anymore because of how difficult it is, but when i did watch a lot of movies, i usually enjoyed horror or unusual/indie type movies. rarely do i care for comedy or romance.

i am able to watch documentaries sometimes, and one that i really enjoyed was 'the secret'! i totally recommend it if you're open to concepts not accepted or understood by most!

~ Television ~

i pretty much dislike all television shows. if i do turn on the tv (which is mostly just to have some noise on so i feel less alone during the night) i'll put on stuff like documentaries on interesting topics, shows about or with animals, or channels like NatGeo, discovery etc. i hate reality shows, cartoons, soaps, game shows and well...pretty much everything on tv!

~ Books ~

as for books, i do like to read, but i find it increasingly hard to get myself to do it. my attention span is generally not suited for long sittings of reading, so i can rarely get a book finished in a decent amount of time.

i do not care for fiction much and go for non-fiction on topics relevant to my interests (mostly spiritual/new age/metaphysical things or psychology.)

some books i did enjoy for personal reasons were...

  • the buddha and the borderline by kiera van gelder
  • madness by marya hornbacher.

currently i'm attempting to read these books...

  • a new earth by eckhart tolle
  • the power of now by eckhart tolle
  • the zen of eating by ronna kabatznick.
  • no longer human by osamu dazai

and there are many others sitting on my shelves waiting to be picked up!

♡ Favorite Music ♡

some favorite artists

iron & wine, bon iver, third eye blind, matchbox 20, sufjan stevens, goo goo dolls, mogwai, etc.

my favorite genres

indie or alternative, 90s rock/alternative, post-rock, ambient, instrumental, meditation

my 8tracks will have some mixes with other music i enjoy, if you want to check those out, too! maybe you'll find something new to listen to~

☺ Things I Like ☺

~ Please Do Send! ~

anything from this list is loved, loved, loved!

  • any kind of FUN snail mail!!! (long handwritten letters, little or big packages, envelopes with goodies etc.)

  • deer/fawn related things (~my favorite animal)

  • woodland themes/creatures (mushrooms, owls, trees, foxes, squirrels etc.)

  • unicorns

  • mermaids

  • stickers!!!! (please no reward/teacher/childrens types - they can be loose, flakes, sheets or whatever, just not bent or damaged!)

  • tea (green, white, black, fruity/sweet flavors are my favorite) - no loose leaf and preferably in an envelope or at least with a note to say what kind it is!

  • stationery or letter paper with or without matching envelopes

  • pretty papers (scrapbooking or otherwise)

  • pretty/cute BLANK notecards w/ envelopes

  • blank/unwritten unusual or unique postcards (HQ handmade are awesome too!)

  • soft & pastel colors (lavender/lilac, baby pink & blue, light yellow, pale green etc.)

  • sanrio characters (favs are hello kitty, my melody, cinnamoroll, deery lou, little twin stars, spottie dottie, or any others!) - i don't mind if it comes from a place other than the sanrio shop, but please only licensed!

  • any other kawaii characters (please no anime stuff or real people)

  • lisa frank

  • peacocks, owls, or other birds & related things (feathers, birdcages)

  • items from etsy faves, or similar things (anything expensive on there is just for my reference or future purchasing - i don't expect anything exorbitant from swappers!)

  • original artwork in any form (zines!! drawings, paintings, collages, photos, even poetry etc.)

  • rubber stamps & ink pads (prefer floral/nature, animal, cute, or decorative images)

  • interesting magazine, newspaper, or other clippings/papers (for use in projects; words, letters, pictures are all welcome, any language - please nothing torn, bent, dirty)

  • stuffed animals of any size (my favorite animals are the best - deer, owls, foxes, lambs, bunnies or whatever!) - nicely handmade would be especially loved and cherished!

  • spiritual & new age things (crystals, tarot or oracle cards, runes, books on various subjects, meditation music or guided meditation CDs, dream catchers etc.)

  • eastern religions and related items (buddhism etc.)

  • candles, any size (love clean/fresh, floral, or fruit scents - don't really like food smells)

  • stick incense (any scent, love the HEM brand but any at all is awesome)

  • astrology things (i'm a scorpio!)

  • art supplies (water colors, colored pens & pencils, any color sharpies etc.)

  • any size blank journals/notebooks with cute or pretty designs (nothing boring or plain, lined or not is fine)

  • old/vintage photos, letters, papers, clippings, post cards etc. (i can use pretty much any for my altered book or collaging!)

