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Birthday: August 3
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About Me

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Happy JUNE!!!!


My plans for June

  • Go to the library as much as possible

I am currently reading **Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

I been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, looking for pen pals via snail mail or email who suffer from this terrible thing.

IN August I will start the 12 Days of Christmas swaps, and The 8 Days of Hanukkah

This will be my 3 rd year hosting the 12 Days of Christmas swaps and my 1 st year hosting 8 Days of Hanukkah

I am taking the month of July off..i have not been feeling well.

I am finally caught up on messages I went through all 15 pages of messages


UPDATE 4-11-18

I am looking for home schooling moms to be pen pals and to share lessons, please message me :) I am still down sizing, its taking me forever. Some days I just get off track, I just have so much craft stuff I don't know what to do with it. I am joining a few type 3 swaps to help out with my downsizing.

NEEDS list Update 4-11-18

Handmade envelopes, or any kind of envies I am NOT picky any letter writing materials


If I have NOT rated you please message me, I been super busy, and I think I may have forgot to rate a few ppl

I am not a picky person, I will not rate or down rate you on the extras you send. I love any letters, or any poems written from the heart.

**I would love Pen Pals from anywhere in the universe or in the galaxy LOL **

If you love to meal plan, please shoot me a message and tell me how you do it, I am ignorant when it comes to meal planning. I usually just wing it everyday, BUT then hubby calls me every morning at 11 am "hey, hun, what's for dinner?" and I am struggling to make something up haha.

I am interested in any herb recipes you may have. If you send me a recipe in a swap it will gain you a heart (that includes any herb articles from magazines or printer off the internet).

I love notes, if you have notes from church, or any classes, or just from whatever, I would be happy to have them, I love to read notes haha. I recycle all paper, so no worries there.


Updated wishlist 01-28-18

*1.Letter opener

*2. adhesive roller I am looking for the bigger one, the pink one.

*3. Graph paper

*4. Any Kindergarten work sheets or lesson plans

*5. Bible printouts or lesson plans for a 5 yr old. I don't mind print outs, I can make copies!

*6. anything Golden Girls *7. I dont mind you including stuff for my 5 yr old in swaps it is welcomed :)

*8. I have a visually impaired daughter any post cards are welcome

Updated needs list/wants


*washi tape samples


Please feel free to send me friendship books, I will be doing a lot of pen palling this year and I would love to start FBs.

I study Herb Science


**Washi Tape

**Address labels

**Newspaper articles

**Postage stamps new/used

**Anything sent with love

**Handmade envies

**any paper

**note books/ journals

** I am always on the lookout for a good pen

#My favorite colors

**Yellow, any light yellows

**Purples, any purples

**Fall colors


#I am always on the lookout for a great pen

If you have NOT received a swap from me, please by all means let me know, if I see i am not getting rated I will contact you about the swap. If you have not received a rating from me, please message me. I just went through all my messages, tried to get caught up on type 1 swaps (ratings) If I owe you postage, I have no problem reimbursing you, I usually take my swaps to the post office to get weighed, but you just never know. They can be wrong too

I am working on a junk journal for 2018, I add stuff from my swaps, and recycle all goodies into my journal :) It is looking really GREAT.

Favorite Television

I love Mister Rogers I have a 5 yr old we love shows and books


**Chicago Med

**Fox News

I love ALL PBS shows

**Antique Roadshow

Golden Girls

I like Netflix, Stranger Things, Rotten, I love to binge watch t.v shows. Bob Ross Crime shows ID channel Nat GEO love it all


Please NO Politics

*** No Glitter***

Unthankful people, and people who are very picky about swaps. Unfair raters, flakes, bullies


Favorite Books

I love horror, mystery, the bible, anything educational, herb books, crosswords, dot to dots, and educational magazines (National Geographic, health magazines, etc.)

DR. Seuss, Edgar Allan Poe, any and all herb books

I am NOT picky about books

I love all books

Newspaper articles, the funny section, LOL

About Me

My life is very hectic, I try to join swaps that a quick and easy. I am behind on everything, I suffer from migraine headaches and vertigo. I try to plan as much as I can, I love to write letters, and spend time with my 5 yr old, and my husband, we love to shop and eat out. Layla my 5 yr old and I love books and T.V shows, and we love to play games, go to the library and love our weekends

I'm a home body, I don't go out much, other than for walks, the grocery store, or the library, sometimes hubby and I will have a date night.

I study Holistic medicine, herbs, ASMR, and well being.

Favorite Movies

I love *Disney Movies

*Horror Movies

*Alfred Hitchcock The Birds, Vertigo

**Stephen King movies

I LOVE B rated horror flicks



I love any kind of tea I am not picky

**I study herb and plant science SO, with that being said I am always looking for rare or herbal teas


****I am very big on child education Art/music/ and writing appreciation*****

I believe in reading to your child everyday or whenever possible at any age.

Read anything to your child, even if its a newspaper article.

