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Date Joined: February 8, 2010
Last Online: November 20, 2017
Birthday: November 6, 1952
Country: United States

About Me



~~I am Christian, I am a Cat Lover and have 3 cats and my youngest son lives with me. My Grandson that was living with me has moved to Nebraska in June 2016 with his girlfriend- He is now married. I am originally from upstate NY-been here in TN for 17+yrs~~


~~Husband Bill passed on April 6, 2015~~

~~I am NOT a widow...I am a WIFE to a HUSBAND who has WINGS~~

~~Death is not the greatest loss in life...The greatest loss is, what dies inside us while we live~~

~~When I get to heaven the FIRST thing I am going to do is find you. The second thing I will do is NEVER let you go again~~

This is very important

~~Those who think there is a time limit when grieving...Have NEVER lost a piece of their Heart ♥~~


Late hubby and I have 8 kids between us-I have 24 grandkids and 3 great grands and now added 3 more great grands to the list**~~


~~My beautiful Black Kitty MidNite has gone to heaven on 9/12/17. We will MISS you sweet boy~~

My beautiful grey stripped kitty Spike has gone to heaven to meet his brother MIDNITE today...November 20th...i will miss you dearly sweet boy

~~TV shows I watch.....Shark Tank, DWTS, The Good Doctor, The Gifted, Bold and the Beautiful, Young and the Restless, Classic Gospel on PBS, I love watching the "Create" channel (PBS) the cooking shows, Master Chef, reruns of old shows, NASCAR races, UFC Fighting, Boxing on Fox, Figure Skating, Timber sports and Rodeos~~

Favorite things to do-Swapping- Love anything to do with paper-I am a Paper Junkie, Go shopping esp dollar tree, good will, pawn shop and lawn sales/Flea market. I enjoy nature and listening to the birds sing esp owls. I enjoy swapbot and many friends (family really), watching movies and playing games on my cell phone, ATC's, Inchies, BTC's, HM PC's, Sticker Books and Paper punchout books. Doing Fill Ins Lg Print puzzle books esp ALL NUMBERS!!! Just starting to try to color in my adult coloring books not sure I will like all the tiny spaces.

~~ATTN-We are on dial up internet and we at times experience phone line problems-no dial tone no internet-Need I say More? I do have a cell now I can get on the net so no worries about swaps.





  • Sticker books-USA only books



~~STICKERS I am looking for ~~

  • Fox, Cats and Kittens
  • Peacocks and Owls
  • Iris and pussywillows
  • Black cats and Candy Corn
  • Mary Englbreit brand, Susan Branch brand, Jolee brand, Sandy Lion Brand, Mrs Grossmans brand, Lisa Frank ANIMALS
  • snoopy and peanuts gang
  • Anything Twilight, Vampire Diaries and Downton Abby
  • 3-D paper and SOFT Puffy Stickers
  • I do LOVE Holiday stickers
  • Food and Drinks-esp Cocktail drink
  • ABC letter sticker sheets esp glittery

NOTE-NO Cartoon Characters other than whats listed!!!! NO kids type !!! NO Teacher/Rewards NO velvet NO FOAM or Freebie JUNK-TKS

~~Christmas Cards I like to Receive~~

  • Glittery!!!!!
  • Covered Bridges
  • Cats, Horses, Cardinals, Owls
  • Pretty christmas trees
  • Snow scenes
  • Horse driven sleighs in the snow
  • Vintage/old fashion scenes
  • PopUps
  • Christian

** PLEASE NO Cartoon characters NO Santas**

~~Themes I like~~

  • FAV ANIMALS/BIRDS-Cats, peacocks, egrets, owls, foxes, flamingos
  • FAV FLOWERS/TREES-Iris, Lily of the valley, pussywillows, Lilac, Red Maple, Smoke tree, Weeping Willow
  • FAV SHAPE-is a Heart
  • FAV ARTIST-Thomas Kincade
  • FAV COLORS-Green, Teal, Pink, Pink and Purple together, Green and Orange together
  • FAV HOLIDAY-I don't celebrate much anymore but I like the holidays-all of them.


