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About Me

Essentially I'm one of the many many people in the world that is not living up to their full potential. My work is in security and private investigations, which is so much more mind-numbingly boring than you'd expect. In my spare time I'm a bit of an eccentric: a little artsy, a little mysterious, a little intellectual, a little rebellious and A LOT curious about everything under the sun. A friend of mine told me of this site and it sounded like a lot of fun, mostly because I really miss receiving personal mail since my Grandmother died. I didn't think this would be an issue until now, but I'm not a dude. lol My name is Darian, which is normally a guy name but I'm a lady. Thank you. :P

********* I found out recently that when one uses automated postage machines at the post office that the amount can sometimes be off which results in the recipient owing the extra postage. I like to use these machines since I work the night shift and the post office counter isn't open when I'm awake. If anyone has received something from me that's postage due, let me know and I'll send you stamps to make up for it. Also, I'm really sorry about that, I didn't know until now. *********

Also wanted to let you know I'm open to private swaps and people looking for pen pals if anyone's interested. :)

Favorite Music

50's bubble gum pop music and narrative story songs are what I grew up with, and I still love them. 90's alternative rock was my high school years so I've still got a major soft spot for that. Jazz and sultry torch ballads are the music of my soul. Otherwise, my taste is varied and I listen to anything and everything from all over the world. Mostly I don't like things that are uncreative/very repetitive or so esoteric that it's not relatable.

Favorite Books

I read so much it's hard to really say. Short stories of all types tend to be my favorites because they offer basically a story appetizer. Some of the best books I've ever read were: "Flappers and Philosophers" by: F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Legend of Huma" by: Richard A. Knakk and "Illusions" by: Richard Bach.

For poetry I'm in love with Edgar Allen Poe and Pablo Neruda.

For plays Shakespeare is still king and I really enjoyed "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" by: Steve Martin.

Currently Reading: T.S. Elliot's "Love Letter of Alfred J. Prufrock and Other Poems" and "How To Disappear" by: Frank A. Ahearn

Favorite Television

I don't watch television. Weird, I know, but I made the choice to turn off the tube and haven't regretted it a day. Sometimes I'll watch a specific show on line but otherwise I'm out of that loop.

Shows I've liked: Futurama, Law and Order SVU, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Legend of the Seeker, Twilight Zone, Medium, Shin-chan, Ugly Betty, Coupling, Shakespeare Revisited, The I.T. Crowd, Moonlighting, Cowboy Bebop, Tri-gun, Descendants of Darkness, Reaper and Twin Peaks.

Favorite Crafts

Things I can do: Origami, silver smithing, chain mail, sword smithing, painting, sculpting, sketching, writing decorative script with ink pens, cross stitch, perfume making, hand dipped candles, costume/clothing design and embroidering bead work. Currently learning to be decent at ATCs!

Things I admire: Glass work, making cups and bowls, quilting, knitting, costume/clothing sewing, making paper, sketches and distilling essential oils.

Likes!!! :)

Favorite Subjects: Poetry & literature, many types of music (but especially Jazz and torch songs), silver jewelry (used to make it), quantum physics, dancing, costumes, philosophy, the study of culture and movies that make you think. Film Noir, Ziegfeld Follies, Musicals, Psychology, Carl Jung, Dream Interpretation as a science not legends, Folklore, Cute Japanese Stuff, Unique Stationary, Hats (especially fedoras), Totoro, Hayao Miyazaki, Nintendo DS Games, Amethysts, Sapphires, Opals, Moon Stones, Rose Quartz, Watches, Steam Punk, Masquerade, Masks, Martial Arts, Fencing, Swimming, Yoga, Halloween Stuff, Things from the 20's - 40's, Gothic and Lolita, The Sandman by: Neil Gaiman, Books, Music Boxes, Albert Einstein, Rene Descartes, French, Gaelic, Mandarin Chinese, Sanskrit, Portuguese, Word Games, Kawaii/San Rio and Nature.

Favorite Animals: Cats, Zebras, Llamas, Sloths, Bats, Jelly Fish, Dogs, Panthers, Owls, Hedgehogs (not Sonic), Totoro (does he count?), and cute versions of deer, sheep, goats and cows.

Favorite Colors: Purple, Silver, Black, Dark Green, Sea Foam Green, Turquoise and Intense Red. Rainbow (things with a bunch of bright colors swirled together).