I am a child advocate

I am Christian/Catholic

I welcome all Christian/Catholic based items

Favorite Crafts


***Mini Pocket Letters ( I may host a few swaps in October)

***Paper crafts

Favorite place to shop



Trader Joes


Comment: Thank you for the letter! Happy to be part of your swap!
aligurl75 rated for Swaps ~ Spring Diary Swap on Jun 18, 2018
Comment: I really enjoyed reading your Diary :) The little tuck in were so cool. Your family loves pizza as much as mine does! Another thing we have in common..hehehehe
Response: Oh Dear Pizza is apart of our diet LOL. I cannot refuse Layla any food, since she doesn't eat much. Thanks for the rate and the heart
JenniferJo rated for Friendship Sheet Swap #99 on Jun 15, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thanks so much for the Mr. Rogers post-its.
Response: Your welcome thanks for the rate and the heart :)
aligurl75 rated for SWAPS Pen Pal AD on Jun 12, 2018
Comment: I love my mail from you as always. I totally misunderstood this swap and I hope you will find my swap to you funny. I wrote an actual Want Ad for a Pen Pal..hahahahaaha. Thank you so much for this fun swap and I love that Fortune Telling Fish, I had one before and lost it and am glad to have a new one. :)
Response: Thanks for the rate and the heart, I wrote a message on your profile :)
AZmom875 rated for PBS America Reads on Jun 11, 2018
Comment: What an envelope of fun stuff. Thanks.
Response: Your welcome, and thank you for the rate and the heart, happy reading
zestymom35 rated for Write a letter quick swap #19 on Jun 5, 2018
Brandiml79 rated for Write a Letter Quick swap #18 on May 31, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful letter. I will write back as soon as I can. I'm sorry it took so long to rate. I thought I had already rated it when I got it, but I didn't, I'm sorry.
Comment: Thank you much. My youngest snagged the shopkins paper. I will be your pal and respond soon.
petaluda rated for Write a letter quick swap #20 on May 29, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful letter and the sticky notes ( I think this is what they are called)I will write soon :)
Comment: I'll have to put that series on my to read list; believe it or not, but I have not read anything by that author!
Response: Thanks for the rate and the heart, yes the series are really good, but they are considered horror. :)
Comment: Thanks for sharing, Vanessa! I loved those poems!
yvonne401 rated for APT - Salads on May 21, 2018
Comment: I loved your board! Thanks for sharing!
junemoon rated for SWAPS ~ Talk about my week 4 on May 21, 2018
Comment: I'm glad you like to type too sometimes. With library classes and your swap-bot letters and you VERY active kiddo, you're going to be a busy lady.
Comment: Thank you...funny, I didn't think of my "home" pet peeves as you did, but I feel the same way! ..those 20 somethings... :) LOL
rarjones rated for APT - Salads on May 18, 2018
Comment: great board! thanks for sharing:)
damilola rated for APT - Salads on May 17, 2018
Comment: Mouthwatering ! Thanks for sharing, I simply followed ;-)
dalbright rated for Receipt Journal on May 17, 2018
Comment: ***this refuses to save*** Thank you Vanessa. Love the receipt journal. It’s fun to see where life’s taking you and the book is beautiful. Thank you for all the time you spent making beautiful mail for me❤️Debbie
Response: Thanks for the rate and the heart. I understand, I have to keep re checking my rates to see if they post.
astrodogg rated for Uplifting Article Swap on May 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your articles. They made me smile!
Response: you welcome thanks for the rate and the heart
stephanieM rated for Write a letter quick swap #16 on May 14, 2018
Response: thanks for the rate and the heart

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yvonne401 on May 27, 2018:

Hi Vanessa!

Feels good to wake up each morning and hear the sweet sound of liberty.

Let’s never take it for granted!


Love and blessings,

Your friend, Yvonne

Artistic on May 27, 2018:

Hope you'll join my Summer Reading Classic swap.

dalbright on May 17, 2018:

The receipt journa swap rating FINALLY SAVED! my internet must suck!

yvonne401 on May 16, 2018:

Hi, Vanessa! You are most welcome for the Mother's Day card, my dear friend!

Love and blessings,

Your friend, Yvonne

yvonne401 on May 13, 2018:

Dear Vanessa,

Friendship and motherhood are two of the most wonderful things that anyone can experience!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and blessings,

Your friend, Yvonne

jaimierandolph on May 13, 2018:

Hey V,

Don't no if this will even work but this new phone I got will not send private messages for some reason or other! I'm sure its me. lol I wanted to drop in and tell you thank you so much for the tips on everything. The aloe is working Very well.

Hugs- jaimierandolph

Artistic on May 9, 2018:

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

yvonne401 on May 9, 2018:

Hi, Vanessa! I saw your message on my profile. I totally understand that you are very busy. Take as much time as you need. I'm not going anywhere.

Love and blessings,

Your friend, Yvonne

Xtina4always on Apr 20, 2018:

Hi love!!

Thank you for your response the swap you sent me! I loved reading it. once upon a Time is also one of my favorite shows and I also loooove going to the dollar store, and love books as well. I liked hearing about what we had in common :) Thanks for sharing! Have a great night! Christina

ElenaMaz on Apr 19, 2018:

hello! Nice to hear from you. I am back swapping and trying to fix my ratings. I'm trying pocket letters now and loving it! They are so much fun! Let me know if you host any of these swaps in the near future. Saludos!

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