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Earthworm on Jan 9, 2011:

Dear Lori, in my books - you are great! It takes a lot of courage to confess your wrong doings which I admire. We seem to have many things in common with each other - I'm also addicted to the twilight series, but I'm afraid that I will have to disappoint with being a cradle-snatching Team Jacob supporter! Drool! Nicola - read my profile and post a comment swap.

Sharlzie on Jan 9, 2011:

Hi Mysticsweetness! It was great to read your profile and I really appreciate your honesty in owning up to the swap you flaked in, that is very honourable :) You and I both share a mutual dislike of pink "girly" things, the TV shows Desperate Housewives & Sex and the City. I also love to watch horror movies even tho my husband is not a fan! I hope you have a fabulous year of swapping ~ love Sharlzie

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couchart on Jan 9, 2011:

Hi, You and I are alike in our dislike of girly pinks. We also share an interest in shows like Dexter and Sex and the City. It is nice to read that you are enjoying being a stay at home mom. I can imagine that to be a great experience. Good luck on getting your ratings where you want them to be and enjoy all of your swapping! Cynthia

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cookiehoover on Jan 9, 2011:

Hello, was interesting to read your profile! I can relate to the nature freak, all the amazing colours it brings to us! and loving to travel, have you visited any interesting cities? Julia (read my profile and post a comment)

TerryF on Jan 5, 2011:

How sweet of you to share the digital collage sheets dear! Hugs, Terry

LeosMom4Life on Sep 3, 2010:

shinywen on May 9, 2010:

Aw, well you deserve it Lori! <3

shinywen on May 8, 2010:

Many congratulations on your awesome, exciting news! Here in the US this Sunday is Mother's Day, I will be thinking about you =)

shinywen on May 5, 2010:

You helped me out so much with that owl swap an the partner was very happy. She rated me, which doesn't seem fair, I wish I could give that rating to you. 5 and a heart, in spirit, to you my friend! <3

raven on May 3, 2010:

Our Goal is a Flaker free group.... Click image....


.....Welcome and enjoy.......

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