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Taking the time to understand someone’s profile or preferences before creating art for them is a thoughtful and considerate gesture. I very much appreciate it!


I've been creating art since I can remember and actually had a painting of mine hang in the deYoung Museum in San Francisco for 3 years when I was 5 years old, thanks to my kindergarten teacher.

I'm an avid traveler and have been to all 7 continents (Antarctica was the last in Jan. 2023), and 41 of the 50 USA states...still working on the final 9 (Dakotas, Carolinas, and some midwestern states), then I can check that item off my Bucket List.

I absolutely love when people push themselves and explore outside their comfort zones! I'm always up for a challenge and seek out new artistic endeavors, so I look for those types of swaps and I try to host swaps that may be different or challenging for some but very rewarding once completed.

If you are in the USA and passionate about ATCs, come check out our very active group USA ATC SWAPS.

This is a photo of my craft room in our previous home in Oregon, cleaned up for house sale photo shoot. Now we're back in sunny California and I've set it up all over again (phew).... but I doubt it will ever look this tidy again!



  • vintage people images on ATCs (I loathe the Tim Holtz vintage people!)
  • meat or seafood related images (I've been vegetarian for decades)
  • religious content
  • child-like subjects (i.e., dolls, kids playing, toys, etc.)
  • people-type ATCs (i.e., movie stars, vintage folks, kids, etc.)
  • holiday themes (unless specifically the swap requirement)
  • stickers with a white outline (YUK!)
  • Disney (I like many movies, but don't collect)
  • patriotic or political themes
  • superheroes
  • cutesy things (i.e., teddy bears, dolls, gnomes, etc.)
  • paper dolls
  • horror
  • anime, Pokémon, Hello Kitty, etc.
  • small bits of paper "extras" - please, nothing smaller than ATC size
  • no food/drink items, please



  • abstracts
  • astrology
  • audio books / books
  • art deco
  • bling
  • collage
  • celestial
  • colorful
  • colors: purple, turquoise, chartreuse, teal, red
  • die cuts
  • dogs / puppies
  • fairies / faeries (not kids w/ butterfly wings!)
  • foreign language book pages (esp non-Latin/Roman alphabet)
  • fortune telling
  • geometrics
  • glittery things
  • hand drawn / hand painted
  • interactive ATCs
  • metallics
  • mid-century modern
  • mixed-media
  • mushrooms (to admire but NOT eat!)
  • mystical
  • rain
  • sci-fi
  • sequin waste (aka punchinella)
  • travel
  • UFOs
  • Vicki Sawyer napkins
  • watercolor
  • whimsical (i.e., off beat, playful, quirky, etc.)


Favorite Crafts

I've been painting abstracts and geometric art for many years with acrylics on canvas or wood. I started painting with watercolors a couple of years ago and absolutely adore it! I am very fond of using metallic paints in either acrylic or watercolor. My most recent exploration is using alcohol inks! 🎨

Creating ATCs is a favorite of mine and I create HD/HP, 3D mixed media, collage, embossed, fussy-cut, or interactive ATCs mostly and spend a lot of time and energy on my creations and appreciate the same in return. I'm usually not a big fan of people ATCs (think: vintage people and kids w/ butterfly wings) unless super quirky! Please visit my ATCs folder if you'd like to see some of my ATCs (may be spoilers). I'm also into creating ink box cards, tags, inchies, and twinchies. 🖌️

Paper-crafting is another favorite. I prefer modern & colorful, but you do you! I have a "Spellbinders" die cutting machine and am still collecting dies. Each year I create my own holiday cards and send a homemade ornament or painting with each of the dozens of cards I send out. ✂️

Deco books are super fun and I love seeing creations from all over the world! Please visit My Deco Books website if you are interested in seeing some of these books. It took exactly 365 days for my first "homer" deco to be returned to me...it can take years from creation to coming home (if it ever does). I dislike bulky, heavy decos w/ big baubles. Please keep decos flat as possible when decorating/making as it keeps postage costs down. I rarely keep other's decos more than a month - I move decos pretty quickly. NO EXTRA DECOS, PLEASE. 📚

I've just started making/trading collaborative art postcards (i.e. pass and paste). I do NOT collect any store-bought postcards.