Favorite Drinks: Coffee, Tea, Chai, Root-beer, Ginger-ale, tart lemonade (especially French style), Mint or Cinnamon Cocoa, Heifer-Wiesen (it's a type of beer), Irish lager, Red Wine (Merlot, Shiraz, Sherry and Port), Vodka tonics, Mint Julips, Grasshoppers (it's a cocktail), Whiskey toddy and Rum.

Favorite Foods: Thai (especially noodle dishes), Sushi, Donburi, Onigiri, Italian pasta, Bread of any kind, cheese, fondue, Indian curries, Mulai Kofta, Saag Panir, Vietnamese BBQ, Pho, Greek Lamb, Spanikopeta, waffles, omelets (and anything made with egg), southern soul food.

Favorite Sweets: Flan, boba, moon cakes, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, lemon pie, butterscotch, tai-yaki, halo-halo, biscotti, cookies of almost any variety, marshmallow rice-crispy squares, whatchamacallit (it's a candybar), Wonka, Cadbury, red licorice, Kit-kat, gummy octopi, taffy, coffee toffee, candy corn and red bean.

Favorite Flavors/Scents: Orange, lemon, coffee, mint, chili pepper, ginger, butterscotch, peanut-butter, marshmallow, pear, watermelon, cantaloupe, whiskey, rum, pineapple, apple, blueberry, taro, sweet potato, sugar cane, cinnamon, cloves, marzipan, Chai, green tea and very dark chocolate (but not very into chocolate).

Favorite Cute Stuff: Choco-cat, Charmy Kitty, Twin Stars, Hello Kitty, Cinnabunnies, San-X black and white kitties, kawaii lambs, deer, goats, cows, llamas and sloths.

Not Into :(

Anything Orange that isn't naturally orange (ie: orange juice and pumpkins = good thing, orange clothes = hate!), Earth Tones, Navy Blue, 70's Green, Gangster Rap, Gross Out Humor (ie: Family Guy-like things), Anything described as having a "minimalistic modern" look, Memorabilia for anything made in the last 50 years, Sports Memorabilia Made Ever, Soda Pop, Warhammer, War Craft, and Music/Sounds described as "relaxing" (ie: Sound of Waves Relaxation CD's, Josh Grobin, Andre Bocelli or Soothing Sounds).

Really don't need: lotion, candles, vanilla anything, doilies or scrap-booking supplies.

Allergic To :(

Highly allergic to Sulfur, this is usually not an issue except in some edible items they use sulfur as a preserving agent. Most often found in dried fruits.

And Bees, but I doubt that will come up. Still like honey and bee's wax though.

Specific wish list stuff! :)

  • Cute Hair Clips and Hair Ties
    • Ink pads for stamps
    • Toe Socks/weird socks
    • Small Cute Earrings
    • Pencils/Pens/Markers/Paints
    • Books (I read a lot)
    • Interesting Stationary/Paper
    • A.T.C. covers and cardboard backs
    • Things with odd/morbid humor but not gross
    • Polaroid Pictures with a story about the picture on the back. :)
    • Random short stories people write
    • Edible or Useful items/ non-decorative
    • Unique glass beads and charm bracelet charms
  • For Make up swaps - For foundations I'm super super pale so need the lightest color, in oil free (I break out easy, sorry -_-' ). Otherwise, I'm up for anything, unusual colors are a bonus!


