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Updated 09/05/23 I am in the midst of a major apartment reorganization with my craft room being torn apart. I am only doing non-crafty swaps until I am done the re-org. I will still be popping onto the site from time to time but I may not respond to messages in a timely fashion.

POSTAGE CANCELLATION MARKS/DATES - Once mail leaves my hands and is with the postal system I can't vouch for the accuracy of any postmark dates stamped on my mail by them. They may or may not postmark my mail on the day I mail it...more than likely it'll be delayed until it gets to a main post office or post office hub. And maybe there won't be any postmarks on it at all...such joy!

Resends/Tags/RAK's To Be Sent

About Me

My name is Crystal and I live in the Canadian city of Surrey, BC...just outside of Vancouver. I am a non-smoker so you should never get a smoky swap from me! I recently lost my fur-sister Mia...she was a 16 year old, brussels griffon & terrier mix and we miss her every single day. So weird not hearing her little foot taps on the floor or her little snores anymore :(

I am not what you'd call a gamer girl but I do enjoy playing a few console/pc games. Sims 4, Animal Crossing New Horizons, and Fall Guys are some of my favourites but I love the more nostalgic games from my teen years like RollerCoaster Tycoon and SimCity.

I am a child of the 80's and am a big kid at heart so I love anything that reminds me of my childhood. I love Winnie the Pooh, Disney, Ziggy, vintage Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobby, Popples, etc.


I am sharing a few of my favourites and my collections to potentially help my partners. Please know though that just because something isn't on my favs list etc doesn't mean I won't enjoy what you pick to send my way!

Favourite colours: teal (leaning more towards a lighter teal/aqua) or any jewel tone (emerald, sapphire, etc)

Favourite bird: owls and hummingbirds, but I really love all birds. I especially enjoy images of vintage (or vintage inspired) illustrated birds.

Favourite drinks: I am an avid tea drinker but I am not overly picky about brands. Some of my fav flavours are peach, anise, mint, and chocolate but I enjoy most any fruit or dessert flavour tea though (no raspberry/cherry/rooibos though please). I also really enjoy flavoured hot chocolate mixes.

Favourite food: cashews, dark chocolate, Eatmore bars, pistachios, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Pieces, rice crackers, HiChews (fav is grape), Skittles, sour candys. Overall I prefer candy or salty snacks over a chocolate any day.

Favourite scent: lilac, lavender, melons, peach, pumpkin spice, gingerbread, peppermint/spearmint

Favourite sports teams & athletes: NHL Edmonton Oilers, CFL Edmonton Eskimoes/Elks. Fav athletes are Wayne Gretzky and Trevor Linden.

Other themes I enjoy: butterflies, dragonflies, florals, gnomes, Paris (especially the architecture), woodland/natural critters, and mushrooms.

I love most any kawaii character but especially: Totoro, Pusheen, Sumikko Gurashi, and Pompompurin.


My papercrafting journey started with scrapbooking in '98 or so, then cards, then I fell hard for pocket letters in '15, and then on to ATC's.

Check out my Flikr photos (link at the top) to check out some pocket letters I have created. I collect both atc's and pocket letters :)

I am obsessed with paper and paper goods...hoarder, collector or whatever you call it I am that! While I love all things paper I do not need anymore paper scraps.

FAVOURITE PAPER BRANDS: Graphic 45, Prima, Blue Fern Studios, Webster's Pages.


I love my postcard collection and am always looking for new swaps! I prefer receiving them in an envelope but I also do swap for naked ones occasionally. I don't mind receiving well-made & sturdy Zazzle cards but please no handmade cards or ad/freebie cards unless they are tied to my likes/collections!

  • postcards tied to my likes/collections

  • mountain scenes

  • Unesco sites

  • national parks

  • historical sites and monuments

  • touristy postcards from anywhere!

    • I would especially love to receive any from the Canadian Maritimes, Vancouver Island, New York City, New Orleans LA, and Paris France.

World Postcard Project

I have a very ambitious ongoing project to collect at least one touristy type postcard from every country in the world and the list of the ones still needed are below. Last updated 1/14/23.

