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About Me

I am an easy going chick, have a unique sense of humor, very open minded, I like tattoos, my ears are gauged, I love all animals, I enjoy meeting new people, I love to learn something new everyday, I'm a child at heart (a nerdy child), game-show nut, puzzle nut (word find, soduku, fill-ins, brain teasers, cryptic puzzles all of them!) I love my parents, my Mom is my BFF, and I just try to enjoy life!

I just love to be creative, I love making things. I guess you could call me a dabbler, I have a tendency to try anything just to see how its done. However, my favorite crafts to do are paper crafts (particularly cards, ATC's, collages & stamping), art journaling, sewing, trash to treasure/recycling type crafts, jewelry making, and when I have time miniatures. One day I will learn to crochet. (trying to now)

I really enjoy making ATC's, handmade envelopes, note cards, bookmarks, postcards, I love using nicely patterned papers, I really like unique and monochromatic papers, and I use a lot of ribbon and stamping. I am not much of an embellishment person (like the flowers, and really chunky stuff), but some times I do add a few extras to things.

Why I am Here

I LOVE (a lot of things!) receiving and sending good old fashioned mail, there is an excitement and joy that comes from receiving snail mail that email will never achieve.

Also, most of my friends are not to crafty or creative when it comes to the things I like to do, I know some talented people, but no sewers, paper crafting, miniature enthusiasts, or trash to treasure types. So it gets kind of lonely when sharing stuff with people that do not understand the joy crafting brings!

Movie & Television

I LOVE movies! Just as much as crafting! I particularly like horror (go Zombies), Star Wars (original), Lord of the Rings (books and movies), Harry Potter series, Sci-Fi, Bazaar & unusual movies, (including foreign), and comedy/action type movies. I do watch a little of everything though. I'm a sucker for musicals, cheesy 50's & 60's horror, as well as the new cheesy Si-Fi channel movies! I also love old B & W movies, Audrey, Greta, and all the lovelies from that era! I am also a total sucker for the typical "guy flick" action movie!

I watch way to much TV! Some of my favorites are; Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, Dr. Who, Wipeout, Copper, American Horror Story, Longmire, Supernatural (I'm a Dean girl), The Killing, The Walking Dead (I like Zombies!), and The Chew. Also game shows I am a nut for them. Even the old ones that are on during the day!

I also, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show How It's Made! I love learning things, and that show is just amazing to me!

Not to into "reality TV" that much but I do watch Ghost Adventures (they are hilarious to me), Just about any "real" survivor/survivalist type shows, like Survivorman, Man Vs. Wild, Dual Survival, Man, Woman, Wild, and so on.

Beats & Books

I like all types of music, from Beethoven to ZZtop with oldies, country, pop and metal thrown in too! If I had to pick a genre it would be a toss up between the 60's and the 80's! Huge Beatles fan, as well as Aerosmith, and Kid Rock.

I LOVE to read (like I said, I love a lot of things!), my book tastes are similar to my movie and TV tastes, horror (love earlier Stephen King, before he was hit by the car....), Science fiction, supernatural, mystery (I adore Nancy Drew!), true crime, history (especially ancient times), and the occasional autobiography.

Things that make me go YAY!


Some of my other favorite things are:

  • Colors: Purple(from lavender to eggplant), Orange, Blue, and Darker Pinks. Metallic: Silver and Copper (never been much of a gold person)
  • Color Combos: Black & Orange, Black & Red, Black & Pink, Brown & Pink (Blue or Purple), Black & White, Black w/silver, monochromatic themes.
  • Zentangles (new to them)
  • Christmas I love all of the decorating, gift/card making and general warm fuzzy feeling I get!
  • I also love anything vintage (real or reproduction) from the 20's and 40's specifically.
  • I bake like a mad woman! I enjoy cooking as well, but baking is where its at for me! Cookies, cakes, candy, muffins, cupcakes, and I make a killer cheesecake! Baking and Crafting are my stress relievers, and bring the most joy as my alone time.
  • Stickers! All but letter/number! (I actually have tons of letter stickers already!)
  • I collect a random group of things, I collect trolls (the ones with the crazy hair), I have been collecting them since I was a kid, I have over 400 of them, shot glasses, postcards, charms, candles, boxes (most get altered), jars w/lids (most get used for storage for things great and small!), tins (again most get altered or used for storage), and chipboard shapes & letters (almost always used for crafts).
  • Anything Mario Brothers. One day I hope to have Amis of various characters Particularly Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Boo, Toad, Goomba, Koopa and Bob-omb!
  • Small things! Who doesn't like tiny things? I have a collection of random tiny things, they are displayed in an old typeset drawer! They could always use friends!
  • The Minions (from Despicable Me)
  • Zombies!!!
  • Monsters (especially old school monsters)
  • Monster High Dolls! (LOVE THEM)
  • Horror Related Anything
  • Fonts (yes I said fonts) my fave place to get them 1001 Fonts (they are all free)


I felt Halloween Deserved it's own space.