Comment: I never recieve this :(
Comment: sorry for the late rate...... thank you
Comment: Your package arrived today, and I blame the lateness on the holiday postal snags! The package was wonderful, and everything in it was just right for me! Thank you so much for a great swap!
DinjaDONUT rated for Manga and Anime ATC on Dec 22, 2011
Comment: This is such a shame, I totally forget to rate I'M SO SORRY!!!! You're ATC's were really cute!! (so thanks and really sorry for this late rating, guess I overlooked it back then).
BarkleysMommy rated for Advent calendar swap-INT on Dec 1, 2011
Comment: It breaks my heart to leave this rating for a member of the Crafting Queens group, but you have chosen not to reply to my messages, profile comment, or e-mails from the swap host. I gave you the benefit of a doubt when I messaged you, and hoped that maybe our swap was "lost in the mail". I never thought you flaked, until you chose NOT to respond to my correspondence. I will happily revise this rating when I receive your swap.
Comment: Thank you :)
principeta rated for Stuff me a Christmas Stocking on Nov 11, 2011
Comment: Package came yesterday and sadly snow globe was broken and most of the things was wet so I have to throw away.
mmilesesq rated for Advent calendar swap-INT on Nov 6, 2011
Comment: Look so good it's hard to wait!
ramona rated for Advent calendar swap-INT on Nov 6, 2011
Comment: thanks so much....am waiting anxiously to being opening.
Comment: Thankyou for the lovely items, i love everything xxxx
reauk rated for Pretty Packages for Christmas EDITED! on Nov 4, 2011
Comment: arrived this afternoon awww so sweet the paper love the reindeer thanks my son hideing it till xmas eve thanks again rea
Comment: Thankyou for the postcard and lovely Halloween card too. I've never had a Halloween card before I love it!! I love your postcard and the name you've given her, their both up on my mantelpiece now love them. Xx
sanna rated for 5 Profile surprises INTERNATIONAL #4 on Nov 3, 2011
Comment: You sent so much! My favourite of them is the lotion. :)
Comment: Your tote package arrived today and OMG - wish I could give you a few hearts!! The tote is gorgeous - I will be only Aussie with one. The extras were lovely too, especially the beautiful lace that will take pride of place on an outfit for grand-daughter, many, many thanks:-))
AndreaJ rated for Ghost Stories! on Nov 2, 2011
Comment: Well written!
Pyxidragon rated for Ghost Stories! on Nov 1, 2011
Comment: Love the lil' notebook, and the story left me asking "What happens next?"
BambooPanda13 rated for Messed up Nursery Rhyme ATC on Nov 1, 2011
Comment: It was a month late, but Thank you, funny rhyme! http://www.flickr.com/photos/bamboopanda13/6304148418/
Comment: Hey Darian! Two packages in a row!! Thanks so much! I love everything! Cheers! Theresa
Comment: Its beautiful! Thank you.
Babytreese rated for International Secret Santa on Oct 31, 2011
Comment: Hey Darian! Your box made me SO HAPPY! You're THE BEST! Thanks so much for paying so much postage! I only opened the tin...will open the rest later...thanks again and happy swapping!

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athanasiasmile on Jan 9, 2012:

I have sent you my 3rd Annual Cup Of Winter Solstice swap on Nov. 22, PMed you on Dec.18 but still no reply about receiving it or not, I see you have not logged on for a long time but it was an expensive swap and it would be nice to be rated if you did receive it and liked it. Hope to hear from you and that you received the swap.

chincho on Nov 29, 2011:

October the 3rd I had sent you the swap. 31st of October I sent you a PM, and you still did not rate me.....

Don't you like the DOG MAGNET?


Don't you like the FABRIC PLACEMENT?

don't you like the ORGANZA BAG FOR WINE?


Are these the reasons you did not rate me? If so, Please let me know what will make you happy.

BarkleysMommy on Nov 29, 2011:

I sent you a pm, over a week ago, as to the fact that I have not yet received the package you sent for the CQ Advent Calendar Swap. In the message I sent, I definately gave you the benefit of a doubt, hoping the package you sent had gotten lost in the mail. This was a labor intensiveand time consuming swap. It breaks my heart that you have chosen NOT to reply to my message. It has been about three weeks since the send-by date. If I do not hear from you tomorrow, I have no other option than to rate you a ONE. :-(

chincho on Nov 17, 2011:

I see that you are not logging for a long time, and that is the reason you did not read my PM and you did not rate me.... I hope you are OK. Take care!

Strawberry on Nov 9, 2011:

Good lord, You are AWESOME! The Peas In A Pod Flat Postage Tag you sent me was so incredibly generous and wonderful and gah! it just blew me away! I can totally relate to your having a bad cold as I'm currently going through the worst flu I've ever had (3 weeks and counting - I even lost my voice for almost 2 days >.>), so it's cool. I just wanted to thank you for the incredible bundle of embroidery flosses (I can't believe you sent me so many!) and the cute cross-stich picture pattern - at least this will give me something to do as I'm coughing my guts up and getting zero sleep! :D Big hugs - you're a superstar! :)

chincho on Nov 6, 2011:

Hi, Please read my PM, I'm waiting your reply, thanks.

taoiionam on Oct 28, 2011:

Hey there, Darian ~ I haven't heard from you since I've sent my letter... It's ok if you don't wish to reply, but please, at least rate me for the card! I've put a lot of effort into it and tried to make something you would like...

HappyPassion on Oct 25, 2011:


I noticed you haven't read the 2 emails i sent you..just wondering if you have received my re-sent envelope for the pen? Cheers :))

anicka22 on Oct 14, 2011:

Sorry to tell you that I have still not received the int big fat stuffed envie 14. Best wishes, Anicka

taoiionam on Oct 9, 2011:

Hey there ^.^ My card and letter are on their way! Hope you'll like both and reply ^0^ Take care and happy autumn <3

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