Homemade Christmas ornaments are a must-do each year. Please visit My Christmas Ornaments if you'd like to see a small sample of my 2023 creations.

Past artistic endeavors were quilting, mosaics, soap making, jewelry making, beading, sewing, woodworking, silversmithing, leather tooling, stained glass, ceramics, and many more!

Smoke-free and pet-hair-free household (although I adore dogs). 🐕 🐾🐕‍🦺

Art was always my favorite subject in school. 😍

More Importantly...

I will NEVER flake on a swap unless something serious happens to me. Please message me or send an email if you haven't received something from me in a timely manner.

I rate every swap. I give hearts for items that show maybe you read my profile or put a lot of thought, creative energy, and/or time into its creation, but not for extras. I really don't need any extras, so no need to include.

Thanks for swapping with me! ✌️

I Pledge to Rate


bbpolymath rated for USATC: 3-Panel (Triptych) ATC #2 on May 20, 2024
Comment: Too funny. Bird sized mosquito is accurate for these parts :-) Love it.
Gwillisinc rated for USATC: "A" is for ANIMAL on May 20, 2024
Comment: What a great way to send a card- and the squirrel is perfect as can be
GummiBear rated for CPG: Twinchies! (3:1) USA on May 19, 2024
Comment: ♥ Thank you!! Beautiful work ♥
WoodlandBanshee rated for ATC and Tag on May 16, 2024
Comment: They're both great! Thank you
Response: You're welcome, Helene. Thanks for the heart.
debbee2014 rated for USATC: She Sells Seashells on May 16, 2024
Comment: Thank you - I love it! you did a lot of fussy cutting. I just love how it turned out. I love joining your swaps. Thanks again!
Response: Yay! I'm so happy you like the seal and shells ATC, Debi. I've really been into fussy cutting lately. Must be those awesome new Fiskars soft-touch scissors! Thanks for the heart.
Comment: Thanks Sonya for sending Lisa’s pass n paste pc. I will add to it and send it home. 🙂
Response: You're very welcome, Shannon. Have fun creating your space and TY4 the <3 :)
Comment: Your page in Princess Leia's deco is so shiny, fun and inspiring! I hope to complement it with my page so I can send it home to Julie by Monday. xxMuggleMom
Response: Thanks so much, Toni. The holiday decos are always fun for me. Easy-breezy for sure. I'm sure you will create something wonderful! Thanks for the heart.
MuggleMom rated for PC: Purple Mosaic (Collage) ATC on May 16, 2024
Comment: Well, I was just about to mail out my mosaic ATC but I just got yours and I'm now, remaking mine. Or should I say, making another one. Your ATC is phenomenal. Have to admit, this swap stumped me &. that's why I choose to join in - gotta get out and try new things. Thank you for sending me inspiration when I needed it!! xxMuggleMom
Response: Oh my stars! You are too kind, Toni. I'm so happy you liked the purple mosaic ATC so much. I love that you challenge yourself to learn new things!!! Always a pleasure swapping with you and TY4 the <3
Comment: thank you for the wonderful atc, happy swapping!
Response: Thanks for the heart, Cathy. See you in the next swap!
Comment: Got the decos - thx for no extras - I have too many little pieces of paper& stickers! Your additions are lovely 💕
Response: Thank you, Nancy. I rarely send extra goodies with deco swaps because the weight of the decos are already over standard rate postage. I hope you liked the themes. TY4 the <3
9O96O rated for CS: Collaboration PC - Round 8 on May 14, 2024
Comment: I love that wizard addition to Crystal's postcard. It fits so well with her background. Also, thanks for the extras, especially the dictionary paper. 🤗
Response: I'm happy it clicked with you, Rome. I'm sure she will love the finished PC and I know you'll come up with something unique! TY4 the <3
Comment: Thanks so much for the motorcycle and red animals decos!
Response: You're welcome, Rachel. I hope you find the themes to your liking. TY4 the <3 Cheers!
CMBOND rated for CPG: ATC - She Sells Seashells (USA) on May 14, 2024
Comment: Fantastic artwork! Thank you! I love getting your ATCs
Response: You are very kind to say so, Cynthia. I'm so pleased you liked the sunken ship ATC. Have a wonderful day and TY4 the <3 :)
CMBOND rated for USAPC: 3 Elements ATC #93 on May 14, 2024
Comment: I was so thrilled when I got your swaps today, I love your talent! Thank you for this beautiful bird atc. I love how you layer and design!
Response: I'm glad you're not getting tired of getting partnered with me yet, Cynthia! LOL I so appreciate your kind words and heart. Cheers!
wincejl rated for ATC with a Pocket on May 13, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the lovely lavender-themed pocket ATC! It's beautiful!
Response: You're welcome, Jessica. I love lavender too - especially French lavender (as opposed to Spanish). I'm happy you like it. Thanks for the heart.
Comment: Thanks for the fun card, will finish and get it home. And thank you for my completed PC as well!! <3
Response: You're welcome, Rachel. I'm always so happy to send a completed PC or deco home. Cheers and TY4 the <3
Cindiva rated for EASU: Partner's Profile-based ATC on May 11, 2024
Comment: Very cool corset! Is that a die? Very fun!!
Response: Thanks, Cindy. It isn't a die - I hand drew and cut. I appreciate the heart.
dustbunny11 rated for USATC: DRAGONFLY ATC on May 7, 2024
Comment: Hi Sonya! I received your beautiful dragonfly trading card and I love it! I am a big fan of vintage images, and the ones you used are gorgeous. I also love your embellishments and the dimension they add. Wonderful! Thanks for the extra ephemera and papers; I will put them to good use on future projects!
Response: Thank you for the kind words and heart, Jan. I'm so happy you like it. Have a wonderful spring!
Comment: Thanks just got the decos! ❤️
Response: You're welcome
Comment: thank you Sonya for the cherry blossoms, they are so pretty. Just love the frogs too.
Response: I'm happy you liked the stamps I chose and the ATC Debi. I only had one small scrap of security envelope insides, so I'm happy it worked out. TY4 the <3