♥ Shaped Paper Hand Punches and Border Hand Punches ♥ STICKERS ♥ Anything CATS!!!! ♥ Board Games/Card Games ♥ Ideals books hard and soft covers ♥ Remind Magazines ♥ Cookbooks♥Taste of Home magazines♥ Vintage/Retro womans magazines ♥ Store bought Glitter postcards-new or used


  • Old video games-Sega Genisis, Super Nintendo Turbo GrapX 16, Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS

  • Christmas cardboard village houses-even if they are falling apart-I can fix, old lick em stickers would be great esp Christmas


NOTE-My DO NOT send list is at the bottom of this list-THANKS FOR LOOKING

  • I have LOST my plastic box of Post its-Can't find them anywhere-I can use any post its that are shaped or decorated No just plain colors please
  • Tiny shaped postits-Fusen collection-parent/child notes
  • Anything TWILIGHT, Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey
  • Stickles-Emerald green, Bright Neon Pink, Flesh color
  • Washi or Decorative tape ROLLS ONLY-gently used OK NO SAMPLES-I have a hard time getting them off without tearing them
  • Notecards-Blank-Fall and Christmas themed
  • Store bought glittery Postcards new or gently used
  • Fold a Notes some call them Postalettes
  • Stamped images/words---black ink on white card stock-small enough to fit on 3x5 size or smaller ESP scriptures !!!!
  • ATC sleeves
  • Small shiney star stickers
  • Anything Baby themed to start my NEW great grand's scrapbook (due in 2018)
  • Clear glue dots
  • Candy Corn and Black cats stickers
  • Elmers Craft Glue sticks-Extra strenth or Permanent
  • Stickers-NO foam,Tiny, Teacher/Reward JUNK
  • Address labels with my name and address on them
  • Shiney/Glittery ABC letter stickers-NOT Large-sheets only no loose
  • USA State Map POSTCARDS-I am needing one for each state-already have TN, TX, OR, CA, AL,MI, MS, WA, GA, and ID
  • Handmade Envelopes-all sizes even small NOT made from Calendars please
  • Shaped Paper punchers to add to my collection gently used OK
  • metal flat dies for my roller die cut machine-gently used VERY welcome
  • All grocery coupons-Not expired-from sunday paper, magazines, home mailers, tear off pads at your local store or from little red machines that you pull them out on store shelves
  • Blank sticky labels-all sizes and colors
  • Looking for these cancelled USA stamps-titles are called Soda Fountain , HARRY POTTER and Elvis. I can use cancelled USA stamps from awhile back-Star Wars, Polar Lights, Jamestown (these are triangle shaped) and USA States-I need to see the picture on the stamp fairly well. Also any with cats on them or egret birds or owls
  • Gooseberry Patch cookbooks gently used
  • Cute pictures that are small enough to fit a 3X5 sized page or smaller
  • Diecuts or paper punchouts that I can use to fit a 3X5 page or smaller
  • Decorated scrapbook paper/card stock pieces to use in books and journals 3X5 size or larger


  • Maltex hot cereal
  • Brills canned spanish rice
  • Boss Mild sauce


You wouldn't normally have-maybe found at Good Will/Lawn Sales

  • Christmas cardboard village houses-even if they are falling apart-I can fix
  • Looking for single punch cartridges that goes into the punch handle of (brand name) Marvy Uchida or Fiskars..I have both the small handle for tiny punches and the next size up. If you have any of these and can't use them...I would be glad to have them. Also looking for handle they fit into-I broke mine (med sized one) and I miss using it :(
  • Looking for an electric cord for an old white with the blue flower corningware ceramic coffee pot. The cord for ours burned up and I would really like to use this again. We have two sizes-makes wonderful coffee. We are using one for the stove top now but would like the cord for the electric one. It is a special type cord only made for this coffee pot. It is not HARD like a normal electric coffee pot cord and its shaped different
  • Ink carterages for a Lexmark printer- color 26 Black 16 that have ink in them

~~I am looking for the following games-complete or missing pieces ok~~

Most of these games are not sold in stores anymore. Some I played as a kid and some I play with my kids when they were small. I would like to play them again.