Some are more "areas" versus official countries (ie the Holy See and Palestine) and some are listed in their official spellings instead of their English names (ie Sint Maarten) but either English or non-English work equally well for me. There are also a few listed under their new names AND old names (ie Burma/Myanmar)...either one works for my collection. Either used or unused would be welcome!

A - Albania - Algeria - American Samoa - Angola - Armenia - Aruba - Azerbaijan

B - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Barbados - Belarus - Belize - Benin - Bhutan - Bolivia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Botswana - Brunei - Burkina Faso - Burma / Myanmar - Burundi

C - Cameroon - Cabo Verde - Central African Republic - Chad - Comoros - Congo, Democratic Republic of (DRC) (formally known as Zaire) - Congo, Republic of - Costa Rica - Cote d'Ivoire - Croatia - Curacao - Cyprus

D - Dijibouti - Dominica

E - Equador - El Salvador - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Ethiopia

G - Gabon - Gambia - Georgia - Ghana - Grenada - Guam - Guinea - Guinea-Bissau - Guyana

H - Haiti - Holy See

I - Iran - Iraq

J - Jamaica - Jordan

K - Kazakhstan - Kenya - Kiribati - Kosovo - Kuwait - Kyrgystan

L - Laos - Latvia - Lebanon - Lesotho - Liberia - Libya - Liechtenstein - Luxembourg

M - Macau - Macedonia - Madagascar - Malawi - Maldives - Mali - Malta - Marshall Islands - Mauritania - Mauritius - Moldova - Mongolia - Montenegro - Morocco - Mozambique - Myanmar / Burma

N - Nauru - Nepal - Nicaragua - Niger - Nigeria - North Korea - Northern Mariana Islands

O - Oman

P - Pakistan - Palestine / Palestinian Territories - Panama - Papua New Guinea - Paraguay

Q - Qatar

R - Romania - Rwanda

S - Saint Kitts and Nevis - Saint Lucia - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Samoa - San Marino - Sao Tome and Principe - Senegal - Serbia - Seychelles - Sierra Leone - Sint Maarten - Slovakia - Solomon Islands - Somalia - South Sudan - Sudan - Suriname - Swaziland - Sweden - Syria

T - Tajikistan - Tanzania - Timor-Leste - Togo - Tonga - Turkmenistan - Tuvalu

U - Uganda - Uruguay - Uzbekistan

V - Venezuela

Y - Yemen

Z - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Zaire (now known as DRC/Congo, Democratic Rupublic of)

Other Things I Like...

This is just a small selection of things I like receiving. Please do not take this list to be an exhaustive list, it is just a few things that I use often is all. I welcome whatever you feel I may like!

At the top of my list is anything handmade by you (atc, pocket letter, bookmark, small painting, flip book, decorated tag, etc).

Followed in no particular order by:

  • book pages (vintage or non-English are preferred but all are greatfully accepted)
  • Canada Post postage stamps (new/uncancelled)
  • deco tapes
  • diecuts & punchies
  • digital kits/files to self-print
  • face masks (the beauty sheet masks and not so much the kind I wear due to Covid protocols)
  • flat stickers of any theme (loose or in a sheet)
  • fussy cut images on cardstock paper
  • Graphic 45 anything
  • handmade envelopes (at least 4.5"x6.5")
  • note papers / list pads / stationary of most any kind
  • postage stamps (used) from around the world...if they fit my favourites list all the better but all are welcome. On or off paper or both good to me.
  • small word or phrase/quote stickers or diecuts
  • traveller's notebook covers & lined inserts (storebought or handmade). I use personal size...6.75" x 3.75"
  • UHU gluesticks
  • Ultra Fine Point Sharpies in any colour but I use black most often
  • .5mm pens in black or black

Other "Crafty" Hobbies I Enjoy

I enjoy adult colouring from time to time and also diamond painting. Although I do struggle with storing completed diamond paintings....right now they are stacked flat but one day I would like to actually display them lol.

Travelling & Bag Swaps

I participate in a variety of bag swaps such as washi samples, postage stamps, stickers, etc. I also participate in decos and atc jams. I am always open to receiving extras within reason (I have seen swaps for like 100 bags...please do NOT send me that many as extra lol).

Please do not send....

FB'S / X-Slip Bags / Slams / Crams / Sticker Books

Please please please do not send these to me as I do NOT participate in them.

