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athanasiasmile on Jan 9, 2012:

I have sent you my 3rd Annual Cup Of Winter Solstice swap on Nov. 22, PMed you on Dec.18 but still no reply about receiving it or not, I see you have not logged on for a long time but it was an expensive swap and it would be nice to be rated if you did receive it and liked it. Hope to hear from you and that you received the swap.

chincho on Nov 29, 2011:

October the 3rd I had sent you the swap. 31st of October I sent you a PM, and you still did not rate me.....

Don't you like the DOG MAGNET?


Don't you like the FABRIC PLACEMENT?

don't you like the ORGANZA BAG FOR WINE?


Are these the reasons you did not rate me? If so, Please let me know what will make you happy.

BarkleysMommy on Nov 29, 2011:

I sent you a pm, over a week ago, as to the fact that I have not yet received the package you sent for the CQ Advent Calendar Swap. In the message I sent, I definately gave you the benefit of a doubt, hoping the package you sent had gotten lost in the mail. This was a labor intensiveand time consuming swap. It breaks my heart that you have chosen NOT to reply to my message. It has been about three weeks since the send-by date. If I do not hear from you tomorrow, I have no other option than to rate you a ONE. :-(

chincho on Nov 17, 2011:

I see that you are not logging for a long time, and that is the reason you did not read my PM and you did not rate me.... I hope you are OK. Take care!

Strawberry on Nov 9, 2011:

Good lord, You are AWESOME! The Peas In A Pod Flat Postage Tag you sent me was so incredibly generous and wonderful and gah! it just blew me away! I can totally relate to your having a bad cold as I'm currently going through the worst flu I've ever had (3 weeks and counting - I even lost my voice for almost 2 days >.>), so it's cool. I just wanted to thank you for the incredible bundle of embroidery flosses (I can't believe you sent me so many!) and the cute cross-stich picture pattern - at least this will give me something to do as I'm coughing my guts up and getting zero sleep! :D Big hugs - you're a superstar! :)

chincho on Nov 6, 2011:

Hi, Please read my PM, I'm waiting your reply, thanks.

taoiionam on Oct 28, 2011:

Hey there, Darian ~ I haven't heard from you since I've sent my letter... It's ok if you don't wish to reply, but please, at least rate me for the card! I've put a lot of effort into it and tried to make something you would like...

HappyPassion on Oct 25, 2011:


I noticed you haven't read the 2 emails i sent you..just wondering if you have received my re-sent envelope for the pen? Cheers :))

anicka22 on Oct 14, 2011:

Sorry to tell you that I have still not received the int big fat stuffed envie 14. Best wishes, Anicka

taoiionam on Oct 9, 2011:

Hey there ^.^ My card and letter are on their way! Hope you'll like both and reply ^0^ Take care and happy autumn <3

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