  • old, antique, vintage regular or skeleton keys (real or just things with key patterns/designs)

  • anything related to where the wild things are (art styled like the book or the movie)

  • simple friendship bracelets made from string/embroidery floss

  • & of course, surprises!!! (that are not on the dislikes list)

☹ Things I Dislike ☹

~ Please Don't Send! ~

please don't send me any of this stuff! if you do for some reason, though, i will just pass it on to someone else who can use it ~ no harm done unless it's a profile specific swap!

and i think this should go without saying, but PLEASE do not send me anything you wouldn't be okay receiving yourself ~ as in TRASH, dirty, heavily used, or damaged items!

  • any type of chai or tea with jasmine (i don't like spicy or heavily floral teas) - no loose leaf needed!

  • hot chocolate

  • coffee

  • vanilla scents or flavors (or most foodie smells)

  • western religious items (bibles and verses, crosses, jesus etc.)

  • very bright or neon colors (especially orange)

  • any disney stuff, unless it's bambi

  • cartoon or TV show characters or superheros

  • any earrings & big, flashy or beaded jewelry

  • "spooky/scary" stuff & violence/blood/gore

  • anything with insects, snakes, spiders - i am honestly pretty terrified of most bugs/insects (butterflies or dragonflies are nice, however!)

  • caterpillars - please NO NO NO! nightmare fuel right there!

  • anything cat related, or things that cats have touched (VERY allergic to them and don't like 'em)

  • horses (except unicorns, of course!)

  • most food or candy items (ask about specifics if you really would like to send some, there are a few i do like!)

  • fiction (i don't have much interest in reading it)

  • beaches and oceans (though i do like ocean creatures and seashells)

  • anything to do with babies or weddings

  • items with locations/attractions on them (like stuff you'd buy in tourist spots)

  • ANYTHING holiday related (no christmas, halloween, thanksgiving, 4th of July etc.)

  • socks

  • make up or other beauty products (lotions, sprays, bubble bath, soap etc.) - chap-stick or lip balm without gloss are okay

♡ Wishlist ♡

these are just some specific things (in addition to my likes list) that i would really ♥ love ♥ to receive in swaps, if you are looking for more ideas!

  • unused postage stamps - vintage, new, forever or whatever, as long as i can put them on a letter and mail it to someone! any others are welcome, too, for crafts and art~

  • stickers - anything but reward, teacher, religious, or very children-y type stickers, and i don't usually need words/phrases, either. i don't mind if they are full sheets, loose cut outs, or flakes as long as they aren't torn/bent/damaged!

  • old, unusual, or vintage keys - i collect keys, especially skeleton keys!

  • stationery, notecards, envelopes, memo/letter sheets - anything i can use to write/send letters with! i prefer them with pretty or cute designs, not plain or boring.

  • return address labels - i have some that i made on my own, but i'd love something a little nicer with pretty/cute designs relevant to my likes (specifically deer or fawn images!)

  • crystals - any kind is more than welcome, though my etsy faves has a list with specific types i'm looking for if you're wondering (i use them for spiritual purposes - any size [though i don't really need any that are smaller than a fingernail], any shape, tumbled, raw, or cluster etc. is great!)

  • blank/unwritten postcards - i can't get ANY around here, really, so i'd love some pretty, cute or artsy (no tourist/location) postcards i can use for swaps!

  • tarot or oracle cards & full decks - i am learning to read tarot and have one deck of my own that i cherish so much, as well as an oracle deck, but would love to have options! any at all are welcome, new or gently used - can also use any loose cards you have for artwork!

also! - i have decided i'd like to get started in swapping the different 'bags' and 'books', so if you have any that you'd like to pass along i'd be happy to take them! esp. interested in sticker bags and slams.

♡ Favorite Crafts ♡

see my instagram if you'd like to see some pictures of stuff i've done!

  • drawing (sketching, simple doodling, etc.)

  • occasionally painting (acrylic & watercolor - though i really am not any good at it anymore!)

  • art journaling

  • altered books

  • collaging

  • writing (poetry, prose, etc. - maybe this is not a craft but it's something i enjoy doing!)

i've just started to make little zines and i'm super excited about it!

slowly easing myself into making ATCs ~ just finished my first for a beginner's swap (see my instagram for a pic) and hopefully i will do more in the future!

