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KateKintail on Dec 30, 2013:


Thank you for angeling the reading journal swap! I've really enjoyed reading through it :-)

ImzadiRose on Sep 16, 2013:

Thanks for your 55 Book Related Questions swap answers. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you'll enjoy The Twelve when you can read it. My husband read both that and The Passage. He definitely liked the 1st one a lot better, but enjoyed both.

art3osb on Aug 29, 2013:

Thank you for the Germany photos from the tag in SS group. My husband and I enjoyed them very much. He said he saw the Heidelberg Castle. Thanks for the nice letter and describing your vacation. I think it would be neat to visit there. My huband was stationed in Germany and I think he would like to go back. You took great photos. My favorite photo is of the palace. I like how you got the reflection of the palace from the water. I actually really like the other big, white castle too.

SarahCD on Aug 17, 2013:

Thank you so much for the angel of the hot chocolate swap! I'll be trying them very soon, as well as many of the recipes :)

Mistyinltown on Aug 15, 2013:

Yay! I sent her off today! I had a lot of fun making her! I hope you like her! ♥ Thank you for doing this swap with me!

Littletiscrafty on Jul 22, 2013:

Thanks so much for the stash of wonderfully cut box tops! I appreciate this so very much. My son said wow! He cannot believe it!

VivaLaDiane on Apr 15, 2013:

So random -but your post about your kids in the Navy really warmed my heart. What a sweet and thoughtful mom you are. They've obviously got their compassion from you :)

Thank them both for their service. Much love to you all. ♥♥

joyceann888 on Mar 14, 2013:

Thanks for the angel journal for Composition Journal Fun: Random Theme. It was so fun to get, and I totally enjoyed reading it and looking through it. Thanks for all of the beautiful cards!

iLoveMail on Oct 23, 2012:

Thank you so much, Sharon, for all the great pictures of Venice!! I especially love the Horseshoe Bend pic :) (SS photo tag)

shellsajerseygirl on Sep 7, 2012:

Hello & Thank You. I wanted to post a huge Thank You for sending Savannah home. From the photos I see she had a wonderful visit.What a beautiful horse. The photos you sent for the swap "Share Your Photos " were breath taking. It is always nice to have you as a partner.From your photos I feel as if I travel to all those beautiful places. Thank You! again for sharing. Looking forward to swapping with you again. : )

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