General Crafts

I unfortunately do not do any crafts other than papercrafting such as knitting, candlemaking, sewing etc thus I can not make use of any items for other crafts like paint, crochet hooks, yarn, or knitting needles, etc. The exception is vintage pattern books as those are great to add to junk journals.

I am pretty easy to please overall but below are the other things I dislike or simply just have to much of already.

  • ATG tape gun or the refills
  • big gemstones/rhinestones
  • cherry flavoured tea
  • craft books for any craft including papercrafting
  • gory themed items (I prefer cute Halloween versus blood and guts Halloween)
  • junk mail type ephemera (such as store flyers, newspapers, real estate ad cards, coupons, restaurant menus, etc....basically the stuff that goes from your mailbox to the recycle bin I have zero need for)
  • magazines or magazine cutouts
  • makeup
  • paper scraps (unless for a destash swap; I generally have more than enough of my own, thanks!)
  • paper straws
  • perfume or perfume samples
  • raspberry tea
  • rooibos tea
  • rose scented anything

My Mom

My Mom is my very best friend and is my world. I may from time to time join swaps/play tags and ask for a gift/stocking stuffer for her instead of me so I wanted to tell you a bit about her and her likes.

Her name is Mavis...her birthday is July 27th so she is a Leo and her birthstone is a ruby. Her favourite colours are cream/ivory and/or purple.

She most enjoys watching "her stories" on tv....Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Hudson & Rex, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, etc. She likes reading magazines and short article type books (think of the facts & trivia bathroom reader type books, Reader's Digest, etc). No novels please.

She also really enjoys refinishing wood furniture/items like tables, jewelry boxes etc. She can use little knobs or embellishments for the jewellery boxes. She doesn't do ANY other craft like scrapbooking, painting, or sewing.

She likes anything blingy or sparkly. The blingier the better!

She collects:

  • atc's with a hummingbird, cardinal bird, dogs or cats, or images of vintage items on them (like an old timey stroller, or vintage ladies etc)
  • anything that says "Live, Laugh, Love" on it
  • anything Calgary Flames (ugh don't even start me on that lol)
  • postcards featuring churches and old timey/vintage images (cute ads, etc).

Treatwise she enjoys chocolate and caramel flavours. She prefers coffee over tea but does sometime drink green tea. Please do not send gum or chewy toffee/caramels for her.

Anything you are sending to her please address to Mavis Armitage. She has the same address as me though.

Fav Movies & TV


I am a huge lover of Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks movies like Happy Feet, Toy Story, Shrek, etc. My fav of course is Winnie the Pooh :)

I am a big fan of both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel so pretty much anything with either of them in it I love...any of the Fast & Furious movies, XXX, etc.

I also enjoy the musical/dancing focused movies. Grease 1 & 2, Dirty Dancing 1 & 2, Footloose (original and remake), High School Musical series etc.


Comedies: Golden Girls, Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, The Odd Couple (new one, never watched the original), Friends, Frasier

Drama: NCIS, NCIS LA, NCIS New Orleans, CSI Vegas, CSI Miami, Hawaii 5-0 (new one, never watched the original), Magnum PI (original one) Murder She Wrote, Murdoch Mysteries

Educational: River Monsters, Zoo Juniors, Food Factory, Food Factory USA, How It's Made, Mythbusters (with original team)


I understand life happens and will give people a second chance to make things right. So if you have flaked on me, and want to make it up, please message me!

Listed below are swaps I have been flaked on (thankfully not many) and the kind angel that came forward.

Sparkly-Inchie; angelled by @JudalineZ thank you!

Where You Live PC November; angelled by @LucyToons thank you!

A Less Ordinary Animal Postcard; angelled by @Fever thank you!