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Larina on May 13, 2024:

Thanks so much for the Pass & Paste! It turned out beautifully!

9O96O on May 7, 2024:

I love how my collaboration postcard turned out. So surreal. I love the shimmer background and the alien ship abducting the cows. Thanks for contributing!

Larger before and after image

Larger finished postcard image

DeboraCreates on Apr 29, 2024:

Happy Belated Birthday!

Mimi7 on Apr 28, 2024:

thanks for returning my deco home and for your lovel cat art work!! I love it , you knew I would, I love anything cats!!

DeboraCreates on Apr 27, 2024:

Thank you for hosting swaps in the Deco Books Group!

user6937 on Apr 17, 2024:

Oh, dear - I didn't read your profile and sent you TWO ATCs with Tim Holtz people on them - very sorry about that.

MuggleMom on Apr 15, 2024:

I hope your birthday was spectacular!!



TerryONB on Apr 13, 2024:

Sonya, after I rated you for a swap, I found two butterflies stuck inside the envelope. I'm sorry I didn't see them before giving you the rating. I would have mentioned the them. Thank you for the extras.

spotteddogs on Apr 9, 2024:

Thanks so much for the super-inventive ATC you sent as a thank you for the CPG Mystery Supply #1! I love it!

Mimi7 on Mar 19, 2024:

A free theme deco of mine came home. Thanks for the lovely fox page love it and love the gold trim behind it

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