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DesertFurwheat on Apr 5, 2014:

Hi Gina!! I have been away from swap-bot for a few months, lol & I wanted to stop by & say 'hi'ya!" I have a few decos that I was thinking of passing along to you..and some odds & ends of paper findings you might be able to find uses for in your ATCs & art journaling? Possibly...lol. Maybe some yummy teas too but I think I remember you saying you recently moved & I don't have a new addy for ya. If you get the chance, can you message me your addy? Miss ya!

♥ Cassie

roaddummy on Sep 20, 2013:

Interested??? Black and White Mail Art Swap

Come join the fun!!

DesertFurwheat on Aug 16, 2013:

Hi Gina! Welcome back to swap-bot :) I just started swapping again too--been gone since last summer I think, lol. We should swap again soon! I haven't done much crafting lately but I have swapped some teas in the past few weeks. I do have a bunch of decos that I need to get moving...I haven't really signed them yet :/ If you're interested I can send a few your way. Just message me.

Thank you for the cute message on my profile,

Much love, Cassie

DesertFurwheat on Apr 23, 2012:

Hi Gina! It's been a while, how is school going? Life? I sent you some decos on Saturday, hope you get them today or tomorrow! I think I really only signed one of them--school has been very time-consuming this year and I haven't had time for much of anything else :( Can't wait until this summer when I'll have time to deco my little ♥ out! Hope things are well with you and that you are finding time to have a little fun. We can't be so serious ALL the time, lol.

♥ Cassie

DesertFurwheat on Feb 12, 2012:

Alrighty, I sent out a package for you yesterday...uhm, please message me when you get it though. I put stamps all over it rather than going inside the PO for one of those postage stickers...I'm afraid some of the stamps may come off. Love, me.

DesertFurwheat on Feb 7, 2012:

Hi Gina! Thank you so much for the decos and fb! It's so nice getting packages when they aren't expected. Is it alright if I send a few decos your way?

Tatsu on Jan 8, 2012:

Oooh. I loved the selection of teas; and those papers will be going into my next notecard making project. ^^

WTA: Tea is love

kayler00 on Jan 6, 2012:

recieved random envie for the tag, loved it all. i do love mary kay and use that satin hands stuff. i also have footworks in cherry blossom i think it's called for my feet in the winter. i lost my lotion though i cannot find it. =(

maisymoo on Dec 13, 2011:

So pleased to hear they arrived safely and that you liked them :D your very welcome ! xx

maisymoo on Dec 13, 2011:

So pleased to hear they arrived safely and that you liked them :D your very welcome ! xx

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