I love Halloween, and other than clowns, I love everything about it. Ghosts, witches, pumpkins, costumes, the Devil imagery, bats, spiders, ALL OF IT. From the cutesy to the gothic, to the gory, skulls, mad scientist labs. If it can be categorized as Halloween, I ♥ it!

I love the color combinations of Purple & Orange, Black & Orange, for Halloween and for everyday. Vintage Halloween, gothic Halloween, and so on! So I am always, and WILL ALWAYS, welcome anything Halloween themed! ANYTHING!



♥ Zentangles
♥ Blank Cards w/envelopes
♥ Art Journals/Journaling
♥ Cute animals
♥ Cute mushroom images/items (including Toad from Mario Brothers)
♥ Yoshi from Mario brothers
♥ Really anything from the original Mario Brothers Series of Games.
♥ Kirby!
♥ Plushy anything (especially small like under 8")
♥ Gnomes (good ol' garden style gnomes)
♥ Trolls (cute and horror)
♥ Zombies!
♥ Post Cards (particularly handmade)
♥ ATC Cards (unique)
♥ Pin-Ups (particularly 50's styled)
♥ Miniatures
♥ Stamps
♥ Punches, embellishments (brads, mini things great for ATC's or cards, etc)
♥Stickers! Stickers! Anything but number/letter, I like shiny, metallic, glitter, flat, flakes, sheets, cartoon, unique, sayings, puffy, scented (I even like Disney stickers!)
♥ Notebooks (almost an obsession!)
♥ Ribbon
♥ Puzzles (all types, actual puzzles, word puzzles, all kinds)
♥ Unique charms
♥ Beads (seed beads, glass, cute plastic)
♥ Buttons (all types, shaped, uniquely colored)
♥ Richly patterned papers (really any kind of paper!)
♥ Small boxes (paper, wood, glass any material that can be altered)
♥ Fabric scraps (for quilting, patchwork projects)
♥ Trims (fringe, beaded, etc can be used for sewing or paper crafts!)
♥ Ninjas, Samurai, gators, bears, dogs, cats, big cats, eagles, nautical stars, filigree
♥ Any and all of the Kawaii Sentimental Circus Line, LOVE IT! ♥ Celtic Knot-work, skulls, hearts, flowers, silhouettes, trivia, fun facts, weird facts.
♥ Hair things (I have long hair and love barrettes, clips, bands, etc)

I do not wear much Make-up, but I do ♥LOVE♥ lip balm, glosses, flavored (except coconut or banana), tinted, liquid, solid, tins, don't matter, I use them like mad!!



Disney, I like some of the movies, but I am not big on a lot of things Disney (EXCEPT STICKERS!) Religious items or cards, cow print, animal prints that are not a natural color (like pink cheetah), gel pens, color combo of Yellow & Green. Frilly lace (I do LIKE cotton crocheted type lace), raffia, and lighthouses (imagery).

Anything religious, I respect everyone's faith, but please no religious items, or themes, thank you.



Tea, I love fruity teas, and I am just getting into spice teas. Also always on the lookout for new Hot Chocolate flavors. Not a coffee fan.

I like A LOT of candy, so below are just my fave's!

I love hard candies, sour, sweet, particularly cherry flavored, but I also love butterscotch, orange, grape, apple and raspberry! I also like lollipops, skittles, Hershey Kisses, 3 musketeers, Twix, Kit Kat, M & M's, candy corn & pumpkins (I know its only at Halloween), marshmallow things, caramel, pretty much anything milk chocolate! PB & chocolate combined! Gummy ANYTHING! I also ♥LOVE♥ orange slices!

I also like trail mixes, especially the sweet & salty ones, I have a weakness for sunflower seeds (I ♥ the chocolate covered ones!), I also love sesame sticks! Soft cookies (choco chip, and sugar).

I love to try new things (as long as they do not contain any of my dislike flavors).



Anything licorice flavored, things with coconut, almonds, banana or coffee flavored candies, pretty easy to please when it comes to candy!

FB's and Things....

I also like to swap the following, I have them in their own "section" so as to allow for swap partners to see what I like. Also, I will swap them from ANYWHERE, not US only on the following items. Also, I will return anything! (except Friendship Sheets and X-Slips)

♥ Friendship Books
♥ Label Bags
♥ Memo Bags
♥ Deco's (any theme, but prefer NOT to get childish ones)

Sometimes I will swap slams here and there, but not a lot.

I DO NOT swap Friendship Sheets, nor X-Slips.