CS: Quick Gratitude Notecard


Comment: Thanks so much - everything you sent was just gorgeous and I can't wait to use it all in my swaps! You really went the extra mile and I appreciate it. Take care :)
Comment: Thank you for the lovely napkins. That black one is really special and I am in love with the Christmas owls. Aloha!
Comment: Hi CZ! Thank you so much for the awesome assortment of bags! Let me know if you are looking for new bag swappers in Canada. I'd be happy to swap with you on the regular <3 :)
jeka396 rated for CPG Move Any Deco 24 - Global on Sep 15, 2023
Comment: Thanks for sending me Tome’s open theme deco! The little elephant on your page was cute!
Comment: Yay a fellow Canadian Swapper!!!!! Thank you for the assortment of bags esp love the postcard bag!
Tamawi rated for CPG: Sticker Bags #22 - Global on Aug 25, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the nice bags! I'll send home the one soon.
9O96O rated for CS: Letter-Rate Decos Only #2 on Aug 12, 2023
Comment: Hi Crystal. Thank you for the Bear Theme deco. Amazing that it has been travelling for 5 years.
Response: Right? I haven't seen one travelling for so long before.
RadiateJoy rated for COLOURS! COLORS! on Aug 7, 2023
Comment: Beautiful colors. Thank you.
Comment: Fun butterfly swap made by and for Debra💕 have a good weekend.
alihagerart rated for Everyday Handmade Cards #3 on Jul 27, 2023
Comment: I just got your re-send. Such beautiful cards! And the stickers are so cute. Thank you so much! :)
Comment: Got your resend and although it wasn’t what your originally intended, I really like these postcards!
Comment: Thanks for sending Lindsay's open theme ICM and Joey's old stamps decos. Enjoy the weather!
Rainydancer rated for CPG: Sticker Bags #21 - Global on May 18, 2023
Comment: thanks so much! I love your envelope
Comment: OMG Crystal what an awesome swap, everything is wonderful. You are far too generous. I loved everything. Thank you, thank you. This one deserves extra hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊
Response: I am so glad you like what I sent! It is always fun getting to share our wonderful bits and pieces with fellow swappers :)
Comment: Thanks for sending the space deco. Fun theme.
Comment: Thanks for the blue-on-blue deco, can’t wait to add a page! I love color themes…❤️❤️
joppagirl rated for CS: Letter-Rate Decos Only on May 1, 2023
Comment: I made the deco I received so I'll send it out again to get it moving. Thanks for offering to resend but its not necessary.
Response: Thank you for understanding!
FieryCanuck rated for April 2023 Sheetload on Apr 28, 2023
Comment: your cards are beautiful! I love the paper you used (you can't go wrong with glitter paper!). A cream cardstock has such a crisp look; I don't use it enough! thanks also for all the extras! <3
Comment: Thanks so much for both the unthemed deco and the stamp-themed deco! Your pages were so pretty in both- well curated!!

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SFreer on Sep 8, 2023:

Thank you so much for the awesome selection of die cuts for the Canada Only tag! Fabulous assortment! ❤️

ktk8 on Jul 19, 2023:

Hello and thank you for working on my coloring collaboration PC round 2.... the flowers turned out so very very pretty...... hope you are doing well and that your garage sale and apartment reorganization is going well..... thanks again..... very pretty!!!

manders2280 on May 22, 2023:

Thank you for all the wonderful Canadian kilts!

Queensmiley2530 on May 18, 2023:

Thank you for the pick two global cpg love them

honeya9705 on May 11, 2023:

Thank you so much for everything! I love everything! The stickers are so cute! I bought myself a sticker book so I can save all of my favorite stickers & I even have a cupcake page and I will be adding them to my book!

simcoe54 on Apr 21, 2023:

Used Postage Stamp RAK -- Thanks so much for the used postage stamps and also for the bunch of stickers. The stamps are perfect for me and my grand-daughters are going to love the stickers.

DeboraCreates on Apr 4, 2023:

Happy birthday!

colleenbUSA on Mar 30, 2023:

Wow! Thank you so much for the CPG March wishes and large envelope of happy mail! I love it!

xninolax on Mar 29, 2023:

OMG thank you ever so much for the wonderful filled envie for MAW March with so many birthday goodies. I love each and every thing inside. The Bananya is my fave! And ohh only snailmailers understand why you leave the envelope blank so you can use a pretty envelope one more time. So very much appreciated :) Thank you for this happy mail! Love, Nina

Highlander18 on Mar 27, 2023:

Thank you very much for March MAW - OMG - so many and so very beautiful paper napkins for my latest obsession, great postcards and wonderful dragonflies! A very special Happy Mail day!!!

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