Park and Shop--- Go for Broke--- Go for it--- Super Racko-I have 3 racks out of 4 and I need the deck of cards to the game--- Video Village--- Make your own Opoly--- Electronic Banking Monopoly--- Scene it-Movies Edition #2--- Yahtzee Free for all game--- Uno Flash--- Casino Yahtzee


On VHS or DVD-Gently used and in working order please-mostly all older movies and are available on both VHS tapes or DVD's we have both players The Benny Goodman Story-Steve Allen & Donna Reed--- The Glenn Miller Story-Jimmy Stewart & June Allison---Calamity Jane-Doris Day---PT 109-Cliff Robertson

Shirley Temple movies-No Heidi, The Little Princess, Baby takes a bow, Little Colonal, Poor little rich girl, Dimples, Rebecca of sunnybrook farm, Curley Top or Captain January I have these already

State Fair--- Carousel---My Fair Lady--- Midway-Henry Fonda--- The Big Show 1961...Esther Williams, Cliff Robertson, Nehemiah Persoff--- Return to Peyton Place-Movie made in the 60's?---Valley of the Dolls...Patty Duke---Elvis Presley-GI Blues and Roustabout---Goliah Awaits---Downton Abbey (PBS) all seasons---ANY TRUE story movies ---Christian/Religious-The Robe (1953), The Story of Ruth...(1960) Elana Eden, Stuart Whitman


~~Please send to someone that does like what is listed below-I appreciate anything sent but would rather see someone get it that does want the stuff~~

  • No Material or Fabric-I don't sew at all
  • NO yarn or fibers NO buttons NO ribbon
  • No Bookmarks-I have tons-I can't possibly use all I have now.
  • NO Teabags PLEASE-tea makes me sick to my stomach. I can't even stand the smell-YUCK
  • No flavored coffee at all or flavored coffee creamers
  • No address books
  • No coffee mugs
  • No candles (dangerous using with cats in the house)
  • No Incense
  • No picture frames
  • No temp tattoos
  • No nailart
  • No photo albums

~~The Following Themes I DO NOT LIKE at all~~

  • monkeys
  • circus
  • clowns
  • cartoon characters other than Hello kitty
  • Xrated or Goth-thats JUNK to me sorry.

I DO NOT SEW or KNIT-DO NOT SEND ANYTHING SUPPLIES LIKE THAT-PLEASE-Unless requested in my profile wishlist

  • I AM ALLERGIC to Seafood-makes be deathly ill.
  • NO AVON-I am highly allergic to their products
  • I can't use alot of lotions or highly perfumed items.
  • I DON'T wear makeup other than lipstick or medicated chap ice chapstick.
  • I don't use bubble bath type products or perfumed soaps



NO store specified cpns even tho they say manufacturers-unless it is from any store listed below.

I shop at Fred's, CVS, Family Dollar, Dollar General, 2 local grocery stores and Walmart.

  • If you don't have any off my list-Nice Pot Luck is good dated FOOD/BEVERAGE COUPONS 45+ days ahead
  • Or any NON SUNDAY paper coupons dated 45+ days ahead-NO Health and Beauty unless on my wishlist-TKS NO PROCTER and GAMBLE cpns unless listed below.
  • COUPONS MUST have a bar code

ANY ON OVERNIGHTS pants (for older children), OVERNIGHTS bed pads

ALSO-any GLUTEN FREE cpns like UDI brands etc. This stuff is expensive and need cpns for it-THANKS in advance-Internet printed OK-Gluten Free products are VERY EXPENSIVE



DRY cat foods-Fancy Feast DRY only---Purina CHOWs dry cat food---CANNED-friskies NO rise and shine---9lives---All cat litters but NO LIGHT WT---Party mix treats---Temptations treats


Dr Pepper/Pibbs Extra NO Diet/NO Ten/NO single bottle---Almond/Silk milk---Arizona lemon iced tea---Kelloggs Special K protein shakes---Juicy Juice---Sunny Delight