My Kids

Ok, I have no children, but I do have "babies" they are my pets. I love my animals.

I do live with my parents, so not all the animals are mine! But currently we have 11 dogs!

So MY babies are Micki (a mini Dachshund), Yoshi (a fuzzy mutt), Tiger and Cy she only has one eye! I named her Cyclopes! But she is so cute. And the newest edition (1 yr old now) a red mini weenie named Minion.

Diamond, Tiger, Patron, Mama, Toad, and Cy are pit bulls, I love this breed, grew up with them, and myself and my parents have been RESPONSIBLE pit bull/bully breed owners for more than 40 years combined with NO problems or issues, EVERY SINGLE one of our dogs were/are happy, healthy, well adjusted, friendly, loving, and socialized doggies!

My families dogs are Mini (another mini weenie dog!), Eddie (she is a pug mix), Diamond, and Patron, Toad, & Mama.

People need to educate themselves about this breed, here are a few links.


Comment: You did a wonderful job on your first dotee! I love her!
Response: Yay! I was so nervous! I am SO VERY happy you like her! I had so much fun making her! Thank you for doing the swap with me! ♥
Comment: sorry I am not sure why the rating did not go threw. My internet has been terrible :(
Didra rated for Make a New Friend- Swapbot Style! on Dec 1, 2011
Comment: I love the book mark!! I looks so good!! (are you sure that was your 1st zentangle?! Thank you!
Response: LOL! Yes I promise it was! I really enjoyed doing it, I am so glad you liked it! I ♥ mine as well!
tessalou rated for Tell Me a Joke! ~ USA Only on Nov 18, 2011
Comment: Loved the postcard and the joke was fantastic. First time I have heard that one.
rattissia rated for Tell Me a Joke! ~ USA Only on Nov 18, 2011
Comment: Great joke! My kids liked it too :)
Comment: Love it! Thanks! Loved all of the Eric images on the back too :)
Response: So glad you liked it, I love that we both picked Eric!
Comment: These are great-thanks!
tagorlily1 rated for Pink Inchies! on Nov 2, 2011
Comment: Thanks, Misty. I like the bird inchie a lot and the way you used rickrack
LauraM540 rated for Pink Inchies! on Nov 1, 2011
Comment: Great inchies, thanks Misty!
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful card. I love it.
Comment: Thanks, Misty, for the cute marine life card. Never been to Paris but I would love it, I'm sure! Remind me sometime to swap you a handmade card-I'd love to see your Art! = )
morwesong rated for morwesong and Mistyinltown on Oct 24, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much for the great ATC! :-) You picked a wonderful movie! When I was in a public speaking class, I remember using a speech from V for Vendetta :-) Thanks so much for doing this private swap with me!
Response: You are very welcome, I am so happy you liked it! Thank you for doing this swap with me! ♥♥
Tommie rated for Fingerprint Inchie Swap on Oct 20, 2011
Comment: so super happy that you made me the halloween finger print inchies. i LOVE them!!! wonderful job. tommie
jannieb rated for CPG Halloween ATCs - US Only on Oct 19, 2011
Comment: I love the ATc's you sent. The Killer whale ATC is sooooo awesome!! Thank you so much! You made my day!!
BubbLeGumGirLie rated for Halloween Themed N&N FBs on Oct 18, 2011
Comment: Thanks a lot for these 3 FBs. I really love them. Especially the one made for me. <3. Thanks a lot.
Tommie rated for Halloween ATCs on Oct 17, 2011
Comment: nice halloween atc! thank you so much and happy halloween! tommie
Batraplume rated for Halloween ATCs on Oct 16, 2011
Comment: Thank you! Happy Halloween!

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Hey! I'm trying to recruit people to join my Deco book swap. Want to join? :)


marthy on Aug 15, 2013:

Hey, Misty! Your two handmade postcards for the "Really Good" tag came today; you're REALLY good!! They are beautifully made, colorful and a real delight...Thank you!

lorettadog on Aug 15, 2013:

Thank you so much for helping me with my problem! I love animals too (dogs are my favorite), and you're so right about pitts and other aggressive breeds - it's all about the breeding, and how they're raised. Love the quote "Ban stupid people, not dogs". :oP I'll bet that one cat rules the dogs?

spotteddogs on Aug 15, 2013:

You are very welcome!!!

Scuslidge on Aug 15, 2013:

I've got yours here at work with me to send off today too! I hope you like her!

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no need to be intimidated!! i would love to swap with you regardless of your skill set :)

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Wecome back! I'd swap with you anytime!

PinkLotus on Aug 4, 2013:

i loooooooooooooooove minions!! and im with katarina - I would happy to do a private swap with ya!

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Well hello stranger....I hope all is well in your world!

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