~ i hope to learn more crafts sometime, but i get so discouraged when i don't have any immediate talent for something new. i've made mini quilts in the past that turned out pretty nice, but it was all so hard that i don't think i could ever do it again!

✰ Allergies!!! ✰

i am HIGHLY allergic to cats, so please don't send me anything that has any cat hair/dander on it, or that may have been exposed to cats for more than just a moment! i develop hives, wheeze & have trouble breathing etc. and it's very miserable!


i'm also allergic to smoke, it gives me bad headaches, so anything that has been around smoke or smells like it won't be good for me. if you have to send me something that's been exposed, PLEASE air it out beforehand!


~ About Swaps & Ratings ~

if you haven't received a swap from me and it's been a reasonable amount of time, PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE RATING! i will absolutely get back to you and see what i can do as far as resending.

if you have sent me something but haven't received a rating from me after a reasonable length of time, please let me know! i most always rate right after i receive, so if no rating then i probably have not gotten it! if you are concerned, you are welcome to send me a message!

i promise to leave a comment with my ratings also, to make sure you know i appreciated what you sent or if there was an issue.

i will do my very best to right any problem situation, answer all PMs, and stay in contact with swap partners!

~ Lateness ~

if i'm going to be sending a swap late for some very strange reason, i will absolutely let you know asap and also provide a date it will be sent by!!

i'd also appreciate YOU letting me know if you'll be sending your swap late; i won't be upset IF you communicate with me and i can be very understanding about it (to a point.) if you choose not to keep me informed about a late swap, i will not be too happy.

thank you!!

~ Private Swaps & Penpals ~

if you are ever interested in a private swap, let me know by PM! i'd enjoy doing good swaps for my likes/wishlist items, but can only do package type swaps with those in the USA for now; flat mail swaps are welcome with anyone!!

i'm also looking for new penpals!! if you think we have things in common and you'd like to write letters with me, please contact me by PM!

~ thank you for stopping by, happy swapping!!