All cheeses-Bordens, Kraft, Sargento, Always Save, Heleuva Good---Blue Bonnet Marg-Spread soft & Sticks---Prairie Farms/Kraft dip--Go Veggie Dairy Free cheese---So Delicious Cheese products---Smart balance dairyfree marg---


Bob Evans side dishes (mac & cheese)---Country Crock side dishes---Reser's homestyle sides-coleslaw/potato salad/macaroni salad


BANQUET Family meals & frozen dinners---Hungryman frozen dinners---DiGiorno Pizza rising crust-not thin crusted---Ore Ida fries---UDI Gluten Free products-- Hanover mashed ranch cauliflower--Pepperidge farms cakes--Pictsweet frozen veggies


Countrybobs sauce---Hunts/Heinz ketchup---Kraft sweet n sour sauce/bbq sauce/dressings---Wishbone dressing---Kens dressings 16oz---Kitchen Bouquet---Aunt Nellies sweet & sour cabbage/Pickled beets---Red Gold canned tomatoes/paste/sloppy joe/ketchup---PASTA SAUCE (RED) Ragu/Prego---PASTAS-NO WHEAT-Ronco/Skinner/Barilla pastas( blue box)---Hunts tomato paste 6oz---Contadina tomato paste/pizza sauce--WOW butter---Frenchs honey mustard


King Hawaiian round bread---Wonder Bread--Bunny brand rolls/bread---Ozark Hearth potato bread---Toufayan bakeries flat bread


Polar canned/jar products---LaChoy water chestnuts---Canned Veggies---Progresso soups---DelMonte canned Citrus Salad and Red grapefruit sections


Idahoan boxed/pouch potatoes---Hungry Jack boxed/instant potatoes-no hash browns---Knorr side dish seasoned noodles/rice---Pasta roni--- Velveeta shells and cheese---Jane's Krazy mixed up salt---Starkist Tuna Creations---Mrs grass noodle soup---Ramen noodles single pkgs NOT in a cup, box or bowl


Crackers/Cookies- Little debbie products---Quaker Rice Cakes

CANDY-Junior mints---Brachs---Mounds--- Zagnut--KitKat---Lifesavers in a bag---Pixy Stixs

SALTY SNACKS-Lays chips---Doritos--Wise---


Duncan hines/SuperMoist/Pillsbury cake mix---Crisco solid shortening/cooking spray/oil NOT olive oil---Jello---Gluten Free Martha White muffin mix--- Domino reg sugar/brown no Organic---Gluten Free Bisquik---Gluten Free pillsbury cake mix


Cereal in single serve cups-NO OATMEAL


Sandwich/Fresh/Bacon/Sausage/hotdogs etc-Bryan---Fields---Buddig---John Morrell--Honeysuckle---Corn King---Bar S---Carolina Pride---Farmland-NOT fully cooked bacon--Gwaltney hot dogs/bacon/bologna---Armour pepperoni---Armour frozen meatballs---Lunchables with NO DRINK --Smithfield spiral ham


Eucerin lotion---Alveeno lotion--- Dawn dish soaps---Fiora papertowels/Bathroom tissue--Scottissue soft------White cloud toilet tissue---Arm and Hammer Toothpaste---Liquid Tide Simply clean---All Free and Clear---Xtra liquid laundry soap---Clorox wipes, clean up spray and wand refills---Dove sensitive skin bodywash---Hefty slider gal/qt bags


Comment: Beautiful card. Love it ❣️❣️
Comment: Thank you - I hope you had a great birthday yesterday!
Response: My bday was the 6th and it was ok. Turning 65 isn't anything to celebrate. Lol. Hope you had a good one on yours
happymama rated for ~~CF Thanksgiving Card Swap~~ on Nov 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Thanksgiving card; it is hanging up in the dining room where we all enjoy it. :)
Minivandreams rated for Halloween Card US #4 on Nov 10, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute Halloween card! Does it EVER get easier?
craftymimi rated for 12 Days of Christmas day 12 on Nov 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you! I can't wait to open it!
Response: Glad it was received-TKS for the rating and ♥ Merry Christmas
Rosekoala02 rated for Super Notecard Swap on Nov 6, 2017
Comment: thank you :)
Response: Glad the envie arrived this time. Whats the sense in putting return addresses on mail if its not returned as undeliveralbe/lost?
MsBellaDonna rated for Christmas Cards in October USA on Nov 5, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the sparkly card, I love it! I can't wait to display all the Christmas cards this year! And thank you for sharing the recipes too, my daughter and I are always looking for new things to try :)
Response: Your welcome-tks for the rating and ♥
Comment: Thank you for the card and the extras. Happy Birthday to you!
Response: Happy Birthday to you TOO!!!! TKS for rating and ♥
Comment: Happy early birthday!!
Response: Tks for the bday wishes and tks for the rating and ♥
Poohtat rated for Christmas Cards in October USA on Oct 24, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the card. Some of the included recipes sound delicious! The newspaper headlines were funny.
Response: Tks for rating and heart....much appreciated
Comment: thank you. i'll enjoy reading this
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart
Comment: Thank you so much I cannot wait to open it I received yesterday, I am so sorry for waiting to rate you I was really busy
Response: Not a problem...tks for the 5 and heart..hope you like what I sent. You are a very special lady
Comment: Thank you for the Christmas card! I look forward to opening it in December. : )
Response: Thank you for the 5 and ♥
kayebubbly rated for Halloween Card US #3 on Oct 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you! Happy Halloween!
Comment: I'm like a kid with pop-up cards - I love them! I grew up on a lake and ice skating is still one of the things I love. So your beautiful card checked all the boxes! Thanks also for the lovely tags :-)
Response: I'm so glad you liked it-I love pop up cards as well. I liked this swap too glad I found it and signed up. TKS for the rating and ♥
Victorianna60 rated for Chunk O Cardboard - Oct 2017 on Oct 12, 2017
Comment: Great COC ! Love the cute guys on the front !
Response: Thanks for rating and heart...happy fall
aliensunset rated for Chunk O Cardboard - Oct 2017 on Oct 11, 2017
Comment: awesome! they do look good!
Response: Thanks for rating and heart...happy fall
Drvr337 rated for Chunk O Cardboard - Oct 2017 on Oct 10, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great Boo-Berry postcard. My husband gets this cereal every other Halloween. I tried the cereal once, it smells better than it tastes in my opinion.
Response: Thank u 4 the rating and heart. Thought booberry was a good one for october...
spicemom rated for 12 Days of Christmas Day 10 and 11 on Oct 7, 2017
Comment: Hi Diane Thank u I will open it on Christmas day Spicemom
Response: Phew glad it got there tks for rating and heart
ArtyBeth3 rated for CF - Falling Leaves on Oct 6, 2017
Comment: You did great on sending me lots of fall leaves. Papers, stickers, & silk leaves - all fun things to play with. Thanks for the great mail day! :)
Response: Thank you for rating and heart. Happy fall

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clutterfree on Nov 6, 2017:

Hope your special day was PURRfect friend!! May you have a blessed year....Charlene

glennasgarden on Nov 6, 2017:

Happy Birthday Diane!

CurlyTea on Nov 6, 2017:

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Happy, Happy Birthday Blessings!

jaimierandolph on Oct 1, 2017:

Profile check for: Notecard exchange #1 Welcome to the swap! I hope that you will enjoy the swap and join more of the ones that come! Happy swapping

bb2 on Feb 14, 2017:

Happy Valentine's Day!

MisplacedfromPA on Jan 5, 2017:

I wanted to let you know I enjoyed opening all the items you sent me for the 12 Days of Christmas swap. I just opened my last card. It was so enjoyable to get recipes I can use and all the tuck-ins as well. May 2017 be a blessing to you and those you love.

goldfinchmeadowlark on Dec 27, 2016:

Dear Diane, happy Christmas to you, your family, and furbabies! I finally got to open your envelope for the 12 Days Christmas Letter Day 3 swap, and it was certainly worth the wait and full of goodies that I needed to read and am excited to use :) Thank you for bringing a smile to my face this morning ♥

ReadMoreBooks33 on Dec 18, 2016:

Merry Christmas!!!

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