mamabear2 rated for Dream Journal Swap on Sep 16, 2013
Comment: Hi Jess Thank you so much for sharing your journal with me. I want you to know that I have a daughter that is a year older than you and life can be tough at this age or any age and things happen in your life that is hard to get over or understand my daughter we adopted her and she has a good home be she goes through a lot of issue of why her mother gave her up. But try and work through things and if you need someone to talk to you can always write me. Hugs Marlann
Response: Thank you so much Marlann, both for rating and for your kind words. Sounds like your daughter is very lucky to have you as a mother! Apologies about all the confusion that went on about our swap, but I'm happy with how everything turned out and wish you the best! :)
madkow rated for Strange & unusual penpals! on Sep 1, 2013
Comment: loved your note card!
Response: I'm glad! :) Thanks for rating!
TeaCupKitteh rated for Cup of tea for you and me USA 3 on Aug 22, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the tea and lovely stickers!
Response: You're very welcome, glad you liked! :)
prettyheart rated for Tea Bag & Note Swap #1 on Aug 22, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the lovely card and tasty teas! :)
Response: You're welcome!
mycatbutters rated for Smash Stuff - U.S. Only on Aug 22, 2013
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome :)
lv2paint rated for Sender's Choice ATC for Beginners! on Aug 20, 2013
Comment: For being your fisrt ATC, you did a fabulous job!
Response: Thank you so much! I was pretty nervous about it because of the many amazing ones I've seen. Ty again!
Comment: Thank you for the great decorated envie, awesome handmade strawberry card and extras....I loved each and every thing! I also love the postage stamp you used on the envie! <3 <3 <3
Response: I'm so happy you liked it, thanks for rating!!
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful moss agate and the information on all its wonders! I also love how you packaged it all up. Your store that it came from sounds awesome too...if I have visit Raleigh I will surely go to that store =)
Response: Yay, happy it arrived to you safely and that you like it! It was fun being in that store and selecting which one to send. :) You're welcome!
EmJayBe rated for 3 Item Surprise! -- USA only on Aug 12, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for all the goodies! You went above and beyond and the squirrel stuff was perfect :-) Thank you!
Response: I'm so so happy you liked it! I tried my best to make it something you would enjoy, so I'm relieved to hear it was! You're very welcome!
mmenocal rated for 30 Loose Stickers and 1 sheet on Aug 12, 2013
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome :)
oyasumiapple rated for Penpal Letter With Prompts on Aug 9, 2013
Comment: Thanks for your letter. I got it oday.
Response: You're welcome, glad it arrived safely! Thanks!
earthnk rated for Cup of tea for you and me USA 2 on Aug 9, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the two teas. There is a trader joes walking distance to me and I'm in there often. Pom white is one I buy a lot. Happy swapping.
Response: Thanks for rating - I tried to send what you might not already have, though my own "stash" could use more unusual or variety teas itself.
miia rated for Penpal Letter With Prompts on Aug 8, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for your nice letter! It was nice to read your answers! :) I'll write you back and let's see if there's beginning of new penfriendship :)
Response: You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! Look forward to hearing back from you. :)
takehimaway rated for Strange & unusual penpals! on Aug 5, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much. We should like we'd be great friends; let me figure out what's going on with the pen pal insanity over here, and we could definitely write!
Response: Sounds great, thanks :)
Comment: Thanks so much for the beautifully decorated envie full of goodies :) I love everything!
Response: Glad you liked everything, thank you!!
H2OBaby rated for Favorite Horror movies on Aug 2, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your list. I haven't seen The Human Centipede yet but it made me very curious since two of you have that movie on your lists. Hope I can find a copy of that. :)
Response: Thanks for rating! Good luck if you decide to watch that one...it's certainly...something, haha!
kendmari rated for Yum, Yum, Tea #3 on Jul 28, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the different kinds of tea, I haven't had them before so I'm excited to try them!
Response: Glad I could send you some you haven't had, thanks for rating!
Aumonae rated for SWMHC - Facing My Demons on Jul 28, 2013
Comment: Your drawing is very haunting and beautiful. I put her up in my room next to my mirror because she is similar to a part I harbor inside myself. Thank you for being part of this swap and for being as open and honest as you were. I hope it was healing and good for you as well :)
Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you received it and understood what I was talking about. I did enjoy it and found it a relief to get that out on paper. Thanks for hosting the swap :)
zombiekittie rated for Poetry Zine on Jul 26, 2013
Comment: Great poems, thanks
Response: Glad you enjoyed them, thank you!!
Jjean rated for SMASH Book Items Swap on Jul 25, 2013
Comment: Love the package...the papers are so pretty and can use all the great items...thank you...thank you!!!
Response: Aww yay I'm so happy you liked it and can use the things I sent!! :) Thanks!

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Tainowoman on Jul 31, 2013:

It's taken me a while to respond (New job) but thanks for the note. I'm looking into getting one of Salerno's decks. I so enjoy the feminine focus of her images! As for Choquette's deck (ask your guides) it works beautifully for me. The images are simple and non-gendered and the guidance offered is gentle but firm. It's been pretty spot-on in my readings so far! :)

Regardless of the deck, I think the more you handle them, even when not doing a reading, the more intimate/connected/familiar you become with them and the clearer the messages. I carry Choquette's deck with me all the time. Sometimes I just pull out a card without any intention other than to meditate on it and all the possible messages and meanings it could offer. It's a way of connecting with the universe, of creating that language I told you about in the letter :)

Well, I'm off to work! Or to get ready for it, anyways :) Feel free to write me if you like! Have a wonderful day and be well!

danimariexox on Jul 27, 2013:

Thank you for the things from my July Wishlist in the $1 Store Addicts group! :)

benevolentghost on Jul 26, 2013:

I am so excited to send to you for three item surprise! ahhhh!

pinkstrawberryz on Jul 26, 2013:

Thank you for the adorable tag. I will put it to good use :)!

SabrinaDeeBerry on Jul 24, 2013:



Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I'm happy it inspired you, too. Your profile looks great! I adore the bows and kawaii icons you included. Have a sweet day.



morwesong on Jul 24, 2013:

Aww, that is very sweet of you to say, thank you! I haven't been able to do much crafting lately, but I am hoping to start up once I return from my holiday in August. :-)

ladydy5 on Jul 19, 2013:

Glad to have you. Thrift store groupies

ladydy5 on Jun 20, 2013:

Excellent profile, thanks for joining in If I Won the Lottery. It will be an easy one for you to get your ratings going.
You may like to check our my group swaps and join Artistically Inclined, good way to express your self with art.

biasbabe on Jun 16, 2013:


Welcome to the Group

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